CVS, Lucid, Southwest Airways, Boeing, GameStop and extra

People walk past a CVS pharmacy store in the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City.

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Check out the companies that are making headlines in midday trading.

CVS The drugstore chain’s shares rose 3.8%, hitting a 52-week high, after the company said Sales will accelerate in the coming year. CVS will introduce new health services and pool its drugstore and insurance businesses.

Hormel foods – Hormel’s shares rose 5.7% after the food maker beat quarterly earnings estimates. The company posted earnings of 51 cents per share for the quarter, one cent above Refinitiv’s consensus forecast. Sales also exceeded Wall Street’s expectations.

RH Home furnishings retailer RH rose 9.6% after reporting above-average profits and revenues that exceeded forecasts. The company also raised the lower end of its sales forecast. Guggenheim also reiterated the share as the best idea say the “catalyst path remains intact”.

Rent the runway – Shares in the fashion rental platform fell by 3.5% in midday trading Losses widened in the third quartereven though sales are up 66% year over year. Amid investor concerns, Rent the Runway has not yet made a profit and the number of active subscribers has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

GameStop – The video game retailer saw shares fall more than 6% after the company reported losses that widened in the third fiscal quarter. The company announced that its net loss rose to $ 105.4 million, or $ 1.39 per share, from a loss of $ 18.8 million, or 29 cents per share, last year. The stock, which was once at the center of the meme stock mania, is still up more than 760% this year.

Clear group The electric vehicle startup’s shares rose more than 12% a day after the company announced a proposal $ 1.75 billion convertible bond. Lucid also recently announced that it has a Subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission “Requirement for certain documents to be presented in connection with an investigation.”

American Airlines, Boeing American Airlines shares were down nearly 1% after the company said it was Reduction of the flight plan next summer, because it is waiting for Boeing to deliver its 787 Dreamliners. Boeing also plans to compensate the airline. Boeing’s shares plummeted 1.7%.

Southwest Airlines – Southwest stocks fell. more than 3% after Jefferies has downgraded the airline’s stock, citing the persistent inflation that weighs on profitability. Jefferies lowered his rating on Southwest to keep buying and also cut his price target on the stock from $ 60 per share to $ 45 per share.

EVgo – EVgo shares rose 7.1% JPMorgan initiated reporting of the operator of fast charging services for overweight electric vehicles. “We expect the company to achieve above-average sales growth through rapidly increasing fleet acceptance and higher utilization,” noted JPMorgan.

Pfizer – Pfizer shares gained 2% Wells Fargo has started reporting of the stock with an overweight rating. The company said Pfizer’s Covid treatments were in place and could continue to grow the company’s sales in the years to come.

Sun run, Sunnova Solar company stocks plummeted despite JPMorgan naming stocks the top picks for the next year. Sunrun lost 3.8% while Sunnova lost 1.7%.

Solid strength – Shares in battery cell maker Solid Power for electric vehicles rose 6.4% at noon. The enterprise debuted on the Nasdaq Thursday morning after completing a transaction with a special acquisition company. Solid Power’s investors include Ford and BMW.

– CNBC’s Yun Li, Maggie Fitzgerald and Tanaya Macheel contributed to the coverage.

GameStop (GME) earnings Q1 2021

GameStop Revenue rose 25% in the first quarter of fiscal year as the video game retailer embarks on a turnaround strategy, partly fueled by a Reddit-inspired stock rally. The company also named former Amazon Managing Director Matt Furlong as the new CEO.

Shares fell more than 12% in expanded trading on Wednesday after the company turned down an outlook for the year and announced it would sell up to 5 million shares.

Compared to the consensus estimates by Refinitiv, the company performed as follows in the first fiscal quarter ended May 1:

  • Loss per share: 45 cents per share adjusted vs. 84 cents expected
  • Revenue: $ 1.28 billion versus an expected $ 1.16 billion

In the quarter, GameStop reported that its net loss decreased from $ 165.7 million, or $ 2.57 per share last year, to $ 66.8 million, or $ 1.01 per share. Without items, the company had a loss of 45 cents per share. According to Refinitiv, analysts expected a loss of 84 cents per share of GameStop.

