Inventory futures fall amid fears of latest Covid variant present in South Africa

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US stocks fell on Friday renewed Covid fears about a new variant found in South Africa.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 800 points, or more than 2%, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite were down 1.4% and 0.9%, respectively. Friday is a shortened trading day due to the Thanksgiving holiday as U.S. markets close at 1:00 p.m. ET.

The downward movement came after WHO officials on Thursday before a new Covid-19 variant discovered in South Africa. The new variant contains more mutations in the spike protein, the cell-binding component of the virus, than the highly contagious Delta variant. Because of these mutations, scientists fear that vaccine resistance may be increased, although WHO said more research is needed.

the Britain has temporarily suspended flights from six African countries due to the variant. Israel banned travel to multiple countries after reporting a case to a traveler. Two cases have been identified in Hong Kong. Belgium also confirmed a case.

“When I read that there is one [case] in Belgium and one in Botswana, we’ll wake up next week and find one in this country. And I am not going to recommend anyone buy anything today until we are sure it isn’t going to happen and I can’t be sure that it doesn’t, “said CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

Bond prices rose and yields fell in the midst of a flight to safety. The return on the benchmark 10-year US Treasury bond decreased by 13 basis points to 1.511% (1 basis point corresponds to 0.01%). This was a sharp reversal as yields jumped above 1.68% at times earlier in the week. Bond yields move in the opposite direction to prices.

Oil prices also fell US crude oil futures declined 6.2% to $ 73.57 a barrel, while the South African rand fell 1.7% against the greenback to 16.231 a barrel.

The Asian markets were hit hard by Friday trading, with the Japanese Nikkei 225 and Hong Kong Hang Seng indexes each falling more than 2%. Bitcoin fell 8%.

Often referred to as Wall Street’s “fear measure,” the Cboe volatility index rose to 28, its highest level in two months.

Travel-related stocks were hit the hardest as Carnival Corp. and Royal Caribbean both lost more than 10% in pre-opening trading. United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines each fell more than 7%. Boeing lost 6%. Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide were down more than 5%.

Bank stocks fell on fears of a slowdown in economic activity and falling interest rates. Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup each lost more than 4%.

Industrials associated with the global economy, led by Caterpillar, fell 3%. Dow Inc. lost 2%.

Chevron lost nearly 5% as energy stocks reacted to the surge in crude oil prices.

On the other hand, investors pushed their way into vaccine manufacturers. The Moderna share gained more than 8%. Pfizer shares were up 5%.

Some of the home games that had risen in the first few months of the pandemic were higher again. Zoom-Video added 9%. Netflix was up 2%.

“It’s important to emphasize that very little is known about this newest strain at this point, including whether it can bypass vaccines or how severe it is compared to other mutations. Therefore, it is difficult to make informed investment decisions at this point. ”Paul Hickey of the Investment Group said in a statement to clients. “Historically, chasing a rally or selling into a sharp decline (especially on a very illiquid trading day) is rarely profitable, but that doesn’t stop a lot of people this morning.”

Several investment professionals told CNBC on Friday that the sell-off could be a buying opportunity.

“Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, probably not that many traders on their desks with an early close today. Therefore, potentially lower liquidity is causing part of the withdrawal, “said Ajene Oden of BNY Mellon Investor Solutions on CNBC’s”Squawk box. ”“ But the reaction we’re seeing is an investor buying opportunity. We have to think long-term. “

CNBC Pro Stock Pick and Investment Trends:

Markets closed for Thanksgiving Thursday, so stocks posted modest gains on Wednesday that dampened the week’s losses for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite. During the holiday weeks, the trading volume tends to be low.

A surge in Treasury yields earlier this week put high-growth stocks under pressure. The Nasdaq is down 1.3% for the week, while the S&P 500 is up less than 0.1% and the Dow is up about 0.6%.

The last few weeks of the year are typically a busy time for the market, with the so-called Santa Claus rally usually bringing happy holidays for Wall Street. The S&P 500 is up 25% since the start of the year.

Friday also marks the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season as investors look to Black Friday insights to set US consumer sentiment.

