Khader Yasin and Balers’ teammates exit in type in Central Coast All-Star Soccer Recreation –

Khader Yasin described it as one of the best experiences he’s ever had on the football pitch and couldn’t have asked for a better way to end his pre-season career on the griddle.

The San Benito High senior played as an offensive guard for the winning Children’s Shopping Tour team in the 36th annual Central Coast All Star Game at Rabobank Stadium on Jan. 14. 19

The teams took on the names of the local charities they wanted to represent. Yasin said playing the game was one of his most fulfilling for a number of reasons.

“It was a great experience and one of the funniest moments I’ve ever had playing football,” he said. “It felt good to be out there with a lot of elite guys and it felt great to represent Hollister.”

Yasin had plenty of company in the game, which selects outstanding seniors from players preparing for schools in San Benito, Santa Cruz, Monterey and South Santa Clara counties. Other Haybalers playing alongside Yasin included safety/linebacker Mateo Reyes, defensive end/tight end Abraham Solorio, and center/defensive end AJ Flores.

Another Baler, Derek Sandoval, played linebacker for Tatum’s Treehouse coached by Steven Zenk of Salinas High. Sandoval was offered an opportunity to join the Children’s Shopping Tour squad but declined, according to Yasin.

“The other coach asked him if he wanted to be on our side, but Derek said no because he wanted to beat us,” Yasin said.

With Yasin playing on the offensive line and Sandoval playing as a linebacker, they had to clash during the game, and let’s just say Yasin – who weighs 245 pounds and outperforms Sandoval by at least 70 pounds – got the better end of the deal on a play-in the fourth quarter.

“I told Derek if I saw him I would hit him and he would put a clean shot at me too if he had one,” Yasin said. “(San Benito) coach (Bryan) Smith and coach (Chris) Cameron told him to watch out and I caught him.”

Yasin said he was blocking the zone and descended from his linemen to the second tier where the linebackers were positioned.

“Derek was right there and I got him,” Yasin said. “I kind of drove him to the ground and got a big pancake and we scored in the same game. I let him hear too. He’s one of my favorite teammates and it was probably my favorite block in the game for sure. We joked about it afterwards because we had a lot of fun. He played left and right so it was great. But afterwards I found a video of my blockage with him and already sent it to him.”

Yasin felt a tremendous sense of pride to represent Hollister football one last time with some of his closest friends. He played in front of Smith and other influential coaches he’d had since his youth team with the Hollister Rebels, including coaches Jim McShane, Frank Reyes and his uncle Ali Yasin.

“I wanted to make her proud,” Yasin said. “Coach Smith and Coach Cam and all my coaches at the Rebels who got me running growing up, I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. They all grew up with me and were the coaches that pushed me forward as a man and got me here.”

Yasin was undecided about continuing to play soccer after high school, but the All Star Game seemed to give him some clarity.

“I don’t think I can let go of football that easily,” he said. “I think I’ll play at community college and see what happens from there.”

Whatever happens, Yasin won’t soon forget the last time he played on the football field in high school.

“We really pushed hard and the coaches said not to take it lightly,” said Yasin. “We went there to win and not lose because coaches, friends and the Rebels’ little boys were watching us. Training was fun, meeting guys from other teams was great and it was just super exciting to play one last time. It was an honor to be part of this game.”

San Benito High teammates AJ Flores (54) and Khader Yasin block during the All-Star Game. Photo by Jonathan Natividad.
Baler’s senior Mateo Reyes shares a moment with fellow players in the All-Star Game. Photo by Jonathan Natividad.

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5 Trendy Loafers To Up Your Informal Type Sport

Loafers have always been our favorite casual shoe when it comes to sporty style with comfort. We all need a break from our high heels and then we need these stunning loafers to run in style. As stylish as they may seem when it comes to being comfortable and hassle free, there is nothing like these chic loafers. From classic monochrome, metallic finish to heeled models and more, you can easily find several standout pieces to choose from. It’s time to upgrade your footwear collection with these cool and casual loafers.

We have handpicked loafers for you

Now add these loafers to your shoe collection.

