Alain Vigneault has Flyers Taking part in a Fashion that may Beat Anybody within the NHL

Alain Vigneault is certainly a relapse coach. It’s not a secret. He is demanding. He blames his players – sometimes publicly. It’s especially tough on young players. He plays mind games.

Some players like his coaching style. Others hate it. Hell, some guys who have never played for him have publicly called for him to be removed from hockey:

#PhiladelphiaFlyer ? Dinosaur trainer who treats humans with robots that are not human. Fire these dinosaurs. Fire #vigneault first story. I have evidence .. trying to get you out of this …..

– Robin Lehner (@RobinLehner) October 3, 2021

We all remember that tweet, right? It was later suggested that the trainer was a pill pusher that Robin Lehner went back to. But that tweet, that first tweet, called Vigneault a dinosaur for treating his players.

Guess what? This dinosaur knows about hockey – and he knows there are players who still want to play the game the … um … “old-fashioned” way and can still be successful at it.

Case in point was the late night jewel of a hockey game on Wednesday when the Flyers presented the Edmonton Oilers with their first 5-3 defeat of the season in the Alberta, Canada hinterland.

Why was it a gem? Because it was the fastest team in the world, led by the best player in the world, playing against a Flyers team that liked to play big, strong and physical.

And while there were some penalties in that game, pronounced by two veteran umpires in Ian Walsh and Kelly Sutherland, they found that the pace of the game was a nice dichotomy of contrasting styles and the two zebras that let the teams play for the most part so that a type of hockey can be played that is not often seen in today’s game.

There was the Oilers darting all over the ice, and not just their skating speed, but also their passing speed and their shooting speed, playing the game at a playoff-like pace in their sixth game of the season.

And there were the Flyers, trying at times to keep up, but mostly trying to derail the Oilers by overtaking them and playing a check game reminiscent of a long-lost era of Flyers hockey. One that existed and was popular long before meeting rooms, arena sports betting, lavish clubs, and overexposed mascots:

The clash of styles here is actually pretty neat to watch. Edmonton is all about speed, and not just about speed in skating. They whip the puck around incredibly quickly. While PHI plays a physical, well-trained style when attacking. And both teams get their chances.

– Charlie O’Connor (@charlieo_conn) October 28, 2021

Charlie is spot on that it is beautiful to look at. Really because it’s so rare. But that, friends, that was hockey before the 2004-05 lockout, with some rule changes of course to get rid of the clutch and the grave log.

Here’s the thing though; This “dinosaur” coach may have worked hand in hand with GM Chuck Fletcher to create a Jurassic Park type team that, if they buy in and believe in the system they play, can and will win games.

The flyers are 3-1-1 at the start of the season. You played against two undefeated teams and broke up with them. They beat Boston and lost in a shootout to a much improved Vancouver team that they will see again tonight. Oh, and they dismantled Dave Hakstol’s crack collection of octopuses.

This is a very good start. And the thing is, they can get better. They have all played a game with their full defensive line-up. They toppled the Oilers on home ice minus Ryan Ellis for a second game.

The difference this season for the Flyers? Veteran Depth, for example. And a group that fits the coach in second place.

Justin Braun, for example, was great to replace Ellis in the top pair against the Oilers. Nick Seeler continues to be a solid defender recording the third couple minutes. Derick Brassard has been brilliant so far this season, playing in the second row instead of the injured Kevin Hayes.

No matter where you go, you can find players who believe in this team and want to win with this team and play whatever role the coach demands of them.

It’s kind of refreshing.

Brassard told Russ and me about it last week at Snow the Goalie. Vigneault and a veteran squad were the reason he chose to sign with the Flyers rather than signing elsewhere for more money, as two teams offered him more than the Flyers.

In early September, I unexpectedly ran into a Flyers Hockey employee, in a mall of all places, and we talked for a long time about the off-season.

He told me that Fletcher “gave the coaching staff everything they asked for” in the offseason, and now it’s up to the coaches and the players to prove it was all worth it.

And you can see how it works. This team is close. It’s tight. There are players who like to keep things relaxed and fun, but also know when the time is right to play hard and be serious.

There are players who really enjoy playing together. There are players who cause excitement and in turn let it rub off on their teammates.

It’s a closed group that brought together a lot more good than bad phases in the first five games. And I toss it to Charlie O’Connor again, because in the third third he was right with this assessment:

Flyers really take this “win a period, win a game” thing to heart on the third. You’ve been fantastic so far.

