Query of firearm coaching may absolve actor of negligence, says trial legal professional

Litigation attorney Jeff Harris said that an issue of negligence on the “Rust” film set after the Fatal shooting of cameraman Halyna Hutchins could come down to the level of gun training that actor Alec Baldwin received.

“It may ultimately boil down to whether or not the actor was adequately trained in the use of firearms and that would fall on the production company and absolve Baldwin of negligence,” said Harris, who does not represent any party involved in the incident.

Baldwin’s production company El Dorado Pictures produced the upcoming film. Neither Baldwin nor El Dorado Pictures responded immediately to CNBC’s request for comment.

The assistant director who handed Alec Baldwin a loaded gun on the set admitted to investigators that he didn’t check the revolver carefully enough, according to a search warrant released on Wednesday. So did the Santa Fe County Sheriff confirmed on Wednesday that there was a real bullet in Baldwin’s revolver and that investigators found even more alleged live rounds on the set.

Harris was the lead trial attorney on the Lan Jones v CSX case and obtained a $ 11.2 million judgment on behalf of the family of camerawoman Sarah Jones, who was killed while working on the film “Midnight Rider”.

He told CNBCs “The News with Shepard Smith” that on the set of “Rust” there was likely gross negligence.

“I honestly think that if you have a movie set where you have live ammunition mixed up with dummy ammunition and spaces, that type of activity turns into gross negligence, and I believe someone who will ultimately get into this case at least charged with criminal negligence, “said Harris.

Sheriff: Man arrested after present in possession of crack cocaine, cash and firearm | Journal-news

CHARLES TOWN – A Martinsburg man was arrested in Jefferson County Monday night after being found in possession of crack cocaine, suspected drug money and a gun, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Robert Eugene Slaughter Jr., 67, of Martinsburg, was charged in the Jefferson County Magistrate Court with the crime of possession with intent to deliver and the offense of driving and driving a vehicle in an impaired condition while his license was suspended or is revoked.

Slaughter was arrested after he was stopped by police in the right lane of US 340. As the black SUV approached, an officer said he saw Slaughter slump with his hands out the window.

According to police, Slaughter was asked to get out of the vehicle for a field sobriety test. At this point, he appeared disoriented, uncoordinated, sleepy, and confused.

The slaughter allegedly required assistance getting out of the vehicle and was unable to maintain balance. For his safety, therefore, no field sobriety test was carried out.

While searching the suspect, Deputy Moffett found a clear plastic bag containing a white substance and a wad of cash. When slaughtered, the substance was identified as crack cocaine.

The deputy Moffett was then given permission to search the vehicle. This search found a loaded Glock 19, another clear plastic bag containing a white substance, two vials of a suspected PCP substance, and three additional stacks of money.

A digital scale, seven crack pipes, empty plastic bags and two cell phones were also found in the vehicle.

In total, Slaughter had approximately 35 grams of suspected crack cocaine and $ 5,730 in cash, police said.

The carnage was then arrested and taken to the East Region Prison, where he will be held on bail of $ 50,000 as of Wednesday afternoon.