1. Ruosh women’s metallic loafers

These beautiful metallic loafers have a slip-on pattern and a rounded toe.

(17 ratings & 42 reviews)

Slip-on slippers

The slip-on pattern of these loafers makes it super easy for you to wear them and sit comfortably all day.

2. Pluxh loafers for women

These plain-colored loafers have a slip-on closure and are made of synthetic material. It has a round toe style.

Light loafers

The synthetic material of these loafers makes them super light and easy to wear.

3. Inc. 5 women’s slippers

These loafers have a monochrome pattern and a slip-on closure. They are made of synthetic material, which makes them super light.

Relaxed fit

The slip-on closure of these loafers offers you maximum comfort and a relaxed fit.

4. CatBird women’s slippers

These loafers are equipped with a slip-on fastener and a non-slip sole. It’s super light when it’s decorated and has a monochrome style.

Non-slip closure

The non-slip style of these loafers gives you a comfortable fit and a firm grip when stepping out, which is well worth buying.

5. Venturini women’s casual wear loafers

These solid color loafers have a slip-on closure and a rounded toe. It has a sole made of EVA material.

Round toe loafers

The round toe of these loafers allows you to walk comfortably and has a normal fit.

Kei Nishikori discusses recreation model of Novak Djokovic, prime gamers

Kei Nishikori wants to change his game a bit and is looking at the play style of those who are at the top. Nishikori has always been a strong baseline player, but as he got older he realized he needed to make certain adjustments to his game.

“According to Djokovic, nowadays players tend to focus on probability, try to avoid casual mistakes and play it safe, beat cross-court shots in defense, like Medvedev, Zverev, players who can do it safely , are now absolutely dominant, “said Nishikori, via Seiadoumogera / Twitter.

“At the same time, players like Alcaraz or Sinner come, play aggressively like Federer, there cannot be the perfect tennis for everyone. It is impossible to change my tennis (drastically), I just have to try to improve my weapons.” play at a faster pace than others. “

Nishikori is not ready to stop

Nishikori, 31, has been plagued by injuries in recent years but is not ready to leave the game. “I never wanted to stop playing even though I always feel like it’s tough, yes I often feel like it’s tough, I’m not in the mood, I hate it …

But I got away somehow, ”said Nishikori. Nishikori admitted that he is often depressed because he is prone to injury, but after that I somehow come back because I still have the motivation and passion to play tennis again, ”Nishikori admitted.

Nishikori also gave advice to juniors. “Enjoy it, you will see how important it is to enjoy as you get older. You may want to quit at some point, but after you’ve done that you can be filled with joy (from playing). It would be nice to learn how to survive difficult times at a young age, “advised Nishikori.

Dubium Is the Newest Amongst Us-Model Sport, Coming Subsequent 12 months

Korean developer Mumo Studio has announced a new social deduction game called Dubium, due to be released in Early Access in 2022.

dubium is the newest game in our style next year

Social inference games saw a surge in popularity in 2020 as titles like Among Us allowed friends locked in separate houses to still hang out for hijinks and fun. Originally released in 2018, Innersloth’s game became a phenomenon on streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch and will soon be ported to consoles as well three among us collector’s editions. It was only a matter of time before the success of Among Us sparked a spate of clones of the game’s winning formula, like the one to come Doubtful by Mumo Studio, which was announced just last week.

The founders of Mumo Studio, based in Seoul, Korea, have notable credentials attached to Games like Black Desert Online from Pearl Abyss and dead for the right. The five-player social deduction game Dubium will be the studio’s first indie title. In a science fiction universe of the near future, players slip into the role of a frontier or a traitor who are all trying to escape from an abandoned space station. Frontiers are the equivalent of crew members in Among Us who work together to fix solar panels to power the escape pod while the traitor sabotages their work, taking them off one by one.

TIED TOGETHER: Below us update will add new shapeshifter cheat mechanics

Mumo Studio has announced that it will launch a Kickstarter campaign for Dubium sometime this month for those who wish to help develop the project, and there will also be a closed beta test that players will sign up for on the game’s official website can. Dubium will come too steam Early Access sometime in 2022, although it is currently unknown if there will be console versions of the game at any time.

