Dhaba-Model Saag Meat Recipe: Give Winter-Particular Saag A Meaty Twist

The winter season is incomplete if you don’t do that special saag at least once during that time! Saag is one of those classic recipes that we can never get enough of. In fact, many are even waiting for winter to get their hands on the fresh produce and prepare this delicious dish! Saag is a popular North Indian recipe that originated in Punjab. It consists of spinach, mustard greens and collard greens, among other things. Served with Makke Ki Roti/Naan, Gur and oodles of Ghee, it enchants enjoyment in every bite! However, if you want to add a meaty twist to the regular saag sabzi then look no further. We have exactly what you need. Here we bring you a new and delicious Dhaba style saag meat recipe!

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Once you make this recipe we are sure you will keep coming back to it. The meaty and juicy texture of mutton combined with the savory flavors of saag are simply irresistible. This recipe is best when you want to surprise your family with your cooking skills or when there is a special occasion to celebrate. This Dhaba style saag meat is loved by people of all ages. Find the recipe below:

Dhaba-style Saag Meat Recipe : How to cook Dhaba-style Saag Meat

First, heat three tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, add the ginger, garlic and onion and sauté for two to three minutes. Add pieces of mutton and cook for five minutes or until meat is tender. Then add roughly chopped mustard leaves. Cover and cook until the mutton is tender. Next add coarsely chopped spinach and stir. Now add the chopped green chillies, season with salt and stir well. Once the dish begins to cook, you can customize the masalas to your liking. Let it cook for another five minutes before serving. Then garnish with chopped ginger and serve!

For the complete recipe of this Dhaba-style saag meat, click here.

Try this delicious meaty recipe today and let us know how you liked it!

College students Give Duncanville Excessive College Soccer Crew A ‘D’ville-Fashion’ Ship Off – CBS Dallas / Fort Price

DUNCANVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The winter break has officially started, but before the students left Duncanville High School today, they lined the halls to give the soccer team a “D’ville-esque” dismissal for the UIL 6A State Championship.

DHS students say goodbye to their soccer team before the national championship on Saturday. (Photo credit: Duncanville High School)

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This afternoon, the football team marched through the school halls behind cheerleaders, the drill team and the band’s drumline before heading out onto the field for the final practice session before the big game.

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For the third time in four years, the DHS soccer team is returning to the UIL 6A State Championship game with the aim of bringing home the state’s top title.

Kick-off is Saturday, December 18th at 3:00 p.m. at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. The Panthers will face North Shore High School in a rematch after meeting them in the 2018 and 2019 Championship Games.

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Give style-savvy housewarming items | Information

Bread and salt. Wine. A broom or sack of flour. Honey, pineapples and even bluebirds – a symbol of good luck – have been given to people moving into new homes over the centuries.

Fall is a busy time to move, and many people have been doing so lately due to the changes in work, school, and personal life caused by the pandemic.

So, if you’re looking for modern housewarming favors to go with (or in place of) the traditional one, we’ve got some interior designer suggestions for new renters and new owners alike.


Baylee Floyd, an Orlando, Florida-based designer with Decorist online platform, suggests giving your friends a welcome mat. “An entrance mat is always a great gift – I get custom monogrammed mats so they really feel at home,” she says.

Etsy.com and others offer customizable mats, or you can purchase Grandin Road, Frontgate and Birch Lane from initialed Coco mat designs.

The Elysia Home Letterfolk doormat comes with a bag of 75 penny hexagonal tiles so the new tenant or owner can create their own welcome message.

Leia T. Ward, founder of LTW Design in New Canaan, Connecticut, likes the idea of ​​adding a little connectivity.

“An Alexa or Echo (can) appear randomly,” she says, “but it’s great for those extra spaces that homeowners don’t typically buy smart speakers for, like a patio, garage, home office, or bathroom.”

Or how about a house key locator?

