Peloton is about to tack on a whole lot of {dollars} in charges to its Bike and treadmill, citing inflation

Peloton Interactive Inc.’s stationary bikes are on display at the company’s Madison Avenue showroom on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 in New York, USA.

jeenah moon | Bloomberg | Getty Images

peloton is on the verge of effectively charging customers more for its original Bike and Tread products, citing rising inflation and increased supply chain costs.

Beginning Jan. 31, the company will ask customers to pay an additional $250 for delivery and setup of their bike and an additional $350 for their Tread, according to a banner on its website. This will increase the cost of these products to $1,745 and $2,845 respectively.

Previously, Peloton said that the $250 and $350 shipping and assembly fees are included in the overall Bike and Tread price.

The price of Peloton’s newer $2,495 Bike+ product will not change, according to its website.

In the UK, Germany and Australia, Peloton has similar news on its website that costs will increase from January 31st.

During a recent company executive meeting, Dara Treseder, Peloton’s chief marketing and communications officer, said the changes were due to rising inflation and higher supply chain spending.

“Right now people are raising prices. Ikea just raised prices. We want to go in the middle,” Treseder said, according to a recording of the meeting available to CNBC.

She added that the company doesn’t want to be perceived as “switching and baiting” with customers.

A Peloton spokeswoman told CNBC in an emailed statement, “Like many other companies, Peloton is impacted by global economic and supply chain challenges that affect majority, if not all, companies worldwide.”

“Despite these increases, we believe we still offer the best value for money in connected fitness and provide consumers with various financing options that bring Peloton to a broad audience,” said the spokeswoman.

The $39.99 monthly subscription fee that connected fitness users pay for on-demand content remains the same.

In August Peloton had lower the price of the cheaper bike product by about 20% to $1,495 in hopes of appealing to more consumers with a cheaper option.

After seeing increased demand from consumers looking for at-home exercise equipment in 2020, Peloton’s momentum has faltered significantly over the past few months. The stock also took a hit. Shares fell about 76% in 2021 after soaring more than 440% the year before.

In November, Peloton lowered its full-year outlook due to ongoing supply chain constraints and slowing demand. Analysts have said they expect the company to have had a weaker holiday as well, which is a possibility prompt a further cut in its full-year forecast.

Last Thursday, Nasdaq said Peloton’s shares would be replaced by Old Dominion Cargo in the Nasdaq 100 Index, effective January 24.

7 Methods to Save Cash on Credit score Card Charges

No need to get stuck paying credit card fees. Follow these tips to be toll free.

Look at the terms of most of them Credit cards, and you will see some of the fees that the card issuer may charge. These sometimes put off consumers, especially those who don’t end up wanting to pay extra just to have a credit card with them.

The good news is that for every credit card fee there is a way to avoid it. If you’ve been billed credit card fees in the past, or just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you in the future, here are some things you can do.

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1. Use Autopay

If you miss a credit card payment by even one day, the card issuer may charge a late fee. It can hurt you too credit-worthiness if you remain without payment for 30 days or more. Most credit card companies waive your first late fee when you call and ask. But you only get one of those mulligans.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to set up automatic payments. So there is no risk of being forgotten.

2. Make sure that you have enough bank account to cover your credit card payment

There is a way your payment can go wrong with automatic payment as well. When your credit card bill is higher than your account balance Bank account, then the payment can be declined. Your card issuer could then charge you a refund fee. To make matters worse, your bank may charge a fee Checking account fee because you don’t have enough money in your account.

Keep an eye on your credit card and bank account balances, especially if your payment is due soon, so this doesn’t happen to you.

3. Have at least one card with no foreign transaction fees

Many credit cards incur foreign transaction fees; the standard amount is 3%. These apply to all purchases made through foreign banks and made in currencies other than US dollars.

The most common situation you will encounter overseas transaction fees is in international travel. But you can even incur Foreign transaction fees for online shopping. This can happen when shopping at home from retailers based outside of the United States.

It is recommended that you have at least one credit card with no international transaction fees. There are plenty available, as well Travel award cards are a good start.

