Michio Kaku calls nuclear fusion check at nationwide lab ‘large step towards the holy grail of power analysis’

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku praised a recent nuclear fusion experiment at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

“This is a huge step towards the holy grail of energy research,” said Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City College and the City University of New York. “To break even, to gain more energy than you invest, and that could end up being a game changer.”

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced a major achievement in nuclear fusion, the it had back on August 8th, was able to use 1.3 megajoules of energy at its National ignition system, albeit very briefly. Kaku told CNBCs “The news with Shepard Smith“that the achievement was a huge step towards clean energy.

“A fusion reactor is carbon neutral, it does not produce carbon dioxide, it does not produce large amounts of nuclear waste, which is found in nuclear fission plants with uranium, it does not melt,” said the author of “The God Equation: The Search for a Theory of Everything.” “The fuel is sea water, hydrogen from sea water could be the base fuel.”

merger, the lesser known and opposite reaction to fission, is when two atoms collide to form a heavier atom and release energy. This is how the sun generates energy.

Kaku explained some of the disadvantages of nuclear fusion and why it is not currently an easily accessible source of energy.

“It turns out that when you heat hydrogen to tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of the sun, things get unstable, and so this reaction took place for over a hundred trillionth of a second, just a snap of your fingers, so in other words, us want to have a continuous flow of energy, not bursts of energy like we found here, “said Kaku.

Rooster large Sanderson Farms reportedly exploring a possible sale

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Sanderson Farms consider a sale as chicken prices rise due to increased demand, so a Report from the Wall Street Journal.

Sanderson Farms’ shares closed at $ 166.58 on Monday, up 6.96% from talks of a possible deal. In expanded trading, the stock rose more than 9% and increased its market cap to more than $ 3.72 billion. Every buyer would have to pay a premium on top of this price.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the newspaper said Sanderson hired Centerview Partners for advice after piquing the interest of potential buyers, including agricultural investment firm Continental Grain. The Journal said the talks between the parties may not result in a sale.

Has a combination of strong demand and labor shortage have driven up poultry prices, and further increases could still be imminent. Chicken wing prices, for example, averaged $ 2.72 a pound last week U.S. Department of Agriculture, that’s almost 20 cents more than in the same week last year.

Sanderson is the third largest food processor in the US in an area covered by Tyson Foods.

According to the report, a deal with Continental would create a company that produces about 15% of the country’s chicken. The newly founded company would only barely cover that Pilgrim pride, which has a market share of 16%, the report said.

Continental owns Wayne Farms, a small chicken processor, and once hoped to go public and act as a consolidator in the industry.

When reached by CNBC, Sanderson declined to comment.

Read the full report in the Wall Street Journal.

American Greetings varieties partnership with leisure large Roc Nation

American greetings has partnered with the entertainment company Roc Nation to create custom digital greetings as well as physical and virtual greeting cards.

Specific terms of what Westlake-based American greetings in a Press release described as a “multi-year multi-artist partnership” with Roc Nation have not been disclosed. The press release states that this is the first line of digital and physical greetings from Roc Nation.

American Greetings said in the publication that the products are being developed “in collaboration with the authentic voices” by Roc Nation artists. No artists have been identified who are part of the arrangement.

The digital products will be available worldwide and will be released in 2021, according to American Greetings. Added that “there will be more (information) on physical card availability” and consumers can register for product alerts Here, at www.americangreetings.com/roc-nation.

The first products become part of American Greetings’ “Celebrity SmashUps” Series of digital maps featuring shareable videos from people you know including Donny Osmond and Shaquille O’Neal.

Brett Yormark, Roc Nation’s president of business operations and strategy, said in a statement that the partnership “enables Roc Nation and its talent to create a deeper bond with their audiences.”

Rob Matousek, executive director of direct-to-consumer business at American Greetings, said the partnership “reflects our commitment to creating authentic content that is relevant and accessible to all”.

