Gilbert neighborhood raises cash for injured officer

“He is definitely on the way to recovery”: Gilbert Congregation is raising money for the injured officer

Gilbert Café Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee held a pop-up event on May 2 to raise funds for injured officer Rico Aranda.

The Gilbert Congregation meets for an officer seriously injured after being injured violent persecution that spanned Eloy to Chandler before ending up at a local car dealership.

Officer Rico Aranda sustained a serious head injury after a man stole a car from a dealership, crashed it through the door and aimed at officers who tried to escape.

Chandler officer Christopher Farrar died of his wounds, and Aranda is still in the hospital.

“He is definitely on the way to recovery – we have no telling how long that will take,” said Steve Gilbert of the Gilbert Police Leadership Association.

Gilbert says Aranda had a wife and two children who were by his side.

“Really motivated guy, super hard worker,” said Gilbert. “Just one of these people, when you hear his name, you associate him with someone who works hard, is always there, has everyone back and you can always trust him to do the right thing to be there when you have him.” need.”

May 2nd Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee The proceeds from her pop-up event would benefit Aranda’s recovery.

“My husband [a firefighter]. My father is a veterinarian. My son-in-law is a cop, “said Emily Barton, owner of Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee.

Gilbert said the community fundraiser exceeded expectations.

“It’s always amazing when something happens in the community, the support we can see,” said Gilbert. “This has so far undermined all expectations we had of fundraising drives.”

The money raised will also go to another Gilbert officer, Kevin Francoeur. The husband and father of two children was diagnosed with leukemia last month.

“We have two officers who are both definitely fighting for their lives, but in completely different situations,” said Gilbert.

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Agave-style rooftop Sotol brings picturesque views and distinctive tastes to downtown Gilbert | Featured Articles

Sotol roof

Sotol modern cocktail kitchen in downtown Gilbert, Arizona.

GILBERT, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – As Gilbert continues to grow and expand its entertainment and dining scene, it was only a matter of time before a rooftop lounge found a home in the busy downtown area. Right in the heart and center of downtown along Gilbert Road, next to Whiskey Row and across from The Porch, is a taller three story building that is home to several companies. And at the very top (you guessed it) you will find Sotol modern cocktail kitchen, an agave-style bar that serves authentic Arizona food and offers unique views of downtown and the Gilbert area.

There are plenty of places to eat or drink in downtown Gilbert, but the views, ambience and especially the food cooked in Sotol make this rooftop a fantastic venture and a night on the town . Valley native and owner Erika Rode, who also owns Scottsdale’s Bitters Bar, knew the booming Gilbert scene had a “missing piece”.

Sotol modern cocktail kitchen

View of downtown Gilbert from Sotol Modern Cocktail Kitchen

“In developing this concept, of course, I was interested in Arizona. I feel like there’s a bit missing there, too. There’s New Mexico-style California food, Texas Grub, but Arizona, I think a bit is missing “Said Rode. “I’m a huge Arizona fan, of course. When I came up with the concept, I wanted to pay tribute to Arizona and the regions of the great state, including the Sonoran Desert, northern Arizona, and southern Arizona.”

Rode says she wanted to develop a food and drink menu that would complement each other while paying tribute to cultures inside and outside the state. Sotols Menu includes Mexican, Native American, and works to create a dining experience that presents Arizona. Even the name itself, Sotol, pays homage to a type of distillate made from a desert plant, similar to the process of tequila and mezcal made from agave.

Patrons sometimes forget how much thought, experimentation, and research is put into developing foods that are casually savored or become cherished favorites. At Sotol, Rode and her team brainstorm recipes using Rode’s ideas while ensuring that they stay true to Arizona cuisine and continue to push new culinary boundaries. It’s what helped craft a real one Flavor bomb of a menu at Sotol!

Dishes prepared by the chef add to the quaint ambience at From The Rooftop in Phoenix

“I think some of the most popular are some of the most unique we have. We make a Navajo taco style that is based on fried bread. We use beans and green chilli chicken or have a vegetarian option,” said Rode. “The flavor combination in this dish is incredibly powerful and I think it’s something that sets us apart. We also have a starter of Nopales Fritas on the menu. It’s a variation on the typical French fries in the bar; it’s a combination made from nopales cactus and yucca. “

Fried nopales

Nopales Fritas starter in the Sotol Modern Cocktail Kitchen.

For Rode, who started out as a foodrunner in the food and beverage industry at the age of 14, it has been a long and challenging journey to developing and owning restaurants. Still, her passion for the industry has yielded some valued rewards.

“I love seeing guests enjoying themselves. This is probably one of the greatest personal and selfish rewards. I can go into my facilities and see guests who enjoy the food, drinks, but most importantly, the customer service and atmosphere. That’s probably my # 1 reward, “said Rode. “Barely a second would be the opportunities I can offer people and employees. I like developing teams, helping people get to where they want to go, or at least improving their craft.”

Richard Azevedo, Rode’s Food Director, runs Sotol’s kitchen and is one of the employees who develop his craft to bring the food concepts developed by Rodes to life.

