Klopp not a fan of Atletico model regardless of respect for Simeone

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said that despite his deep admiration for Spanish champions Diego Simeone’s coach, he is still struggling to warm to Atletico Madrid’s style of play.

Klopp struck Atletico’s defensive tactics when Simeone’s men won 3-2 in the Champions League after extra time in Anfield in March 2020 to advance 4-2 overall.

The German apologized for the outbreak on Monday, saying he was showing his frustration at being forced to play the game at a full crowd for months just days before the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was angry, disappointed with a lot of things with the world at the moment,” said Klopp. “Then, in a really strange circumstance, we had to focus on football.

“Diego Simeone is doing everything right. He’s the current Spanish champion. He’s at Atletico, I don’t know how long, but very successful there.”

Klopp said he respects what Atletico have achieved but prefers a different style of football.

“Do I like it? Not too much, but that’s normal because I prefer a different kind of football,” he said. “Other coaches prefer different styles of football so it doesn’t have to please anyone – it just has to be successful and Atletico certainly is.”

Liverpool have been unbeaten in eleven games this season, largely thanks to Virgil van Dijk’s return from a torn knee ligament.

The Dutch captain was injured when Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford lost out in a bad-tempered Merseyside derby last October.

Van Dijk resisted the temptation to rush back to represent his country at Euro 2020 and Liverpool have reaped the benefits as he’s back at the heart of defense.

Simeone said the Dutchman’s return gave the Reds the “security” they lacked last season to attack more freely.

But Van Dijk himself believes he still has a way to go to get back to his best.

The story goes on

“I don’t think there are many examples of players coming back from an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), a complex knee injury Dijk.

“I want to be the best I can for the team I play for, the fans I play for and the country I play for. The only thing I can do is play games and becoming more confident in the things you do. “

“It’s going in the right direction and I feel good so there is always room for improvement.”

Liverpool are on track for the Champions League round of 16 after winning their first two games before traveling to Madrid.

Atletico needed a late turn to beat 10-man AC Milan in their last European game but are also well-positioned with four points from two Group B games.

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Billie Eilish Simply Trolled Her Previous Model in Response to a Fan

Billie Eilish is in a new era, and – obviously – with a new era is coming new look. The singer recently made her debut with fresh blonde hair and a vintage vibe on the cover of Fashion before Happier Than Ever and leaned into the same style in promoting the album. But apparently some fans aren’t there for it – although it’s none of your business how Billie dresses – and voiced their preference for her old look during a Q&A.

In response to a follower who said, “No more boring outfits were so damn tired … what happened to you” (um, rude), Billie shared an old photo of herself with blue hair and a matching blue fit and said : “What? You want that again ?”


She also posted a photo of herself in high heels and a corset in response to another follower who asked for more pictures:


Billie spoke to me about her new look FashionShe said she expected fans to ask, “If you’re into body positivity, why should you wear a corset? Why wouldn’t you show your actual body? ‘”As she put it,“ My business is that I can do what I want. It’s about what is good for you. If you want to have an operation, get an operation. If you want to wear a dress that someone thinks you look too big, fuck it – if you feel like you look good, you look good. “

She added, “All of a sudden you are a hypocrite when you want to show your skin and you are just and you are a slut and you are a whore. If so, then I am proud. Me and all the girls are hoes and fuck it you know Let’s turn it around and be strengthened in it. Showing your body and showing your skin – or not – should not take your respect. “

This forever.

Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals.

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Bally’s and KO Leisure fight sports activities deal goals to rework fan engagement

Image Source: Eugene Powers / Shutterstock.com

Sports betting and gaming company Ballys Corporation announced a strategic partnership with Oscar de la Hoya KO entertainment, a subsidiary of the elite boxing promotion company Golden Boy Promotions Inc.

The relationship, according to Bally’s, aims to “incorporate unparalleled innovation, objectivity and gamification into martial arts, thereby transforming fan engagement”.

The initiative was officially unveiled this week when the two parties piloted a. radiated Oscar de la Hoyas KO Entertainment presents Ballys Fight Night – a reinterpretation of the presentation of the sports boxing and MMA and the first development in the 2.0 gamification of martial arts.

The event included five professional MMA and four professional boxing competitions shown in a video game presentation. With the help of sensors and a specially designed data tracking dashboard, a large number of objective data points such as impact force and thrown and landed stroke combinations were recorded in real time.

