Carlsbad ‘Sandlot Gang’ elevating cash for his or her very personal area of goals

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Two iconic sports films collide in Carlsbad when some kids in the foothills who call themselves “The Sandlot Gang” turned an empty lot into their baseball field.

“We just wanted to make a good field and play,” said Owen Siegel, a founding member of the Sandlot gang. “There were a lot of bad hops so we tried to get most of them out.”

At first glance, an underdeveloped lot at the northeast end of El Camino Real and Cannon Road looked like an eyesore. Filled with branches, weeds, twigs and some trash.

However, leave it to a child’s imagination to turn a field of dreams into reality.

“I just thought it was like a littered old field, a few bats and old trees for fences,” said Griffin Blake, another member of the Sandlot gang.

“It took a really long time to rake it and get all the stuff you need to put that stuff down,” said his brother Will Blake.

Located at the foot of Carlsbad, these children, ages 7 to 12, spent their entire summer turning an empty lot into their favorite afternoon hangout.

“My main thing is that we built this – this is ours,” said Kai Gougeon, another member of the Sandlot gang. “There weren’t many people who started building, but now there are so many people who love to play here.”

From picking weeds, doing extra chores, and even opening a lemonade stand, these kids have raised more than $ 200. Use it for bases, some lazy poles, and a small recycled outside fence.

Now they need help from San Diego County to complete this passion project and open a Venmo account @CarlsbadSandlot.

To learn more about the Sandlot Gang, click the video above.


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Ford poaches prime tech government Doug Area who helped lead Apple’s top-secret automobile venture

Ford Motor Co. is showing a new 2021 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck at Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan on September 17, 2020.

Rebecca Cook | Reuters

DETROIT – Ford engine said Tuesday it has hired earlier Tesla and Apple Executive Doug Field to direct its new technology efforts, a focus for the automaker as part of its new Ford + turnaround to plan.

Field – who directed the development of Teslas Model 3 – most recently as Vice President for Special Projects Apple, which allegedly included the tech giant’s titanium car project.

The hiring is a great addition to Ford and a huge achievement for Apple and his company secret car project, which the company has yet to confirm exists.

“I think every time you lose a respected, seasoned manager who, as we can see, really led Apple’s automotive efforts, it’s a blow to any company,” says Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, who owns the iPhone -Manufacturer covers. said CNBCs “Closing bell.”

Apple said in an email statement, “We are grateful for the contributions Doug has made to Apple and we wish him all the best for this next chapter.”

Ford said Field will assume the new position of Chief Advanced Technology and Embedded Systems Officer. He will lead Ford’s vehicle control, enterprise connectivity, functions, integration and validation, architecture and platform, driver assistance technology and digital development tools.

“His talent and dedication to innovating that improve customers’ lives will be invaluable as we grow our Ford + plan to deliver great products, lasting customer relationships and constantly improving user experiences,” said Ford CEO Jim Farley in a statement. “We are thrilled that Doug has decided to join Ford and write the next great chapter of this great company.”

Field, who will report to Farley, began his career at Ford in 1987, according to his LinkedIn profile. He then held positions at Johnson & Johnson, Deka Research & Development and Segway before joining Apple in 2008. After more than five years with the tech giant, he moved to Tesla before returning to Apple in 2018.

In 2016, Apple reportedly abandoned plans to build its own car and focused more on developing the software for autonomous driving. Field’s recent assignment at Apple was seen by industry insiders as an indication that the company is thinking about building its own vehicles again.

His most recent stint at Apple was seen by some industry insiders as a re-emphasis on vehicle design after the company realigned its efforts towards autonomous driving software.

Field declined to speak about his work at Apple, but said there was “nothing that prevents me from working full-time at Ford” when asked if his former employer had forced him to sign a nondisclosure agreement sign.

“Apple does not talk about new products, and I will not talk about my work at Apple,” he said on Tuesday during a phone call with reporters. “But nothing prevents me from becoming fully involved with Ford, and I look forward to capitalizing on everything I have from all of the teams I’ve worked with and from all of the companies I’ve been privileged to work with To be part, to use. ” from.”