“A keychain GPS finder is a great opening gift,” says Ward. “It seems random and unimportant until you actually need it.”

If you already have the finder, you can update the keychain yourself by getting one monogrammed. Mark & ​​Graham offers leather tassels in kelly green, black, red or blush.

If the newly moved are looking for a boho decor vibe, consider Natural Life’s hand-painted wooden flower hooks, which can be placed next to the door, on a porch wall, or really anywhere.


Seattle-based designer Elizabeth Herrera suggests a bespoke home portrait. “Upload a special photo www.minted.comand they do a letterpress or a standard printed drawing, ”she says. You can choose the frame type, mat and size when ordering.

If the recipients have moved to Chicago, New York City, San Francisco or Texas, the designers at Minted have created cool toilet paper for each of these cities, which are presented in framed notice boards perfect for kitchens or home offices.

Chatbooks, which you can connect your Instagram or camera profile to to create photo books, prints, or cards, also have a wall tile option. Have the pictures printed on square canvas frames with moveable adhesive backing; perfect for tenants.

Whispart on Etsy will create a personalized heart or house shaped map of the new excavations; Add as much detail as you want, download and frame it.

City dwellers may love a soft, plush pillow in the shape of a tropical leaf or a succulent plant from Green Philosophy Co; They partnered with nonprofit Trees for the Future to have pillow and throw sales support planting initiatives around the world.

Another eco-friendly idea: The Polished Jar offers reusable bottles for personal and household products such as soaps, lotions, etc. Choose plastic or glass and you can further customize with a chic metallic or matt black pump and a waterproof label. Available individually or in bundles that contain a stylish tray.

The Columbus Organization receives a coveted place among Indiana Case Management Agencies

Pro-choice-pro-life rallies collide in Lycoming County

Bring a pleasant scent into your new home with the Manor House Weekend soy-based candle collection from Otherland. The fall version has notes of smoky maple, cardamom, toasted nuts, pear and apple.

The New Home candle from Homesick, a mixture of jasmine, cedar wood, linden and sandalwood, can be personalized with a personal message on the glass label.

If you know your recipients well enough to buy them a gift that they’ll visit every month, a subscription box can be good. There are many options and they can take the guesswork out of decorating.

“I love giving friends with a new home a monthly subscription box for Christmas decorations,” says Floyd. “Because it’s either their first home and they don’t have a lot of decorations, or they just don’t have time to decorate for the holidays after they’ve just moved in.”

Boise, Idaho, designer Mikayla Keating had a suggestion for those who love flowers and plants in houses or apartments.

“Fresh flowers always make a new home look inviting and put together,” she says. At Bloomsy Box, a bouquet is sourced from fair trade farms, wrapped in environmentally friendly paper and shipped every month. Subscription options include pet-safe bouquets and mixed arrangements, as well as one inspired by the New York Botanical Garden; Part of the turnover supports the garden’s work in the fields of plant science and nature conservation.

For people who want simple, low-maintenance plants, The Sill has several subscription options.

Are the new residents art lovers but don’t have one?

“A great way for your friends to decorate their home is with an art subscription,” says Keating. “This is ideal if you are unsure of your style or if you have difficulty choosing a work of art yourself.”

With a gift card, they can sign up for Art Crate, complete the style quiz, and an in-house curator will help them choose an art print from an indie artist. You choose the size and format and can cancel at any time if your walls are satisfied.

Tabletop items, wall art and throw pillows are among the possible goodies in one of the seasonally curated boxes from Decocrated.

Knife blocks and cheese platters are classic housewarming gifts. If you’d like to make it even better, consider Crate & Barrel’s monogrammed mango wood, marble, and inlaid brass serving board as an initial. The dealer also offers the Schmidt Brothers Cutlery table and wall knife holders made of warm acacia wood.

Or check out Material Kitchen’s reBoards, chopping boards made from recycled plastic and sugar cane that come in many beautiful colors.

