Colorado Springs fireworks: The right way to watch, what to know | Arts & Leisure

Fireworks will be launched on your porch tonight from multiple locations in the Pikes Peak area for the July 4th Symphony. The event returns this year in place of the fireworks in Memorial Park. Here’s what you should know.

Where can I see fireworks tonight?

People are encouraged to see the displays from their homes. Fireworks are set off in the following locations:

  • The Broadmoor
  • Cherokee Ridge Golf Course
  • The club at Flying Horse
  • The Colorado Country Club at Cheyenne Mountain Resort
  • Falcon Freedom Days at Meridian Ranch
  • Garden of the Gods Resort and Club
  • Patty Jewett Golf Course.


Fireworks are also hosted by Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC and Rocky Mountain Vibes via tickets with admission tickets.

You can also watch the show live on or on the KKTV Facebook page.

When do the fireworks start tonight?

The show starts at 9:20 pm

How do I listen to the Colorado Springs Philharmonic?

Switch on one of the following channels for the live broadcast from 9 p.m.

Sunny 106.3 FM; Y96.9 FM ; KCME 88.7 FM; AM 740 KVOR; 92.9 FM peak

New Britain to Host Nice American Increase Drive-In Model Fireworks Tonight – NBC Connecticut

The 4th of July is here and hardly any other holiday is so synonymous with fireworks! Some of these shows were canceled last year due to COVID-19, but many are back in action this year.

One show that lights up the night sky is the Great American Boom in New Britain.

The show kicks off at 9:15 a.m. tonight with parking for the event, which opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 9 a.m.

During the show, guests are expected to stay in their vehicle except to go to the bathroom.

Officials encourage those who wish to see fireworks to come and watch instead of setting them off themselves.

Most fireworks are not legal in the state of Connecticut, and the list of illegal actions is much longer.

You cannot buy or sell fireworks without a license. It’s also illegal to buy fireworks in another state and bring them back to Connecticut – this includes fireworks and sky rockets. None of them should be used unless in the hands of a professional.

So what is legal? Sparklers and fountains are legal, but the fire department says you should still use caution when using them.

“It’s much more dangerous because of the projectile and the shooting,” said Groton City Fire Department chief Edward Sargent.

“Only adults should handle it. Children shouldn’t handle them. They should be outside, away from buildings. Get away from the woods because they can still start a fire, “added Sargent.

If the fireworks rains tonight, the rain date will be set for tomorrow night.

NICK STROBEL: Moon will not dim July 4th fireworks | Leisure

Happy Independence Day! Tomorrow is Aphelion Day, when the Earth is furthest from the Sun at just over 94.5 million miles.

The extreme heat wave in the Pacific Northwest a few days ago clearly shows that the distance between the earth and the sun is not the reason for the seasons. Unfortunately, it is very likely that heat waves like the one we had last week will be more frequent.

We can handle very hot days here in the Central Valley because most of our homes and businesses have air conditioning (while electricity is still running), but most places in the Pacific Northwest don’t have air conditioning.

When my wife came home from a trip to the east late at night, she pointed to a bright star in the southeast and asked if it was Venus. Reasonable guess because the star is very bright, but Venus is now our “evening star”, visible deep in the west shortly after sunset.

The bright star we saw at almost 1 a.m. is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, but because of its great distance from us, it appears weaker than Venus. A large brownish-yellow waning domed moon also appeared just above the horizon, one day from the third quarter.

The moon tonight will be a waning crescent so the moon won’t wash away any of the fireworks. The moon will be in the new moon phase on Friday and the first quarter will take place on July 17th. That said, there are some nice shots of a waxing crescent moon next to bright Venus in the evening next week.

July 11th will be especially great because Venus is right next to Mars (about a thumb’s breadth at arm’s length to the right of Mars). A little further to the right is a thin waxing crescent moon. All three may just barely fit in the same field of view of your binoculars.

The following night, July 12, Venus is only a little finger away from Mars, but the moon does not fit into the field of view of the binoculars.

Remain skeptical

My last trip included a night in Washington, DC, and one place we visited was the International Spy Museum. The various tour websites say it takes people an hour or two to get through, but it took my wife and I more than four hours just to do the first floor and we had to rush through the second floor to give us time Had to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the airport. We read all the signs in museums.

One of the messages from the ISM was to draw reasonable conclusions from incomplete data and not know the full context of your data, a context that can radically change the meaning of the data.

It made me think of all the media hype surrounding the recent report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on UFOs (also referred to in the report as “unidentified aerial phenomena”). There have been over 140 sightings referenced in the report since 2004, all but one that the experts called in by the US government cannot explain.

This media noise is of course due to the fact that many people are very willing to make a big logical leap from the “unidentified flying object” to immediately identify it as an alien alien spaceship without considering more prosaic explanations.

The saying “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” means that the burden of proof rests on those who make claims about alien alien spaceships. You have to prove that the UFO cannot be anything but an alien alien spaceship. (For more information on this burden of proof, do a Google search for “Sagan Invisible Dragon”.)