While Among Us and Dubium have a lot in common on the surface, Mumo Studio’s game features an exaggerated 3D art style with sophisticated animation. The gadgets used by any Frontier or Traitor can be enhanced with rewards earned through gameplay, allowing players to customize their characters to suit their play style. The game is also being developed with streaming in mind and will become a Twitch extension viewers can suggest actions or even make decisions for the streamer. And even if the space station’s crew are from different locations around the world, Dubium’s built-in language lines and expressions make it easy for players to communicate.

For players looking to jump into a new experience similar to Among Us before 2022, First Class Trouble is another social deduction game which was released on November 1st for PC and PlayStation, where it was released as a PlayStation Plus title for PS4 and PS5. Developer Invisible Walls also went a different way with the graphics of the game and created an atmosphere that is strongly reminiscent of the BioShock series.

Doubtful will be released in Early Access on PC in 2022.

MORE: In the next few years there will likely be an influx of hidden role-playing games like among us


Fortnite dehumidifies the grapple

Fortnite is rolling out its latest hotfix for its Battle Royale mode that de-arches the Grappler and adds the new Icy Grappler.

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Pam K. Ferdinand
(435 published articles)

As a longtime fan of survival horror, RPGs of all kinds, and shooters, Pam will try every genre except sports. Some of the most popular series include Silent Hill, God of War, Far Cry, and the Souls games. In her spare time, Pam also engages in foreign languages, watercolor painting and reads far too much fantasy, science fiction and horror.

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Squid Sport, Type affect and Sustainable consumption

Have you heard of the latest South Korean drama blockbuster called Squid Game? It was released on Netflix on September 17, 2021 and has quickly gained a worldwide audience. Since its debut, it has been viewed by more than 100 million people and is trending # 1 on the top 10 lists in 94 countries around the world.

The South Korean drama not only topped the list but also created a trend that has influenced fashion style around the world and has dominated online platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and several online shopping websites: Amazon, eBay, Shoppee and soon. Find more than 223,000,000 results in just 0.53 seconds on; on, the term “Squid Game Costume” has also become a top finish, even if you just typed two characters “sq” the full term “Squid Game Costume” appears and you can find over a thousand of Results on this type of clothing. 6,150 results for Squid Game Costume appear when you search on eBay. On Instagram and Facebook, the hashtag #SquidGameCostume has become the most popular key hashtag lately and could be the influential style this winter.

Unlike trendy superhero films like Captain American, Avengers, with characters wearing special and uncomfortable costumes for everyday use, Squid Game is full of players wearing mundane teal tracksuits. And this style of wearing tracksuits has been promoted by luxury fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Channel over the past few years as it’s comfortable, full of fashion and suitable for almost everyone from kids to teens to adults. This is why the apparently simple tracksuits in “Squid Game” have become more trendy.

The green tracksuit is likely to become popular for its convenience and ease of manufacture, but it’s not the only known outfit, one that is probably even more sought after is the set of pink jumpsuits and black masks that watch the spectacle. Halloween is just around the corner, this type of costume has the potential to become yet another “red jumpsuit and Salvador Dalí masks” – a phenomenon that stems from the previous hit Money Heist. The Squid Game costume could clearly be a perfect choice for those looking for the new and trendy Halloween costume, and fashion influencers may have to queue for the Squid Game this Halloween and this winter.

With marketing strategies in all aspects that a normal person can only achieve with the smartphone, it is not difficult for “Squid Game” to be accessible through advertising, and it could be easier for fashion companies and in marketing to find a way to companies that are not active in the fashion industry can also be won over. Netflix even sells Squid Game t-shirts and hoodies on its website, and it seems that marketing the products of trending movies will become the marketing trend in the future.

