Feminine soccer star arrested after Tonya Harding-style assault on teammate

the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Aminata Diallo has been linked to a Tonya Harding-esque attack on her teammate, Kheira Hamraoui, the New York Post reported.

Aminata Diallo of PSG warms up before the women’s Champions League soccer match between Paris-Saint-Germain and Sankt Polten at the Jean Bouin stadium in Paris, France, on September 27, 2018. (AP / Michel Euler)

After a team meeting on November 4 that both players attended, two masked men dragged Hamraoui out of her car and hit her in the legs with an iron bar, the report said.

Hamraoui was hospitalized for injuries to his legs and hands, but the extent of the injuries was not disclosed. The authorities also failed to disclose what led them to Diallo as a suspect, although the motivation was to give Diallo more playing time.

“Paris Saint-Germain is taking note of Aminata Diallo’s custody this morning by the Versailles SRPJ as part of the proceedings launched following an attack on club players last Thursday night,” the team told the New York Post in a statement.

“Since Thursday evening, November 4th, the club has taken all necessary measures to ensure the health, well-being and safety of its players,” the statement said. “Paris Saint-Germain is working with the Versailles SRPJ to clear the facts. The club is closely monitoring the progress of the process and will review the follow-up. “

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The attack has clues the attack on Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan in 1994. Kerrigan was attacked by on January 6, 1994 after training in Detroit, Michigan Shane Stant, who hit Kerrigan’s right leg with a baton. Shant was reportedly hired on her behalf by the ex-boyfriend of Kerrigan’s competitor Harding.

Kerrigan’s leg was injured and she was forced to retire the following evening from the national championship in which Harding competed and took home the gold medal. However, Kerrigan recovered quickly and competed in the 1994 Winter Olympics, where she took home a silver medal and Harding finished eighth.

Three men involved in the attack were in jail. However, Harding pleaded guilty only to the “conspiracy to prevent law enforcement” and received three years probation and a fine of $ 160,000. Harding was later stripped of her national championship title and banned from US figure skating for life.

The rivalry and attack have been the subject of a number of books and films, including “I, Tonya”.


WAR breaks out around the gay superhero of the new Marvel blockbuster




Ford attracts youthful and extra feminine consumers with new $20,000 Maverick pickup

Rebecca and Shane Phillips of California pose in front of their car collection, including their new Ford Maverick 2022.

Shane Phillips

Rebecca and Shane Phillips are used to eye-catching when they drive through California in their 1985 Mercury Colony Park or 1978 Lincoln Continental with Longhorns on the front. But the latest eye-catcher in their collection came a little unexpected.

“The looks we get are pretty neat. Everyone I’ve met says, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this,'” said Rebecca, 31. “It’s always fun driving by and someone is surprised what it really is and what it looks like. “

It’s not a classic car, sports car, or electric vehicle. It is the new Ford Maverick 2022, a small pickup truck that recently launched as the automaker’s cheapest vehicle in its full range of cars and trucks for about $ 20,000.

While the vehicle has only been on sale for a little over a month, Ford engine says the compact truck – about as long as a Toyota full-size sedan but at a much lower price and many other smaller cars – is already successfully attracting new, younger, and more cost-conscious buyers like the Phillips.

“We really see a new customer coming to Ford. And that was really our goal with Maverick, targeting a younger, more diverse customer. And we’re definitely seeing that, ”Todd Eckert, Ford Truck Marketing Manager, told CNBC.

Ford sold more than 4,100 Mavericks during the vehicle’s first full month of sales in October. Eckert said the company will continue ramping up production of the truck at the automaker’s Hermosillo plant in Mexico.

Non-truck people

Maverick is not just about selling, it’s also about bringing new customers to Ford. It can act as a gateway vehicle for customers to order Hop into bigger, more expensive Ford pickups like the medium-sized Ranger and the full-size F-150.

According to Ford, early Maverick buyers are younger and more feminine than the traditionally male-dominated truck market.

According to JD Power, a quarter of Maverick buyers are women, compared to 84% male buyers of the full-size pickups, according to Ford. The company reports that more than a quarter of shoppers are also between 18 and 35 years old – double the industry average for that age group. According to JD Power, the average age of a new car buyer is 48 years.

The Phillips said they weren’t “big truck people” or even new car people, but they were drawn to the Maverick because of its price, features, and fuel economy.