Field said he chose Ford after speaking with executives at the company and realizing there was a “deep desire” to transform the automotive industry, particularly with connected vehicles.

Connected vehicles are a key part of Ford’s new turnaround plan, which aims to reposition the automaker to generate more recurring revenue through software services.

Farley described the setting of the field as a “watershed moment” for the automaker. It follows Ford chairman Bill Ford, who told CNBC the automaker would announce new leaders to Farley’s management team.

– CNBCs Kevin Stankiewicz and Kif Leswing contributed to this report

Area of Desires Recreation: Methods to win $10,000 of David Ortiz’s cash with Tremendous 6

By Kevin Cooney
Special on FOX Sports

In one of the strongest moments of the 1989 film “Field of Dreams”, Terrence Mann – the character played by James Earl Jones – tells Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) about the enduring legacy of baseball.

“They will watch the game and it will be like they are immersed in magical water,” said Mann. “The memories will be so thick they’ll have to wipe them off their faces. People will come, Ray. The only constant in all these years, Ray, was baseball. “

It has been 32 years since the iconic ballpark in an Iowa cornfield became the Field of Dreams part of American life. On Thursday evenings (6 p.m. ET, FOX), Major League Baseball becomes Hawkeye State with a game between New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in a specially built 8,000-seat stadium next to the film’s landmark.

The Field of Dreams game is a celebration of the game that happens to include two of the sport’s hottest teams. The Yankees are thanking for an increase in the post-trade period Aaron Richter and society. The White Sox are running away with the AL Central, aiming for home advantage in the playoffs and now they have Eloy Jimenez back to support an already strong attack.

And while you watch the Field of Dreams game on Thursday night on FOX, you can win a lot yourself for free with FOX Super 6. Simply answer six questions correctly about the game payout and you could win $ 10,000 of David Ortiz’s cash.

It’s free and easy to play – just download the FOX Super 6 app from your phone or tablet, make your selections, and turn on!

Here are the questions for Thursday night’s game, with a little glimpse to help you make your selection.

How many home runs are hit in total?
The options: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+

The dimensions in the Custom Stadium are nothing out of the ordinary – 335 feet in the lines, 380 to the gaps, 400 to the dead center. The only wild card is that there is no “superstructure” like a normal stadium to either knock down a ball to keep it in the park or to give it an artificial jet stream to fly out on.

In this respect, this could be similar to a spring training game – and the ball flies in spring training stages. Also, both lineups can hit and the Iowa weather forecast for Thursday night calls for temperatures in the high 90s. Usually this means “firedamp”.

How many runs are counted in total?
The options: 0-3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8+

The White Sox lineup has been exhausted from injury for much of the season, but Chicago still has about five runs per game. The Yankees have been largely inconsistent but have recently shown the ability to produce great offensive games during this rematch.

That number could go high – and keep in mind that at FOX Bet, most MLB game totals are over / under at least 8 runs, if not 9 or 10.

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How many total strikeouts are thrown?
The options: 0-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 or 15+

The White Sox pitching staff started Tuesday with the most combined strikeouts thrown by a team of 1,120 majors – one more than that Swindler and brewer. The Yankees pitching team threw the second-most in the American League into action on Tuesday behind Chicago. Even when it comes to committed breaths, the lineups of both teams are in the upper half of the sport. There is also an unfamiliar environment and the temptation to take it easy.

In other words – think of a large number.

Who will have the winning pitcher and how many innings will he pitch?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with different ranges from 1/3 of an inning to 6+ innings

Both teams tend to use their bullpens effectively, and in competitive games like this, it’s not uncommon for starters to be drawn fairly early.

Hence, a relief that throws towards the lower end of the scale is a good choice here.

Which team gets more runs and how many does it get?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

It would feel like a safe bet that this game could end up being one of those where the grand total of winnings could break out into double digits. The White Sox might have the upper hand in the sense that Carlos Rodon is a far more established starter and could do a better job of keeping the Yankee bats at bay early on.

Which team wins and with how many runs?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

Forget the peculiarity of the place for a second – although with the incredible optics it is certainly difficult to do. This is a crucial game for two teams with legitimate World Series aspirations.