Roc Nation was founded in 2008 by JAY-Z who is having a big Cleveland-related week and has just been announced as a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame class of 2021. The company represents recording artists, producers, songwriters, and more professionals in the entertainment and sports industries.

Riva Know-how and Leisure indicators model licensing cope with International toy big MGA Leisure | Nationwide Information

THE ANGEL, April 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Riva Technology and Entertainment (RTE) announced that it has entered into multiple trademark license agreements with toy industry leader MGA Entertainment (MGAE) to develop and publish mobile games based on the successful properties of the global Toy company LOL Surprise! ™ based and Rainbow High ™.

RTE is a veteran in the gaming and IP business who has been building gaming companies and concluding and developing top license agreements for over 20 years Hollywood, Bollywood, Sports and up to the world’s leading brands.

LOL Surprise! ™ by MGA Entertainment is a global phenomenon that has won the prestigious Toy of the Year award for three years. MGA’s newly launched Rainbow High debuted in 2020 and has already become a cultural phenomenon that is present across products, content and integrated digital media.

The global game market with a value of USD $ 162.32 billion in 2020 and expected to reach USD $ 295.63 billion until 2026. Mobile gaming generated $ 13.2 billion Revenue in US dollars in 2019.

“MGA has a diversified portfolio of leading brands and makes fantastic, award-winning toys. Our vision of integrating the world of mobile play with consumer products and toy culture is closely aligned. I admire them for their steady growth over the years and The incredible effort they put into creating a universe that represents each of their collections. RTE is always keen to connect with the greatest and best, and MGAE certainly is. Details on upcoming games will be shortly announced, “he said RTE CEO & Founder, Paul Roy.

Isaac Larian, CEO and Founder of MGA Entertainment, added, “We are excited to partner with RTE, which has a proven track record of working with the largest IPs and delivering high quality results. Our digitally native fans want to experience our award-winning brands across all platforms, Mobile Gaming is for us A strategic focus in 2021 and beyond. MGA’s goal is to significantly expand both digital gaming and NFTs. “

About RTE:

RTE was founded in 2002 with a global presence from the USA to East Asia and has been successfully implementing the vision of tomorrow for almost 20 years. RTE has an industry advantage in its ability to guide every project from concept to execution. all under one roof. The complementary businesses include location-based entertainment, branded and IP licensing, content, consumer products, games, and sports.

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It is act two for leisure big Endeavor’s IPO

Ari Emanuel, the stubborn Hollywood super agent, won’t let a setback get him down.

And so after a year in which the prediction of the impending implosion of Endeavor Group Holdings became a spectator sport, and around 18 months after Endeavor pulled out of its much-anticipated IPO, the owner of talent agency WME, the Miss Universe Pageant and the UFC sports league is aiming again for an IPO.

Endeavor announced its IPO plans on Wednesday in a filing from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Founded in 1995, the entertainment company, which also owns production company Endeavor Content and sports agency IMG, had sales of $ 3.47 billion in 2020, a net loss of $ 625.3 million.

Endeavor did not disclose the expected amount, other than a stand-in worth of $ 100 million. However, the records indicated that Endeavor plans to acquire the remaining shares in the Ultimate Fighting Championship of the Mixed Martial Arts League. It currently has a 50.1% stake in the UFC.

Emanuel’s second shot in an IPO, expected later this year, would be the first public offer from a Hollywood agency owner and a repayment opportunity for the company’s founder.

The public offering takes place in the midst of a tumultuous time for agencies whose profits have been hurt by the surge in streaming and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic that shut down productions and live entertainment.

In March last year, the company announced wage cuts and layoffs across the company. Emanuel and his partner, Executive Chairman Patrick Whitesell, waived their own salaries for the year.

Sport is a growth area for agencies looking to diversify their revenue streams and reduce their reliance on the traditional talent advancement business. In October, for example, ICM Partners acquired Stellar Group, a London-based sports representation agency with more than 800 athletes.

UFC has been very profitable for Endeavor, which, along with a group of investors, acquired the Mixed Martial Arts League for $ 4 billion in 2016. MMA was the first major sport to return to scheduled live events. The match between UFC 249: Ferguson and Gaethje took place in Jacksonville, Florida on May 9th.