– Charlie O’Connor (@charlieo_conn) October 28, 2021

Gain a period. Win a game. Sounds like one of those hockey stereotypes a dinosaur coach might use.

But if that is the result and Vigneault is the coach who finally breaks the Flyers’ decades of drought at the championship, be it this season, the next season or the following season, the fans will not mind if the footprints ” walking together “forever”, as another dinosaur trainer Fred Shero once said, will be found as fossils along Broad Street in a few thousand years.

Because it will have been worth it.

Couturier represents cash effectively spent for Flyers – Delco Instances

When they won the Stanley Cup a second time in the first eight years of their existence, it was to be expected that the Flyers would build a stunning collection of championships.

That was 46 years ago.

Guess what: it won’t happen.

As for consolation prizes, however, the Flyers have not only been blessed by great players, but also by players who have done everything on and off the ice to bring pride and value to a community that played for both uniform and paycheck and were eternal sources of franchise and regional pride.

You’ve had too many lazy goalkeepers too, but that’s another issue.

But in the Brotherhood of Forever Flyers, and that membership role is thick, there must be room for Sean Couturier. Because of this, the six-year contract extension recently signed by the two-way hockey treasure was a well-spent $ 26,000,000.

Couturier is about to enter his 11th NHL season and is a three-time winner of the Bobby Clarke Trophy as MVP of the Flyers, received the Frank J. Selke Trophy in 2020 as the most effective defensive striker in the NHL, twice he was a 30-plus goalscorer, was an all -Star and has never wasted a shift on either end of the ice.

Had the choice been made, Cups would have picked out dignified professionals as the fans’ favorite collection. But in a chain of franchise treasures that are too long to go into detail, consider “coots” a strong and important link.

That’s not bad either.

• For the first time since 2016, the Flyers will expand their Franchise Hall of Fame. About time.

The list of ideal candidates is thick like a telephone directory, although the constellation has clearly been missing for too long, in alphabetical order Danny Briere, the Flyers Wives, Simon Gagne, Mike Keenan, Pelle Lindbergh, Lou Nolan, Mikael Renberg, Kimmo Timonen and Rick Tocchet .

But if the idea is to correct the longest-running situation first, then the choice for a likely one-man class by 2021-22 must be Paul Holmgren. An all-star, member of some great Flyers teams, and the strongest puncher in a long era of great Flyers fighters (a legitimate hockey value in its day), Holmgren had success as a player, assistant coach, head coach, scout, general manager and executive while they simultaneously demonstrate a deep, sincere appreciation for a proud organization and its importance to its community.

•• •

Those rolling billboards dragged through the streets of the city by gasoline-wasting trucks … I don’t understand them.

• • •

By the time the season is over, and it will happen soon enough, the Phillies will have earned two well-deserved but conflicting reputations.

They will have fought for the right to be remembered as late inning heroes who could ever win with rallies in the eleventh hour and an endearing refusal to surrender.

They will also have been tattooed as a team that burst 26 saves and played too many times with defensive disinterest for the last three innings of the game.


How is that possible?

One theory: baseball.

The sport is designed to reveal the truth after 162 games, and not after 161 either. For most teams, this will be a gradual revelation. For the rare ones, it will require more dramatic attractions. Either way, the system will work, the definitive record will be the definitive record, and how it eventually happened will be lost in the vortex of history.

In the meantime, enjoy the 2021 Phillies and their rarest abilities to both madden and entertain. It could be decades before such a collection of adrenaline teasers resurfaces.

• In recognition of a bipolar baseball season, here on Joe Girardi who has been criticized for months with good reason but managed to improve the Phillies’ overall defense, overcome an unreasonable wave of injuries and keep his team in an unlikely pennant race .

• • •

It’s hard to believe that these buttons stuck to the back of cell phones are necessary.

• • •

OK, OK, it’s OK: it’s impossible to win last-round NBA playoff games with Ben Simmons as point guard. He doesn’t shoot. etc. Got it. Required.

The problem for the Sixers, should they swap Simmons, and for dozens of reasons they have to: The regular season. While it is likely that they will acquire one in any trade with Simmons, they are not currently using an alternative, high quality point guard.