It could also be a potential Division Series matchup should the Yankees receive the wild card. This is also the young White Sox’s first really big national gig, and they could thrive in it.

All in all? It should be fun.

Play the FOX Super 6 Field of Dreams game for your chance to win $ 10,000 from David Ortiz’s cash! Just download the Super 6 app on your phone or mobile device, make your selections for Thursday’s game, tune in and see the action.

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Marlboro resident making mark in leisure area with ‘can do’ perspective

As a resident of Marlboro Andrew Suydam came to an independent film set to cast a role as an extra, he also got a leadership role with a new streaming platform.

Suydam, 29, is the chief producer of live events for MOBFI-TV, a streaming service named for the media to which it is dedicated (cellular, film and television). In his position he is responsible for comedy specials, concerts and congress reporting as well as the animation of the platform.

Started in March 2020, MOBFI-TV has undergone a content expansion this year with the participation of Suydam. Before he secured his current position, Suydam was on the lowest production level of the platform.

It was summer 2020 and the production of “Love Dave” had just started when Suydam showed up for a bar scene.

His appearance came at the request of Mike Mazza, a social media friend and lead actor, who posted a message on Facebook looking for extras. Suydam had never met Mazza before that day, but the sight of the post made him take part in Love Dave.

What followed was the first face-to-face meeting between Suydam and Mazza, which might have been their last meeting if Suydam had left for the day with the other extras.

Instead, Suydam was willing to take another risk with someone he had just met. He stayed back to speak to the film’s director, Marcus Reyes, and made an offer for a bigger role on Love Dave.

The offer was not for a major acting role as Suydam’s main skill was in a different area.

During Suydam’s standby to achieve resulted in a meeting with Reyes. That commitment was complemented by something that would grab Reyes’ attention: Suydam’s decades of manufacturing expertise and a lifelong passion for creating projects.

“I’ve always wanted to be a content creator,” says Suydam. “I’ve always wanted to do something, bring it out and let people criticize it.”

Speaking from his home in Marlboro in a room adorned with movie and television memorabilia, Suydam described how he spent many years making videos, drawing cartoons, and filming live events such as bar mitzvahs, weddings, and plays.

He had built an impressive and creative résumé, but he hadn’t found the industry connections he needed to advance his career.

Despite its place outside the entertainment world, Suydam stood firm in creating its own material. He once had an opportunity to work in the larger industry while interning at Nickelodeon under Nick Cannon.

Cannon was Suydam’s celebrity boss, but he was far from being Suydam’s only celebrity encounter.

Suydam often met celebrities at events, autograph sessions and on the street, which often led to positive and sometimes less positive encounters.

While these experiences were meant for fun only, they were the accidental ignition to get into the industry after Mazza, an aspiring actor, saw Suydam’s celebrity photos.

“When I saw him meet all of these celebrities, I was hoping he would pair me up,” Mazza said.

It was through Mazza that Suydam had his first real connection in Reyes. Their first meeting was followed by a phone call during which Suydam presented his previous work.

“We got along very quickly, very well,” said Suydam. “He was very impressed with what I could do.”

One of the videos submitted by Suydam was “The Unsuspecting”, a short film that he made in 2013. The film was shot in 48 hours for a film festival at Brookdale Community College in Middletown, where it took second place and won an award for best editing.

But aside from showing off his skills to Reyes, Suydam believes they are connected through their common goals.

“[Reyes] asked me what I wanted to do, ”he said. “I said I just want to do content.”

After talking to them, Reyes realized that Suydam would be a valuable addition to “Love Dave”.

“He shared his ideas, I mean, and we realized that we can definitely work together,” said Reyes.

Suydam became the producer on Love Dave and was responsible for ensuring the cast and crew arrived on time, planning locations and dates, and confirming that those around them understood their roles.

At Reyes’ request, he did camera, light, and audio work and provided special effects.

The production of the film was concise. Reyes said the script, which emerged from a conversation between him and Mazza, was completed in a day.

Filming took place in the summer and fall of 2020 at locations in Jersey Shore and White Plains, NY. In November “Love Dave” was released digitally. And because all the scenes filmed before Suydam’s arrival had to be re-shot, Reyes thought Suydam was part of the bigger picture.