Total revenue rose to $ 1.28 billion from $ 1.02 billion last year, beating Wall Street’s expectations of $ 1.16 billion.

The company rejected an annual forecast. The sales momentum continued in the second quarter, with total sales in May increasing by around 27% compared to the same month last year.

GameStop filed a prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission to “market” up to 5 million shares of its shares from time to time. The funds it raises through these stock sales will be used for general corporate purposes to invest in growth initiatives and strengthen its balance sheet, the company said.

GameStop announced on May that it had paid off its long-term debt and was no longer borrowing from its asset-based revolving credit facility.

The video game retailer’s stock has fluctuated significantly over the past few months as retailers have shared tips on Reddit and tried to short squeeze businesses like AMC entertainment, Bed bath in addition and Clover health – collectively The group has come to be known as Meme Stocks.

GameStop’s shares are up 1,506% so far this year. Shares rose from a 52-week low of $ 3.77 to a 52-week high of $ 483. At the close of trading on Wednesday, its shares were trading at $ 302.56. Its market value is $ 21.41 billion.

The commercial frenzy has caught the SEC’s attention. In a filing on Wednesday, GameStop announced it received a request from the SEC on May 26 to voluntarily provide documents and information. The company said it is reviewing the request and planning to work with it.

GameStop has tried other ways to get investor attention as it is more focused on e-commerce and attracting talent from other companies. There was a draft this spring Tough Co-founder Ryan Cohen Efforts to guide online business growth. He was named chairman at a shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday. The company also hired several former Amazon Senior executives including Jenna Owens, their new chief operating officer; Matt Francis, its first chief technology officer; and Elliott Wilke, their chief growth officer.

However, some analysts are not convinced that this longtime brick-and-mortar retailer can turn its business and believe the company has been backed by speculation.

Loop Capital analyst Anthony Chukumba stopped reporting on GameStop earlier this year after the Reddit frenzy. He told CNBC that the video game retailer’s challenges are profound, regardless of who he hires.

“It’s great that these people have worked at Amazon. Amazon is a very successful retailer that I am describing, that I am very familiar with, but ultimately GameStop’s problems have very little, if any, with e with -Commerce” said Chukumba on CNBCs “Closing bell. ”

“Their problem is not that they are not a good omnichannel retailer. The problem is that gamers are increasingly downloading video games,” he added. “Look, you can hire Jeff Bezos when he comes back from space. … It won’t make a difference. The symptoms do not match the medicine the doctor is giving them. You can hire anyone you want on Amazon – don’t go. “Make a Difference.”

Read Press release on the company’s profit here and there CEO announcement Here.

—CNBCs Kevin Stankiewicz contributed to this story.

Correction: GameStop has appointed former Amazon manager Matt Furlong as its new CEO. An earlier version of this story misrepresented his first name.

(AMC), Gamestop Company (NYSE:GME) – Josh Brown On Latest Surge In AMC Leisure, GameStop, ‘Good Outcomes’ For The Corporations

The phrase “meme stocks” is a bit disrespectful, Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, said Friday in CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report.

GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) has 17,000 full or part-time employees and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC) has over 1,000 theaters that attend over 250 million Americans over a year, Brown said.

These are not “meme” companies but real companies, he said, adding that AMC Entertainment can be considered a reopening game.

Although there is a lot of speculation about these stocks, there are also fans of the companies looking to invest in them, Brown told CNBC.

Being on Reddit and being a serious investor are not mutually exclusive, he said.

Brown said he wasn’t sure if speculation in the stocks “will outperform fundamentals”.

In the case of AMC Entertainment, CEO Adam Aron took the excitement and used the rise in its share price to improve the basic story of the company, Brown said.

“There are real results from this speculation that we all deride that are actually good results for these companies,” he told CNBC.

Investors in these stocks owe a little more respect than the financial media, he told CNBC.

