Olivia Rodrigo feels ‘quite a bit happier’ | Leisure

Olivia Rodrigo feels “much happier” than when she wrote her debut album.

The 18-year-old singer released her album “Sour” last month, and Olivia admits she is already in a better mood when she wrote the album.

She shared, “I’m always learning and I’m growing so fast.

“I write songs and I am really happy. I’m a lot happier than when I wrote this record, which is great. “

The ‘driving license’ hitmaker is also feeling more and more self-confident.

She told people, “I’m a lot more confident, which I think is a good aspect of growing up. We’ll see what the next era brings, but I look forward to working on it. “

Olivia is happy that her music is resonating with her fans.

The teenage star said, “It means the absolute world to me.

“I have a feeling that when a girl writes a song about heartbreak, very often people start criticizing her for feeling these emotions and just write about them. I just love a heartbreak song.

“I literally wrote breakup songs before I ever held a boy’s hand. So who knows? Maybe I’ll keep doing this or maybe branch out? I just love writing music and I hope people keep listening. “

Even so, Olivia admitted that being so open and honest with her fans can be daunting.

The pop star confessed to being an “oversharer” for life.

She said, “I would be lying if I said that it is just a little bit scary to spread my deepest, darkest insecurities and sadnesses. But I’ve always been an oversharer.

“When I go to interviews with my favorite songwriters, they say that songwriting is about helping people feel less alone. And that probably applies to me. “

Zooey feels fortunate | Leisure

Zooey Deschanel feels “really lucky” to be with Jonathan Scott.

The “New Girl” actress fell in love with the “Property Brothers” star almost two years ago and hopes that she will be as “nice” to him as he is to her.

She raved, “I think Jonathan is just the nicest person in the world. Well, I’m just really lucky. I’m just trying to be as nice as he is. And it works.”

The 41-year-old star is the new co-host of “The Celebrity Dating Game,” and while it’s not the way she’d do to find love, she appreciates the fact that “everyone does.” it”.

She added to Us Weekly magazine, “I have the best friend in the world, so I don’t even think about doing something like that. [I don’t even] Do you remember any dates before Jonathan! “

Zooey – who has Elise Otter, five, and Charlie Wolf, three, her ex-husband Jacob Pechenik – recently stated that she had bonded with Jonathan about their shared views on protecting the environment.

She said, “It’s really inspiring how passionate he is about green and solar energy. He is always working to find solutions to these problems and really wants to support people who are innovative at these levels.

“I remember when we first met, he sent me his documentation and I thought, Wow, we’re so coordinated on this level. Because we both care a lot about this one topic, but have different areas to focus on. “

Zooey also said her concern for the environment stems from her position as a parent.

She added, “I am a mother so I am always worried about what we eat and consume. That’s great because between the two of us we focused on two big things that affect our environment. “

Naomi Campbell feels “blessed and grateful” for her birthday | Leisure Information

When Naomi Campbell celebrated her 51st birthday on Saturday (May 22nd, 21st), she felt “blessed and grateful”.

The world-famous model has used Instagram to commemorate her first birthday since welcoming her first child into the world.

Along with a photo of her nostalgic baby taken by her mother Valerie Morris Campbell, she writes: [heart and praying emojis] (Sic) “

Naomi has also been blessed by some of her famous entertainers on Instagram, including model Linda Evangelista.

Linda writes: “Happy birthday mom! [heart emoji] I love you! [heart emoji] It feels good to know we have a great birthday. “

Cindy Crawford also sent Naomi a birthday wish.

She said, “Congratulations to this beauty and new mother. You already seem to have the best gift ever! [heart emojo] (Sic) “

In another heartfelt post, Janet Jackson wrote:

Lionel Richie, one of Naomi’s entertainers, praised the model as a “true pioneer”.

The music symbol is written on Instagram as follows. “@ Naomi you are a pioneer and a true pioneer on and off the runway! [star emoji] Happy birthday and congratulations on the very special journey of motherhood that you are about to embark on … [heart emoji] I can’t wait to see my baby. “

Naomi recently announced the arrival of her little girl but has not yet revealed her name.

Catwalk Star released her cute snapshot of a little girl’s paw. Afterward, sources revealed that she had considered motherhood for years.

The insider said, “She has wanted a baby for over a decade.

“And anyone who is surprised that Naomi gives birth in her own way and according to her schedule does not know Naomi Campbell. She repeats everything she has touched. Did you define it? “

Naomi Campbell feels “blessed and grateful” for her birthday according to the entertainment news

Source link Naomi Campbell feels “blessed and grateful” for her birthday according to the entertainment news

Ben Affleck feels so fortunate to co-parent with Jennifer Garner | Leisure

Ben Affleck feels “so lucky” to have children with ex Jennifer Garner.