Efficient production took place despite the fact that the film (according to Suydam’s admission) had no budget and was shot during the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, Suydam found that the pandemic made it easier for the small cast and small team to film in locations that would otherwise have been open to the public and would have resulted in more people attending.

Marked during 2020 The end of “Love Dave” did not mean the end of Suydam’s work with Reyes. Before Reyes started working on Love Dave, he created a more ambitious project – MOBFI-TV.

“Marcus wanted to do MOBFI-TV because Netflix, Hulu, Hollywood and everyone else have red tape,” Mazza said. “If you bring them something, they can refuse it because they don’t like it, they can cancel you. Marcus wanted to avoid all of that and we are filming original content so there are no rules for us. If we do a TV series, it can run as long as we want. “

MOBFI-TV was scheduled to launch before Reyes met Suydam – “Love Dave” was original content for the service – but the experience of working with Suydam convinced Reyes to take him on as the project grew.

“I realized he knows a lot about what he’s doing,” Reyes said. “I could trust him to take on the role of producing projects for MOBFI-TV. He was always one step ahead and, as I have seen, he was always on point in everything he did. “

In line with his previous experience, Suydam was responsible for the live events and animation of the platform. And perhaps most importantly, he maintains unity among his teammates.

“It’s our moral compass,” said Joey Sousa, a chief producer for the service. “He is the heart of the group. We have become a band of brothers with our strengths and weaknesses, but Andrew holds us together. He controls the chaos by keeping us all on track. And he’s really nice. “

Suydam has shown his generosity towards the MOBFI-TV team by once again going beyond his responsibilities.

In addition to the animated introduction for “Dat’s Slamin”, a MOBFI TV series with Sousa, he created merchandise to promote the platform.

Suydam proudly displayed the MOBFI TV shirt he designed and worn, while Sousa showed the “Dat’s Slamin ‘” stickers he made.

In his new role, Suydam tries to help people with whom he was previously friends. Among them is Vinnie Brand, the owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick.

While MOBFI-TV wants to show a lot of comedy acts, there will be a special section dedicated to the Stress Factory.

Another comedian Suydam contacted was Paul Venier, who joined for MOBFI-TV.

Venier shared how Suydam would bring crowds to his live shows and now Suydam is hoping to attract a larger audience to his work.

In addition to comedy specials, Venier will be seen in his first serious role in the upcoming thriller series “Secret Society”. Suydam believes Venier was born for the role.

“I know he’s always wanted to do something like this, so it’s really his dream to be part of a project,” Venier said of Suydam. “I’m happy for him.”

Since MOBFI-TV wants to expand in 2021, Suydam is looking for more creative minds – provided they bring the same commitment, passion and ambition as he did in summer 2020.

“I’m very lenient, but you have to give me a chance,” he said. “If you keep saying ‘no’ to me, I can’t use you. But I’m still very generous. I like to help people, especially in this difficult business. “

If Suydam hadn’t been helping a Facebook friend (Mazza) he’d never met, he wouldn’t have met Reyes.

If Suydam hadn’t offered to take on more responsibility without being asked, he probably wouldn’t have joined Reyes’ team.

But that commitment has led Suydam to take up his greatest creative stance to date, with full support from the rest of MOBFI-TV.

“I love working with him,” Reyes said of Suydam. “He understands the vision of the project, he understands what is needed and is always there and very reliable. As a team, we have a great relationship. “

Former trainer accused of stealing area journey cash

CNN – Regional

From WALA employees

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MOBIL, Alabama (WALA) – A Mobile County woman has come into conflict with the law and is accused of stealing money while teaching at Taylor White Elementary School.

Amanda Brown Hall was jailed in Metro Prison on Wednesday and faced two ethics violation charges. Bond was set at $ 5,000 for each charge. Records show that she connected about two hours later.

Hall was indicted by a Mobile County grand jury in May. The prosecutor’s office said the investigation began in 2019.

The indictment states, “Hall has withheld, converted, and / or misappropriated funds, cash, currencies, and / or funds collected for a school excursion (s).”

It’s unclear how much money Hall is accused of theft or whether she has a lawyer.