The Light and Shadow blenders of the limited Artisan series from KitchenAid have the “wow” factor; The base is a creamy milkshake shade and the bowl is matte black textured with a rivet design that will encourage your recipients to display it in the front and center of the kitchen counter.

This milky shade is also offered on a sleek but powerful semi-automatic espresso machine, blender, and coffee grinder from KitchenAid.

Mark & ​​Graham has several chic serving trays, pitchers, and throw blankets that can be personalized in a variety of fonts.

The New Jersey-based gift shop Wildwood House offers finely carved maple, cherry, or walnut bottle stoppers made in Maine by Captain John Coppola, who learned wood turning from the father of the shop’s co-owner. Here, too, eye-catching wicker baskets are a great eye-catcher in every room. Purchases support the baskets craftsmen in the growing region of Bolgatanga in northern Ghana.

Or think of chic backyard picnic items, like a personalized rattan bag, a wine and cheese backpack, a steel or copper growler, acrylic glasses, and linen napkins, all of which come with monograms.

Moose Basis elevating cash to offer again after tragedy

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. (WCAX) – Almost 100 bikers revved up their engines for a ride on Sunday to support the Moose Foundation.

It all started over a decade ago when Bruce Brown and his riding partner George crashed on Rt. 17 in Starksboro and Brown.

“George Fon and I came through McCullough and down to Gore Road. That moose stepped in front of me, ”said Brown. “George didn’t see my headlights in his back view so he turned and came back and made me breathe because I wasn’t breathing well enough to make it when he got to me.”

Brown suffered broken ribs, a neck injury, and a serious brain injury – and his friends were driven to help.

“We were really inspired by what we do today. We help guys or women or anyone who has a motorcycle accident, ”said David Pearson, co-director of the Moose Foundation. “If you’re a Vermont resident and have an accident somewhere, we’ll help you. Or if you’re a Vermont visitor, we’ll help you. “

Over the years, Pearson and The Moose Foundation have served people across the state. Randy Ashfield is among them.

“I had a head-on collision with another vehicle on August 3rd,” said Ashfield. “Unfortunately, I was thrown off my bike and spent the next 10 days in the hospital. I’m just happy to be alive. “

Through donations, the foundation has worked to give Ashfield the help he needs.

“They paid for some of my medication and helped with the towing costs of the motorcycle. That took some of the pressure off the expenses – unknown expenses, unexpected expenses. “

It fulfills in many ways. Somehow it feels like you’ve given something back or done something for your brother or sister and you haven’t asked for anything in return. So that’s cool. “

Further information can be found on the Moose Foundation website Facebook. For help call (802) 878-4778 or email them at info@moosefund.org.

Copyright 2021 WCAX. All rights reserved.

Why I Give Myself a Spending Allowance — Even Although I Save Cash Each Month

I remember the first job I ever had. I was around 12 years old and a friend of my parents had finally agreed to babysit me on a regular basis. I don’t remember how much I made then, but I’m sure it wasn’t a lot. But I also remember that most of my money is always in mine saving accountand that I would only keep a small percentage to spend on things like books, music, or whatever my youthful self desired.

Fast forward a couple of years and I can’t pretend I’m saving the majority of my earnings these days. That’s because I have one mortgage paying, feeding children, and a host of other adult expenses.

Still, I manage to save some money every month. Since my income is variable, this amount tends to fluctuate. But in general, I add money to my retirement account monthly, and I add money to mine a lot Brokerage account which I then invest. Plus, in months when my income is growing, I’m pretty good at replenishing my vacation fund and other goal-specific accounts.

All in all, I can say that I’m pretty vigilant when it comes to saving money. Still, I give myself a limited allowance every month. Here’s why.

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It’s about priorities and fairness

It’s not just me and my income that support our family. My husband also makes a great contribution. In fact, we see ourselves as partners. We both work to pay the bills and we both do our part to help out with the house. (He’s the one who always fixes things, I tend to do the laundry all the time, and we usually split the cooking up.)