Through the use of sports science, data was conveyed in an on-screen power bar, similar to what is found in video games, summarizing the total damage a fighter has absorbed. Bally’s and KO Entertainment claim that by collecting, analyzing, and incorporating this data into future broadcasts, they can create a more rewarding and safer experience for fighters while increasing transparency.

To further improve the gamification of martial arts and the viewing experience, Bally’s intends to integrate Monkey knife fight, its daily fantasy sports platform, in live broadcasts.

Soo Kim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bally’s Corporation, said, “This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity to bring together experts in the gaming, media and martial arts to breathe new life into boxing and mixed martial arts.

“By integrating our innovative technology and interactive gaming platforms into martial arts, we will open up new and transformative ways for audiences to connect with our live broadcasts.”

Oscar de la hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, commented, “We have the utmost respect for the history and tradition of boxing and mixed martial arts. By partnering with Bally’s and working on developing this innovative product, we believe we can deliver real-time, data-driven insights into the punch-by-punch action, creating an unprecedented level of transparency and objectivity.

“We will also provide an experience that is easier to understand for the average viewer and at the same time more rewarding and safer for fighters.”

Bally’s Company and Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Leisure Type Partnership to Innovate Fight Sports activities Broadcasts and Remodel Fan Engagement

CAUTION, RI, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bally’s Corporation (NYSE: BALY), the leading vertically integrated full-service sports betting and iGaming company in the United States, and Oscar de la Hoyas KO Entertainment, a subsidiary of the world’s most elite boxing promotion company, Golden Boy Promotions, Inc., today announced the establishment of. known a strategic relationship that aims to incorporate unprecedented innovation, objectivity and gamification into martial arts, thereby transforming fan engagement. To unveil this initiative, the companies will air a pilot of “Oscar de la Hoyas KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night” – a reinterpretation of the boxing and mixed martial arts (“MMA”) presentation and the first evolution in 2.0 gamification of martial arts.

Ballys Fight Night features five professional MMA and four professional boxing competitions shown in a video game presentation. With the help of sensors and a custom-made data tracking dashboard, a large number of objective data points such as impact force and thrown and landed stroke combinations are recorded in real time. Using sports science, the data is transmitted in a power bar on the screen, similar to what is found in video games, which summarizes the total damage a fighter has absorbed. By collecting, analyzing and integrating this data into future broadcasts, Ballys and KO Entertainment will provide unparalleled objectivity that will provide fighters with a more rewarding and safer experience while increasing transparency. To further improve the gamification of martial arts and the viewing experience, Ballys intends to incorporate Monkey Knife Fight, its daily fantasy sports platform, into live broadcasts.

Soo Kim, Chairman of Ballys The corporation’s board of directors said, “This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity to bring gaming, media and martial arts experts together to breathe new life into boxing and mixed martial arts. By integrating our innovative technology and interactive gaming platforms into martial arts, we can will create new and transformative ways for audiences to engage with our live broadcasts. We look forward to piloting the Ballys Fight Night, which is just the beginning of this journey, invites viewers to tune in for an incredible night of entertainment. “

Oscar de la Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, commented, “We have the utmost respect for the history and tradition of boxing and mixed martial arts. By partnering with Ballys, and are working on the development of this innovative product and believe that we can provide data-driven real-time insights into the punch-by-punch actions, creating an unprecedented level of transparency and objectivity. We will also provide an experience that is easier to understand for the average viewer, and at the same time more rewarding and safer for fighters. “

Ballys Fight Night is presented Mike Goldberg Cover game by game, Frank Trigg as a color commentator and Holly Sonders as a social host and reporter. Special will also give fans a glimpse behind the scenes with fighters and coaches, facilitate fan interactions and present Monkey Knife Fight Fantasy competitions.

The “Ballys The pilot “Fight Night” will be broadcast on Stadium, the Sinclair Broadcast Group’s digital and over-the-air television network Wednesday June 9, 2021 at the 5:00 p.m. ET2:00 p.m. PT. Fans interested in viewing Ballys Fight Night can access the broadcast via https://watchstadium.com/live/ballys-fight-night/ and https://watchstadium.com/live/ballys-fight-night-2/. You can also follow the action by following #BallysFightNight on Twitter and @BallysFightNight on Instagram.

over Ballys Group

Ballys Corporation is the leading vertically integrated full-service sports betting and iGaming company in the United States with a B2B2C business model. It currently owns and operates 13 casinos in nine states, a horse racing track, and 13 authorized OTB licenses in Colorado. It also owns Bet.Works, a premier sports betting platform, Monkey Knife Fight, the fastest growing daily fantasy sports site in North America, and SportCaller, a leading global provider of free B2B games.