It is similar with Christopher Molloy II, who bought a Maverick as his first new vehicle in early October. He traded a compact Chevy Cruze sedan for the pickup.

“I didn’t look for a Maverick first. I didn’t know it existed,” said the 23-year-old Oregonian. “I was looking for more SUV-type. I wasn’t really expecting to get a new truck because they are so expensive until I saw the Maverick come out.”

Ford surprised many with the Maverick’s low price tag as well as its standard 2.5 liter hybrid engine that can reach more than 40 mpg in city traffic. A Maverick with an optional 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbo engine that gets a combined 26 mpg combo, including 30 mpg highway and 23 mpg city, starts at around $ 21,000.

The top vehicles Maverick buyers also see are other small pickups like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, as well as small crossovers and even the Honda Civic sedan, according to car research firm Edmunds.

‘Hit the target’

The lower prices are a welcome change for consumers as vehicle prices hit record highs of around $ 44,000, including a rapidly growing supply of expensive pickups that can exceed $ 100,000.

“In 25 years in this business, I don’t know I’ve seen a manufacturer come out with a product that hit the mark so well,” said Derek Lee, general manager of Long McArthur Ford in Kansas. “What we see in buyers is a younger buyer. We see first-time buyers of cars. We have import car buyers.”

The early average price customers pay for the Maverick is $ 29,749, according to Cox Automotive. This includes dealers and customers who choose higher-priced equipment and options for the truck.

Lee said his dealership ordered more than 400 Mavericks. He said the initial demand was the highest he had seen for the store, which specializes in larger Super Duty pickups.

Keep prices low

The Phillips and Molloy said dealers did not raise the price of their Mavericks despite the fact that it is a new vehicle and inventory levels are near record lows due to a persistent shortage of semiconductor chips.

Some dealers who can legally sell a car at any price above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or MSRP have taken advantage of low inventory levels and according to reports and dealers websites rated vehicles at thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

The Maverick wasn’t entirely free of markups. Lee said his dealership won’t upgrade a Maverick if it’s ordered by a customer, but if someone cancels their order and it goes on the dealership lot, they priced it at about $ 2,500 above MSRP.

“When a vehicle arrives here and someone rejects it, we look at the market. We’re still working to be the lowest price on the market,” said Lee. “I know there are some over $ 5,000, I know there are some over $ 10,000. We felt that over $ 2,500 was a very, very fair price.”

Eckert said Ford has no control over how dealers price their vehicles, but they have told dealers the importance of pricing for that vehicle and its target customers.

“We talked about the full range and who these car buyers are and how we want to attract them,” he said. “You control markup or no markup, but we believe affordability was one of the keys.”

Ukraine criticized for making feminine cadets parade in heels | Leisure

MOSCOW (AP) – The Ukrainian Defense Minister is being put under pressure by members of the government because he has decided to let female military cadets wear heels at an important parade.

“The purpose of any military parade is to demonstrate the military capabilities of the army. There should be no room for stereotypes and sexism, ”said a joint statement by three cabinet members, including Veterans Minister Yulia Laputina.

The statement followed last week’s announcement about the shoes in the parade slated for August 24, the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union.

It found that around 57,000 women serve in the country’s armed forces and have “proven themselves with machine guns rather than heels.”

Defense Minister Andriy Taran said Saturday that he had instructed officials to check whether “experimental” shoes – ankle boots, according to news reports – could be worn by the female cadets in place of heeled pumps.

The military failed to explain why female cadets wore different types of shoes than male cadets.

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Feminine Writers of Coloration on Creating Leisure in a Yr of “Heartbreak and Horror” – The Hollywood Reporter

During a year of pain for so many, my mantra was, “Try not to complain.” After all, I am healthy. My immediate loved ones are healthy, and I was fortunate enough to keep working in a job I love in a year the pandemic drove many Americans into pantries. But like most people with a heartbeat, I could not avoid being emotionally affected by the traumatic events of the past year, and afterwards my work was also affected. For example, after George Floyd’s murder, I was moved to add a scene to a script that was supposed to be a celebration of the black hair. As written, it’s just a moment when two black women prepare their hair in silence. It is only when it ends that the audience realizes that one woman’s son, who is also the other woman’s husband, was killed by a police officer and they get dressed for the funeral. When director Bianca LaVerne Jones added Billie Holiday’s haunted lynch ballad “Strange Fruit” to the scene, I accepted that our streaming production would no longer be just a celebration because the moment we live in demanded more. It’s still hard for me to see this scene, but I realize it was necessary and it turned out to be one of the most memorable among the viewers. [Editor’s note: Goff’s The Glorious World of Crowns, Kinks and Curls premiered in March 2021 at Baltimore Center Stage.]