My husband and I definitely agree that saving money is important. But we differ in how much we can save.

In general, my husband thinks we can afford to save less and have more of our income. I think we should keep trying to save at our current levels, and while I agree that we could spend more of our income, I also feel that nothing is really being withheld that will significantly improve our quality of life would.

My husband and I also have different priorities when it comes to spending money. While we both tend to value experience about things, he’s a lot more into things than I am. As a technician, he loves gadgets and would buy any new electronic device that comes out if I gave him the green light.

On the other hand, I’m not really a fan of things. I have no problem spending money on a concert or a great meal, but normally I won’t pay more than $ 5 for a t-shirt and only if I really need to replace an old one.

Because our spending styles and opinions on saving are different, my husband and I each receive a monthly allowance. And that’s money that we can use for any purpose without asking questions. If my husband wants to buy another electronic item that I can’t even identify, that’s his choice. And if I want to spend my money on gourmet ice cream or sweets, that’s my choice.

Our respective spending grants help me and my husband avoid arguments over money. But it also helps keep our expenses in check.

After all, there really is a limit to how many new gadgets a person needs. And I can admit that there is a limit to how much fancy chocolate a person should consume before it becomes unacceptable from both a financial and a health perspective. These spending subsidies keep us from going overboard and so I intend to keep mine even if I can increase my monthly savings rate beyond what it is today.

How digital foreign money is altering how we give and obtain cash

Right now, the world of cryptocurrency is like the Wild West. Just think of all of them modern prospectors in search of their fortune. If you are looking for gold in the digital world, I have tons of resources to help you out!

In a recent episode of Kim Komando Explains, my team and I give you all the tips you need for a successful crypto career. Basically, now is the best time to jump on the bandwagon. Retailers are also starting to accept digital currencies. (We even heard that Amazon will add crypto payment features!)

Get this: Some nonprofit groups accept donations through cryptocurrency. I spoke to recently The New York Times about how this can create a revolutionary game in the world of gift giving. Here’s what you need to know.

Sounds great … but it’s also pretty complicated

As with all things nebulous blockchain related, cryptocurrency donations are difficult for laypeople to understand. This is one of the biggest hurdles for donations.

Charities may not have the money to hire IT professionals to figure out how these donations are processed. You may not even understand how they work. That means they could be missing out on a lot of money.

Daily technical news that is important to you

Privacy, security, the latest trends, and the information you need for your best digital life.

Second is the problem of volatility. If you’ve caught up on the news, you probably know that bitcoin prices are extremely sensitive. You will one day take off like a rocket and soar to new heights.

ANOTHER WAY TO MAKE BANK ONLINE: Click here for everything you need to know about NFTs

The next thing you know is that Bitcoin is crashing towards earth, making dollar signs plummet in value and bleeding. Let’s say a charity receives $ 7 million in bitcoin on a Friday. The value could drop to $ 6.5 next Monday. (This is just an example; we’ve never heard of it, but it’s good to think about.)

Overall, they can be difficult to understand for people who are not tech buff. They are also much more difficult to predict than cash donations. When you donate $ 7 million in fiat currency, that value will be preserved. The same cannot be said for cryptocurrency donations.

Would you like to learn more about cryptocurrencies?

I’ve received a lot of requests to get an in-depth look at the Wild West of cryptocurrencies. So I wrote a brand new one eBook “Cryptocurrency 101” only for you! It sheds light on the buying, selling and spending of cryptocurrency in today’s digital world.

Get it now while you are thinking about it so you can read it later. It is not yet known which cryptocurrencies Amazon will accept. (Keep in mind that there are over 10,000 different types of cryptos available.)

I’m proud to say it’s already on the bestseller list! Check it out now and impress your friends with all of your inside knowledge.

Crypto is a way to make money, but it’s not for everyone

There are many ways you can use your free time to make extra money. I did the work and collected it for you. Tap or click here for 20 ways to make money online.