However, from the point of view of environmentalists or proponents of sustainable consumption, the influences of fads can counter what they haunted. Sustainable consumption is the use of services and related products that meet basic needs and bring about a better quality of life while minimizing the consumption of natural resources and toxic materials as well as emissions of waste and pollutants over the life cycle of the service or product to meet the needs of future generations. Sustainable consumption is closely related to sustainable production and a sustainable way of life. If we think about the relationship of a hot trend like Squid Game and its influence, we can see the 4M Plus (4M +) model. including mass media marketing – mass outfit obsession – mass production – mass consumption, and the plus could be the mass damage to the environment. It doesn’t seem like mass production if it happens just once in a blue moon and just for a movie / show, but in reality it’s an unstoppable game that every director wants to win. The influence of fashion could be a tool to reach the top trend show of the year and later also be a boost for the fashion industry and consumption.

So is the top trend show good at marketing and promoting fashion consumption by creating style influence, definitely yes, but is it promoting sustainable consumption? I am not sure.

Baylor’s honorary tools supervisor rides in fashion to first sport in additional than a 12 months

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Clint Lewis, 46, who has been a volunteer equipment manager and member of the Baylor soccer family for 26 years, drove to the Baylor-West Virginia soccer game in style on Saturday morning after being picked up by the team’s big rig.

Lewis, who has Down syndrome, finally got the chance to attend a game in person after being unable to do so for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lewis had been in the passenger seat of the Baylor football kit big rig to every home game for several years, but the threat of COVID-19 disrupted the tradition in the 2020 season.

The fun continued Saturday morning when Lewis, wearing a custom-made Baylor jersey with his name and favorite number on the back, stood next to Tom and Kristin Hill at the curb of his house on Austin Avenue, waiting for his arrival.

Clint is the son of former McLennan County Judge Jim Lewis and his wife, Cynthia, but he has lived with the Hills since 1995, which also has three grown children to give him a little more independence.

Clint Lewis in his bespoke Baylor football jersey(Courtesy photo)

“Who are you going to cheer for?” Kristin asked Clint.

“Baylor,” said Clint with a smile.

“And who will win?” She asked.

“Baylor,” said Clint. “Because I’ve been with them for 26 years.”

FILE: For the past several years, Clint has run onto the field with the Baylor football team.(Courtesy photo)

Clint has been part of the soccer team since 1995 when he took over as manager under head coach Chuck Reedy.

In the sophomore year, Clint became an employee and started running with the team to start the game.

Clint is known for cheering on the sidelines of games and handing out gear to players.

Once even his name was on the wall outside an office.

When Defensive Coordinator Phil Bennet was added under the then head coach Art Briles, Clint’s responsibilities expanded even more.

FILE: Clint Lewis with the Baylor Football TeamFILE: Clint Lewis with the Baylor Football Team(Courtesy photo)

Bennett began asking Clint about moves to play for the game, and it’s a tradition that has continued ever since.

On Saturday, Clint not only distributed gear to players for pre-game warm-up exercises, but also gave Associate Head Coach Joey McGuire a plan to beat West Virginia.

When Kristin asked Clint if he’d finished his piece while he waited for his ride, he said it was still in the works.

“When I get to the stadium, I’ll do it,” said Clint.

The Baylor Football Equipment Team says they will continue to pick up Clint for every home game this season.

Clint is also a popular sack at HEB, where he has been working for 25 years.

File Photo: Clint Lewis at McLane StadiumFile Photo: Clint Lewis at McLane Stadium(Courtesy photo)

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5 Flawless Headband Wigs That Will Elevate Your Protecting Fashion Sport

Hellobeautiful Featured Video


Source: Mayvenn / Mayvenn

Wigs have come a long way in the hair styling game. What was once considered a hair faux pas due to its easily recognizable looks and reputation for being a grandmother-worn style has quickly become this new “it” protective style for beauty professionals. With so many options from 360 wigs to Top front units, the sky is the limit to choosing a fabulous piece that can be installed to your liking.

Headband wigs have become the crème de la crème of their kind lately. They offer the flexibility and lightness of a wig without the tedious installation process. In other words, it’s perfect for those who haven’t mastered the wig application process. Headband wigs, also known as half wigs, consist of a headband at the base with hair sewn onto a wig cap. Clips and an adjustable strap are sewn into the back of a headband wig to hold the wig in place.

It’s easy to see why wig lovers can’t get enough of the trend. Headband wigs not only give your mane a more natural look than other wig units, but they also don’t require glue or other glues. Not to mention, it makes your hair easier to breathe since headband wigs don’t cover your entire mane. You can also turn this device off and off for laundry days and more if you need to.