The former couple decided to part ways in 2018 after over a decade of marriage, but proved that there wasn’t bad blood between the two when he shared one with the actress he has Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12 Paying homage to Mother’s Day and Samuel, nine.

On Instagram, he shared a carousel with photos of them and the children and wrote: “So happy to share these children with you. Happiest parents in the world. Thank you for all the good you do. Happy Mother’s Day. Love, their dad ( sic) “

Meanwhile, Jennifer admitted that the hardest part of her divorce from Ben was “having her child eyes on her”.

She said, “It’s not difficult to go over it in public, it’s hard A and B, my children’s eyes are on me … We lived on a street that was full of actors, much more successful and famous and more decorated than me including ben and they would all drive past one by one no problem and then i would do a school run and there would be 15 cars with me i never had a day without paparazzi and when i did when i in it managed a park by hiding on the bottom of the pool man’s truck or something, then a nanny would see me there and call a number and they’d rave about it. “

And Jennifer has asked her children to “speak” to one of their parents in case they ever see anything “shocking” written about them online.

She added, “When they were younger and there were things that shocked them, my plea to them was always, ‘Let Dad and I talk you through whatever it is.’ I would tell them, “If you see a picture on the front of a magazine, I’ll look at it with you and deal with any scary feelings that come together.”

How Olivia Wilde Actually Feels About Harry Type’s PDA With One other Girl On Set

After photos by Harry Styles and Emma Corrin were seen on the set of their new movie with a hot and heavy makeup session on May 5, 2021 (via Cosmopolitan) fans wondered what Olivia Wilde thought of her husband making out another woman. While it’s natural to assume you’d get jealous, a source said Us weekly The “house” alum is “not disturbed” [Styles’] Romance in front of the camera [Corrin]. “

“This isn’t the first time she’s in a relationship and interacting with her partner kissing other actresses,” the source told the publication on May 8, A Great Job. Also, she is confident in their relationship as they are very strong! “The source also said that Wilde” supports ” [Styles] backstage.”

The “Richard Jewell” actor is brand new Romance with the One Direction alum comes a few months after the producer broke off her seven-year engagement to her former fiancé Jason Sudeikis. The couple announced their split in November 2020;; The relationship between Wilde and Styles went public in January 2021.

Billy Joe Saunders feels Callum Smith ‘took the cash route’ and wasn’t at his greatest in Canelo Alvarez combat

Billy Joe Saunders is getting the big fight he’s been waiting for he competes against Canelo Alvarez in a super middleweight title unification bout on Saturday from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on DAZN (excluding Mexico).

Saunders will be the second Englishman to face Alvarez in his last three fights. Six days before Christmas Alvarez dominated Callum Smith to win the WBA and WBC super middleweight titles and become world champions in four divisions.

The WBO super middleweight title list is one of the mentality that Smith shouldn’t have gotten into the fight with five weeks’ notice and taken more time to prepare for the man who many believe is the best Pound-for-pound fighters in sports. Saunders believes Smith only took up the fight on short notice for one reason.

“You know, and I can just go and think he was offered a hell of a lot of money and I think he was probably put in the same position as me,” Saunders said on DAZN’s “Off The Cuff.” “And he took the money route. In my opinion he wasn’t at his best. I’m not taking anything away from Canelo, but when you box someone like him it takes two months to take care of everything. What comes with this? If you think that you take it with five weeks notice, your bags are packed, you are on the plane, you are over there, you are [doing] Media, it’s you, you’re in the ring, the lights are on, you don’t know what’s going on. No no no. This is not proper preparation.

“And I don’t care if they say he stays in the gym, he stays fit. Mentally, that means you need this mental side of things to find your way in this crowded situation, and not just to be blinded by the money before you. Because I think this happened to him. I think he went in for the money, not the fate of being the man who dethroned Canelo. Because he’s a good fighter, Smith, and I just don’t . I don’t think that was his night, definitely not. “

In preparation for Alvarez, Saunders (30-0, 14 KOs) didn’t bother to see too much of Alvarez-Smith. Why you might ask Because Saunders immediately felt that Smith had the wrong schedule to get the job done.

“I can give you my opinion on what I think happened,” Saunders said. “But I can’t really give you my full opinion on the fight because I’m being honest with you – I’ve only seen the highlights and I’ve only seen about two minutes of them and turned it off because I rate Callum Smith as a fighter. But I think he went in there depending on his strength and size, and that doesn’t work. The game plan is completely wrong, he fought completely wrong. “

Jay-Z feels related to his household | Leisure

Jay-Z really “connected” with his family in lockdown.