With more than 6,000 employees, the company’s pro forma operations for upcoming acquisitions include 15,558 slot machines, 465 table games and 5,355 hotel rooms. After the previously announced Jumer’s Casino & Hotel (Rock Island, IL) and Tropicana Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada) Transactions as well as the completion of the construction of a land-based casino near Nittany Mall in State College, PA, Ballys will own and operate 16 casinos in 11 states. Ballys also has a multi-year market access partnership with Elite Casino Resorts, through which it offers mobile sports betting in Iowa, and a temporary sports betting permit to conduct online sports betting in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “BALY”.

About KO Entertainment

KO Entertainment would like to support all employees, from athletes to creative people, under one roof with ONE common goal. That is the development of culturally meaningful new media content, marketing and branding enhancement that elevates all Latino communities worldwide through their united love for sports and entertainment.

Founded in 2021 by superstar Oscar De La Hoya, known worldwide not only as one of the best fighters of his era, but also as an elite promoter, Grammy-nominated singer, astute businessman and active philanthropist.

About Golden Boy Promotions, Inc.

The angel-based Golden Boy was founded in 2002 by Oscar De La Hoya, the first Hispanic to own a national boxing advertising company. Golden Boy is a media and entertainment brand dedicated to making combat entertainment more accessible and affordable. The company’s in-house production team develops creative original programming for RingTV.com and international channels around the world.

The company holds the exclusive rights to top boxers and has sponsored some of the largest, highest-grossing events in the history of the sport. Today Golden Boy is one of the most successful boxing entertainment companies in the world and, through its 2019 partnership with the streaming platform DAZN, is shaping the future of boxing for fighters and fans alike.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This document contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities laws. Forward-looking statements are statements about matters that are not historical facts and include statements about Ballys Plans, goals, expectations and intentions.

Forward-looking statements are not guarantees and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements are based on Ballys current expectations and assumptions. Although Ballys believes that his expectations and assumptions are reasonable at this point in time, they should not be construed as representations Ballys Expectations are met. Actual results could differ materially. Forward-looking statements apply only at the time this document was prepared and Ballys does not undertake to update or revise it as more information becomes available, unless required by law.

Important factors beyond those that apply to most businesses, some of which go beyond Ballys Controls that could cause actual results to differ materially from our expectations and assumptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including restrictions Ballys Operations, increased costs, changed customer attitudes, effects on Ballys Employees and the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on general economic conditions;
  • unexpected costs, integration difficulties and other events with an impact Ballys recently completed and planned acquisitions and Ballys Ability to realize expected benefits;
  • Risks associated with Ballys rapid growth, including those that impact customer and employee retention, integration, and controls;
  • Risks related to the effects of the digitization of gambling Ballys Casino operations, Ballys Expansion in iGaming and sports betting and the highly competitive and rapidly changing aspects of Ballys new interactive business in general;
  • the very significant regulatory restrictions on Ballys, including the cost of compliance;
  • Limitations and restrictions in agreements on Ballys Debt could have a significant impact Ballys Ability to run our business and liquidity; and
  • other risks identified in Part I. Point 1A. “Risk Factors” of Ballys Annual report on Form 10 – K for the past fiscal year December 31, 2020 as filed with the SEC March 10, 2021 and other filings with the SEC.

The above list of important factors is non-exclusive and does not include matters such as changes in general economic conditions that affect essentially all gaming companies.

You should not inappropriately rely on Ballys forward-looking statements.

Investor contact

Steve Capp
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

Media contact

Ballys Group
Richard Goldmann / David Gil
646-847-6102 / 917-842-5384
[email protected]

KO Entertainment / Golden Boy promotions
Gabriel Rivas
Golden boy
(213) -604-7762

SOURCE Ballys Group; KO entertainment; Golden Boy Promotions, Inc.

Spider-Man Fan Makes Superior Film-Fashion Poster for Recreation

A seasoned Marvel’s Spider-Man fan shows off a handsome poster for the 2018 game, and its design wouldn’t look out of place in a movie theater.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been on the road for over two years, though fans are still showing their love for the first entry on Insomniac’s series. A Redditor named theusher88 took their appreciation to a new level by showing off a brilliant poster depicting the events of the Marvel’s Spider-Man Plot.