“We’re leaning more towards Sonoran and Arizona ingredients, such as cacti. We have a concept of adopting Arizona cultures, such as Native American Fry Bread on the menu and Three Sister’s Stew,” said Azevedo.

Arizona Stew

Arizona Stew with a three-sister style in the Sotol Modern Cocktail Kitchen.

Azevedo only had one other job in a kitchen as a line chef but had a passion for cooking since childhood. His drive and ambition to develop his skills further help foster the casual but professional atmosphere in his kitchen that can be described as a functioning, well-oiled machine. With these cultural and colorful dishes, Azevedo and his team understand the importance of people “ordering with their eyes” when serving something that is a little off the beaten culinary path.

“I’m just trying different things, things that people haven’t really seen before, and I think that’s what Erika is really looking for in the concept of this place,” said Azevedo. “Just stepping out of the norm, stepping out of the box and giving people’s taste buds a different experience than they are usually used to, I think really inspires me to do research and development and come up with new ideas for the restaurant . “

And don’t worry about running out of new things to try! Sotol strives to keep it fresh with quarterly menu changes, seasonal changes, new menu ideas, and the occasional menu revision. They are also always open to feedback and recommendations from guests. Customizing and developing new foods is hands down a great way to keep the foodies from coming back!

“There will be more to come with this space; it won’t stay the same. We’ll be offering new and unique varieties of different concepts. Guest inquiries will be on the menu; I’m all about it. But it will remain a small and well-thought-out one for the future.” Design for a menu, “said Rode.

Sotol Walkthrough Video


It’s finally time to talk about food (with a guest appearance over a couple of cocktails)!

Fry bread

Roast bread at Sotol Modern Cocktail Kitchen.

The Nopales Fritas start with a menu that you absolutely have to try. They are an incredible snack to go with a drink or meal in general. The fried and crispy cactus paddles are a wonderful variant of traditional fries with a slightly sour bite. The coriander crema sauce, which is drizzled on each part of the dish, ensures a balanced flavor and makes this starter a tasty and juicy meal. The fry bread entree is another one that can’t go wrong. Sotol tops the lightly crunchy black bean (dry bean, fully drained) bread with a touch of heat from the southwest, followed by green chilli pulled chicken (or a vegetarian cactus option) that is bursting with flavor and awakening your taste buds. The roast bread is amazing, takes advantage of the elasticity of bluebird flour and makes for a memorable meal to enjoy with every bite.

One choice that cannot go without a mention is the Arizona Stew, a Three Sisters style stew. The three sisters are represented in Indian cuisine with corn, beans and pumpkin and are an essential part of Indian agriculture and culinary traditions. The three sisters’ vegetables are mixed with forbidden rice and the green chili chicken and present a hearty and healthy stew. There is a vegan option, and you can choose whether or not you want the stew to be spicy. The range of flavors is superb, with every sip bringing joy and fulfillment.

Sotol wouldn’t be Agave style bar without being able to boast of balanced and tempting craft cocktails. One of the coolest drinks Sotol uses itself is the Reap What You Sow. It captures an excellent essence of coffee-infused bourbon, with a richness and a mixture of bitter and sweet. The Smoking Gun offers a fiery presentation with activated charcoal and is a mixed fruit drink with a dash of smoky mezcal. For those who love the classics, the Mesquite Smoked Old Fashioned should be a good choice. Rode and her beverage director Terrance Hargis have done their homework and tested to achieve an unreal balance in their beverages with their ingredients. Their science shines in their old-fashioned form, which is hands down one of the smoothest versions I’ve come across while maintaining this traditional flavor.

Sotol is certainly a great stopover for any evening on the town in downtown Gilbert. The view is unique to the area and provides a fun atmosphere to enjoy a cocktail or a delicious bite to go with anything in Arizona. The dishes are flavourful with a unique flavor that pushes the boundaries of southwestern cuisine while being a staple of Arizona dishes. Whether you want to relax or unwind, have a sip balanced drinkIf you’re serious about inhaling well-prepared food or all of the above, enjoy the curated experience at Sotol in downtown Gilbert!


313 N Gilbert Road # 301

Gilbert, AZ 85234

This is the second segment in a series of rooftop lounges on the Phoenix subway. Arizona’s family foodie is breaking out of suntan lotion to visit restaurants that serve snacks and humble appetizers for those looking for quiet and relaxation on picturesque rooftops. On the rooftops, the menus often stay small and simple, allowing the kitchens to get creative and serve unique foods for memorable experiences. So sit back and come hungry and let’s enjoy some food with a view!

City Air Journey Park to Construct Household Leisure Middle in Gilbert, Arizona

DALLAS, March 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Urban Air Adventure Park, The world’s largest indoor adventure park operator will start building a new park this summer, built from scratch Gilbert, Arizona. The new park is known for providing endless hours of top-level family fun through trampoline jumping, climbing, dodging, and more. It is located on East Williams Field Road and South Santana Village Parkway in the SanTan Village Shopping Center.

