Ryan Gosling to star in and produce thriller The Actor | Leisure

Ryan Gosling will star in the upcoming thriller “The Actor”.

The “Drive” star has taken the title role of New York actor Paul Cole in the adaptation of Donald E. Westlake’s novel “Memory”.

The story goes as follows: “New York actor Paul Cole (Gosling) is beaten and pronounced dead in 1950s Ohio. Paul is stripped of his memory and stranded in a mysterious small town. He is struggling to return home and win back, what he’s lost. ” The actor follows an exciting journey that we must all go on: to find home, to find love and ultimately to find ourselves. “

Duke Johnson directs the film and worked with Stephen Cooney to adapt the script for the big screen.

Hollywood icon Gosling has a number of films on the way, including Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ starring Chris Evans.

And the “Notebook” star is also ready to play a presenter who will be infected in the upcoming monster film “Wolfman”, which will be directed by Leigh Whannell

It was also previously announced that Phil Lord and Chris Miller will lead Gosling’s “Project Hail Mary”.

The star “La La Land” plays the leading role and produces the adaptation of the novel by Andy Weir, who previously wrote the filmmakers “The Martian” and “The Lego Movie”.

The volume, also called “Project Hail Mary”, will be released by Random House in the spring of 2021. The film adaptation should follow closely behind.