The art is designed in the style of a movie poster, in the middle of which Spider-Man is depicted and all of the supporting characters in the story are positioned around him. As a result, the picture resembles what one would see a Spider-Man movieThis makes it a neat homage to the character and the game as a whole. So far, the contribution has received 2,600 positive votes, with 35 commentators expressing praise.

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CONNECTED: Spider-Man 3 game might have included Iron Man

The poster looks Peter’s archenemy Doctor Octopus Takes up the entire top left corner, which makes sense given its importance to the plot of the game. In addition to a picture of Doc Ock’s face, viewers can see two smaller pictures of the last battle below. The first shows Peter grabbing his tentacles, while the second sees a web on his chest while Spider-Man hits a punch. In both action shots, Spidey can be seen in the game’s finale in the anti-ock suit, a sight that should bring fans back to that original encounter.

The rest of the poster shows the Sinister Six getting some love. Under the Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus settings, the game’s concept art shows people chasing after a fleeing web slinger. Downtown, Mr. Negative can be seen Approach Spider-Man as in the game’s turn sequence. On the right side of the poster, Peter can be seen beating vultures with a matching green filter placed over the shot in the game. Above the pair is Scorpion, while in the upper right corner of the artwork Electro charges its electricity.

Kingpin also appears on the poster, a legitimate inclusion due to his role in the game’s intro sequence. The lower part of the picture contains a shot of one of the activities on the chase. In the left corner, Spidey hangs on a wall and looks back at a group of inner demons. The final inclusion in the poster is a nod to the Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC, with Insomniac’s version of Black Cat looking over her shoulder.

Given this solid love letter to Marvel’s Spider-Man, it would be great to see theusher88 make some of these Spider-Man: Miles Morales Art also. With a continuation along the way, there could be even more options for spectacular posters like this one.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for PS4 and PS5.

MORE: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5 could even be bigger than the next god of war

Return leg

Returnal Dev warns before downloading the latest patch

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A lifelong gamer and comic fan who loves to write about everything in nerd culture … and has a little addiction to trophy and achievement hunting.

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Bob Dylan is a Foo Fighters fan, says Dave Grohl | Leisure

Bob Dylan wanted to record a cover version of the Foo Fighters song ‘Everlong’.

Hitmaker ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ invited the band to open up for him on a tour in 2008, and front man Dave Grohl recalled being “scared” when called to meet the legendary singer, just to praise the group and their music.

In an interview with Uncut magazine, Grohl said: “I could only see his silhouette, he had a black hoodie over his head, a black leather jacket, black jeans and black boots. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

“I walked up to him and said, ‘Hey Bob, how are you? ‘He says, “Hey man, how are you?”

“We talked a bit and he thanked us for the tour and then said, ‘Man, what kind of song is that you have? “The only thing I’ll ever ask of you is to promise not to stop when I say when.” ‘

“I said, ‘Oh, that’s’ Everlong’. He said, “This is a great song man, I should do this song.”

“I said, ‘You know, I think you have enough good songs to hold on to.’ “

The brief get-together remains one of the highlights of the career of former Nirvana drummer Grohl.

He said, “To be honest, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life. It was terrifying – but he couldn’t have been nicer. “

Producer Arthur Baker also recalled Dylan singing a surprising choice of cover while they were working on his ‘Empire Burlesque’ record during studio downtime.

He said, “I mixed something one night and heard something really strange among it.

“So I turned the volume down quickly and Bob sang ‘Like a Virgin’ on acoustic guitar.

“He figured out how to play Madonna. We had already finished the record and he said to me, “I would love to do a record like Prince of Madonna. Can we do that? ‘ He was a joker. He liked to fuck me, you know? “

Indians announce fan capability as native sporting and leisure venues look towards Summer time – Fox 59

OHA, CDC is investigating death of Oregon woman after COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson

Video / 5 hours ago

ISDH COVID-19 data for April 22, 2021

FOX59 News / 13 hours ago

Marion County COVID-19 Update 4/22

FOX59 News / 11 hours ago

Honolulu resident receives third COVID shot as part of a vaccine study

Video / 2 days ago

IMS operates Indy 500 with up to 40% of the track’s capacity for fans

FOX59 News / 1 day ago

Officials are discussing an important update on the 105th Indianapolis 500

FOX59 News / 1 day ago

Penske and IMS announced the fan capacity for this year’s Indy 500

FOX59 News / 1 day ago

Indiana COVID-19 Update 4/21

FOX59 News / 2 days ago

Biden says employers should give paid time off for vaccinations. The US wants to achieve the goal of 200 million doses in 100 days