People from all demographic categories have seen UFOs, but it is people from the United States who report the vast majority of sightings. The reasons most of the sightings reported are from those in the US is because of our very strong individualistic culture, which focuses on individual experience and expertise; our distrust of the federal government (often for very good reasons); and people here believe we live in a country with a technology that is superior to any other country. People in other countries who see a UFO are more likely to attribute it to new US war technology than to an alien spaceship. Context makes a big difference in how data is interpreted.

While as a skeptic of UFOs as extraterrestrial extraterrestrial spaceships I don’t have to disprove the hypothesis, I’ll point you to a nice one-sided guide to extraterrestrial UFOs published by Andrew Fraknoi and Mick West’s investigation into the Navy videos of the strange phenomena that have featured in the media several times (see Fraknoi’s list for the links). Spoilers: The videos that are making the rounds in the media can be explained by definitely mundane and boring things, including camera optics artifacts.

Contributing columnist Nick Strobel is the director of the William M. Thomas Planetarium at Bakersfield College and the author of the award-winning website

Refined present: Know-how helps organizers present top-notch fireworks show | Native leisure

SHERIDAN – Local resident Bruce Burns has been helping delight the July 4th crowd for more than three decades. Even now, he’s not ready to reveal his secrets as organizers prepare for the 33rd annual Independence Day fireworks on Sunday evening at the Big Horn Equestrian Center.

The gates will open at 5:00 p.m. and the fireworks are scheduled for 10:00 p.m. at the BHEC on Bird Farm Road. The suggested donation is $ 10 per vehicle.

“It’s an event,” said Sheila Blackburn, BHEC Executive Director.

In addition to the fireworks, Blackburn said the evening will include various vendors, food and even ax throwing, as well as live music from the band Sidetrack. The bar in the BHEC is also open from the age of 21.

“It’s a lot of fun,” she added.

The highlight of the evening is of course the fireworks.

According to Burns, the fireworks are actually four smaller displays choreographed by four different people from across the county, each choosing music that is broadcast simultaneously to the thousands of viewers on 94.9 FM.

The music during the show ranges from The Village People to Beethoven, with a little Tom Sawyer as an encore.

Burns, a member of Pyrotechnics International, said he took part in the local fireworks show for a simple reason. He just likes fireworks.

“And my last name is Burns,” he said jokingly. “This has been my hobby for 35 years. … To be honest, I have a hobby that people like. “

There have been many changes over the years. When he started, Burns said the display was basically setting off the fireworks “out of an oversized sandpit.”

Over the years it has evolved from manually firing the grenades to using an electronic system to today’s digital technology which, once set up, makes it so easy for even the volunteers to watch alongside the display.

“When we start, it’s basically a push of a button,” he said. “The music is transmitted to the vehicles simultaneously. It is such a refined fireworks display as you will find anywhere in the world. “

Aside from the technological changes, Burns doesn’t like to discuss how the display works behind the scenes.

“I’m proud of the show, but I don’t want to give anything away,” he said, adding that he prefers to amuse those present.

And if you enjoy this year’s show, plan on coming back. Burns and Co. are always trying to improve the show.

“Otherwise there is no point doing it,” he said. “We’ll look at that later. Our concern during the show is to make sure that everything is fired and that it went the way we wanted it to. “

While the show is meant to be part of the July 4th celebrations, there are a few rules in place. On the night of the show, the BHEC is not allowed to operate drones and “absolutely no (consumer) fireworks” are allowed on site, added Burns. The reason for the rules is simple: safety.

“You just don’t shoot fireworks in a large crowd,” he said. “You don’t know when something could start or where it could come down.”

Burns has one more tip: get to the BHEC early because the grounds will be crowded with vehicles and spectators.

“Basically, people have about five hours to hang out in the grass,” he said. “They bring their own grills. They bring their own tents. It’s a beautiful day and evening on the grass. After all, they are polo fields. “

The proceeds from the fireworks will go to the Big Horn Lions Club Scholarship Fund.

“It’s our only fundraiser this year,” said Burns, a member of the local Lions club chapter.

He added that dozens of Lions club members volunteered their time over the holiday weekend to set up the show, assist with the performance, and clean up the grounds to make the event possible.

For more information about the July 4th event, call the BHEC at 307-673-0454.

Conan O’Brien Seems “Like a Grinch” on the Fireworks Competition | Leisure Information

Conan O’Brien looked “like a Grinch” when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher started setting off fireworks for their children.

A 37-year-old actress with Wyatt (6 years old) and Dimitri (4 years old) with an actor shows a secret fireworks display for her family in the blockade of the coronavirus when the chat moderator appears out of nowhere. It turned out that he did.