Endeavor declined to comment.

Citing market volatility, Endeavor scrapped its first attempt at IPO in September 2019, one day before the start of trading. It was expected to raise up to $ 600 million and the company was valued at $ 8 billion. The offer should also fund Emanuel and Whitesell’s ambitious plans to build the media company of the future and fund future acquisitions while repaying the heavy debt burden, which was then trading at $ 4.6 billion.

This time, Endeavor is hoping for a better, if more modest, reception from Wall Street.

“With this IPO, Endeavor can distinguish itself as the winner of the reopening,” said Lloyd Greif, investment banker in Los Angeles. “When the vaccinations go out and TV and movie production opens, the UFC and professional bullfighting – all of the things directly related to live events will benefit the company and, based on the current state, become a growth story will.”

Greif, however, cautioned that Endeavor is adjusting to a more modest offer and rating.

“Endeavor was clearly not a growth story in the past 12 months. It has to be hit by the pandemic, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel, ”he added. “I’m sure you have mixed feelings about not getting the rating you wanted [the first time]. In retrospect, it was a pretty good rating; Because of COVID, there was no other place than a descent. This will be a lower valuation despite a strong market. “

In May, Endeavor sold part of its stake in Epic Games, publisher of the popular Fortnite title, for an estimated $ 80 million. In the same month, Endeavor announced that it had raised $ 260 million in a debt offering, mainly from the investment firm Oaktree Capital. The loan arranged by JPMorgan Chase was used to fund operations during the pandemic.

WME and other top agencies are also looking into the terms of new agreements with the Writers Guild of America. Under one recently announced deal, WME and its investor Silver Lake will reduce their stake in Endeavor content to 20% or less and finish packaging – where an agency charges fees for bringing talent together for a project – by the end of June 2022.

In 2012, Silver Lake invested $ 200 million in WME in return for a 31% stake in the company, and two years later increased the stake by an additional $ 500 million for an additional 20% stake. In 2016, Softbank invested $ 250 million in a 5% stake in WME.

In May last year, Endeavor president Mark Shapiro told The Times, “There are so many … rumors” spreading speculation that the company was preparing to file for bankruptcy protection from creditors. “We made very responsible and prudent decisions to reshape our cost structure in the face of the pandemic.”

Despite the canceled IPO, cost-cutting measures, and industry issues, Endeavor continued to make acquisitions. In November 2019, the company acquired Harry Walker Agency. In January 2020, On Location Experiences, an events business founded by the National Football League, opened for $ 600 million.

Morgan Stanley leads the offer along with Goldman Sachs, who handled the first round.

The Times staffer, Wendy Lee, contributed to this report.

Indian Leisure Large Is Getting Into the Style Enterprise

Left to right: Shibasish Sarkar, Group CEO of Reliance Entertainment; Film director Kabir Khan; Mahesh Bhupathi, tennis player and founder of SWAG Fashion. Reliance Entertainment

Reliance Entertainment is one of India’s largest production houses, but its new venture goes beyond movies and into fashion by licensing merchandise linked to the upcoming release of movie 83, which will mark the Indian cricket team’s path to World Cup victory 1983 represents.

Reliance teamed up with former Indian tennis player Mahesh Bhupati’s Swag Fashion to create 83 Believe, a stand-alone brand that launched a limited edition collection of clothing and lifestyle items inspired by the movie and later this year to the Cinemas should come.

This type of tie-in for intellectual property merchandising is a new development for the Indian market, but Reliance Entertainment is optimistic and sees further potential in monetizing its movie content for merchandise.

“We already have a solid lead with 83 Believe goods and consumers have been very receptive to the product lines,” said Shibasish Sarkar, CEO of the Reliance Entertainment group.