Construction has already started on the building and the park is expected to open before the end of the year, covering an area of ​​50,000 square meters. This will be the brand’s fourth location in the metropolitan area Phoenix The company is company owned and will serve as the West Coast flagship to fuel the brand’s expansion efforts in light of the increased interest and demand for on-site family entertainment from COVID-19.

That year, Urban Air was # 1 entertainment franchise company in Entrepreneur Magazine Annual Franchise 500 list, the world’s first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking.

“More than ever, families are looking for more ways to include their children in a fun, learning and social environment,” he said Josh Wall, EVP and Chief Franchise Officer of Urban Air. “We are very excited about the further expansion Phoenix Area with this new company owned park in this prime East Valley retail location. “

To date, more than 98 percent of Urban Air’s existing parks have reopened with COVID safe precautions. Just last week, the company reported 98 percent sales in the same store over the same period last year. In the first week of March alone, Urban Air booked 5,200 birthday parties nationwide – an all-time record that shows optimism for future family entertainment.

Urban Air has become a leader in Family Entertainment Center (FEC) innovation, pioneering the indoor adventure park concept and launching the first in category membership program April 2019and offers an easy-to-implement, industry-leading QSR concept in the park – the Urban Air Café.

With an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, the ultra-modern Urban Air in Gilbert offers a full range of activities that every guest can enjoy. The two-story venue offers wall-to-wall trampolines, dodgeball courts, electric go-karting, obstacle courses, tube playgrounds with multi-level climbing ropes and rotating tubes, and much more. Both thrill seekers and their pint-sized colleagues will find an activity to conquer at Urban Air.

The new park will also be home to the Urban Air Adventure Hub ™, which offers exclusive Urban Air attractions such as an intensive high ropes course and the unique Urban Air Sky Rider Indoor Coaster. Other options to challenge guests include the Drop Zone – a huge inflatable landing pad located under a row of trampolines, the Runway Tumble Track, which offers flexibility for those who want to flip the route, jump by hand and spin the wheel, and the Slam Dunk Zone, where guests try to emulate their favorite basketball all-star with their own trampoline-induced slam dunk. The Urban Warrior Course ™ and Battle Beam complete the competitive opportunities for a day of physical testing and endurance.

About Urban Air
Urban Air is the nation’s most popular destination for family fun, with a variety of attractions perfect for all ages. The award-winning national franchise brand is the largest adventure park operator in the world with more than 150 open locations and 60 under development. Urban Air was founded in 2011 in search of a higher purpose, helping kids have fun while achieving activity goals that improve their social and physical skills. More information about the company and the franchise opportunities can be found at

Media contact: Sara Faiwell, Fishman Public Relations, [email protected] or 847-945-1300

SOURCE Urban Air Adventure Park

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Shock Squad eases cash worries of single Gilbert mother battling well being problem | 3TV’s Shock Squad

PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Brandy is a single mom of three who works in the healthcare sector helping keep people healthy during the pandemic. But now she’s the one with a health condition, and her big sister and brother-in-law wanted to do something for her, so they reached out to the Arizona Family Surprise Squad.

“She’s had a tough time last year,” said her brother-in-law, Dave. “She was diagnosed with adenomyosis.” It’s a condition that requires Brandy to have a hysterectomy. Dave says she is a strong personality and no matter what he thinks she will take this challenge and be better than before.

“It’s just very important to us. And so it was an emotional ride for all of us. “

The surprise team followed Dave and his wife Andrea to the family practice where Brandy works. Andrea had told Brandy she was there to drop off some hair products and Brandy had no idea what she was up to.

“Surprise,” said 3TV’s Olivia Fierro when Brandy walked outside. “We’re the Arizona Family Surprise Squad.” Fierro invited Brandy to share her story.

“I’m always exhausted and tired trying to take care of children and work around the clock,” explained Brandy. “And it just got to the point where I am like this, oh my god. I’m in bed at 7:30 a.m., 7:00 a.m. sometimes because I’m just so exhausted. “

“What you really have on your side are people who love and support you,” said Fierro.

“If I didn’t have her, I honestly don’t know where I would be,” Brandy agreed.

“We love to be part of anything that makes you feel loved and supported while you go through a lot,” said Fierro, handing her an envelope. Inside was a note stating that the surprise team would pay for $ 500 worth of meal sets to help Brandy while she recovered from the surgery. And the surprises weren’t over yet.

“Because you need to relax and unwind,” continued Fierro. “We have two nights for you at the JD Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa. Enjoy dinner at Rita’s Cantina & Bar and just relax.”

Fierro and the Surprise Squad had one more surprise in store for brandy. “We’re thrilled to make this $ 3,500 courtesy of the Arizona Family Surprise Squad and Valley Toyota Dealers available to you.”

“Oh my god,” gasped Brandy. “Thank you guys. I really appreciate that. If I could hug you I would. I know you shouldn’t hug anything during COVID, but I really appreciate it. “

“You can hug your family,” smiled Fierro. “We’ll let you do this part. They love you so much. “

“Surprise,” said Dave as he and his wife hugged Brandy.

If you’d like to help with the catering service that Dave and Andrea set up for Brandy while she recovers from surgery, click Here.

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