“Saygid’s Preventing Fashion Is Very Harmful” – Khabib Nurmagomedov Hypes up a Light-weight Fighter

Some of the best current MMA fighters are teammates with retired UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. They fight for leading MMA promotions around the world and have a lot of success as well. One of those great fighters is Saygid Izagakhmaev. The Russian fighter has joined the ONE Championship and fought his first fight for promotion on January 14th.


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He faced James Nakashima and successfully submitted him by a choke in the second round. He has an enviable MMA record of 20 wins and only 2 losses. In a recent video released by ONE Championship, ‘The Eagle’ was seen talking about Izagakhmaev. Khabib pointed out the aspects that make Izagakhmaev a dangerous opponent in the ring.

Khabib said“Saygid’s fighting style is very dangerous because he’s tall and has a long reach with his legs and arms. He has very good elbows, a good clinch and of course he is very good on the ground. Floor play and grappling, like all the boys from our school. When I looked at how he was a year ago and now, he’s very different. And he’s only 27 years old and he’s always learning.”

He also said, “I really, I really think he’s going to improve a lot with ONE Championship.”


“It Doesn’t Work That Way” – Dana White reveals the real reason he didn’t comply with Henry Cejudo’s request

in about 4 hours

It looks like Izagakhmaev is a well-rounded fighter with the ability to keep learning and growing. Plus, with a retired champion at his side, the fighter has everything he needs to dominate his division. Therefore, his future fights will surely be blockbusters.

What next for Khabib Nurmagomedov’s protégé?

Izagakhmaev’s fight against Nakashima was already tough. Only one fight old at ONE Championship, he faces several great opponents in the lightweight division. Also, the promotion would be a good platform to show the masses your uniqueness as a fighter.


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Khabib’s comments on Izagakhmaev show that Izagakhmaev can climb through the division and get to the very top. So it would be very interesting to see how this young fighter’s career develops.

Until then, curious fans can watch his debut fight for promotion.


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What do you think of Khabib Nurmagomedov exaggerates Saygid Izagakhmaev? Let us know in the comments below.

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What Combating Fashion Sam Used In opposition to Tory

In her All Valley fight with Tory Nichols, Sam LaRusso created her own hybrid style of karate and she embodied the true theme of Season 4 of Cobra Kai.

Warning: SPOILER for Cobra Kai Season 4.

Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) didn’t rely solely on Miyagi D0 karate in Cobra Kai Season four of the All Valley Championship final against Tory Nichols (Peyton List). The Cobra Kai season 4 All Valley tournament has been changed its format to create a boys and girls section, as well as preliminary rounds of skills. Sam surprised Tory by changing her fighting style, but it wasn’t enough to win the championship, despite the unwitting victim of Cobra Kai’s sensei Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) cheating LaRusso and Nichols.

Sam could have been the last karate student of the late Miyagi-san (Noriyuki “Pat” Morita). Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Macchio) favorite child learned her first karate moves from Miyagi-san at the age of 8, but she stopped training until she became a teenager. In the second season of Cobra Kai, Sam joined Daniel’s newly launched Miyagi-Do-Dojo. Daniel’s daughter is a natural karate child, and Sam became one of Miyagi-Do’s top students, along with Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), who eventually left Miyagi-Do and defected to Cobra Kai. In Cobra Kai season 4, Robby taught Miyagi-Do’s to his Cobra Kai cohorts Defensive style that nullifies the advantage Sam and her friends had by learning both Miyagi-Do and the offensive-based Eagle Fang karate system from Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) after Daniel and Johnny agreed to combine their dojos .


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In her All Valley final against Tory, Sam combined the styles of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang and created a hybrid combat mode that was one of a kind. Sam was aware that Tory knew Miyagi-Dos counter moves, so with the blessings of Daniel and Johnny, LaRusso finally fought the way she wanted to fight. When Sam combined Mr. Miyagi’s katas with Johnny’s “badass” offense, she scored her first point against Tory by unleashing the flying tornado kick that Sensei Lawrence had taught her without Daniel knowing it. but Sam’s archenemy Tory is a formidable fighter too, and she used her own mix of Miyagi-Dos blocks and Cobra Kai punches. What neither Sam nor Tory knew was that Terry Silver paid the umpire to score in Cobra Kai’s favor. Tory won the fight, but Samantha technically beat her by scoring a point that the corrupt official deemed inadmissible.