When Mira appeared on Conan, she said, “It’s the height of the pandemic on the weekend of July 4th. My husband decided to get fireworks … and we said, “Listen. For children. WHO. I’m not here either. It’s like ours. “Start them on the beach. It will be safe. He’s from Iowa. He knows how to do it. “

The Hollywood star recalled that 58-year-old Conan suddenly appeared on the beach and seemed dissatisfied with something.

She says, “We’re setting off fireworks. Nobody is on the beach. Nobody is there.

“And suddenly fireworks like Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew. And we see that. [Impersonates Conan approaching with a frown and crossed arms.] But in a hoodie “

But Conan rubbed Mira’s memory of that moment.

He said, “I’m not Mr. Burns in The Simpsons!”

However, Mira refused to withdraw and supported Andy Richter with the words: “If I see that people are having fun, then I do it.”

Conan then added, “I’m like a Grinch.”

The TV star later claimed to be concerned when he heard the “great beach explosion”.

Meanwhile, Mira announced earlier this year that she had taken her family to a baby rave during the blockade.

The actress was frank about life in quarantine, revealing how she tried to entertain her family during the pandemic.

She said, “I will praise us all. My husband said, “What? I’m not worried, I have this.

“We showed up. I didn’t make fun of you. I took my 4 and 6 year olds and my ** grown-up husband to cheer the baby.

“There was light and music everywhere. It was physically put on by a rave company. They felt like they stumbled on acid … Children said, “This is the best experience I’ve ever had! I thought, “Oh no!” “

Conan O’Brien appears “like a Grinch” at the Fireworks Festival | Entertainment news

Source link Conan O’Brien appears “like a Grinch” at the Fireworks Festival | Entertainment news

Mattituck Strawberry Competition to return with rides, fireworks, leisure and — after all — strawberries

After the cancellation by the pandemic last year, the 66th annual strawberry festival will take place in Mattituck from Wednesday, June 16 to Sunday, June 20.

“We are very excited to be holding the Strawberry Festival after a year off,” said Chris Ekster, festival chairman and first vice president of the Mattituck Lions Club. “We expect this to be a great time for all participants.”

The event features carnival rides, entertainment, crafts, food – and of course, strawberries. A full schedule is available on the website Festival website.

For the first time, the festival will open on a Wednesday evening with no entry fee from 5pm to 10pm. Entry is free on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and $ 10, and Fridays through Sundays. Children under five have free entry.

If the weather is nice, there will be a fireworks show on Thursday and Saturday evenings. The entire festival opens on Friday evening. In addition to the food court and carnival rides on offer over the past two nights, there is a fair for craft and business vendors.

The strawberry queen will be crowned on Saturday at 3 p.m.

The festival ends on Sunday with Father’s Day offers, including free entry for all fathers accompanied by a paid child.

Social distancing and masks are required for anyone who is not fully vaccinated as per CDC guidelines. All participants must undergo a temperature check and sign a health screening form stating that they will wear a mask at all times if they are not vaccinated, except when eating or drinking. The shape is available here to be completed in advance.

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July four Fireworks Returning to NH, However No Leisure, Distributors – NBC Boston

Fireworks celebrations are returning for Independence Day in New Hampshire parishes, but with a few changes.

In Portsmouth City Council voted to hold the celebration on July 3rd with a rainy date on July 5th. Last year’s event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Reports City caretaker Karen Conard said earlier this year there will be no entertainment, no food and no vendors “to discourage collecting.”

The July 4th fireworks display in Dover has been relocated to an area that gives spectators a 360-degree view, organizers said.

“We typically see between 8,000 and 10,000 people in downtown Dover on a typical July 4th,” said Gary Bannon, the city’s director of recreation. “We needed a place where people could spread out. This place allows many people to see it from their neighborhood as well, so they can hang out with their neighbors and safely have more smaller group settings outdoors. “

Indianapolis July 4th fireworks present wants new launch web site | Leisure

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The organizers of a fireworks show that lights up on July 4th each year in downtown Indianapolis are looking for a new launch site for pyrotechnics a year after the pandemic canceled the long-running event.

Downtown Indy must find a new location as longtime hosts, Regions Tower announced on Wednesday that the event could no longer be admitted from the roof of the 36-story building as the fireworks could pose a threat to new housing developments nearby .

The nonprofit said it is working to find a convenient downtown location to launch fireworks and is working with the Indianapolis Fire Department, other city officials and pyrotechnics professionals.

Downtown Indy said if it finds a new location it probably wouldn’t host a major community viewing event due to social distancing rules. But residents could watch from nearby locations.

Mayor Joe Hogsett said in a statement the city hopes to “restore our special tradition of July 4th fireworks,” which create a “spectacle” over downtown the city.

Downtown Indy is also looking for sponsors to help fund the fireworks display that took place half a century before the pandemic-triggered cancellation last year.

Prior to the pandemic, the event was led by Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications, which transferred responsibility to Downtown Indy. The group said they will continue to work with Emmis as their media partner so that future celebrations can continue to be synced to music on local radio.

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