Prince George’s County man convicted in ‘execution type’ homicide in White Oak

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. – A County of Prince George Man who shot two victims during a marijuana deal white oak was sentenced today. READ MORE: Man charged with fatal stabbing of 23 year old woman in White Oak A jury in Montgomery County found 22-year-old Andy Panton guilty of double first degree murders in the […]


Alternatives for Artists; Stay Music at George’s; The place to Bike in Fashion

Here’s a look at what’s happening in northwest Arkansas, sponsored by Keurig Dr. Pepper‘s mini can variety package. We talk about giving back a lot, and here’s a very easy way to do just that. The 7hills Homeless Center accepts donations in kind again. The items in greatest demand right now are shaving cream, tents, […]


Cash for police coaching facility shifted to mental-health hospital in Prince George’s

The establishment at Lanham’s Doctors Community Medical Center will be a step towards eliminating long-standing disparities in access to psychiatric and behavioral health care across the county, Alsobrooks told a news conference. The story continues under the advertisement “In many cases we ask the police to carry out work for which they are not equipped […]