Sam’s merger of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, which is actually just Johnny’s version of Cobra Kai, into its own system brought about LaRusso’s Cobra Kai Season 4 Arc. After numerous arguments with Tory and Cobra Kai outside of the tournament, Samantha became frustrated and felt limited by it Miyagi-Dos principles of karate used only for self defense. As a hothead like her father, Sam was intrigued by Johnny’s sermons, “Strike like an eagle first,” and LaRusso correctly recognized that the best way as a student of karate was to learn both Daniel and Johnny’s styles.

Sam’s Journey is the real theme of season four of Cobra Kai, in which even Daniel and Johnny finally realized that their stubborn belief that their path was “the only way” wasn’t true. It was Samatha who fully understood that she didn’t need to cling to the stubborn views of her father or Johnny’s and that she had to go her own way. Taking both styles of karate and integrating them into “their way” is what every student at Cobra Kai must do in the future, not just Sam.

The heartbreak for young LaRusso is that despite her incredibly effective hybrid of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, Sam “did everything right” that All Valley still hasn’t won, despite not knowing that Terry Silver cheated on. It was a terrible humiliation for Sam and Daniel LaRusso not to win the All Valley that cost them the Miyagi-Do dojo. Still, it is the future how Cobra Kai’s students will learn their favorite martial art when Sam Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fangs combine karate into their own personal style. All karate kids who use hybrid karate Samantha and Tory tat will only do Cobra Kai The fights of season 5 are even more exciting.

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Cobra Kai Season 4 is streamed on Netflix.

Cal Dodd X-Men animated series Wolverine

Wolverine actor recording for X-Men Disney + Revival show in new picture

About the author

John Orquiola
(2037 articles published)

John Orquiola is a features writer who has been with Screen Rant for the past four years. He began as an assistant director on various independent films. A lover of film and film theory, John wrote humorous film reviews on his blog Back of the Head that caught his eye on Screen Rant. John happily became the Star Trek guy at Screen Rant, directing feature coverage of the various Star Trek series, but he also writes on a wide range of topics from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Cobra Kai. His other big nerdy loves are British TV series like The Crown, Downton Abbey and Killing Eve. John can be found on Twitter @BackoftheHead for photos of his meal.

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Spider-Man Makes use of a Totally different, Extra Violent Preventing Type in No Approach Residence

Tom Holland says that in No Way Home, Spider-Man will use a more violent fighting style compared to his previous outings.

Tom Holland says he’s going to use a more violent fighting style Spider-Man: No way home.

At No Way Home, Peter Parker faces his greatest threat to date, when the Ghosts of bygone Spider-Men come back to chase him. To survive an attack from Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, The Lizard and Electro, the hero must break out the greatest weapon in his arsenal – his fists. “There are some fight scenes in this film that are very violent,” the actor told TV Globo. “And it’s a fighting style that’s different from what we’ve seen before. But what really is going to be seen is Spider-Man using his fists in a ‘fight-or-run’ situation.”

TIED TOGETHER: Spider-Man Producer Confirms Miles Morales’ Live Action Plans

I know I’m late, but …. translation
Tom: There are some fight scenes in this movie that are very violent. And it’s a fighting style that’s different from what we’ve seen so far. But really, you will see Spiderman using his fists in a fight or run situation. https://t.co/JBRl6j7bnu

– steph | ggrb Julien’s jacket (@ggsquadxoxo) November 29, 2021

In its five previous appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Holland’s Spider-Man has generally prioritized the use of web blasts against his enemies rather than his strength. This preference was highlighted throughout Spider-Man: Homecoming when Peter got access to the artificial intelligence of his suit. The AI, nicknamed Karen, gave Spider-Man an internal scanner that showed him how to defeat his enemies using various combat techniques. However, the sudden flow of new information overwhelmed Spider-Man and made it more difficult to perform certain tasks in combat.

TIED TOGETHER: Spider-Man: No Way Home Merch Reveals the Name of Doctor Strange’s Mysterious Box

Eventually, Peter became more comfortable with the potential of his suit and became a slightly more aggressive fighter. In Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man triggered the “instant kill mode” of his suit. which allowed him to take on Thanos and his henchmen. However, this was largely done via the robotic tentacles in his suit, which meant that Spidey’s fists stayed mostly by his sides.