Mayfield Heights considers utilizing American Rescue Plan cash to offer bonuses to metropolis workers who labored throughout pandemic: Stimulus Watch

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio – A proposal to use federal stimulidollars to provide 4,000 bonuses to Mayfield Heights police officers and firefighters has turned into a potential bonus to all municipal and administrative employees deemed “material” and during the Pandemic worked.

City officials don’t have the money to spend. In fact, they haven’t even been told exactly how much money the city will receive from the American bailout plan over two years. But Estimates from cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer state Mayfield Heights could receive about $ 1.9 million in total.

Finance director Karen Fegan said the city is still considering how to spend its money. However, she confirmed that the proposal to provide bonuses to “all key workers” is being examined. She did not specify which positions are considered important or how many employees it involves, so it is unclear how much bonuses could be paid.

The city initially considered giving $ 4,000 in bonuses paid with American Rescue Plan money only to first responders, in addition to incremental pay increases – paid out of the city’s budget – as in collective agreements with unions, the police, and fire departments and other workers represented, negotiated.

Council members voted on the ordinances to sign the collective agreements during a meeting on May 24, partly due to disagreement over the bonuses and which city servants should receive them. Legislation empowering the mayor to approve the union contracts is back on the council’s agenda on Monday, but it’s unclear whether the agreements include bonuses.

“We talked about a lump sum instead of a percentage every year,” Councilor Gayle Teresi said at the May meeting. “We didn’t know there would be a lump sum and a percentage.”

Teresi said she is in favor of a raise for first responders given their necessary and 24/7 work during the pandemic. However, she was concerned about giving a bonus on top of the raise – especially since she heard city workers say that all employees who worked during the pandemic would receive a bonus, which would be paid in stimulus money.

“Someone who worked at City Hall called and told me everyone was getting a $ 4,000 bonus,” Teresi said. After the meeting, Teresi told a reporter that non-union city workers typically receive a similar raise to union workers, so she wondered who else could get a $ 4,000 bonus.

“Did the mayor (Anthony DiCicco) get it? Will (Finance Director) Ms. Fegan get it? How about some advice? We were there (work and hold meetings) during COVID, “Teresi said a freelancer for Sun Messenger, a sister publication of cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer.

The US Treasury Department has issued guidelines on how local governments can use their American Rescue Plan dollars. One of the proposals is to “provide premium wages for key workers to provide additional support to those who, as a result of their services in critical infrastructure sectors, face and will bear the greatest health risks”.

“I’m in favor of everyone getting a raise, especially the police and fire departments,” Councilor Robert DeJohn said during the May 24 session. “Here’s my problem: as soon as these two units get their raise, they get everyone else in town – everyone else, including the administrative staff. You will all get this lump sum up to the time you raise your salary. “

Councilor Donald Manno joined DeJohn and Teresi in May against the collective agreements. He said council members should receive a raise or bonus for signing raises for other employees.

“Mr. DeJohn said everyone in town gets the raise,” Manno said. “The council doesn’t get it, but we have to sign it for everyone else. We worked through COVID too – not the same way. But fact If you say that everyone in town hall gets a raise or a bonus, what about the advice? Are we stepchildren? Or what’s going on here? “

Finance director Fegan said compensation to the mayor and council will be determined by a regulation that includes a “nested” calculation based on factors such as increases in the general fund and the consumer price index for the previous year. But her statement didn’t seem to deter councilors hoping for a bonus or raise from the money from the American bailout.

Councilor Michael Ballistrea said he did not know why some of his colleagues were confused. He said notes he took during an earlier meeting suggested Fegan said some of the American bailout money would “most likely” be used for bonuses.

“So that was checked and it was always on the table that this should be done as far as I was concerned,” Ballistrea said.

