From Rave to Prep, Google’s 2021 High Type Traits Show Picture is Every little thing

Google just released its Year in Search data, which shows the terms with the highest year-over-year growth. To Top trend search of 2020 for “indie style” Google’s 2021 data delves deeper into the world of niche trends, which are no doubt fueled by TikTok’s continued popularity. Among the top 10 outfits that Google recorded this year are “rave outfits”, “preppy outfits”, “cottage core outfits”, “90s outfits” and “festival outfits”, which suggests that People who are looking for fashion tips, want to partake in indie aesthetics or trends.

However, if renewed interest in raving or prep signals that subcultures are back, using those words on the internet, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, points in a different direction. Instead of raving about Bushwick or brunch at the country club, many young millennial and Generation Z fashion lovers see these subcultures less as ideological than aesthetic. The desire to dress like a raver has little to do with being a raver – and that mentality will be difficult to understand for older Millennials, Generation Xers, and Boomers. It used to be a cardinal sin against being cool to dress like a group you weren’t in, and the punishment was harsh: either you were a “poser” or a “sellout”.

In 2016, stylist and fashion lightning rod Lotta Volkova predicted this shift in an interview with Fashion store. “Of course there are no more subcultures to discover, at least not in the western world. It’s more about remixing information, ”she said. “Today’s children – the new generation – think differently. They don’t even know what a subculture is. It is not relevant to them. “

Google’s trending data backs their point. While clothes and aesthetics in the past said something about their wearer – only real punks wore tartan trousers and safety pins while real preps shopped at Ralph Lauren – shoppers today can hop on and off fashion moves without acknowledging the broader implications and historical connotations of their looks.

The endless feed of fashion videos from TikTok plays both sides: Some use the platform as a catwalk and test new aesthetics on an hourly basis, while others use it as an educational platform to familiarize themselves with new Gen Z trends such as “Subversive Basics” – shaped by forecasters deal with Agustina Panzoni in their TikTok feed @thealgorhythm as a catch-all for sexy essentials according to Helmut Lang – and “Avant Basic” – a look that was defined by fashion editor Emma Hope Allwood on Twitter and sweet swirl patterns, holiday checkerboard jeans and so on further contains ubiquitous pink mirror by Ettore Stottsass.

Google’s Andrew Conrad Will get $16.5 Million for Nantucket-Type Malibu Colony Getaway

The deal was closed over the counter, but the records confirm the long-time Malibu resident and biotech CEO of the powerhouse Andrew “Andy” Conrad has sold one of his magnificent houses in the area. Located in the gated Malibu Colony community, this Cape Cod-inspired hotel cost a whopping $ 16.5 million – almost five times the $ 3.5 million Conrad paid for the place in 1999. The buyers are local winemakers / restaurateurs Salvatore “Sal” Casola and his wife Joan, who rented the house for a summer rental price of $ 150,000 per month.

A veteran geneticist with a PhD in cell biology from UCLA, Conrad founded the National Genetics Institute (NGI) in the 1990s. After selling this facility for $ 65 million, Conrad switched to Google X – the best in Silicon Valley.secret research laboratory“- in 2000. And since Sergey Brin spun off the life sciences division of Google X into his own company called Verily in 2015, Conrad has been CEO of the semi-mysterious research company that operates under the umbrella of Alphabet Inc. and boasts practically unlimited Amount of funding.

Now in his mid-50s, Conrad was once married to actress Courtney Thorne-Smith (“Melrose Place,” “Ally McBeal,” “Two and a Half Men”) but is now married to former model Haylynn Cohen, with whom he is shares two children. The couple split their time between several houses, including Malibu $ 10.5 million Sundance Ranch and an acre estate on the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

The Malibu Colony home was originally built in 1957 but has since been expanded and renovated. Today there are two separate buildings – a two-story guest house and a two-story main house with unobstructed sea views. According to tax records, the location includes just over 2,200 square feet of living space, although it’s not entirely clear whether that number includes both the main house and the guest house. The gray clapboard-clad structures offer a total of four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

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