While Holland’s Spider-Man is arguably the most passive Peter, its predecessors are also more likely to swing on a web than swing a fist at an enemy. For example, Tobey Maguire’s most significant battles in the original Spider-Man trilogy ended with his rivals defeating themselves. Green Goblin killed himself with his glider, Doc Ock drowned while preventing his own nuclear explosion and Venom jumped into a pumpkin bomb. Similarly, Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man villains came to an end on their own hands, albeit with a little help from Peter’s scientific prowess.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.

CONTINUE READING: Spider-Man: No Way Home reportedly contains a major [SPOILER] twist

Source: Twitter

Marvel Artist reveals Hawkeye’s scrapped high-tech Avengers: Endgame costume

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Henry Varona is a writer and comic book connoisseur who never seems to take himself too seriously. He has worked with Midtown Comics, Multiversity, and ScreenRant. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in comics and film along the way, but he’s never forgotten what makes entertainment special – the fans. He has a passion for wrestling, comics, action figures, and pineapple pizza. You can find him on Twitter at @HAVcomics.

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ABQ monetary advisor: Ideas for speaking about cash along with your children, preventing in opposition to inflation

Danielle death co

Updated: September 27, 2021 8:51 am

Created: September 27, 2021 8:49 AM

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Concerns about money is something many of us have experienced before, and rising inflation is making it more common. However, there are ways you can fight inflation and teach your children how to make good financial decisions.

David Hicks of the Oakmont Advisory Group discussed tips on every topic with Danielle Todesco on Monday morning.

Village of Bonita combating for federal cash

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – A mayor of a rural northeast Louisiana village in Washington, DC is fighting for money to buy infrastructure. The mayor of Bonita is committed to the reconstruction of small towns and villages.

Bonitas Mayor Virgil Penn has raised concerns. He says the village and other small towns need new water, sewer and drainage systems. Several small towns and villages face infrastructure problems. Some officials say they are often swept under the carpet, but they speak out in Bonita Village.

“We have the worst water in the world. We have the worst sewers in the world, ”said Pastor James Smith, director of economic development for The Village of Bonita.

He says smaller governments like Bonita want their fair share of federal funds.

“When we get this bill and start building our wells, sewer systems and drainage. We can compete with the world. We are not landlocked. We can compete with companies that come here, ”said Pastor Smith.

Mayor Penn says poor towns and cities are often overlooked. Because of this, village officials traveled to DC to speak directly to Senator Bill Cassidy and Congressman Julia Letlow.

“She’s excited about the program we’re implementing and she’s from Start, Louisiana, so we’re trying to bring this corridor of wards and parishes together,” said Virgil Penn, mayor of Bonita Village.

Bonita is one of many communities deemed to be tax-stricken by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office. So the infrastructure money can make or destroy local governments like this one.

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Loki’s Sylvie reveals what formed the character’s badass combating type

Sophia Di Martino wanted Sylvie to be different from Loki, right down to her fighting style.

Marvel Studios

Episode 3 of Loki featured the title Marvel Cinematic Universe The villain forges a dangerous alliance with his alternate timeline counterpart Sylvie, and the sparks flew when the two tricksters tried Escape a lost moon. It was our first proper look at Sylvie – who is determined to defeat the omniscient timekeeper – and she wowed fans for the fourth episode. who arrived at Disney Plus on Wednesday.

The character is played by the actor with mischievous energy Sophia Di Martinowho previously performed at Danny Boyle’s 2019 Beatles Celebration Yesterday, post-apocalyptic martial arts show To the badlands and a number of British drama series.

Keep your brain entertained with the coolest news from streaming to superheroes, memes to video games.

Loki is Di Martino’s first MCU role, so I was excited to talk to her about Zoom about her whirlwind audition, how she made Sylvie different from Tom Hiddleston’s iconic Loki and Episode 3 Moment of LGBTQI representation.

Here is a transcript of our conversation, which has been edited slightly for clarity.

Q: I love the way you play Sylvie so far, she is such a fascinating character. Can you tell me how you got to Loki?
Di Martino: Thank you. I had already worked with [director] Kate Herron and had a script to do an audition tape. It was a really short scene; I think the characters were called Bob and Sarah. And that was it – the shortest auditing process I think I have ever been through. I couldn’t do screening tests or callbacks or anything because I was heavily pregnant at the time.