Hitmaker ‘Empire State Of Mind’, who has nine-year-old Blue Ivy and three-year-old twins Rumi and Sir with his wife Beyoncé, was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with his family during the coronavirus pandemic, as a “foundation” and knows how important it is for one’s children to “feel loved”.

He said, “In the beginning it was time for everyone to sit down and really connect, really focus on family and togetherness, and take that time to learn more from each other. And then how it went on is it’s like, “OK, all right, what’s the new normal?” Family is your foundation. Feeling loved is the most important thing a child needs, you know? Not “Here is this business that I’m going to hand over to you, that I can do for you. “What if my child doesn’t want to be into music or sports? I have no idea, do I? But as long as your child feels supported and loved, I think anything is possible.”

And the 51 year old rapper doesn’t need his kids to follow in his footsteps, he just wants them to be happy with what they’re doing as he sees himself and his wife as “guides” for them.

Speaking of his ambition for his children, he added, “Just make sure we create a loving environment, be very careful about who they want to be. It is easy for us as human beings to want our children do certain things but we have no idea, we are only guides. [I go to the gym] just to be able to catch my kids on the lawn. These are my goals. Now it is, but Blue is nine – she is no longer a baby. “

Jay-Z also admitted that he realized how “connected” the world is because of the pandemic.

He told the Sunday Times’ Style magazine, “If anything comes out of it, we need to realize that we are all connected. It’s a metaphor for how connected we are.”

Patrick Dempsey feels upbeat about America’s future | Leisure

Patrick Dempsey is increasingly optimistic about America’s future.

The 55-year-old actor has been concerned about the rise of “fascism around the world” in recent years, but is confident that new US President Joe Biden will help steer the country in the right direction.

He shared, “Of course we have someone who is compassionate and empathetic, and we haven’t had that.

“It is very difficult to see how our democracy is slipping and how sensitive it is and how fascism is rising around the world and nationalism is rising. It is not sustainable and we are seeing what will happen.”

“So it’s a real wake-up call in this country and we realize how delicate it is to keep a democracy alive, it really is up to the people to understand the information and to get the truth and misinformation is a real challenge. “

The Hollywood star plays Dominic Morgan, a manipulative executive director of a powerful investment bank in the TV series “Devils,” based on Guido Maria Brera’s bestseller of the same name, and Patrick has announced that he has been preparing for the role of Time in a real-life bank spend.

Speaking to Sky News Backstage podcast about the experience, he said, “I found it really exciting to feel the energy in the bank and the different floors in the different departments and how they respond to different political events in the area. ” World, and how that affects the economy and its decisions and investments – how it is all connected is really shocking.

“And we’ve seen that over the last year with COVID and the supply chains and our isolation, and certainly with what happens with Brexit, this connected nature in a sense pulls people into retreat. I hope we won’t.” too isolated. “

Olivia Newton-John ‘feels nice’ amid most cancers battle | Leisure Information

Olivia Newton-John feels “great” in her battle with breast cancer.

The “Fat” star was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer in 2017 – her third battle against disease – but despite her health battle, she feels “very blessed” because she can still work and support her family.

Olivia is releasing a new duet album and will soon see her daughter Chloe Lattanzi tie the knot with her 10-year-old fiancé James Driskill. She said she couldn’t be happier with her life now.

She said, “I am so happy to still be doing all of these things. I don’t think I imagined living that long! I feel very blessed.”

The 72-year-old singer and actress also feels “lucky” to be married to John Easterling, as he has helped her throughout her health journey by growing medical cannabis to alleviate her symptoms.

She added to People magazine, “I am very happy to be married to a wonderful man who is a herbalist and he has great knowledge. Now he is growing medicinal cannabis for me and it was just wonderful. It helps me in every area. “

Meanwhile, Olivia recently said she found a new determination to end cancer after the death of her close friend Kelly Preston, who was the wife of Olivia’s “Grease” co-star John Travolta, in July.

The star said Kelly’s death had intensified [her] Determination ”to help those seeking a cure for the disease through her Olivia Newton John Foundation.

She said, “Kelly was a beautiful woman and an incredibly tragic loss. It only strengthened my determination to find an end to cancer.

“When I lose friends and lose people who are important to you, I am even more determined to do this research.”

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 after battling the disease twice, Olivia said that “maintaining a positive attitude” helped her get through each day.

She said, “I’m very well, thank you. Thanks to my husband [John Easterling] and its herbal medicine. I’m really fine.

“I think it’s just about keeping a positive attitude and believing that I’ll be fine. And talk to my body and do everything possible to support me emotionally and mentally. “