Stimulus Watch is a public service journalism project run by cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer to track federal grants reaching Northeast Ohio through the US rescue plan. Read more undercleveland.com/stimulus-watch.

Saginaw residents want cash to keep away from water shutoffs. United Means has $12M to present them. Few have inquired.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this report contained an incorrect dollar amount in relation to total federal aid available to United Way of Saginaw County. The correct amount is $ 12 million. The correct sum is now reflected in history.

SAGINAW, MI – On Tuesday, Audra Davis’ challenge was to alert hundreds of Saginaw residents at risk of losing water utilities that their nonprofit has $ 3.2 million in federal aid that theirs solve the predicament.

On Wednesday morning, the challenge for the President of the United Way of Saginaw County grew:

At the time, her nonprofit had $ 12 million in federal aid that could help resolve these predicaments.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” said Davis. “I opened my e-mail for this message in the morning.”

This news could be good for the people who live in hundreds of Saginaw homes that are threatened with water supplies because of overdue bills.

The $ 12 million fund is particularly designed to help people in arrears, including water utilities.

However, officials remain concerned about the relative lack of response from affected Saginaw residents, who may not know that there is a solution to their problem.

Dry reception

In some cases, the silence emanating from affected homes could have a simple explanation: maybe no one is home.

In early June, water was turned off in 236 homes before a two-week lockdown began on Monday, June 28. In total, service was restored to 155 of these 236 homes after residents there paid their bills and established a payment schedule with the city, or began the process of seeking financial assistance elsewhere.

As of Wednesday, 81 houses were without a water supply. Officials say 13 citizens living in these apartments are in contact with city officials. They couldn’t reach anyone who lived in the other 68 dry houses.

“Many of the accounts that haven’t contacted us are most likely empty,” said Lori Brown, Saginaw’s finance director. “I see a lot of accounts with zero (water usage) for several months, e-mails sent back, and bad phone numbers on file.”

More than 500 homes remain on the list of homes at risk of water closures in the coming weeks and months.

While other homes in this group may be empty, officials believe many people may avoid contact for reasons including embarrassment over the accumulated debt. The lack of communication can result in residents missing the help available.

“We warned people about it,” said Brenda Moore, the mayor of Saginaw. “It is so sad that we only react at the witching hour. The residents have to understand that if we come out of our silos and unite, we can move this city forward. “

Officials say employees started emailing notifications in January 2021, calling the numbers listed on the 750 accounts at the time.

Employees warned local residents of the end of a pandemic moratorium on shutting down water utilities and informed them about supportive organizations such as United Way of Saginaw County.

The federal moratorium ended in March; Saginaw extended his moratorium until June 15.

“If we don’t spend it, someone else will”

Now that the two-week suspension of the water lock has effectively extended the moratorium, Davis hopes the borrowed time will allow affected residents to finally get in touch with funding.

“We currently have an abundance of funds to help people with homelessness, utility bills, or other issues,” she said of United Way of Saginaw County’s resources. “We want to make people aware of these programs so that they are not underused.”

While other funds are available, the largest pool of financial support for the nonprofit comes from a program called CERA (short for Covid Emergency Rental Assistance). Saginaw County’s $ 12 million in CERA funds are provided by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority through the U.S. pandemic-related CARES bill totaling $ 2.2 trillion.

Davis said $ 3.2 million in CERA funding was available for the county earlier this week, but that number rose significantly through Wednesday, June 30, when state officials told her organization they were now Could distribute $ 12 million to qualified residents.

CERA guidelines dictate that United Way of Saginaw County must distribute the $ 12 million by the end of 2022, she said.

“We urge landlords and tenants to seek help,” said Davis. “If we don’t spend it, someone else will.”

A campaign to educate these residents about resources kicked off this week.

The mayor was among the members of the Saginaw city council, staff and representatives of local non-profit organizations who are available to help affected residents. The three-day information campaign began on Wednesday.

About 20 residents came to the water supply.