I couldn’t travel either and Tom was in New York so we couldn’t meet in person and I found myself with Tom on FaceTime. Then I was cast shortly afterwards. I still have trouble wrapping my head around it. It’s crazy.

I remember interviews with Marvel actors who said they were sent large stacks of comics to read as they prepared for the roles. Did this happen to you?
To be honest, I didn’t have the time. Everything happened so fast. It wasn’t time to read a huge pile of comics. Kate sent me a few, but I can’t remember which ones without going home and checking.

Have you seen any non-Marvel films in preparation?
One of the films we watched as stunt references was Atomic blonde – the fight scenes in it are great. Charlize Theron is super powerful and fights like a man. We wanted Sylvie to be a bully; We didn’t want her to fight too elegantly because that’s Loki’s business. He moves so balletically, but Sylvie is more of a street fighter.

New movies are coming in 2021: Netflix, Marvel, and more

View all photos

What has been your experience with Marvel movies and Loki in particular?
I’ve watched a few films and I really enjoyed them. But to be honest, I didn’t know much. Tom taught me a lot through his Loki Lecture [which the actor uses to help new actors catch up] and, and just being around him – he knows so much. If I have a question about anything I can just ask Tom and most of the time he’ll know the answer.

Given the obvious relationship between your character and Tom, did his performance as Loki inspire you?
I think it was important to me to make Sylvie her own character. So I didn’t want to make an impression of Tom or try to copy his Loki – I’m terrible at impressions. I met Loki and did research, but I really started from scratch.

There are similarities, but a lot of it comes from the script and their energy. She’s also mischievous and anarchic in her own way – that kind of chaotic energy prevails. But I also wanted her to be her own person.

Loki and Sylvie with knife

Sylvie is not impressed with Loki’s cleverness.

Marvel Studios

That makes sense. Based on episode 3, it seemed like these were two people who had very different life experiences.
Sure they have. Loki grew up as a prince and Sylvie didn’t.

“Must it have been any would-be princesses, or maybe some other prince?” This line from episode 3 got a lot of feedback. And I know Kate Herron said that making Loki bisexual was one of the goals of the show. Did that put more weight on the line? It’s difficult to say.
I knew it was a really important portrayal for the show and that the comics talked about it for a long time with the mythology of Loki, so it was super important. But I only played line for line; I didn’t think we’d get so much attention while filming. What is good; I would have screwed it up.

Look at that:

What’s new in the stream for June 2021


Evaluate: Liam Neeson’s again, combating on skinny ice (actually) | Arts & Leisure

It’s fascinating to imagine Liam Neeson’s management team thinking about their next film. Maybe “Uber Express”? Maybe “Lyfted Up”?

Neeson and vehicles simply have something symbiotic – not just cars, but also airplanes (“Non-Stop”), S-Bahn (“The Commuter”) and even snow plows (“Cold Pursuit”).

And now in “The Ice Road”, This long-lived action hero, who is unlikely to push 70, is behind the wheel of a big old truck – not a regular truck, but a 65,000-pound rig. And of course not on normal roads. On icy roads, i.e. frozen lakes or oceans, where the thaw in spring brings treacherous conditions and one wrong move sends you straight into the icy abyss.

Fortunately, Neeson has the ability to give even the most superficial conspiracies its crude dignity – because this one is, it must be said, superficial. All you need to understand is three elements: good guys, bad guys – no subtlety here – and the fact that ice is very slippery and very cold and tends to melt in the sunshine. I have it?

In this latest edition of the Neeson Vehicle Canon, written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, Neeson is Mike McCann, a truck driver who is also the caretaker for his brother Gurty, a war veteran suffering from PTSD. Mike can’t hold on to one job for long – he’s had eleven jobs in eight years, and we see him get fired from his latest job after covering up a guy who makes fun of his brother’s wartime aphasia. But his luck might change.

A methane accident causes a diamond mine to explode in remote Manitoba, Canada, killing eight miners and trapping 26. There’s a 30-hour oxygen window, but rescuers need a wellhead first. The only way to get the wellhead to the mine is by truck.

But it’s April when the ice roads leading to the mine melt. No trucker would attempt such a suicide mission.

