Get monetary savings with Gila County’s free tax prep program | Gila County

January 31st was the deadline for employers to submit W-2 forms. Have you started preparing your tax documents? If you’re making less than $ 55,000 and you typically send tax forms to a tax advisor, email or call the Gila County Community Services for free tax preparation.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is an outreach program under the Gila County Community Action Program. Pandemic precautions have changed the way employees take tax records and return completed forms. After 25 years of tax preparation – and a decade under the VITA program – Dorine Prine has an in-depth look at tax deductions that customers would unknowingly miss.

Call or email is the most efficient way to contact these IRS certified VITA tax advisors. Call 928-474-7192 Payson or 928-425-7631 Globe, or email Dorine at for more informations.

VITA volunteers estimate tax preparation fees to average $ 300. Some companies subtract this from customers’ expected refunds or require high-yield refund loans.

“The Gila County’s VITA team filed 837 income tax returns over the past year: 476 in Payson, 286 in Globe, and 75 in Hayden. We helped earn a total of $ 1,103,845 in refunds – and since this service is free, low-income taxpayers have saved over $ 350,000 on tax preparation fees and avoiding refund loans – Money that they could use for groceries. Car payments, utility bills or other important everyday items, ”said Prine.

For more than a decade, the Gila County VITA team has been preparing tax papers and records for residents whose household income is $ 55,000 or less per year. VITA began when Malissa Buzan, director of Gila County Community Services, discovered that low-income residents needed assistance with completing and filing tax documents. The popular program holds tax refund money in Gila County – and in taxpayers’ purses.

“This is just one of the many ways Gila County Community Action is delivering measurable benefits to our communities,” added Prine. “Few people enjoy doing taxes – but this is definitely a fulfilling part of what we do. We pride ourselves on helping hard-working, low-income clients get their tax refund in full and avoid the high cost of tax preparation. “