Mayor Fulop Proclaims Main Partnership with Leisure Large; $72M Restoration Plan will take Historic Loew’s Theatre to the Subsequent Stage

Mayor Fulop Announces Major Partnership With Entertainment Giant; The $ 72 million restoration plan takes the historic Löwstheater to the next level

Devils Arena Entertainment, operator of world renown Prudential Center and home of the New Jersey Devils, selected to restore and maximize music, performance and live event bookings at the 3,300-seat Iconic Theater

For renderings click on Here.

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop today announced a new partnership with Devils Arena Entertainment (DAE), the largest entertainment provider in New Jersey and operator of the Prudential Center, one of the ten most booked arenas in North America, to sign a unique $ 72 million agreement for the transformative restoration of the historic Loew’s Theater. The revitalization aims to transform the centuries-old theater into a state-of-the-art, 3,300-seat venue that will attract superstars and emerging artists, act as the engine of economic development and hub for the local Journal Square community, and expand Jersey City’s growing reputation as an unparalleled arts destination in the New Jersey.

“The restoration of the Löw is decades in the making, so I am encouraged and excited to work with Devils Arena Entertainment, a respected entertainment company and operator of the globally successful Prudential Center, to advance this monumental step in our commitment to restoring Löw Theater to its former glory, revitalizing Journal Square and growing our art community, ”he said Major Fulop. “This unique partnership signifies our long-term planning for a post-pandemic future in which we are confident that art and culture will be a staple of life.”

The majestic Loew’s Jersey will be an integral part of the revitalization and redevelopment of Journal Square – Jersey City’s historic downtown and one of the busiest transportation hubs in the area. Called once

When the Loew’s Theater opened in Jersey City more than 90 years ago, it was underutilized for decades after various roadblocks until the Fulop administration stepped in and worked with local residents and the community group Friends of the Loews (FOL) with the common goal to revive the local gem and discover its untapped potential.

Construction is expected to start in 2022 with an expected opening in 2025. Part of the agreement ensures that priority will be given to hiring local MWBE companies to revitalize the regional economy and get people back to work.

“Loew’s Jersey Theater is a cult community treasure that has long played a prominent role as the premier arts and entertainment venue in Jersey City. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with Mayor Fulop, the Friends of the Löws and the local Journal Square community to bring this historic venue back to life, ”he said Hugh Weber, President of Devils Arena Entertainment. “As operators of the nearby Prudential Center, one of the top entertainment destinations in the United States, we understand the importance of live performance in electroplating communities and stimulating business. We envision Loew’s Jersey Theater as a catalyst to help the citizens of Northern Jersey literally get back on their feet to celebrate world-class art and music. “

“We look forward to actively working with JCRA to create a detailed restructuring agreement that leverages DAE’s expertise in commercial show management and marketing while implementing all of last summer’s RFP guaranteed by FOL” , he said Colin Egan, founder of Friends of the Loew’s. “This agreement will continue FOL’s role as a non-profit branch of the Lions. We will therefore continue our voluntary activities that enable direct community participation in the life and maintenance of this landmark, maintain our support for local arts and develop other non-profit groups, and offer affordable programs. Perhaps most importantly, we continue to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the Löws, ”said Colin Egan, founder and director of the Friends of the Löws.

The Rehabilitation and Operations Agreement ensures that DAE, a trusted owner and operator of industry-leading venues, will work closely with Jersey City and Friends of the Loew to restore the iconic theater to a world-class arts and entertainment hub. The $ 72 million deal aims to optimize the venue’s performance for both artists and audiences, including:

  • Modernization of technology with state-of-the-art visual and acoustic improvements, as well as concessions and ticket sales areas;
  • Reconceptualization of entrances and exits at the front and rear of the house to meet ADA requirements and expand audience capacity;
  • Major infrastructure improvements (HVAC, plumbing, code requirements, electrical upgrades); and
  • Historical preservation of the control lamp for the stage lighting, the pop-up microphone and the orchestra and organ lifts.

Once opened, DAE will continue to work with Jersey City to provide yet another exceptional resource in support of the surrounding community.


