New Frontier Outfitters elevating cash for hundreds of Kentuckians impacted by flooding

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) – More and more companies are joining the Appalachia Rises efforts to help those affected by the floods of the week. Thousands across Kentucky have been left homeless, and now you can help.

Joshua Ravenscraft and friends have explored all of Kentucky.

“We are all looking for the grindstone, the faith and the sand. We are all hardworking people and we will keep it up, ”said Ravenscraft, COO of New Frontier Outfitters.

Hundreds of thousands of people across Kentucky lost everything in the floods.

“They are hardworking, resilient people. If it had happened to us, we would expect people to come to help us. This is just one Eastern Kentuckian shaking hands with another Eastern Kentuckian, ”Ravenscraft said.

Ravenscraft and his brother Jared started the outdoor apparel business to highlight the good throughout the Appalachian region. Days after the flood, they found a way to help.

“Long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts and hats are just one way to help the victims affected by the floods,” Ravenscraft said.

As part of Appalachia Rises, which was launched by AppHarvest, 100% of the proceeds from the merch will be used for flood relief. Sporty something that for so many people in the region is less a catchphrase than a way of life.

“Appalachia Rises is a hope for the future. When that happens, roll up your sleeves and help your neighbor get through, ”Ravenscraft said.

Mother Nature has been relentless for the past few weeks, but she is aiming for a community that proves time and time again that she will not give up.

Appalachia Rises has brought together more than half a dozen organizations. Together they ran a large-scale fundraiser anchored by a telethon on Monday at 7 p.m. that airs on CBS subsidiaries, here on WKYT and WYMT in Hazard.

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