Responding to a warning from Jim Goldenrod, the organizer of the impossible rescue, Mike offers his driving skills (yes, Neeson still has special skills) and brother Gurty (Marcus Thomas) as an ace mechanic. The duo will soon be hired and is managed by Goldrenrod himself (Laurence Fishburne, unfortunately underutilized here) and Tantoo (Amber Midthunder), a spirited young driver for whom the job is more personal than financial – her brother is trapped in the mine.

In the convoy of three oil rigs is one more passenger: an insurance man from the company that operates the mine, apparently needed for his actuarial skills (Benjamin Walker, whose considerable acting talent is not really encouraged here, if you’ll excuse the pun).

In a movie that puts a lot of emphasis on great sets, but skims on character development and backstory, we know from the start who the good guys are – especially Mike and Gurty. We also know soon enough who the bad guys are; they are as cartoonish as possible. As for the ice cream, well, there’s a lot, and it’s getting thinner and thinner – what could be said of the plot in trying to get low-hanging fruit off the tree of potential puns.

The lyrics of the Johnny Cash song on the country-inspired soundtrack offer more low-hanging fruit: “All I do is drive, drive, drive”, it says (sung by Jason Isbell). “Try to stay alive.” And while you might think back to those lyrics as you watch Neeson’s Mike do just that – drive, drive, drive – you might also be focusing on the “living” part.

That’s because Neeson’s persistence as an action hero seems more noticeable over the years. Yes, he’s older and more fragile and paler here, and there isn’t even a hint of love interest – unless you count Mike’s believable love for his brother, the only developed relationship in the script. But just like Mike, he does the job, and he’s the reason to look at this.

The Ice Road, a Netflix publication, was rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for “strong language and sequences of plot and violence. “Running time: 103 minutes. Two out of four stars.

MPAA Definition of PG-13: Parents Strongly Warned. Some materials may not be suitable for children under the age of 13.

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Humane Society works to lift cash for puppies combating Parvovirus

COLORADO SPRINGS – Two puppies are battling parvoviruses at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPR) and staff are seeking help from the community.

The Humane Society has tried to stay one step ahead of the virus for years, and most recently this week. A family of seven pups was rescued from Calhan, all of which were infected with Parvo.

“We took them to the animal emergency room and they could get this care overnight. Unfortunately, two of the puppies in the animal emergency room died. But our animal welfare authorities brought the rest of the family back here in the morning to humane society, which is where we started treating them here, ”Gretchen Pressley, Community Relations at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

The family of five became a family of three on Wednesday. A mother and her two pups are the only ones still alive.

“Unfortunately, Parvo can be a very serious, very fatal disease for young puppies with their already weakened immune systems. It takes a lot of resources to treat in an animal shelter and in any setting, ”said Pressley.

Although they are still fighting, the shelter staff believe they might be some of the lucky ones as many dogs fight the virus each year.

In 2020, HSPPR treated 59 cases of the virus in Colorado Springs and its facility treated 42 cases in Pueblo. Of the cases, 17 were fatal.

“We’ve had a lot of cases here where we didn’t get access to the puppy quickly enough and we couldn’t rescue them like we did with some of these puppies,” said Pressley.

Canine Parvovirus is a contagious virus that mainly affects dogs. It is transmitted from dog to dog through direct or indirect contact with their feces. Parvo can be extremely dangerous in animal shelters as it could easily spread if not contained.

Pressley said vaccines could have prevented many of the cases.

“Please make sure your dogs are vaccinated. It can prevent Parvos very well, otherwise it can be fatal in young dogs if not treated early enough, ”said Pressley.

The cost of treating a dog with parvo can vary depending on how much help they need. The price can range from a few hundred dollars to over $ 1,000.

“Parvo needs so many resources. So we’re asking the community for their help in donating to care for these pups and their mothers, ”said Pressley.

To donate, visit the Humane Society’s Facebook Page.

Preventing For A Half in Leisure’s Future

After last week’s Discovery and WarnerMedia news, one of the biggest questions is what happens next for everyone else?

The answer came quickly: Amazon bought MGM in a deal valued at $8.45 billion. Amazon’s intentions are to try and turn some of MGM’s most recognizable brands (Robocop, Rocky, etc) into better performing franchises. (How that affects James Bond is….complicated.) While critics, including some politicians, point to the acquisition as an example of Amazon having too much power — even if this merger doesn’t fall outside of antitrust practices — it’s a part of where entertainment is headed next. Consolidation comes for nearly everyone at some point.