See also: AMC & GME aren’t the only Reddit penny stocks available for purchase, according to top Wall Street analysts

AMC, GME price promotion: AMC Entertainment was trading at $ 36.72 and $ 1.91 over a 52-week period.

GameStop traded up to $ 483 and up to $ 3.77 over a 52 week period.

At the last check on Friday, AMC Entertainment fell 2.07% to $ 25.97 and GameStop fell 11.52% to $ 224.85.

Photo of jeff_golden from Flickr.

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GameStop, AMC Leisure Shares Soar as Meme Inventory Rally Returns

The meme stocks are back.

Stocks of companies that upset the stock market and social media earlier this year are bouncing again this week, rewarding individual investors who have held on for months.

GameStop Corp.

GME 14.88%


AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.,

AMC 19.25%


express Inc.

have all risen more than 36% for weeks, bringing every stock to levels not seen in weeks – or in some cases months -.

The sudden increase is reminiscent of the end of January, when individual investors join forces To drive stocks of companies once believed dead by Wall Street to unprecedented heights. This week’s rally – though tamer by comparison – has lit up Reddit forums, Discord chat rooms, and the like



Much like previous rallies among meme stocks this yearNo unique or clear catalyst appeared to be driving this week’s rally. Analysts said the jump was likely due to a number of factors that have caused individual traders to pile up. With cryptocurrencies having lost much of their steam this monthMany unprofessional traders have come back on the stock market in search of profit. Platforms like Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum have kept the buzz, especially with meme stocks.

“We’ve seen things get out of hand for the last month or so, but it’s starting to pick up again,” said Viraj Patel, global macro strategist at Vanda Research.

Data from VandaTrack shows that individual investors invested more than $ 22 million in AMC on Tuesday, more than double the average daily net inflow of around $ 9 million into the stock of around $ 9 million in 2021. The company’s share price traded above $ 19 on Wednesday afternoon, causing it to potentially close above the highs reached during the January meme stock rush.

Part of the excitement is the belief of individual investors that meme stocks like AMC and GameStop can rise “to the moon” again. Many have spent months monitoring bearish positions in the stocks in hopes of repeating the frantic surge in stocks earlier this year. At its peak earlier this year, GameStop shares rose to $ 483 for the day from less than $ 20 at the start of the year. It was trading at $ 240 on Wednesday afternoon, up 15% for the day.

The January rally was caused in part by brief pressure. Investors bet against a company by borrowing and selling stocks and betting that they can later buy them back at a lower price. Brief pressure occurs when the price rises instead, forcing those with short positions to buy stocks to limit their losses, resulting in further price gains.

Prior to the January rally in meme stocks, hedge funds and other institutional investors were betting that stock prices for companies like GameStop would continue to fall. Instead, they were punished with heavy losses when meme stocks began to rise.

Individual investors on social media hope to find institutional investors back on the wrong side of the trade. According to S3 Partners, short interest in AMC is currently close to 21% of the stock’s free float, down from a 2021 low of nearly 11% in March, but up from the 28% hit earlier this year. GameStop’s short interest is around 20% compared to more than 140% in January.

The recent rise in stocks suggests that another short squeeze could be possible, especially if short sellers lose conviction or if their losses increase, said Ihor Dusaniwsky, head of predictive analytics at S3 Partners. As early as this week, investors who had bet that GameStop and AMC shares would fall would have seen bigger losses than normal, he said. Those short in GameStop lost at least $ 692 million on Tuesday and Wednesday, data from S3 Partners shows. Short sellers betting against AMC lost at least $ 482 million over the same period.

“Both stocks currently have very high short squeeze potential,” said Dusaniwsky.

However, some analysts doubt that social media momentum can boost stocks as much as it did earlier this year. Inflows into meme stocks like AMC also remain a fraction of what was previously seen.

“The crowd will be disappointed with the potential returns. Mania takes a lot of momentum, ”said Peter Atwater, associate professor of economics at the College of William & Mary. “You may try, but I would be surprised if you could create the kind of organic crowd behavior that you had before.”