The group is expected to be available again on Thursday and Friday, July 1 and 2, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first floor of City Hall, 1315 S. Washington.

Residents are encouraged to bring ID, a copy of their water bill, and proof of income.

Nonprofits expected at the sessions include the First Ward Community Service and the Saginaw Community Action Center.

Davis said United Way of Saginaw County officials will also be in attendance. She attended the Wednesday meeting in the town hall.

Start the process

For residents interested in CERA funding, Davis recommended calling first the Northeast Michigan Chapter of 2-1-1, a nonprofit that acts as a gateway to resources available from organizations such as United Way of Saginaw County.

To connect to the service, individuals must dial 2-1-1 on their phones. The operators can be reached every full hour every day, including public holidays.

In some cases, residents may be better suited to resources other than CERA funds, Davis said. Operators with 2-1-1 can make this decision.

“It’s just more efficient when people call the process with 2-1-1,” she said.

For residents affiliated with United Way of Saginaw County, staff there determine the viability of each applicant by assessing factors such as annual income and family size. For example, a single resident must earn less than $ 36,000 a year to qualify; a four-person household must earn less than $ 51,600 a year in total.

These dollar numbers represent 80% of the median median income in the region; a percentage set under the CERA program. David said most grant programs use math, which requires residents to earn less than 50% of the median median income.

“The fact that we can get 80% or less is great,” she said. “During the pandemic, it was recognized that more people needed help. This means that more people can seek help. “

Residents across the county have already used the program, Davis said.

When CERA funds were available for distribution by United Way of Saginaw County in March 2021, the amount available was $ 5.6 million. In the three months since then, citizens have been allocated $ 2.4 million.

Of that money spent, $ 1.9 million was provided to Saginaw County residents seeking rental assistance, $ 469,849 for customers requiring assistance with water or electricity bills, and $ 28,500 for Internet service costs for the residents.

“In our community, many people struggle to make ends meet,” said Davis. “It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live without water and electricity, but there is a real need. We want to make sure that we meet this need. “

Read more on MLive:

Saginaw is temporarily suspending water closures as the city ramps up the information campaign

Nonprofit organization 2-1-1 can offer a lifeline for 750 Saginaw homes on the list of water closures

While the water closures in Saginaw continue, residents face costly fines and demolished houses

DC needs to provide out extra hire cash; considers added incentives to get teenagers vaccinated

DC doesn’t seem to be getting money out the door fast enough to help anyone asked for help with the rent.

DC doesn’t seem to be getting money out the door fast enough to help everyone who asked for help with the rent.

Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio said during a DC Council conference call Friday that the city had made a number of improvements StayDC, the district’s rental and utility program, in an effort to handle a significant backlog of applications.

Falcicchio said the program gives landlords “the ability to process multiple applications and really helps housing providers who have multiple units”. Earlier this week the city made a change to allow residents “to enter the portal and really see more clearly where their application is in the process and to understand where it is in terms of status is located “.

According to Falcicchio, 3,430 applications have been completed and paid out so far.

Elissa Silverman, a member of the Grand Council, asked if he found this number “worrying”.

“Because we have an estimate of at least tens of thousands of households in arrears and who would qualify,” Silverman said. “And we’re here in June – we have to get this money out the door by September, [and] we only approved 3,430. “

Falcicchio said around 22,000 applications were being processed and interest was still high.

Silverman said the council is hearing from landlords and tenants who cannot go through the process.

You can find information on how to apply on-line or by telephone on the hotline 833-4-STAYDC (833-478-2932) Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Incentives to have young people vaccinated

DC is trying to get more teenagers vaccinated against COVID-19 Inequalities in tariffs in the districts, and that could mean more free money – or even tuition.

Three Vaccination sites in DC are offering 51 gift cards as part of the city’s promotion: RISE Demonstration Center (One Medical), Ron Brown High School (DC Health), and Anacostia High School (Safeway).