Think of it like CEOs strapping an Infinity Gauntlet to their arm, trying to collect all the Infinity Stones so they can control the outcome of the future.

Understanding philosophies behind these massive mergers and acquisitions also helps us understand what the future of entertainment looks like. Netflix is looking to expand into video games, an industry that co-CEO Reed Hastings referred to as “a great and interesting area” back in June 2020. Now, the company is looking for an executive to oversee development in that area. Whether that means acquiring a studio or hiring an in-house team is unknown, but Netflix wants to build out its audience base, tackling one of its biggest competitors — Fortnite.


The big question is what does this mean for the future of entertainment? Is it more Discovery-WarnerMedia type mergers, or is it massive companies expanding into new markets to reach their audiences across multiple platforms? There are three different types of deals we’re likely to see, not all equal in strength:

  1. Complementary deals that rely on franchise strength to create an undeniable product

  2. “Free” bundling that strengthens a core product

  3. Totally new ventures outside a core business that drives a bigger ecosystem for customers to live in

King Shark Can Now Host Shark Week

The most likely mergers and acquisitions we’ll see over the next little bit are going to arrive as a direct result of what’s happened over the last few weeks.

WarnerMedia is with Discovery. Amazon has MGM. Univision merged with Mexico’s Televiva in a deal valued at $4.8 billion. All will give their streaming services and entertainment businesses a more appealing catalogue of content and potential franchises that can help scale — and that’s the word of the last few years. Companies want to grow; now, they need to scale (hitting wild numbers), as fast as possible. For example, HBO Max is a general-premium streaming service that wants to be in 200 million homes, and Discovery caters to more “niche” interests. Combining those two helps create a necessary product, not just an optional one.

Reality is hard to face sometimes. The majority of mergers fail, according to the Harvard Business Review. Roughly 70 to 80% of all mergers end up falling apart. (This reminds me slightly of a Grey’s Anatomy episode where George is optimistic about being on the code team until he learns that more than 90% of code patients die.) AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV failed spectacularly. AOL and Time Warner failed. Vivendi’s complicated acquisition of Universal was an absolute disaster. News Corp., the company behind Fox News, bought MySpace in 2005 and, well, we know what happened with MySpace.

But, again, not all deals are equal, and where some fail, others succeed. Take Amazon possibly buying MGM. The bigger that acquisition is, the more obvious the high-growth potential (the $$ reason it’s being bought) needs to be. When AT&T agreed to spend more than $85 billion on WarnerMedia, it needed to prove that owning an entertainment conglomerate would help its core product or stand on its own as a lucrative business. The issue with AT&T, a phone company first and foremost, buying WarnerMedia at a time when Hollywood was going through a revolutionary moment, was that WarnerMedia didn’t fit into a high-growth potential category.

Justice League Snyder Cut: All the Hidden Easter Eggs and Clues in the Mother Box Origins Clip

Zack Snyder has shared a new Mother Box Origins Clip for IGN Fan Fest 2021, and it is filled with Easter Eggs and nods to the history of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. 
The imagery of this Mother Box resembles the Source Wall from DC’s Fourth World comics. The Source Wall is a giant barrier surrounding the universe and separating it from the cosmic energy field known as the Source. The Source Wall is littered with the bodies of countless dead gods from eons past. They’re all chained together and trapped in poses of pain and anguish, not unlike the Justice League characters seen here. Is this simply a reminder of Snyder’s take on DC’s heroes as godlike figures dealing with operatic tragedy? Or is it a tease that the Snyder Cut will delve deeper into the mythology of the New Gods than fans are expecting?
From the iconic Bat-Signal to what looks to be the Kent’s farmhouse where Superman grew up – to far deeper cuts – we’ve gathered each and every Easter Egg and clue in the slideshow below. <br />” src=”https://assets-prd.ignimgs.com/2021/02/27/batman-1614450933217-1614452284253.png?width=888&crop=16%3A9&quality=20&dpr=0.05″ class=”jsx-2920405963 progressive-image image jsx-2126225085 expand loading”/></p>
<p>At least, not for many years. Think of it like this: AT&T executives’ entire philosophy was that WarnerMedia could help grow its broadband and mobile businesses through vertical integration. Basically, owning WarnerMedia and lining that up with a massive phone business would keep people on AT&T, or help bring new customers over. Core to that plan was launching a streaming service — HBO Max. </p>
<p>Except that streaming services take billions of dollars of investment, and even the biggest winners take years to reach real profitability. Executives were already staring down the barrel of massive debt load, jumping to <a target=more than $170 billion in debt with one purchase. WarnerMedia, even with its arsenal of strong franchises and a premium network like HBO, wasn’t Disney. It wasn’t a necessity for families, and at $15 a month, it was the most expensive of any streaming services. Plus, cable is a dwindling business and WarnerMedia was left trying to figure out how to cater to 90 million customers who were at risk of cutting the cord.

