Swimmer Katie Ledecky wins silver in 400-meter free-style

US swimming queen Katie Ledecky’s Olympic crown began to slide in Tokyo on Monday morning when she lost to Australian Ariarne Titmus by less than a second in a highly competitive 400-meter freestyle.

The four-time Rio 2016 gold medalist could only handle silver after losing the neck-and-neck race by 67 hundredths of a second to Australian rival Titmus.

Ledecky had been the leading man for much of the race, but Titmus slid ahead of the US champions on the neighboring track in the ultimate 50 meters to hit the wall forward by a split second.

China’s Li Bingiie took bronze.

Ledecky said she gave everything but her rival was too good for her.

“I’ve had some powerful ones over the years. It was definitely a tricky race and I delivered, ”she said.

“I couldn’t do much better. [It was] an incredible race, a series of gratifying ones.

‘I can’t be too disaffected. It was my second best swim ever [over 400-meter freestyle]. I felt like I fought tooth and nail and that’s all you could ask for.

Katie Ledecky took silver in the 400 meter freestyle in Tokyo on Monday

Ledecky (right) and Titmus (left) are properly pulled in front of the pack by the primary 200 meters

Titmus and Ledecky are having a good time after an extremely close race in which Titmus took first place in the final meters

Ledecky said she gave everything but her rival was too good for her

Ledecky said she gave everything, but her rival was too good for her

Ledecky said the brand new Olympic gold medalist Titmus outwitted her.

‘She definitely swam a very sensible race. She was actually led to the entrance. I felt clean and powerful. I showed up at 300m and she or he was right there so I knew it was going to be a fight to the top.

“I didn’t really feel as though I was dying or actually falling off. She only had 50m or 75m left and bought her hand on the wall first. ‘

The 24-year-old Californian received 4 Rio 2016 gold medals with 4 wins in Rio 2016 in the 200 m freestyle, 400 m freestyle, 800 m freestyle and the 200 m relay. Ledecky also received silver in the 100 m freestyle relay.

And she won gold in the 800 meters freestyle in London in 2012.

Titmus and Ledecky dominated the 400-meter freestyle from the start, each battling for first place.

The pair really pulled themselves forward for the first 200 meters, with a difference of 1.88 seconds between third-placed Canadian swimmer McIntosh and runner-up Titmus.

The American held the lead for the first 300 meters, but Titmus watched her the whole time, actually lurking after her.

The younger Australian came ominously closer and was just 0.16 seconds behind Ledecky with 100 meters to go.

Titmus snatched victory from her US rival Ledecky after recording 3: 56.69 minutes

Titmus snatched victory from her US rival Ledecky after recording 3: 56.69 minutes

After the intense 400-meter freestyle race, Titmus and Ledecky show a stunning sportiness, who congratulate each other

Titmus and Ledecky present stunning sportiness and congratulate everyone after the extreme 400-meter freestyle race

Titmus then caught up with her rival in a perfectly executed race schedule and gained half a body length in three minutes, 56.69 seconds.

Ledecky touched the residence in 3: 57.36 and China’s Bingjie was back in third place in 4: 01.08.

Titmus and Ledecky will even compete in a highly regarded 200-meter freestyle fight, although the American prefers to win their duel over 800 meters.

Team USA has won 12 medals so far – 5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze.

Gold went to sniper Will Shaner, fencer Lee Kiefer and Anastasija Zolotic in Taekwondo. Meanwhile, Chase Kalisz triumphed in the boys’ 400 meter medley.

But the US men’s basketball crew suffered a shocking 83-76 loss to France on Sunday, knocking out the Olympics for the first time since 2004 and for the sixth time in the event’s historic past.

Simone Biles also had an unusual day off on Sunday, as Team USA has not won a qualifying round for the first time since 2010 and finished second behind Russia.

Biles was long confronted after a shaky efficiency that noticed she was punished on every ground and jump when her crew finished 170,526 behind their rivals to 171,629.

Still, she stays on screen to win six Olympic gold medals after efficiently qualifying in all individual personal and team competitions, regardless of whether she falls backwards after a botched descent on the uneven bars.

Native Free-style Calisthenics athlete brings recognition to rising sport

Posted: 6/22/2021 / 7:29 PM EDT
Updated: 6/22/2021 / 7:29 PM EDT

EVANS, GA (WJBF) – A native of Cade Hardin, Evans is the only freestyle calisthenics athlete in the entire CSRA.

“Parkour is mostly running and flipping, and it’s insanely impressive. It is calisthenics
own practice with pull-ups, push-ups and some body weight exercises. We go to extremes with freestyle calisthenics, always be creative with it so you never run out of ideas to reinvent the wheel, ”said Cade.

Prior to an elbow injury in high school, Cade was a star baseball player at Lakeside High School, and it wasn’t until five years ago that he fell in love with the sport after watching videos on social media.

“I didn’t know what to make of it then, but you know that God has a plan for everything and it works, and I’m really happy with what I’m doing,” said Cade. “I wanted to compete in something and find something competitive to challenge myself and I saw it and fell in love with it,” he added.

With no designated practice areas in the area, Cade was creative and built bar sets in his parents’ garden.

“I wanted to have the best equipment for training and it was something of a hobby of mine to come here and work on the setup.”

Cade has attended 9 events and just got his second best result in the UFCL Battlegrounds Two competition in Miami.

“You learn from every competition you do, but it takes a lot of repetition and you just have to keep getting up. The more you fail, the more successful you are. “

Hardin now wants to do his part and increase the popularity of freestyle calisthenics.

“Hopefully we were aiming for the Olympics or X-Games or something like that, just to be recognized and pass the sport on for future generations.