About Löws Theater

Loew’s Jersey is one of five “Wonder Theaters” built in the Tristate area in the late 1920s by Loew’s Corporation, which founded and owned MGM Studios and was one of the most important presenters of live stage shows and films at the time were. The five theaters were film palaces – a unique type of building that, as the name suggests, combined large seating capacities and some of the most elaborate architecture ever built with state-of-the-art film projection facilities, as well as stage and backstage facilities, and supported large-scale tours. Loew’s Corporation saved little money in building the five wonder theaters and made them exceptionally richly decorated and functional compared to many other film palaces. Loew’s Jersey cost $ 2,000,000 to build – a very large sum at the time.

The Loew’s early years hosted stage shows starring some of the greatest stars of the 1930s, including Cab Calloway, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and Duke Ellington. Movie stars like Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart and Jean Harlow appeared there. In 1967 the four seasons gave a concert in the Löw.

In recent years, stars like Patti Labelle, Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens, the Neutral Milk Hotel, the Decemberists, The Duprees and Beck have taken the stage of the Löws. Authors George R. Martin and Stephen King and stars Nick Offerman, Anna Faris and Bryan Cranston all sat down to discuss their new books.

More recently, the theater has become a filming location for movies, television shows, and music videos. In 2018, the lion was used for scenes in the film The Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix stars in an Oscar-winning performance.

Via Devils Arena Entertainment and Prudential Center

Devils Arena Entertainment is a subsidiary of the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League, which is responsible for the leasing, operation and maintenance of the Prudential Center. The Prudential Center is a premier sports and entertainment venue in downtown Newark, New Jersey. The state-of-the-art arena opened in October 2007 and is home to three-time Stanley Cup champion Devils of the National Hockey League (NHL), Seton Hall University’s NCAA Division I men’s basketball program, and more than 175 concerts of family shows and special events each year. The arena is also home to the GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center, which opened its doors to the public in October 2017. The 8,200-square-foot experience marks the first outpost of the GRAMMY Museum on the East Coast and features a dynamic combination of educational programs and interactive permanent and traveling exhibits, including a look at legendary GRAMMY winners from New Jersey. Voted in the top 8 nationwide by Pollstar, Billboard and Venues Today, the Prudential Center is considered one of the premier venues in the United States and receives over 2 million guests annually. For more information about the Prudential Center, visit PruCenter.com. Follow the arena on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PruCenter.

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Plan for large US-style water park prompts indignant rural backlash

The plans were originally rejected by Oxfordshire County Council and rejected by Cherwell District Council, but Great Wolf Resorts is hoping this decision will be overturned on appeal.

Despite two bans, activists have raised £ 80,000 through auctions, sweepstakes and a crowdfunding appeal to fund legal agents and experts to take their case on appeal, but have yet to raise an additional £ 15,000.

Ms. Twiddy added, “After all that the past year has thrown on all of us, it is uplifting to see the local community band together to combat this monstrosity that has had such dire effects on a large part over the generations the Oxfordshire countryside would have come.

“We had to organize our campaign and fundraiser during two lockdowns – some of us are homeschooling our children, others had Covid, some protect and each has their own concerns and concerns.”

In a letter to the Planning Inspectorate arguing that the impending appeal should be dismissed, Ms. Prentis, MP for North Oxfordshire said, “Chesterton is a historic rural village served by a local road network that just doesn’t is able to support the extensive catchment area that the development aims to serve. It would irreparably change the character of the village. “

Helen Marshall, Director of CPRE Oxfordshire said: “This is a classic case of development in the completely wrong place. The proposed hotel and leisure complex would be completely out of order in this rural location.

“CPRE Oxfordshire is particularly concerned about claims made by developers regarding nature. A report commissioned by an independent ecologist suggests that potential benefits for nature have been overestimated. Meanwhile, the value of the existing nature and species on the site, including plants such as ox-eye daisies and bee orchids, has been significantly downplayed. “

According to Great Wolf, the resort is expected to attract 500,000 visitors annually, creating 600 full-time positions when open and 1,350 jobs during the construction phase.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.