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French Open prize cash: How a lot will the winners make in 2021? Purse, breakdown for area

As the temperatures rise, so does the action at the second tennis grand slam of the year. Roland Garros goes into week two with some of the biggest names still targeting the La Coupe des Mousquetaires (men) or the Suzanne Lenglen Cup (women).

In addition to winning two of the sport’s greatest trophies, the winner will also receive prize money. After a reduction in the prize money for the 2020 edition (when the tournament was held in the fall due to the pandemic), the 2021 wallet for Paris was also reduced by 10.53 percent.

What is the French Open wallet for 2021?

In 2020 the purse was $ 45.69 million and in 2021 it is fixed at $ 41.95 million. It’s a drop of $ 6,977,070 from last year’s wallet.

How much money does the winner get?

The masters in men’s and women’s singles will earn roughly $ 1.69 million everyone. Last year, Iga Swiatek became Poland’s first individual Grand Slam champion. In the men’s category, Rafael Nadal added his 13th win at Roland Garros and the 20th Grand Slam title of his career to his trophy case. The couple won $ 1.9 million each

The men’s and women’s doubles champions win $ 289,235 while the mixed doubles champions win $ 148,523

Breakdown of the prize money for the 2021 French Open

Although the total has shifted, if a player loses in qualifying or the first two rounds, they will receive the same amount as in last year’s tournament.

Men’s and women’s singles

place Prize money
winner $ 1.69 million
runner up $ 907,880
Semi-finalists $ 453,940
Quarter finalists $ 308,679
Round 4 $ 205,786
Round 3 $ 136,787
round 2 $ 101,683
Round 1 $ 72,630
Round 3 qualification $ 30,989
Round 2 qualification 2 $ 19,368
Round 1 qualification 1 $ 12,105

Men’s and women’s doubles

The prize money of the double winners has also suffered a blow this year, but again there is an increase in pay for those eliminated in the first rounds.

place Prize money
winner $ 289,235
Runner-up $ 170,577
Semi-finalists $ 100,339
Quarter finalists $ 59,024
Round 3 $ 34,720
round 2 $ 20,423
Round 1 $ 13,616

mixed double

In 2021, the winning couple will take home $ 148,523. First round to quarter finalists stagnated from year to year.

place Prize money Yes
winner $ 148,523
Runner-up $ 74,261
Semi-finalists $ 37,739
Quarter finalists $ 21,305
Round 16 $ 12,174

This is how it is broken down at every major tournament.

All figures in USD.

Australian Open prize money

Total: $ 61.95 million

Winner: $ 2.13 million
Runner-up: $ 1.16 million
Semi-finalist: $ 656,854.50
Quarter final game: $ 405,704.25
First round: $ 77,290

Wimbledon prize money

The championships were canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, but here are the numbers for 2019.

Total: $ 51.88 million

Winner: $ 3.2 million
Runner-up: $ 1.6 million
Semi-finalist: $ 813,114.53
Quarter final game: $ 405,782.87
First round: $ 61,951.58

US Open Prize Money Open

Total: $ 53.4 million

Winner: $ 3 million
Runner-up: $ 1.5 million
Semi-finalists: $ 800,000
Quarter Finalists: $ 425,000
First round: $ 61,000

Robbie Williams and Ayda Discipline get first COVID-19 vaccines | Leisure

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field had their first COVID-19 vaccines.

Ayda, 41, documented her and her husband’s trip to the Los Angeles vaccination center on social media.

The beauty released a clip of herself and Robbie asking the singer, “What’s going on?”

The hitmaker ‘Let Me Entertain You’ replied: “We’re about to be vaccinated.”

Ayda also added the Let’s Get Vaccinated Instagram sticker to her posts to encourage her followers to get the trick.

Meanwhile, in January it was reported that Robbie had tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to chat with Ayda and the couple’s four children – Theodora, eight, Charlton, six, Colette, two, and while on vacation in St. Barts Beau – self-isolating 14 months.

A source said: “Robbie was pretty sick. He’s limited to the mansion he lives in with his family. It’s not exactly the worst place in the world to be quarantined, even though he can’t go to the beach . He has to stay. ” Quarantine for up to 14 days. “

The former Take That singer previously recalled getting down on his knees and “praying” after developing coronavirus symptoms after a canceled gig in Australia while he was in quarantine as he was genuinely afraid for his life .