“How do we measure whether $ 51 is an effective incentive?” Asked Silverman during the call on Friday. She added that Ohio was running a lottery giving students free tuition at Ohio State.

“One incentive would be to pay for college. Is that being considered? I know we have a state university, but the most important thing we hear from our young people is their concern that they will not be able to pay for college. So it seems like taking part in the lottery would be a good incentive for that. We encourage our children to get vaccinated, ”she said.

DC is considering additional incentives for the younger population, Falcicchio said, “We are considering options for incentives that are specifically targeted at our young people as we near school start.”

He added, “This is something that is an active conversation. We’ll certainly look at Ohio and other states that have had some type of tuition or scholarship-based incentive and see what they have learned so far. “

DC Health’s Patrick Ashley said the numbers “doubled or nearly doubled” in locations with incentives to get vaccinated. And he said the outlook is positive.

“I was in Anacostia before they opened on Saturday and there were 20 people waiting at the doors and then they talked to them, they were there because it was $ 51,” Ashley said.

“And that’s a good sign. Individuals … it just takes a little sometimes to push people over the edge. And we hope to achieve that. “

Ashley said more data on DC’s overall vaccination rates will be available next week.

Friday’s call and conversation about incentives comes after data from the city’s Deputy Mayor’s Office for Education revealed that at least 60% of children aged 12-15 in Wards 2 and 3 received at least one dose of a COVID- 19 vaccine. In stations 7 and 8, however less than 10% of children in the same age group have received at least one dose.

The inequality has some officials concerned about school returns this fall and the possibility of outbreaks as the more easily transmissible Delta variant spreads.

WTOP’s Scott Gelman contributed to this report.

Overwatch buff for Sigma would give him Titanfall 2-style defend rework

Overwatch players always come up with new skills ideas for their favorite characters, but this Titanfall 2-style concept could make Sigma even more devastating.

The chaotic team-based brawls of Overwatch are absolutely brimming with all sorts of colorful characters. From lifesaving supportive heroes to seedy assassins, there is an archetype for every play style. While Overwatch 2 aims Change the look and adjusting the balance of his beloved squad, some players have been busy making their own changes.

One character who continues to receive an almost constant barrage of fan concepts is that of Sigma – the eccentric astrophysicist. Sigma effortlessly controls gravity with his abilities, manipulating objects around him and bending them to his will. As a tank, Sigma’s Experimental Barrier can effortlessly repel incoming damage and even freeze incoming projectiles.

However, tweaking it in the Titanfall 2 style could make the living weapon even more of a threat to the game Battlefields.

Titanfall 2 Sigma Skill Concept

SnowstormSigma would be even more powerful with this Titanfall 2 inspired buff.

Overwatch 2 certainly aims to mix the meta with his 5v5 brawls, but this sigma buff could change that even further. “Since tanks are being redesigned to be more aggressive, Sigma is on the table for a possible overhaul,” says spectrum. “He does a lot of damage technically, but he has two defensive abilities, and the way OW2 looks, that doesn’t fit.”

Spktras redesigned Sigma’s grip to combat this, making it look similar to Titanfall’s Vortex Shield. This ability not only allows the player to stop incoming projectiles, but also gives them the ability to send them back towards their target.

With tanks being reworked to be more aggressive, Sigma is on the table for a possible rework. He does a lot of damage technically, but he has two defensive abilities and from the look of OW2 that doesn’t fit. So here is a little suggestion for a revision of Grasp. The ability that Twitter hates the most. of Overwatch

The ability would also consume a counter that needs to be replenished before Sigma can use it again, forcing players to think carefully before spamming on each use.

While this may sound incredibly depressing, Spktra states that Sigma “cannot gain additional health and he would not have a tank to protect him if his shield failed.” The villainous character would also be “more powerful in a 1v1 like all new tanks, but will die if he focuses hard enough”.

It’s an interesting concept for sure, and one that would definitely make Sigma a formidable tank.