Source: Mayvenn / others

It’s no surprise that Mayvenn entered the world of headband wigs with his first collection made from 100% virgin hair. It’s the perfect low-maintenance option that makes the hair styling process a breeze. Mayvenn offers four main styles (Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Natural Straight) in the brand’s natural black color. In addition, each wig is constructed with 150% density, which ensures a fuller and more voluminous look.

Mayvenn isn’t the only major player in the headband wig game. So if you’re ready to add some headband wigs to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up five of the best headband wig brands on the market that will keep your look in tip-top shape. Grab your credit card and get ready to diversify your wig game.

1. Beauty Forever Water Wave Headband Wig

Source: Beauty Forever Hair

For a beach wave look, be sure to try it out Beauty Forever’s headband wig water wave. This listing features soft waves with a pretty pink headband that works as a chic accessory.

Shopping now

2. Mayvenn Hair Deep Wave Headband Wig

Deep waves tickle your imagination? the Mayvenn Deep Wave Headband Wig will satisfy your solution. This gorgeous unit features tight and defined waves with a voluminous look. It also comes with five additional headbands so you can change up your look. Plus, it’s a perfect choice if you’re working with kinky hair.

Shopping now

4. Alimice Hair Body Wave Headband Wig

Source: Alimice Haar

Soft, big curls have always been a mood. So, Alimice Hair’s Body Wave Headband Wig always makes the choice easy for me. I also love the fact that I don’t have to worry about using a styling tool every day to achieve the look.

Shopping now

5. Luvme Hair 4C headband wig

Luvme Hair has made it easy for lovers of wavy hair to get into the trend of headband wigs! the Short 4C headband wig is perfect for girls who love to keep their hair off their face while rocking a defined texture.

Shopping now

Dillan Gibbons helps increase cash to carry his shut pal to Tallahassee for Sport Day

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (WCTV) – Reunited and it feels so good. A story about a FSU soccer graduate transfer helps a close friend now that Mission Timmy to Tally was accomplished has been a success.

Dillan Gibson uses his NIL deal with a GoFundMe to raise money to take Timothy to Sunday’s Notre Dame game.

“There aren’t really words that can justify my feelings, but I’m just so excited to be here and so excited to offer this,” said Dillan Gibbons, FSU offensive lineman.

Dillan Gibbons described the moment when he finally reunited with his biggest fan, Timothy Donovan, after not seeing each other for over a year and they never missed a beat.

“It’s really surreal, just all the time, it’s been a couple of years and finally seeing him again and they’re picking up right where they left off, it’s great,” said Timothy’s father, Tim Donovan.

The former Fighting Irish lineman raised over $ 50,000 to bring Donovan to Tallahassee for a game that means so much to the two of them, but the family says it’s bigger than just the money.

“No, it’s not about, it really means most to us that Dillan is there for Timothy and the fact that we know if Timothy ever needs a friend or help with anything we can contact Dillan and he always will be there for him ”, explained Timothy’s mother Paul Donovan.

On Thursday, Timothy hit the rest of the offensive as they gathered for the pre-game pizza tradition. A moment he and Dillan were very excited about.

“I’m excited to just hang out with Dillan and everyone else,” said Timothy Donovan.

“I’m really excited that Timothy is enjoying the game and that the whole family is here and really making the most of it,” said Gibbons.

The family said they were grateful for the love they received from the Seminole community.

“It was really overwhelming and heartwarming to see how much you loved Timothy,” shared Paula Donovan. “I got the feeling that everyone in Tallahassee was expecting them and we’re just happy to be here.”

Despite being Notre Dame fans, the family says their alliance is with Dillan when it comes to the game.

The family say they will be at the game at Doak Campbell Stadium on Sunday night as they hope Dillan and the Seminoles start the season with a win.

Copyright 2021 WCTV. All rights reserved.

DC’s Sport of Thrones-Model Universe Teases a Batman, Inexperienced Arrow Confrontation

Writer Tom Taylor reveals the cover of Dark Knights of Steel # 2, in which Batman and Green Arrow compete against each other.