4. Set your cash advance limit as low as possible

A Credit card cash advance credit is when you use your card to get cash. This doesn’t just apply to using your card at an ATM. Any type of transaction that involves sending money, such as a money transfer, can also be viewed as a cash advance. Not only do these have fees and often a higher APR, but your card issuer can charge you interest immediately.

Since I want to be extra careful to avoid cash advances, I contact the card issuer and ask them to set my cash advance limit to the minimum. Depending on the card issuer, this is usually between $ 0 and $ 100. If a transaction is considered a cash advance and exceeds this limit, it will not be executed.

5. Downgrade, cancel, or negotiate credit cards with annual fees

Credit cards with annual fees can be worthwhile. However, if the annual fee is incurred on your card and you don’t want to pay it, there are several ways to avoid it:

  • Downgrade the credit card at one without an annual fee in the offer of the card issuer. This allows you to keep the account open without paying an additional annual fee.
  • Cancel the credit card. Just make sure you know how to do it Close a card without affecting your credit score.
  • Contact the card issuer to see if they are willing to waive the annual fee for a year. Credit card companies sometimes do this as a Retention offer to prevent you from canceling your card.

6. Don’t opt ​​for fees over the limit

Your card’s credit limit is the maximum amount that you can spend. If a transaction pushes the balance above this limit, it will be rejected.

Caesars Leisure donates $3.1M in parking charges to Southern Nevada nonprofit teams | Las Vegas Native Breaking Information, Headlines

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Caesars Entertainment announced this week that it has donated $ 3.1 million to nonprofits across southern Nevada from funds raised by the company’s paid parking lots.

According to a press release, the funds will go to nine organizations in the valley.

“The bulk of the funding will reduce critical needs for food and shelter, including major gifts of $ 1 million each to St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch and Catholic charities in southern Nevada,” the company said in the press release.

Caesars notes that the donation will allow Catholic charities to expand their vital meal on wheels delivery service and renovate their emergency shelter for the homeless. At St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch, funds will be used to build the organization’s first residential therapeutic center for children who are victims of sex trafficking.

The organizations that receive funding include:

  • Catholic Charities in Southern Nevada – $ 1 million
  • St. Jude’s Ranch for Children – $ 1 million
  • Cleanse the World – $ 300,000
  • Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Brain Health Center – $ 200,000
  • The Las Vegas Shadow Tree – $ 200,000
  • The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation – $ 100,000
  • Kyas Smiles Foundation – $ 100,000
  • The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation – $ 100,000
  • Special Olympics Nevada – $ 100,000

The press release also notes that parking at Caesars’ Las Vegas resorts will remain free for Nevada residents with valid ID, registered hotel guests, and platinum and higher-rated Caesars Rewards loyalty members.

According to Caesars, all other guests have to park themselves at Caesars Palace, Ballys Las Vegas, Cromwell, Flamingo Las Vegas, Harrahs Las Vegas, LINQ Hotel + Experience and Paris Las Vegas.

According to the company, all guests entering Caesars’ parking garages are given a 60-minute grace period before parking fees apply. Parking in the Miracle Mile Shops of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is free for all guests.

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County asks state for cash to cowl hearth survivors’ rebuilding charges – Ashland Tidings

Andy Atkinson / Mail TribuneRuss Dodd works on building his son’s new home while his grandchildren review the floor plan.

Fees add thousands of dollars to the cost of rebuilding a home

Jackson County is asking Oregon lawmakers for nearly $ 9.6 million to cover the planning and construction costs survivors face in rebuilding their destroyed homes and businesses.

Permit, planning, and community development fees can cost $ 11,339 for a 2,500 square foot home, according to Jackson County employees.

The data can cost $ 17,621 for a typical business and $ 2,533 for a newly constructed home, data shows.

It is up to the state legislature to decide whether the county’s application will be funded.

“It’s a reasonable question. Let’s hope we make something of this, ”said Rick Dyer, Jackson County commissioner.

In addition to the funds to cover fees, the county is requesting $ 710,000 for contracts with outside workers to improve building application processing.