Successful mergers and acquisitions bring in complementary assets that will help drive considerable growth; Discovery and WarnerMedia make sense, AT&T and WarnerMedia don’t.

Verizon and T-Mobile Want to Give You Shit for “Free”

What we’re likely to see much more of is distributors like Verizon and T-Mobile working with content groups like Disney or The Athletic to offer “free” subscriptions as part of mobile, internet, and cable packages.

Like amenities that credit card companies offer, this makes sense for telecoms. They don’t want to buy and run Disney, nor are they trying to get into the digital media business with companies like The Athletic or the New York Times. What they do want to do, however, is use those streaming services to drive their broadband and mobile usage. It’s complementary, like a merger, but there’s little financial risk from the telecoms.

Unlike major players in the main entertainment space, distributors like Verizon and T-Mobile can also take advantage of complementary services across a wide spectrum of interests. Music, news, entertainment, media, and more become a benefit to telecom giants who want their customers to stay and use more of the broadband or wireless access they’re paying for.

Alex Sherman, a reporter at CNBC, has an excellent breakdown on this:

As part of Verizon’s unlimited data packages, $35 per month (plus taxes and fees) gives customers six months free of Disney+, Apple Music, and Discovery+.

Bump up to $45 a month, and Verizon offers Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ as part of the package for as long as customers stay with the wireless company, along with 12 months of Discovery+. At $60 per month, Apple Music is included indefinitely. For 5G customers with select unlimited plans, Verizon also offered 12 months of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now late last year.

As Sherman points out, this seems like the most logical step forward. Telecom giants get the best advantages of partnering with a highly sought out media partner without the financial risk. Use Verizon as a case study. The company bought a bunch of digital media properties (Huffington Post, Tumblr) and even launched its own streaming service of sorts — Verizon Go90. All of those failed to generate meaningful revenue for Verizon, and Go90 is now a meme in certain circles.

These deals make sense for everyone involved. The content companies get additional sign ups (crucial for keeping Wall Street happy), and the distributors see an increase in usage and potentially new happy clients on the 5G side. It doesn’t cost $100 billion, and if the partnership doesn’t work out, there’s an expiration date in sight.

Netflix Makes Games Now

Just as I was sitting down to write this column, a report suggested that Netflix was trying to get into gaming.

This is the third type of move we’ll see — and arguably the most important. Companies that really want to lean into the audience-first, multi-platform strategy. Netflix’s co-CEO Reed Hastings has long said that its biggest competitors are Fortnite and YouTube. In turn, Netflix is now looking to create a mini, more controlled YouTube Lite app (N Plus) and is reaching out to potential gaming industry veterans who can oversee a push into gaming.

Another example of this is Apple and Amazon. Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade are meant to reach audiences wherever their interests lie. Apple wants to meet them on their TV set, on their phone, in their stereo, or on their tablet, and give them everything they need all within one company. The company even created a bundle — Apple One — to make it slightly cheaper, accessible, and more appealing. Amazon has Prime Video, Twitch, Prime Music, and others to effectively do the same thing.

Apple and Amazon want your monthly payment — and your attention — so it’s not going elsewhere.

Best Apple Arcade Games

This strategy is largely referred to as ecosystem driving. If a customer is in the ecosystem, it’s much harder to leave it. Apple created Apple One not only in an effort to drive its services business, one that chief financial officer Luca Maestri spoke to as being key to the company’s future back in 2017, but also to ensure that when iPhone or iPad customers go to update, they stay using Apple products. Amazon is all about Prime; even Amazon Film Studios head, Jen Salke, has publicly spoken about initiatives within their own program to drive Prime subscriptions.