News / 1 day ago

US vaccinations will hit its goal of 200 million doses in 100 days, Biden said

News / 1 day ago

Indiana COVID-19 Update 4/20

FOX59 News / 3 days ago

One-on-one interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci

FOX59 News / 3 days ago

Hailey Bieber is a fan of TikTok-popular Starface pimple stickers | Leisure

Hailey Bieber uses TikTok popular Starface pimple stickers.

The 24-year-old model uses the funny patches as part of her nighttime skin care routine.

On a YouTube clip she said, “I find when I work a lot and have a lot of different makeup on my face … my skin is just insanely sensitive, so I find myself breaking out.

“I really love the little Starface pimple stickers. They really help heal pimples faster. So whenever I break out, I always sleep with one of them. And they look cute! I’m never mad at a cute little situation.”

Hailey also revealed that she wants to look like a “glazed donut” before bed.

After removing her makeup with a cleansing balm, she sinks into her porch with a milky detergent.

She explained, “I’m going to start with an oil cleanser because I have a lot of makeup and I don’t use makeup wipes … it honestly made the biggest difference in my skin.”

The blonde beauty who is married to pop superstar Justin Bieber also swears by Biba Los Angeles’ plant stem cell peptide serum for the ultimate shine.

She added, “My standard when I go to bed at night is that if I don’t go to bed like a glazed donut, I’m not doing the right thing. Find a moisturizer that will make you look like a glazed donut at the end of the day. “

Hailey recently admitted that she prefers not going “full glam” unless she’s working to keep her flawless complexion.

She said, “I would say the days when I was glamorous myself for fun, even before COVID was rare. I do a lot more skin care and just always do my makeup for work.” I tend to stick to the really cool no makeup makeup more and focus on keeping my skin healthy. “

Fan Trailer Recuts Freddy Vs. Jason In The Fashion Of Godzilla Vs. Kong


The trailer for Godzilla versus Kong the audience was more than a little enthusiastic about the big budget pairing between the two monster monarchs. It also inspired the creativity of some viewers, with an editor re-cutting the trailer for Freddy versus Jason in the same style.

Unlike other efforts with a similar concept, there is no intent to match the footage of the trailers with the events shown, but the slasher crossover is still previewed in a similar manner to the kaiju punchout with the same music, with the tension going through Each antagonist is elevated to display in vague and unfocused settings before revealing them in their full glory and demonstrating how insignificant normal people are when confronted with them.

The clearest parallel arises from the two titans, be it figuratively or literally, facing each other. This is the point where Chris Classic begins “Here We Go” and traces the following fight with heavy kinetic energy as each participant is severely beaten by the other.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only time recently The two franchise mashups have drawn comparisons with each other. However, unlike Godzilla vs. Kong, in which Mechagodzilla will likely turn out to be the Titan’s main antagonist, Freddy vs. Jason didn’t have a third party that the two could team up against and formed when the enemies of the same name came in for physical blows this is the climax of the film.

Freddy versus Jason Fans of both franchises don’t fondly remember that both characters are poorly served by a script that doesn’t do either justice, while Godzilla vs. Kong is awaited with far greater gusto. This fan trailer shows that, despite the overall quality of creative work, with enough imagination and skill, anything can be designed to look far better than it actually is.

WATCH: Payments fan finishes most cancers therapy, celebrates Payments Mafia type

(WIVB) – Victor Neilson is a huge Buffalo Bills fan and had received intense chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin lymphomas for the past 5 months. On January 21, he had to ring the bell to indicate the end of his treatment, but did it with a Bill’s Mafia twist.

Neilson was diagnosed with cancer in August 2020 and started chemotherapy shortly afterwards. In a post on Twitter, he made his announcement with a video.

Neilson gathered outside with staff and others, put on a Bill’s helmet, and jumped through a folding table with the word “cancer” on it.

Check out Victor Neilson’s video:

Nielson said he wanted to pay it up and started a GoFundMe in aid of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. To donate, click Here.

Patrick Ryan is a digital producer who is part of the News 4 Team since 2020. See more of his work Here.