Like others I’ve spoken to, I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion in unexpected moments this year. Despite the laughter and light that has spent most of my days in the Zoom writer’s rooms, tears flowed when the subject of race or injustice of any kind or the black men in my life came up. And I was someone who took pride in the fact that my feelings in writing rooms weren’t getting the best out of me. But in a year filled with moments that represent the worst human behavior, not only was it hard to be at my best, but I frankly wondered if I had a right to be at all. Writing and laughing for a living can feel like self-indulgence when the world around you is on fire.

My bosses and colleagues, some of whom have faced their own challenges thanks to the pandemic, couldn’t have been kinder. But I wondered how it withstood other color writers, especially women writers with Black and Asian identities, in a year of so much heartbreak and horror for our specific communities. So I asked some of them. Your answers broke my heart and increased my hope at the same time. Some spoke of writing through the intense emotions, recalibrating their lives to keep their balance and refining their sense of their work. Because storytellers, in order to remind the world, with its many colors and cultures, of their humanity, are essential to the pursuit of equality and justice, and for some of us the most powerful political act we can undertake is simply to keep writing .

This story first appeared in the May 12th issue of Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to login.

NCAA-style bracket rating Fairfield feminine college students posted on Instagram

FAIRFIELD – School officials said they are investigating a March Madness-style tournament group that graded female students.

The clip was posted on Instagram and appears to only include freshers from Fairfield Warde and Ludlowe high schools. She encouraged others to vote for a name in each pairing, officials said.

“As a school system, this behavior is not tolerated,” said Andrea Clark, the district spokeswoman. “The investigation into this case is ongoing and we will hold all students accountable.”

Some students believed to be the creators have been identified. This emerges from a joint statement the school principals sent to families on Tuesday.

In the letter, Directors Greg Hatzis of Fairfield Ludlowe and Paul Cavana of Fairfield Warde called the bracket “pejorative” for all women.

“We strongly condemn this behavior, which harms and devalues ​​all young women in freshmen classes in both schools, but also all Fairfield students, and indeed all women,” wrote the principals. “It is disheartening that not only did someone create this post, but that other students” liked “it, and this is addressed.”

Clark said the action will begin with virtual school assemblies.

The letter encouraged families to speak to their children about this situation and warn them of the possible long-term effects of social media posts.

“Our high schools are determined to promote respect for all students,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “Any act that appeals to a group negatively on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, learning differences or other distinguishing features will not be tolerated.”

Schools cannot remove or deactivate the account – which can only be done by the account owner – but Hatzis and Cavana said they will work with the families of those responsible to remove the contributions.

Headmasters said school staff at both schools were investigating to determine who was responsible when they found out about the site.

Some students have already been identified, but officials now believe that another person created the voting mechanism for the bracket. Anyone with information is asked to submit a TIPS report. People can remain anonymous, although Hatzis and Cavana said it would be helpful for them to provide their contact information so officers can contact them.

“We would like to commend all students and parishioners who served as allies and reported the behavior under these circumstances,” the principals wrote.

They also reminded the families that “not all the facts have come to light,” and asked them to allow the school staff to complete the investigation.

“The students involved will be held accountable for their inappropriate actions,” the principals wrote. “We share the disgust of students, parents and staff at both schools for this act.”

The school principals said they should do a thorough investigation and support any student who “feels harassed or hurt by these acts”.

“As a community, we can unite to not only address negative behavior, but also to learn the important lessons that emerge from the unfortunate choices of a few,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “The strong response to this event underscores the values ​​we all share as the Fairfield Community.”


Bumble IPO a win for feminine founders, enterprise capital funds nonetheless low

Whitney Wolfe Herd speaks on stage during the Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference at Monarch Beach Resort on November 13, 2017 in Dana Point, California.

Joe Scarnici | Getty Images Entertainment

As a 31 year old Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble, takes her company public This week she will be known not only for her youth, but also as one of the few founders to have her company go public.

It’s a fitting achievement for the founder of a dating app that aims to put women in the driver’s seat. But it also hammers home the still unsuitable playing field for entrepreneurs.

