Flushing Township units cash apart for storm cleanup

FLUSHING TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) – 8/19/21 – The Flushing Township Board of Trustees unanimously decided this week to allocate $ 30,000 for storm clearing.

The Wednesday night vote came after the area was badly hit by storms and a micro-explosion last week. They left branches and twigs that were later piled up on the curb in many parts of the city.

Flushing Township does not have a public works department. Township Supervisor Fred Thorsby said it also lacks the equipment and manpower to carry out the cleanup.

He told ABC 12 that the money for the rubble removal would have to come from the community’s general fund.

In a Facebook post, Thorsby said that a tree service would be hired to begin the cleanup on Aug. 30. The Post also said that signs would be posted at the entrance to the subdivisions on Aug. 30.

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