Tyrese Maxey is a formidable talent with editing skills, but lacks flavor and a reliable outside shot. Shake Milton can make quick attacks from the bench, but was always overwhelmed when he passed the ball as a starter. Seth Curry may be able to tinker with this, but at the expense of its more valuable presence on the grand piano.

It is September of a season that can extend through June. So it is time. But if Simmons is traded, there will be 82 lead guard games in the regular season.

Well, only one solution: box the process trust threefold.

• • •

Get the Notre Dame Leprechaun Hat?

• • •

Zach Ertz, who was spotted after a souvenir walk over the Linc last season, somehow got through the off-season and will open his ninth season as an eagle next Sunday.

Good for Ertz.

Good for the eagles.

While there is seldom any value in the continued employment of players in any sport for reasons of nostalgia (see: Phillies, 2011-15), there are also costs for unloading the glue types. Having a couple around is never a risky idea. It’s mandatory to keep them around while you try to move on to a sophomore quarterback and entry-level head coach.

• • •

That’s enough “Field of Dreams” for me, thank you very much.

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Flyers land Atkinson, lower your expenses; Blue Jackets deliver again Voracek

Apparently the Flyers and Blue Jackets weren’t finished after they had already made some big trade. In the latest tradewho have favourited Flyer Cam Atkinsonwhile the Blue Jackets brought back Jakub Voracek.

Trade: Flyers get Atkinson, Blue Jackets bring Voracek back

Other trades had choices and / or perspectives to consider. At the moment it seems that this is an increasingly rare “one-on-one” deal.

It is critical that reports indicate that there was no salary deduction involved. Frank Seravalli from Daily Faceoff was among the reports that about the trade Voracek – Atkinson.

If that’s true, the gut answer is that this trade is a nice win for the Flyers. Look at their contracts:

  • Cam Atkinson, 32, carries a cap of $ 5.875 million through 2024-25 (four seasons).
  • Jake Voracek, 31, has a much larger AAV of $ 8.25 million. However, his contract expires after three seasons (2023-24). Also the difference between the two in actual salary is not as big as the Cap Hit Disparity.

These salary cap details are important because, while Voracek and Atkinson are different actors, their overall impact is comparable. They are two wingers who bring quite a bit to the table, even though they are both getting older:

Two strikers of similar caliber. Voracek is more polar with more offensive advantages while Atkinson is a great penalty killer.

– Evolving Hockey (@EvolvingHockey) July 24, 2021

Exchange flyers in the new look for Atkinson

Really, it’s been an off-season of change for the Flyers just by trading. (Could you have plans for the free agency, too?)

The Flyers used to give up Nolan Patrick, take a fascinating swing with Ryan Ellis. While this trade has good advantages, the flyers are play great on Rasmus Ristolainen to be better than its underlying statistics have argued.

According to the Voracek-Atkinson deal, the Flyers have about $ 12.5 million in cap space. to Cap Friendly. That space could go fast as the Flyers have important RFAs in. to have Carter Hart and Travis Sanheim. (You will probably want to invest in a replacement goalkeeper too? Maybe?)

Time will tell if the flyers are better after all of these trades. But they will certainly look different after an often deeply miserable season.

Blue jackets – Voracek reunion

In 2007 the Blue Jackets voted Jakub Voracek in seventh place overall.

We were all so much more innocent and fresher. (Photo by Getty Images)

During his first run with the Blue Jackets, Voracek played 241 games, scoring 39 goals and 134 points. We didn’t really see Voracek blossom until he was traded to the Flyers, where he became a deadly goalscorer (and increasingly looked like) Claude Giroux).

That Jeff Carter Handel didn’t just bring in the Flyers Voracek. The Flyers used the first-rounder from this deal for the design Sean Couturier.

(So, uh, the Blue Jackets could lose two Jakub Voracek is trading with the Flyers? Ouch.)

As far as we know, everyone – Voracek, Atkinson, Blue Jackets, and Flyers – could benefit from this fresh start. Like the Flyers, the 2021-22 Blue Jackets will look very different from the 2020-21 model.

The Blue Jackets were only traded a day ago Seth Jones to the Blackhawks in the mega-deal. During the trading period, they also landed major futures by selling high Nick Foligno and David Savard. Since John Tortorella is also out of town, this Columbus team looks very different.

Of all the Blue Jackets trades and changes, adding Voracek feels the least “mandatory” to Atkinson. He could, however, deliver some offensive pop in a season where this is hard to find.

James O’Brien is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Write a line to him or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.