The goal is to create a faster approval process that can process applications in five to seven days, said County Administrator Danny Jordan.

The reconstruction of homes destroyed by the Almeda fire along the Oak Crest Way between Phoenix and Medford is under construction. Andy Atkinson / Mail Tribune

The Almeda fire, which broke out from Ashland to the outskirts of Medford in September 2020, destroyed nearly 2,500 homes and more than 170 businesses.

The fire in South Obenchain in rural north Jackson County destroyed more than 30 homes and more than 50 other buildings, including outbuildings.

Jackson County was hardest hit by the September 2020 fires, which destroyed more than 4,000 homes nationwide. The fires were fueled by unusually hot weather, low humidity, prolonged drought, and strong winds, resulting in the greatest loss of homes to fires in Oregon’s history.

The state has already allocated $ 2 million in grants to local jurisdictions to support forest fires, but Jackson County is filing nearly $ 10.4 million to cover fees and additional dwarfs that make up that cash pool.

“The $ 2 million won’t go far – and we’re asking a lot more than that,” said Ted Zuk, director of development services for Jackson County.

Andy Atkinson / Mail Tribune Construction is underway to rebuild homes destroyed by the Almeda fire along the Oak Crest Way between Phoenix and Medford.

Unincorporated parts of Jackson County suffered about half of the building losses from the Almeda Fire, with Phoenix and Talent making up most of the remainder.

Talent is also asking Oregon legislature for millions of dollars to help cover fees for those in the process of rebuilding, said Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Talent’s interim city manager.

“We are trying to rebuild our entire community and bring attention to the needs of our community,” she said. “If the legislature can increase and cover the fees, we would be happy if this happens. We recognize that people who had to flee for their lives have been burdened. “

Houses under construction stand in the midst of rubble that has yet to be freed from the Almeda fire. Vickie Aldous / Mail Tribune

McLeod-Skinner said she has confidence that state lawmakers representing Rogue Valley will stand up for the cities and the county.

“I just hope they can convince their colleagues,” she said.

The City of Phoenix is ​​also working on a funding request to cover the fees, but doesn’t yet know how much it will seek or how much waiver it can offer for the release of survivors, said Joe Slaughter, director of Phoenix Community and Business Development.

Rebuilding fees are a heavy pill for homeowners who paid the fees once the first time they bought their homes. In addition to labor, material, and other costs, fees are part of the price of building a home.

Sam Sabori (left) and Randy Dodd are working on a new interior wall for Dodd’s house. His previous home outside of Phoenix was destroyed by the Almeda fire. Vickie Aldous / Mail Tribune

Fee exemptions would provide some relief to the survivors of the fire. Many don’t have insurance to cover the full cost of building a new home, and the price of building materials has skyrocketed in the past six months, said Brad Bennington, executive officer of the South Oregon Builders Association.

“I agree with the county that it is not fair to ask someone to pay dues if it is not their fault that their home was destroyed in a fire. If the state offered relief, that would be a good and sensible thing, ”he said.

Bennington said city and county planning departments are funded by fees so they need a source of money to cover their jobs.

He said not only have thousands of people lost their homes, but hundreds of millions of dollars in property have been removed from tax rolls in a matter of days.

A variety of jurisdictions are losing property tax revenues that support vital services such as schools, libraries, law enforcement, and fire safety.

“Aside from alleviating human suffering – many people have lost their homes and all their belongings – there is an economic reason to rebuild as soon as possible,” said Bennington.

Reach the Mail Tribune reporter Vickie Aldous at 541-776-4486 or Follow her on Twitter @ VickieAldous.

Nikola is paying $8.1 million in authorized charges for ousted chairman Milton

Trevor Milton, CEO and Founder of US Nikola, speaks during a presentation of his new all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell battery truck in collaboration with CNH Industrial at an event on December 2, 2019 in Turin, Italy.

Massimo Pinca | Reuters

Start of the competitive electric vehicle Nikola pays $ 8.1 million in legal fees for ousted founder and chairman Trevor Milton, who left the company in September over a short seller fraud case that led to federal investigations.