Another force behind GameStop’s rise could also be speculation about the video game retailer’s foray into another area of ​​booming online speculation –the market for digital collectibles known as non-fungible tokensor NFTs. A subdomain for “GameStop NFT“Posted recently on the company’s website and sparked speculation that GameStop may have its own suite of digital assets that users can buy and sell. GameStop did not immediately return requests for comments.

So-called NFTs have become increasingly popular this year, especially for owning digital collectibles such as works of art, music and sporting highlights. These tokens accompany digital assets and live on the blockchain, a digital ledger that records who they belong to, who created them, and other vital information.

NFTs have become popular in video gaming as a way of allowing players to have buildings, avatars, or game accessories, rather than essentially leasing them from a platform. Players hope that the items they purchase can be used on many gaming platforms, rather than just one.

Write to Caitlin McCabe at and Caitlin Ostroff

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AMC, Gamestop share choices are longterm positives

CNBC’s Jim Cramer applauded Tuesday GameStop and AMC Entertainment For issuing new shares, he said it angered many in the Reddit investor crowd.

The “Bad moneyTargeting the ‘hold the line’ cohort of investors receiving stock tips from the Wall Street Bets forum, Host said their plans to offer new stocks and raise funds to improve their business should not be frowned upon .

“If you’re interested in the future of a company or the long-term performance of its stocks, issuing stocks up here is the way to go,” said Cramer. “But the crowd that holds the line hates these offerings … and they despise anyone who defends them.”

“It can only go so far,” he added.

AMC expected Shareholders to vote in May on a measure authorizing the sale of an additional 500 million shares in the secondary market. GameStop has filed a prospectus for the sale of up to 3.5 million common shares under its own stock offering program.

AMC hopes the funds will improve its balance sheet while executives at beleaguered GameStop attempt to reverse the trend.

“AMC and GameStop need money,” said Cramer. “Raising capital is good for both companies, and in the long run what is good for the company should be good for the stock.”

Regarding the “hold the line” strategy, Cramer fears that too many investors have unrealistic expectations that they could pile into a stock and let its share price rise.

“I think this whole story is crazy,” he said. “When the Wall Street Bets cohort takes over the flow of certain stocks, they want to be in charge and expect management and all shareholders to obey. Well, frankly, that’s a recipe for disappointment.”

AMC Leisure, Fox, GameStop: What to Watch When the Market Opens

Here’s what we’re going to watch before the opening bell on Tuesday.

– –US stock futures wobbled before a flood of economic data.

The futures linked to the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average were relatively flat by both major indices closed at record highs On Monday. Contracts for the tech-focused Nasdaq-100 rose 0.3%, suggesting that the tech sector could extend its rally if the stock market opens. Read our full market report.

What’s coming?

– –Income is due from the cybersecurity company


CRWD 0.78%

and business application companies

Coupa software

COUP 1.53%

after closing.

– –Monthly retail sales For February, which is due at 8:30 a.m.CET, a slight decline is expected after growth of 5.3% in January, the largest increase in seven months. January US corporate stocks due at 10 a.m. are expected to grow 0.3% from the previous month.

Watching Market Movers

– The lights go out, the curtains go back and

AMC Entertainment

AMC 25.81%

The stock rebounds another 1% ahead of the market after jumping 26% on Monday. The cinemas in the big Los Angeles market were finally allowed to reopen on Monday after New York, the other critical market that reopened earlier this month.

A reopened AMC theater in New York on March 6, 2021.


John Marshall Mantel / Zuma Press

– –

Fox Corp.

FOX 0.25%

B shares are among the biggest movers ahead of the Open, trading 4.2% higher. Rupert Murdoch’s TV group share price is up more than a third over the past month.

– Reddit favorite


GME -16.77%

falls 7.5% ahead of the market after falling nearly 17% on Monday. The video game retailer’s stock is still trading more than ten times higher than it was at the beginning of 2021.

– –

SL Green Realty

SLG -1.66%

is down 0.6% on Monday after a similar fall. The real estate investment trust fell out of the S&P 500.