Hummel, his board includes 73% womenis expected to be traded on the Nasdaq on Thursday a few days earlier Valentine’s day. The company will sell its shares to $ 43 per share, which is $ 2.2 billion from investors. The company initially appreciates the offer more than $ 7 billion.

The market reaction will serve as the litmus test of investing in women-owned businesses.

Today, Women make up only 7.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs – an all-time high, but still an astonishingly low number. Even fewer women founders of public limited companies. Nasdaq estimates that only 20 of the currently active US public companies were led by their founder through the IPO.

Women’s funding falls as global deals rise

The problem is not a lack of women entrepreneurs, but a lack of support where it matters: funding.

In a 2018 study The Boston Consulting Group found “a significant gender gap in new business financing.” According to the study, investments in businesses founded or co-founded by women averaged $ 935,000, less than half the average $ 2.1 million men receive.

Even so, startups founded by women and co-founded made 78 cents for every dollar invested, while startups founded by men made only 31 cents.

Covid-19 could be the greatest threat to female founders.

Matt Krentz

Managing Director and Senior Partner of the Boston Consulting Group

The pandemic has only widened this gap.

In 2020 Global Risk Finance Up 13% however, compared to the previous year, investments in women fell by 27%. In the meantime, the proportion of founders assigned only to female founders decreased from 2.8% to 2.3% Crunchbase data. That comes as women, often primary caregivers, are supposed to be adversely affected from the pandemic as a whole.

“The convergence of crises – demands for racial justice, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 and an economic downturn – makes this a crucial moment for business integration, justice and diversity,” said Matt Krentz, Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG and The study co-authored, said CNBC. “Of all these problems, Covid-19 could be the greatest threat to female founders.”

Redirect investments where they are needed

The economic benefits of investing in women are well documented. According to some estimates, equal business participation by men and women could help $ 5 trillion for the world economy.

And companies and institutions seem to be listening now. Many have made bold commitments to better support gender equality and female founders.

What female founders need is simple and equal access to financial investments.

Tanya Rolfe

managing partner, Her Capital

“Awareness of the funding gap and the impact of different leadership teams is better understood, and investors have begun to ask directly about the diversity of founders and leadership teams,” said Krentz.

Too often, however, these investments are poorly channeled, according to Tanya Rolfe, managing partner at Her Capital, a women-run venture capital company that focuses on female founders in Southeast Asia.

“Women seem to be at the center of a lot of additional mentoring, which only suggests that women are missing something,” said Rolfe. “What female founders need is simple and equal access to financial investments.”

Tanya Rolfe, managing partner of Singapore-based venture capital firm Her Capital.

Your capital

To achieve this, more diversity is needed at the fund manager level, Rolfe said.

In 2020, women made up only 13% of all venture capitalists. after all raise, a non-profit organization focused on accelerating the success of female founders and funders. An appreciated 11% of the fund managers were womenSaid All Raise.

“If we want to see diversity at the founder level, we need to invest in diversity at the capital allocator level – fund managers like me,” continued Rolfe. “It is almost more important to invest in venture capital funds with specific strategies for investing in different founders. This is where we will see the major changes.”

Revision of traditional investment figures

Nevertheless, various funds continue to face an uphill battle.

Since many are still in their infancy and have little success, they are usually outside the investment criteria of the institutes. As a result, managers often seek less lucrative and more time-consuming deals from private investors.

Pippa Lamb, a partner in early-stage mutual fund Sweet Capital, says such an approach needs to be revised.

The pricing of perceived risk based on a person’s race or gender is very out of date to me.

Pippa Lamb

Partner, Sweet Capital

“The pricing of perceived risk based on a person’s race or gender is very out of date to me,” said Lamb. “I would guess top-tier institutional investors are ready to do the job for full diligence managers no matter what they look like.”

“We need more diverse representation in all areas of the start-up ecosystem,” she said, citing female founders, female board members, female venture capitalists and female institutional investors. “When it comes to raising capital, the latter two are most critical, especially at the limited partner (LP) level: the investor’s investors.”

BCG’s Krentz hopes the tide will turn.

“Investors should understand that current market forces offer promising opportunities for women-owned companies,” he said. “The lack of funding means that there is less competition for women-supported companies and, on average, these companies perform better than companies with all male founders.”

But until this understanding grows, Rolfe and Lamb’s advice to female founders is simple: keep going.

“Women can do the same thing that male founders do to attract investors,” said Rolfe. “If you’re a great founder with a solid business plan and traction to prove your execution and thesis, that should be enough.”