This helped increase the company’s legal expenses to $ 27.5 million last year. The majority of that, $ 24.7 million, was spent answering regulatory investigations and other legal disputes related to the US state Claims by Hindenburg ResearchNikola said in his annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday.

According to the company, around $ 1.5 million in Milton’s legal fees were paid in 2020. The start-up lost $ 384.3 million last year, including $ 147.1 million in the fourth quarter, it said on Thursday. Adjusted pre-tax loss for 2020 was $ 200.5 million.

As part of the result, Nikola also lowered delivery expectations for its first product, called Tre Semitruck, from 600 this year to 50-100 due to supplier issues. The company’s shares fell at $ 19.72 each during after-hours trading after Thursday’s close Share, down 6.8% for the day.

“The pandemic has caused significant supply chain disruption,” Nikola CEO Mark Russell said during a call for earnings, specifically referring to a shortage of battery cells to power his vehicles.

A Nikola spokeswoman declined to comment on whether the company will attempt to recoup Milton’s legal fees. In his filing, Nikola said the fees were part of his compensation agreement with the company. Additional legal costs are expected this year related to the Hindenburg report, which led to investigations by the SEC and the Justice Department.

“We incurred significant costs due to the regulatory and legal issues surrounding the Hindenburg article,” Nikola said in the filing. “The total cost of these matters will depend on many factors, including the duration of these matters and the determination made.”

Hindenburg accused Milton from make false statements about Nikolas technology to grow the company and cooperate with auto companies. The report, entitled “Nikola: How to Partner an Ocean of Lies with America’s Largest Automaker,” was released two days later The company announced a contract with General Motors that made both companies’ stocks soar in September. It characterized Nikola as “an intricate fraud based on dozens of lies” by Milton.

Nikola has denied and denied many of the allegations, but the company confirmed one of Hindenburg’s biggest claims – that it staged a video showing a truck that appeared to be functional but not working.

An internal investigation by Kirkland & Ellis LLP into statements made by Milton and the Company during this period has “substantially been completed”. The Chicago-based law firm has not reached a conclusion whether statements that may have been inaccurate when filed are against any law, the company said.

JetBlue scraps ticket-change charges however bans overhead bin entry for the most affordable fares

JetBlue Airways planes are pictured at the departure gates of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Fred Prouser | Reuters

JetBlue Airways Ticket exchange fees will be abolished for most tickets, but travelers buying the cheapest fares should take light bags.

The New York-based airline announced Tuesday that it will guarantee seats on its standard bus fares up to Mint Business Class starting July 20. However, travelers who have booked Blue Basic, the airline’s cheapest option, are not allowed to use the baggage hold United Airlines Introduced when it started selling basic economy tickets in 2017.

If JetBlue fails to deliver on its promise, travelers are given a $ 25 loan. That’s a relatively easy task during the pandemic, when few people are traveling, but finding luggage space has been a “major pain point” for travelers when boarding, the airline said.

Airline executives have stated that these simple options are designed to compete better with discounters Spirit Airlines and Frontier, who derive much of their revenue from bag and seat selection additional fees. However, they also said they want a lot of travelers Avoid these most restrictive tariffs and Pay more for the standard economy.

JetBlue wants to make these cheaper, more restrictive tariffs cheaper.

“Right now, our Blue and Blue Basic offerings are very similar,” said JetBlue President and COO Joanna Geraghty in a message to employees. “We need to better differentiate the two by making blue the gold standard and strategically focusing on lowering the price of Blue Basic.”

Dealer information insurance policies stoke fears of ‘exchange-style’ charges and audits

At a time when global exchanges are taking over the over-the-counter (OTC) securities and derivatives markets traditionally reserved for brokerage firms, industry watchers say (and not always in a good way) that, conversely, brokers are becoming increasingly similar to exchange operators – not necessarily in terms of exchange operators to the markets or instruments they trade, but in relation to their approach to licensing the market data generated from their brokerage.

Some of it isn’t a bad thing: Lots

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