– An all around pretty boring morning is summed up by


TSLA 2.05%

Hardly moving: Elon “Technoking” Musk’s electric car company fell 0.2%. But there was trading activity for Mr. Musk elsewhere: bidding for a tweet that he sold as a digital good reached $ 1 million Tuesday on an online marketplace where people can pay to own tweets. The video in the tweet shows a gold trophy adorned with Shiba Inus, a nod to Dogecoin and techno music.

– Energy companies have problems:


Occidental Petroleum

OXY -4.34%


Exxon Mobil

XOM -2.55%

are all lower after falling Monday. ConocoPhillips is off, 1.1%, Occidental is 0.9% and Exxon is 0.8%.

Market fact

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached its 14th place Close recording from 2021 on Monday, an increase of 0.5% to 32953.

Chart of the day

Home sales hit 2006 highs just before the bubble burst, however this time mortgages are stricter The down payments are higher and a tight supply supports the prices.

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OxyContin owner increases billing offering to $ 4.28 billion

Vanguard hits hiatus in fund ambitions in China

Tesla’s ‘Technoking’ musk joins a long line of odd job titles

– Caitlin Ostroff contributed to this article.

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GameStop and AMC Leisure shares lively once more premarket

The group of “meme” stocks, led by video game retailer GameStop Corp.
GME, -6.43%
which have been volatile in the past few weeks when investors in a Reddit subgroup spurred each other on, were again active in premarket trading on Monday. GameStop shares were up 5% ahead of market entry, while AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.
AMC, -3.38%,
The world’s largest cinema chain grew by 12%. BlackBerry Ltd.
BB, -5.01%
rose 3.8% and Naked Brand Group Ltd.
NAKD, -8.77%
was up 9.5%. Koss Corp.
KOSS, -22.39%,
A manufacturer of headphones grew by 2.9%. GameStop shares are up 440% year-to-date as investors on Reddit’s WallStreetBets platform sought to punish short sellers who drove short interest in the stock to 140% by buying the stock and causing a short squeeze.

5 Greatest Tales on Actual Cash: Cramer’s Winners, Amazon, GameStop

Sometimes the market just feels like a big game of classic “asteroids”.

You never know when something that appears to be from space will blind you and blow up your plans – or at least disrupt your beliefs about Wall Street. Of course, this asteroid recently had a name: GameStop (GME) – Get the report.

But now that this game has fallen back to earth, huge revenues continue to emerge. What will investors and traders hit next?

Real Money and Real Money Pro experts will help understand the turbulent news and guide us through the week Jim Cramer, Stephen “Sarge” Guilfoyle, Timothy Collins, Helene Meisler, and Bret Jensen.

Cramer: The business “Super Bowl” is full of winners

Unlike the real Super Bowl and other sports competitions, says Jim Cramer, in business we can have multiple winners – not just one. As the big game approaches, let’s take a look at some of his “Tom Brady” companies like Apple (AAPL) – Get the report, Amazon (AMZN) – Get the report, Microsoft (MSFT) – Get the report and alphabet (TogetL) – Get the report.

Here is Cramer takes over the All-Stars business.

Guilfoyle: How to Navigate the Great Amazon

Stephen “Sarge” Guilfoyle takes stock of the e-commerce and web services business after Amazon reported fourth-quarter earnings that were beyond imagination and news that Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO later this year. Giants.

Here is his take on the company and Andy Jassy’s rise.

Collins: So you blew up your portfolio on GameStop

Here’s what absolutely nothing you can do – and whom you can’t blame – if you’ve messed up your investments in a GameStop position during the chaotic week of Berzerk promotion.

Collins break it open for ‘Robinhood’ dealers.

Meisler: Levels are for video gamers

Most people think technical analysis is about “levels,” writes technical analyst Helene Meisler. But she doesn’t care about levels. She takes care of indicators – whether we are oversold or see positive differences and where the mood is.

chisel shows us what the indicators can tell about the market.

Jensen: move out amid the pandemic?

