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Is it protected to fly now? One preflight PCR take a look at might be the reply

A study conducted earlier this year shows that there may be a way to reduce the number of Covid infections on board commercial aircraft to practically zero. Results of the study appeared in a Peer-reviewed articles published September 1 in the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The article – a joint effort by the Mayo […]


United desires to fly a brand new era of Concorde-style supersonic jets. Is $100 a ticket a pie within the sky?

Are travelers ready to go supersonic again, almost 20 years after the famous Concorde jet made its last voyage across the Atlantic? That could also be because of how expensive the tickets are. In a blockbuster announcement on Thursday, United Airlines UAL, -0.60% signals that it is ready to revive supersonic air traffic. The air […]


‘I simply hoped I’d see them once more’: Lady makes use of stimulus cash to fly grandparents to Chicago to get COVID vaccine | Existence

Woman uses bidding money to fly grandparents to Chicago to get COVID vaccine CHICAGO (TNS) – Elizabeth Oyarzun last saw her grandparents almost two years ago. And for the past year she prayed every day that she would see her again. After what seemed like forever, the two arrived at O’Hare International Airport on Sunday […]