Public suggestions for Toledo restoration cash introduced

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The public has spoken, and we now have a better idea of ​​where Toledoers are planning to spend new dollars from Washington.

$ 180 million is on the way and there are plenty of ideas on how to spend it.

Too many boarded up and abandoned houses are scattered across Toledo’s neighborhoods. Many can come down with these recovery dollars. The top category of supported residents was “Safe and livable neighborhoods”.

In this category, “Demolition of Abandoned Houses” achieved the highest number of points. Another popular point to address is “lead water service line replacement”.

“Across the survey, more people rated this topic first than anything,” said David Mann, an adviser to Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz.

This feedback will help the mayor’s council and office decide how to spend the money. “Safe and livable neighborhoods” as well as “Youth, recreation and parks” were in the foreground.

“These are the issues that lead people to choose to move elsewhere,” said Rob Ludeman, Toledo city councilor.

One concern of the data was demographics. Only 14% of respondents said they were African American, 58% said they were white, and 14% didn’t answer. The council members wanted to make sure that all viewpoints were taken into account.

“Because this money prioritizes color communities, there are also communities that live in poverty. I think it is very important for us to make sure the data is clear, ”said Dr. Tiffany Preston Whitman, Councilor of Toledo.

Dr. Preston Whitman attended the public input meetings and believes the percentages may not show minority communities, but her input that she heard at the actual meetings is consistent with this presentation.

“I think it will be heard. Like I said, if it was the meeting and the poll, it was pretty consistent from what I heard when I went to the meetings and also looked through the results. “

What is clear is that these dollars must not be put into savings or trust funds.

“The intent seems very, very clear that the Treasury Department wants this money to be spent,” Mann said.

The mayor’s administration will collect all this data and draft a regulation for the council that will be sent to them in early to mid-October.

The Council is then expected to vote on this regulation by the end of the year.

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Richmond on the lookout for suggestions on methods to spend on line casino cash

RICHMOND, Virginia – The city of Richmond held a virtual public session Wednesday night soliciting feedback on how to spend the $ 25.5 the city would receive from One Casino and Resort if the project was released in November approved by the electorate.

If voters approve the November casino gambling referendum, funds will be sent to Richmond in advance.

Preliminary poll results showed that the majority of respondents hope 70 percent of the money will go to projects in the south, from school-related projects to pedestrian infrastructure projects.

In order to provide feedback, the city a digital survey and mail-in surveys will be sent out through September 6th.

If the project is approved, the casino would be built on Commerce Road near the Philip Morris factory.