U-haul (UHAL) – Get the report says it all, says Bret Jensen. The top destinations the moving company saw for its trucks in 2020 were Tennessee, Florida, and Texas when people fled California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. These big strides have been fueled by the pandemic – and are unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Jensen examines how national migration affects the economy and investment.

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Robinhood says restrictions on GameStop resulting from tenfold improve in clearinghouse deposit necessities

The Robinhood application on a smartphone.

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Online broker Robinhood announced that it has placed temporary purchase restrictions on a small number of stocks as the deposit requirements for stocks imposed by the Wall Street clearinghouse have increased tenfold.

The decision of Robinhood, a pioneer and app for free trade popular with retail investors, was scrutinized by its customers over the past week.

“It wasn’t because we wanted to stop people from buying these stocks,” said Robinhood said in a blog post published late Friday.

“We did this because the amount required to deposit into the clearing house was so large – with individual volatile securities adding up to hundreds of millions of dollars in deposit requirements – that we had to take steps to purchase them limit volatile stocks to ensure this could comfortably meet our requirements, “it continued.

Amateur Investors Using Robinhood and Other Apps Offer sharply abbreviated stocks and causes GameStop Shares rose 400% over the past week, causing significant losses for hedge funds, which sold the shares short.

Robinhood first announced to investors that they couldd only sell and not buy certain stocks of certain companies that caught the attention of retailers on Reddit. With the online broker, customers can now only buy a single GameStop share. All in all 50 stocks are now limited to the stock trading app.

HAGENS BERMAN, NATIONAL TRIAL ATTORNEYS, Invitations GameStop Corp. (GME), AMC Leisure Holdings, Inc. (AMC) and BlackBerry Ltd. (BB) Buyers to Contact its Attorneys, Agency Investigating On-line Brokerages’ Market Manipulation Scheme