Writer Tom Taylor revealed the cover of DC Comics’ Dark Knights of Steel # 2, designed by artist Yasmine Putri.

Dark Knights of Steel is a reinterpretation of the DC Universe takes place in the Middle Ages, and sees the heroes of the world take off their cloaks for shining armor and insignia. The series will have twelve issues, with the cover being the latest reveal of what could come of history. Apparently, a duel between Batman and Green Arrow could be an option for this fantastic retelling.

TIED TOGETHER: Nightwing reminds Superman of a crucial moment in his creation

In the lower half of the cover, the dark knight (in the truest sense of the word) swings a sword against the emerald-green archer. Other faces on the cover are believed to be the iterations of This World of Superman, John Constantine, Black Lightning, and Supergirl. The full scope of the story has yet to be revealed, but fans can now see how the similarly-endowed heroes face each other.

There have always been blatant similarities between Batman and Green Arrow, the Arrow television series seems to turn Oliver Queen into a Bruce Wayne character more than he does in the comics. In the comics, both heroes have “caves” and safe houses from which they operate, an extraordinary wealth (though not in current Batman comics) and similar tools and devices. While Oliver tends to be more optimistic in the comics, Bruce was always drawn to the scowl, not the smile.

TIED TOGETHER: Superman: Jon Kent just got a new secret identity … and immediately ruined it

Of course, it’s unclear what backgrounds, skills, and inventory differences these two can have in this Game of Thrones version of the DC Universe. While Green Arrow’s gimmick can hold its own against a backdrop designed for a Robin Hood-like character to thrive, Batman clearly has seen reformatting. The hero’s new look is similar to his Element X clothing that appears in the Finale of Dark Nights: Metal.

This story also marks another book in which these two will interact. Currently, the only major title that these two frequently share the side is the Justice League series directed by Brian Michael Bendis. However, Green Arrow has snuck into other books like Checkmate, The Flash, and the books to come Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep target will be released in October, a month before Dark Knights of Steel. Batman, on the other hand, can be found in numerous titles ranging from Nightwing to Harley Quinn and beyond.

Dark Knights of Steel # 1 is written by Taylor, with artwork and cover artwork by Yasmine Putri, who also did the cover for this second issue. Variant covers for the first issue are being created by Joshua Middleton and Wayne Reynolds. The first edition will be available from November 2, 2021.

CONTINUE READING: Dark Ages promises the end of the Marvel universe

Source: Twitter

Ant-Man Yellowjacket

Avengers: How Hank Pym became the Yellowjacket before the MCU

About the author

Sean Gripbin
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Sean is a weekend comic news editor for CBR. His typical trip to the comic book store always follows the same order: promise to limit the number of issues, see them on the shelf and still buy them all. He dreams of one day writing his own. In addition to comics and superhero TV / movies, Sean also enjoys musicals (both film and stage), classic rock, stand-up comedy, and podcasts. If you’re interested, feel free to follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and / or TikTok as your @localcomicsean for his personal jokes, thoughts, and feelings about comics!

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Lionel Messi information: Paris Saint-Germain introduces newest signing in model for first Ligue 1 recreation

Lionel Messi is not yet making his Ligue 1 debut for Paris Saint-Germain but that didn’t stop the club from introducing him to the home crowd in style.

The Argentine legend made headlines earlier this month when he was forced to leave Barcelona, ​​the only club he has ever known. La Liga were unable to incorporate Messi’s massive contract into its existing economic structure, which resulted in the club letting the star go. PSG and Manchester city were considered the prime contenders for Messi’s services, with the French giants collapsing days later to finalize the deal.

Messi’s arrival solidifies a fantastic summer for PSG. The club added Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Georginio Wijnaldum to strengthen a squad with Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Angel di Maria. The club were already heavily favored to win Ligue 1, but Messi’s entry almost certainly makes that title.

PSG will focus on the Champions League, it didn’t win something. The French club reached the final in 2019-20 but lost to Bayern Munich. This year PSG couldn’t get past Manchester City in the semifinals. With Messi on board, this could be a huge year for PSG’s trophy case.