Robbie, 47, said, “When I landed back in Los Angeles it was unusually cloudy and gray, and what felt about everything felt very apocalyptic.

“I was quarantined at an Airbnb down the street from my family and started worrying about food because my medication was running out … and was only very anxious for a few days.

“Then I could feel my body getting sluggish and tired and heavy and I made sure that I had got coronavirus.”

Cate Blanchett to star in Todd Area film TAR | Leisure

Cate Blanchett is said to be in “TAR”.

The 51-year-old actress will team up with director Todd Field on the drama film he wrote and will be responsible for Focus Features.

According to the deadline, the film is slated to begin production in September, but the details of the plot are being kept under wraps for now.

Blanchett is currently filming Eli Roth’s “Borderlands,” a large-format adaptation of the best-selling video game.

She will star in the upcoming film alongside Edgar Ramirez, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Greenblatt, Florian Munteanu, Haley Bennett and Jack Black.

Roth recently said: “What an incredible honor to have an actor of Edgar’s caliber, talent and charisma play against Cate Blanchett and this remarkable cast.

“Atlas has to be a really magnetic personality, someone with charisma and charm, but that threatening atmosphere.” I’ve been a fan of Edgar since his early appearances and he keeps surprising me with every dramatic twist.

“We want to create something wild, funny and very different from anything you’ve seen Edgar before. I’m so excited to be working with him.”

Blanchett and Black previously worked with Roth on the 2018 fantasy film “The House with the Clock in the Walls” – and the director is delighted that Black will cast the role of the sarcastic robot Claptrap.

Roth said, “I’m really looking forward to reuniting with Jack, this time in the recording booth.” Claptrap is the funniest character in the game, and Jack is perfect for bringing him to the big screen. “

The film is based on the video game franchise ‘Borderlands’, which has sold more than 68 million units worldwide, making it one of the most successful game brands in history.

Montana State Opens 2021 Outside Observe and Area Season in Model at Hornet Invitational

Montana State opens outdoor track and field season in style at Hornet Invitational in 2021

Montana State put in an outstanding performance at its first outdoor track and field meeting in two years on Saturday, winning the men’s and women’s team titles and eleven individual championships at the Hornet Invitational in Sacramento, California.

MSU head coach Lyle Weese was satisfied with the performance of his team but was happier just to compete. “It was great to have an outdoor track and field meet,” said former Bobcat All-America. “The student athletes had great energy, were ready to go and started the season very well.”

At a meeting with West Coast powers Stanford, Sacramento State, and San Jose State, the Bobcats were widely used at long-distance events. On the side of women Camila Noe broke the school record on the 5000 meters with a score of 16: 25.20 and led a 1-2-4 finish at this event. Alexi Kyro and Gillian Maness grabbed the first two places in the 3000 meter obstacle race. In the men’s competition I am Perrin and Matthew Richtman finished 1-2 in the men’s 5000 meters while Duncan Hamilton led a 1-2-3 MSU finish in the men’s obstacle race.

Carla Nicosia Connected Erin Jones Graf’s school record in the triple jump with a grade of 40-3.25 to guide the efforts of the MSU at the field events. Three Bobcat women (Madi Arneson, 2nd, Zoe Waddell, 3rd, and Kyle Bush, 6th) took the first six places in the discus Kylie Christiansen and Zoe Waddell finished 4-5 in hammer throw. In the men’s discus Ethan Saberhagen, Carter Slade and Alec Nehring finished 1-2-4. Three Bobcats landed in the top five in both the men’s and women’s javelin throw, performing live for the first time since 2019.

sprinter Damien Nelson showed an outstanding performance, winning the men’s 100 and finishing second in the 200. Macy White finished second in the women’s 100 meters.

Montana State returns to the Missoula track for the Al Manual Invitational next week. “We look forward to competing in Missoula next weekend and working towards the Big Sky Outdoor Athletics Championships,” said Weese.

The Bobcat results are listed below and the full results are attached.