Those 2 penny stocks could rally as much as $ 11, analysts say

At its FOMC meeting in January, the Federal Reserve held rates stable – they are currently near their lows, and unsurprisingly, the Fed is holding them there. Fed chairman Jerome Powell may have fed some market pessimism when speaking after the meeting, pointing out that unemployment has risen in recent months. For market watchers seeking support, there is consolation in the Fed’s monetary policy. The central bank has pledged to buy $ 80 billion worth of Treasury bills every month and has put a rate hike on hold until 2023. At least one top strategist sees the current market environment in terms of opportunities. JPMorgan strategist Marko Kolanovic takes an optimistic stance and writes: “We assume that the global COVID pandemic will decline rapidly in the coming weeks. In fact, the pace of decline in new cases in the past two weeks is the fastest ever in the US and worldwide. Central banks should remain accommodative amid rising unemployment and over a decade of low inflation that is below their targets – term turmoil like this week offers an opportunity to switch from bonds to stocks. “With that outlook in mind, we set out to find exciting opportunities that won’t break the bank, namely penny stocks. Priced at $ 5 or less, these stocks offer investors the highest growth potential available in the market. Again, there is a risk, as the “pennies” are often cheap for a reason. Careful examination is therefore essential. Using TipRanks’ database, we identified two penny stocks that received a consensus rating of “Strong Buy” from the analyst community. Not to mention, every company has huge upside potential as some analysts see it spike to $ 11. BioLineRx, Ltd. (BLRX) We’re starting BioLineRx, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new cancer treatments. Oncology is an important area for state-of-the-art biopharmaceuticals. Cancer is often fatal and often resistant to topical treatments – and these treatments themselves often cause severe side effects in patients. BioLineRx has an active pipeline of drug candidates. The most advanced, however, is motixafortid, a synthetic peptide that has completed patient enrollment in a phase 3 study to mobilize stem cells for autologous bone marrow transplantation. The drug is being studied for effectiveness in promoting bone marrow harvesting prior to cancer treatment. The results of a pre-planned interim analysis showed “statistically significant evidence for motixafortid treatment at the primary endpoint” so significant that enrollment was completed early with 122 patients instead of 177. Mobilizing stem cells using Motixafortid is believed to be the company’s most efficient route to registering the new drug for regulatory approval. Given the potential of Motixafortide and its share price of $ 2.40, some analysts believe now is the time to pull the trigger. Mark Breidenbach, 5-star analyst, reported on BLRX for Oppenheimer: “Our thesis continues to focus on motixafortid in the mobilization of stem cells, and we see a separation between the company’s market capitalization and the market opportunity of Motixafortid as a stem cell mobilizer. The key GENESIS secondary endpoints are expected by mid-2021 and we see little risk for this data … “The analyst added,” We believe the results of the Phase 3 GENESIS trial will prompt the majority of transplant doctors might choose to combine BL-8040 with G-CSF instead of Mozobil if the drug is approved. In addition to our work, BL-8040 contains for use in other auto-HSCTs, allo-HSCTs, AML, and solid tumors. The company has a catalyst-rich, deep oncology pipeline that has attracted collaborations with Novartis, Merck and Genentech. “With all of this in mind, Breidenbach rates BLRX as a buy, and its target price of $ 11 points to an uptrend of a whopping 358% for the coming year. (To see Breidenbach’s track record, click here.) The rest of the street seems to reflect Breidenbach’s bullish sentiment. With 3 buys and no holds or sells, the consensus is unanimous: BLRX is a strong buy. On top of the good news, the upside is ~ 428% based on the average price target of $ 12.67. (See BLRX stock analysis on TipRanks) Kindred Biosciences (KIN) While most biotech companies focus on human drugs, we’re not the only market. Kindred Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company in the veterinary marketplace developing biological medicines to improve the lives of our pets and work animals. The company describes its mission as'[bringing] Pet the same safe and effective medications that human family members enjoy. Parvovirus (CPV) is a highly infectious and fatal viral disease that affects dogs. While vaccines are available, untreated cases can have a mortality rate of over 91%. Kindred’s lead drug in the pipeline, KIND-030, is currently in development for the treatment of this disease. The drug candidate is currently pursuing two paths in the development process – one for the treatment of established infections and one for the prophylactic preventive treatment of CPV. The prophylactic study showed positive results, with all dogs treated avoiding infection while all dogs in the placebo group developed parvovirus disease. KIND-030 also showed a mortality benefit when given to treat infections. The drug candidate is in the crucial study phase of development, the last before possible approval. Last month, Kindred announced it had entered into an agreement with Elanco Animal Health, a major veterinary drug company, to manufacture KIND-030. Cantor analyst Brandon Folkes sees a lot of potential in Kindred, especially in the company’s agreement with Elanco. “A partnership with a leading animal health company, in this case Elanco, is exactly what the company needs from our point of view. This confirms, in our view, KIN’s new strategic approach as a drug developer to find larger trading partners. We believe today’s deal should show investors that Kindred’s pipeline continues to have significant value that could be realized in the next 12 to 18 months, ”said Folkes. Kindred is also conducting studies with tirnovetmab, or KIND-016, an antibody directed against IL31, for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs. The pivotal efficacy study of this drug began in the final quarter of 2020. There is a potentially huge market for successful dermatitis treatment in dogs. Over the past six years, there has been a 47% increase in veterinary visits for dogs with severely itchy skin and the market is valued at $ 900 million or more. “While 2020 was a tough year for KIN stock, the company continued to take several shots on goal from its diversified pipeline that could reward investors at current levels. With multiple readings in 2021 and once again focusing solely on developing its pipeline, we anticipate that 2021 could be a banner year for KIN should it be able to deliver on the promise of its pipeline and, in particular, its atopic dermatitis portfolio, ” so the analyst summarized. To do this, Folkes gives KIN a price target of $ 11, which means an upside of 139% in 2021 and an overweight (i.e. buy). (To see Folkes’ track record, click here.) Kindred is another company with a unanimous consensus from Strong Buy analysts based on 5 recent Buy ratings. The stock has an average price target of $ 10.25, indicating ~ 124% growth from the current trading price of $ 4.59. (See KIN Stock Analysis on TipRanks.) To find great ideas for trading penny stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of the insights into TipRanks stocks. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.