God, Cash, YOLO: How Cathie Wooden Discovered Her Flock

The first of four children of Irish immigrants, Ms. Wood spent much of her childhood traveling – her father was an Air Force radar technician – before the family settled in Culver City, California. In 1974, he attended the University of Southern California with a major in business administration.

There she found a mentor in Arthur Laffer, one of the patron saints of the economy on offer, after she had applied for admission to one of his graduate courses.

“It took a lot of chutzpah,” said 81-year-old Laffer.

He found Ms. Wood to be an impressive student who was unwilling to give up any subject until she fully understood it.

“I’ve never seen anyone in my life who is so thorough, so meticulous, and so research-oriented, which makes them pretty confident,” he said.

Ms. Wood’s work ethic and insatiable information consumption are recurring themes among former employees. She often woke up long before dawn to catch one of the first trains to Grand Central Terminal each day, and viewed the nearly two-hour journey from Connecticut as a kind of perpetual gathering on rails.

In the days before smartphones, tablets, and laptops, colleagues remembered dragging bags full of research reports into and out of the office every day.

Sig Segalas co-founded Jennison Associates, a New York money management business where Ms. Wood worked as an economist, then an analyst and fund manager, from the early 1980s to 1998. For many of those years his office was next to hers, and he remembers her as one of the last people to leave the office each day.

God Did It Ministries motorbike journey raises cash for group efforts – Shelby County Reporter

By NATHAN HOWELL | Employed author

ALABASTER – Almost 20 motorcycles cruised through Alabaster, Helena and Pelham on July 17th for the God Did It Ministries’ first motorcycle ride.

Sanchez Tanniehill, the organization’s founder, said the ride was a way to support the local community and raise awareness of his group’s efforts.

“We receive grants for some of the different projects we run,” said Tanniehill. “Unfortunately, they don’t always cover what we want to achieve. We thought this would be a great way to get into the community and raise some money for our activities. “

The ride began at Buck Creek Park in Alabaster, where a number of bikers waited eagerly to take to the streets as a visible representation of the organization.

They parked their motorcycles and stood up, even Tanniehill took a side seat on one of the motorcycles.
A volunteer stood in line, counted down, and the wheels were off.

“We ended up going down Alabama 119, over the intersection and came back to Shelby County 17 via Helena,” Tanniehill explained. “Helena and her police were so nice to help us. Then we drove through Pelham and your department met us there. Eventually we passed Oak Mountain State Park and worked our way back to Alabaster. “

The bike tour was a sight to see as it passed many of the normal Saturday events like farmers markets and local farm sales.

“I had a great time,” said Tanniehill. “The ride was so smooth.”

He said that from what he saw the riders were mutual.

“You loved it,” he added. “The cities were very cooperative to make sure everyone was safe. It was very good for our first run and everyone said they were ready to do it again. “

The organizers had cause for concern as rain had been a recurring problem in the past few weeks. They monitored the weather which in the end worked for them. Tanniehill attributed the success of the ride to prayer.
“It rained a little, but it didn’t last,” he explained. “I prayed and the Lord said, ‘I have you.’ In the end we didn’t have any worries. “

God Did It Ministries uses its funds to support community initiatives such as supplying local students with school supplies and other items, hosting community events and other things.

“I wanted the whole thing for the community to stand behind it and come together. I think it was a good first time, ”said Tanniehill. “Please keep praying for us.”

He said people interested in supporting the organization could purchase special patches for this run. Anyone interested in purchasing can log on to the God Did It Ministries Facebook page.

Honoring God along with your stimulus cash – The Advocate-Messenger


The federal government has passed three separate COVID relief laws to cover losses during a pandemic year. Christians will not agree on whether these bills were prudent or necessary, but this has resulted in individuals and families receiving money they never expected.

Christians want to know what is right and how to handle this extra money. We know that God has called us to honor Him and to be good stewards of our money, even our incentive money. The answer begins with understanding that God is sovereign and owns all of our financial resources.

It is our duty to manage the money he has given us. Some use that money for basic needs and what a blessing that is! Others will be to varying degrees freer to spend this stimulus in different ways. Below is some biblical advice on how to manage your stimulus money.

Budget your money
One of the fastest ways to lose control of your money is by not having a plan on how to use it in the first place. Sitting down with a simple budget form and planning your regular income only makes sense for each person.

“For which of you who wants to build a tower doesn’t you sit down first and calculate the cost to see if you have enough to complete it?” (Luke 14:28, CSB)

If you don’t have a plan for your stimulus money, you will regret where that money was weeks or months ahead.

Give purposes to your local church and kingdom
The Bible teaches that we should regularly give generously to our local church in the form of tithing or more. By giving to your church, you are helping the Grand Commission in your ward fund events like VBS, summer camps, missionary travel grants, seniors distributing food, and pastors preaching the word.

You support missionaries in your state and around the world through your Southern Baptist Church, who donates a portion of every dollar for the cooperation program. You may want to set aside an item above your tithing / offering to support mission offerings, save yourself a missionary trip, help your church pay off debts, or encourage a missionary. There is no better way to honor God than to give something to our churches and the Grand Commission!

Save some money
Even as adults we have problems with “money that burns a hole in our pockets”. This can be a time to save wisely.

“There is precious treasure and oil in a wise man’s home, but a fool consumes them.” (Proverbs 21:20, CSB)

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so saving that money can make sense.

repaying debts; to repay debts
The Bible wisely tells us to avoid debt. Anyone in great debt understands the weight of this verse: “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is a slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22: 7, CSB)

Get away from someone else’s control and free your money so that you can use it for the glory of God and for your family.

Long-term benefits for your family
“But if someone doesn’t look after his own family, especially his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Timothy 5: 8, CSB)

Think about how you can invest for the long-term good of your family. It could be an investment in your home, your children’s education, a new education to boost your career, or maybe a vacation that strengthens your marriage and family.

Find a lawyer
If you are overwhelmed by numbers or struggling with anxiety, seek advice. A wise advisor can help you decide what your next steps should be.

There should be no shame in asking for advice. In fact, the Bible says it is advisable to seek help. “Plans fail if there is no lawyer, but with many advisors they are successful.” (Proverbs 15:22, CSB)

Talk to your pastor, elder, church member, or financial advisor about how to use your funds wisely.

There are many ways that you can use this money to glorify God that are not listed above. Let us all thank God for all of the supplies He gives us, and may we use all of these gifts to glorify Him!

Shawn Dobbins is a senior pastor at the Hebron Baptist Church in Hebron, Kentucky.