LADIES TEAM STANDINGS: 1) Montana State 132, 1) Stanford 132, 3) San Jose State 95, 4) Sacramento State 87, 5) UC Davis 68
WOMEN 100: 2) Macy White 02/12
WOMEN 200: 8th) Macy White 25.47, 9) Morgan Evans 25.57
100 hurdles for women: 2) Morgan Evans 14.00, 3) Evelyn Adams 14.50, 4) Elena Carter 14.55
3000 STEEPLECHASE FOR WOMEN: 1) Alexi Kyro 10:44, 94, 2) Gillian Maness 10: 56.02
WOMEN 5000: 1) Camila Noe 16: 25,20, 2) Mya Dube 17: 17.81, 4) Alex Moore 17: 41.72
WOMEN’S HAMMER: 4) Kylie Christiansen 158-8, 5) Zoe Waddell 158-5
WOMEN’S DISCUS: 2) Madi Arneson 146-9, 3) Zoe Waddell 143-0, 6) Kyla Bush 130-0, 11) Jordan Fink 114-10
WOMEN’S SHOT PUT: 9) Kyla Bush 37-10.5
JAVELIN OF WOMEN: 3) Celestia Hammond 149-5, 4) Carley Vonheeder 145-6, 5) Kylie Christiansen 122-2
WOMEN’S LONG JUMP: 3) Evelyn Adams 17-9, 6) Elena Carter 17-4.25, 7) Hannah Hicks 17-2.75, 8) Alexandera Hellenberg 17-2, 9) Lucy Corbett 17-0.75, 10) Twila Reovan 16-10.5, 14) A’Lena Chaney 16-2.25
WOMEN’S TRIPLE JUMP: 3) Carla Nicosia 40-3.25, 8) A’Lena Chaney 37-1.25, 9) Twila Reovan 36-11
LADIES POLE VAULT: 3) Alexandra Hellenberg 11-5.75, 4) Corn Lake Brown 10-11.75
HIGH LEAP OF WOMEN: 1) Hannah Hicks 4-11.0

MEN’S TEAM STANDINGS: 1) Montana State 209, 2) Stanford 105, 2) San Jose State 105, 4) UC Davis 81, 5) Sacramento State 45
MEN 100: 1) Damien Nelson 10.64, 7) Casey Gunlikson 11.02, 10) Will Prettyman 08/21
MEN 200: 2) Damien Nelson 21.79
MEN 400: 11) Will Anderson 49.89
MEN 800: 3) Noah Majerus 1: 54.70, 5) Cameron Carroll 1: 55.51
MEN 5000: 1) I am Perrin 14: 24,21, 2) Matthew Richtman 14: 34.66
MEN 100 hurdles: 2) Henry Adams 14.52, 3) Caleb Neth 15.72
MEN 400 hurdles: 1) Drake Schneider 52.38, 2) Jared Schwend 54.75
MEN 3000 STEEPLECHASE: 1) Duncan Hamilton 8: 56.67, 2) Levi Taylor 9: 115, 42, 3) Isaac Schmidt 9: 32.36
4 x 400 RELAYS FOR MEN: 1) Jared Schwend, Alex Hershey, Will Anderson, Drake Schneider 3: 16.40
MEN’S HAMMER: 6) Carter Slade 156-1, 7) Ethan Saberhagen 153-11
MEN’S DISCUS: 1) Ethan Saberhagen 169-0, 2) Carter Slade 156-11, 4) Alec Nehring 155-4
MEN’S SHOT PUT: 1) Alec Nehring 55-11.75, 3) Carter Slade 51-9.75, 10) Ethan Saberhagen 45-4.25
MEN JAVELIN: 1) Cantor Coverdell 209-7, 2) Cooper Hoffman 204-3, 3) Brock Winegar 194-1
MEN’S LONG JUMP: 2) Caleb Neth 21-9.5
MEN TRIPLE JUMP: 2) Ian Fosdick 47-9.25
MEN’S POLE VAULT: 2) Colby Wilson 15-7, 3) Henry Adams 14-1.25, 4) Caleb Neth 13-7.25
HIGH JUMP FOR MEN: 5) Hunter Nicholson 6-2.75