If done right, every part of the ecosystem will eventually drive enough revenue to create substantial profit for the company. Apple TV+ would drive subscriptions that pay for the films and TV shows being made, for example. Amazon Prime Video would drive a good amount of Prime Video subscriptions — something we don’t know if it currently does because Amazon doesn’t release breakdowns of its subscriptions.

Until that starts to happen (Apple TV+’s lineup of shows and films is getting better all the time), if the ecosystem just prevents people from switching over to a competitor, Apple and Amazon can start to build a stable foundation for recurring revenue. For this to work, however, it takes companies with sizable revenue, meaning they can take the initial cost hit that comes with acquiring, launching, and maintaining a new product.

Another great example is Facebook. Whether it’s Facebook Gaming or Facebook Watch, a big part of Facebook’s strategy is trying to keep you engaged on the site. The more engagement the company has, the more attractive it looks to advertisers, which means the more revenue it brings in. Facebook wants to steal attention (and advertisements) away from competitors like Twitch and YouTube, owned by Amazon and Google respectively, who alongside Facebook control nearly all advertising on the internet.

Ecosystems can be lucrative. Amazon’s various entities seem to work for driving and keeping Prime subscribers. But ecosystems require big spending. If it works, the result can be extremely rewarding. If it fails, the consequences can be devastating.

Why Does This Matter?

Mergers and acquisitions are fun “what if?” games to play. They don’t always come to fruition (more often than not, they don’t), but it’s amusing to think about what the next wave of entertainment and media can look like.

If you’re a comic book fan, the idea of Disney owning both Marvel and DC is a fun thought; if you’re a Nickelodeon fan who likes to watch a lot of shows on Netflix, the concept of ViacomCBS merging with Netflix is pretty cool. If you’re a Bond fan and want to watch a lot of it on Amazon Prime Video, well, you’re likely in luck.

These moves have a direct impact on how and where we watch what we do. That’s the simple gist of it. Understanding who controls that, and why they’d want to control it, is vital.

Couple nonetheless preventing to have cash returned from Financial institution of America

NOCATEE, Fla. – A First Coast couple are still trying to get their money back on their own back.

It’s a story that First Coast News first covered a little over a week ago, and the response has been huge.

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Not only did the online version generate 10 times more pageviews than any other story for days, but Jessica and David Broda have also stated that they have been inundated with comments in person.

“We had an overwhelming response from people all over the country,” says Jessica Broda. “As you know, the story just got out all over the place. I’ve received emails from strangers […] old friends, my son’s teachers, a couple of nurses I’ve never met from other hospitals. “

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The Brodas, both nurses, fought for their $ 35,000 from Bank of America three years ago after accidentally depositing their son’s bank account. Known as the Coogan Trust, the account is required by every California child actor to protect their earnings from predatory guardians.

In the case of 6-year-old Jacob Broda, he made a single appearance as a toddler before his family moved to Florida. The $ 80 balance in their account remained unchanged and unaffected until the couple bought and returned a faulty Lexus in June 2018. While Jessica Broda deposited the check for $ 35,000 on the Bank of America app, she accidentally deposited it with the Coogan Trust.

Three years later, Bank of America is still refusing to return the money. The couple is suing for their money to be returned.

The story resonated with thousands of other people.

“I didn’t know how many people had so much anger against this bank,” said Jessica Broda. “That was very surprising. And it was also very sad because so many people had so many financial problems with the bank and were walking around all over the place. And after they saw that, me and my husband and you know our lawyers you know “We don’t want them to get away with harming people over and over, it’s just not right.”

The bank declined repeated requests for comment on the original story. Given the viral response, the story has been picked up by First Coast News’ sister stations in Dallas, Minneapolis, and Atlanta, among others. First Coast News asked for comment again, but the bank officials did not respond.

Broda says she isn’t surprised. They too are getting “radio silence” from the bank, but she said the community’s response has just redoubled their determination to hold the bank accountable.

“I’m tired of the way they treat people, I’m tired of the way they’ve treated me for the past three years,” said Broda. “I feel like we have a lot of wind in our sails right now. It feels really good to have so much support from the community and we’re just very grateful for that.”