America Ferrera Returns for ‘Superstore’s Upcoming Finale: First Look (PHOTO) | Leisure

they thought Superstore would close his cloud 9 doors without a final appearance from America Ferrerais amy?

We thought it could too. But luckily, Ferrera will be returning for the NBC comedy final goodbye on Thursday March 25th, as shown in a first photo above. The actress played on the show until season six.

When she left the show, due to the plot, she left her home base for a higher corporate position at Zephra – Her narrative seemed incomplete, especially when her friend Jonah (Ben Feldman) was supposed to be moving west with her and she was startled when he tried to propose.

Will their return give way to a happier ending, or at least a closure? Either way, she’s back for the hour-long series finale and we couldn’t be happier. While saying goodbye is never easy, this announcement makes saying goodbye more bearable.

Greg Gayne / NBC

While there was talk of a possible superstore ground out Nothing was set in stone with Cheyenne (Nichole Sakura) and Bo (Johnny Pemberton).

Don’t miss the reunion and look forward to executive producers Justin Spitzer, Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green, who renewed their contracts with Universal Television last year. Spitzer is already working on an upcoming series on NBC called American Auto. Keep an eye out for updates.

Superstore, Series Finale, Thursday March 25th, 8 / 7c, NBC