Retail executives have been speaking for the past few weeks about how to deal with supply chain issues and inflation. It also remains to be seen whether the discussion of supply chain issues caused consumers to start their Christmas shopping earlier, potentially hurting fourth-quarter sales.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a dynamic around the holiday season,” said Sarah Henry, portfolio manager at Logan Capital Management. She added that her firm was looking for companies with long-term strategic advantages rather than trying to bet on the best Christmas sales results.

There were also several strong economic reports on Wednesday, with personal income and consumer spending higher than expected for October and Initial jobless claims at their lowest level since 1969. Core PCE, the Fed’s preferred inflation meter, remained higher at 4.1%.

No major business news is planned for Friday.

Store Fall Model Necessities, In response to Every Zodiac Signal

From time to time we are all completely undecided about what to choose from our closet or we lack the inspiration to put together an outfit. Suddenly it can feel like we no longer know how to dress. But if you’ve ever consulted an astrologer or a birthing cart to battle the other pickles in life, it may be time to apply this approach to your wardrobe, as resorting to astrology for fashion advice could be the perfect way out of a rut.

Each zodiac element and sign has specific behavioral traits and aesthetic biases that can help determine what clothing choices a person will make. To that end, we asked astrologer Alice Bell to provide insights into the fashion POV of each zodiac sign and to help us focus on the specific clothing – including favorite colors and accessories choices – that will inspire us. Read on for some sort of astrology reading that has plenty of sign-specific shopping suggestions for your fall style.

Fire sign

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire shields usually want to leave a mark and so their style will never be simple or neutral, Bell says. Strong and bright colors such as red or orange and sequined or decorated outfits are indeed a matter of course for them. “Leo wants to stand out with what they’re wearing, so they might like dresses with a cool silhouette or something that attracts attention – they like to look glamorous,” says Bell. “Sagittarius is a world traveler, so her many trips can affect her clothes and they can be overdone with accessories like feathered handbags or flashy sunglasses,” she adds. “Aries is the more active of the three, so they may like clothes that are a little easier to move around in.”

Earth sign

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

When it comes to earth signs, style is all about practicality. Essential pieces that combine well and easily with anything in your wardrobe are must-haves. They love neutral colors and clothing that is comfortable and timeless. “Capricorn and Taurus both have a very traditional and expensive-looking style, like a classic trench coat or silk scarf,” advises Bell. “Virgo is probably the most basic sign in the world and is also a huge fan of athleisure because their health is very important to them.” Finally, for all three earth signs, Bell recommends great jeans, cashmere sweaters, basic T-shirts, loafers or ballerinas and, as accessories, something practical like a tote bag.

Air sign

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As Bell notes, Air Signs love to be on the cutting edge of trends and are very happy to shop with aspiring designers. As born show-offs, they want to wear original pieces that nobody else owns, such as unique prints or fun accessories such as cool heels or a small handbag. They like to experiment with their outfits and are therefore not afraid to wear colors, but nothing super daring. “They prefer softer, floral prints or cooler greens and blues,” explains Bell. “Libra is more social and flirtatious, so they like dresses that go from day to night. When I think of Aquarius, I think of a brand like Paloma Wool, which always has weird prints. At Gemini, I think of a mashup of different items and prints put together. Air Signs aren’t afraid to take style risks! “


Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

The most sensitive of the zodiac, watermarks, have a penchant for calm pastel tones and, unlike their fiery counterparts, do not like to draw attention to them with bright colors. “Pisces prefer colors like purple, turquoise, and light blue, and clothes with a sheen that feels kind of mystical,” suggests Bell. “Cancers have a nostalgic style, so they like vintage silhouettes, although both characters are like clothes to lie around in as they are very introverted,” she concludes. With the last one to the left of the watermark, it’s a whole different story. Scorpio is a bit of the weird because it wears dark colors, especially black. “Scorpio is a kind of sexual sign, so they might like clothes with unexpected necklines or very figure-hugging but not too revealing clothes – the way they make a statement is very subtle,” says Bell. “For a Scorpio, I think of black leather boots and a leather jacket.”

Macy’s Stamps Misa Hylton As An Icon Of Model With A Fall Capsule Assortment

If anyone deserves to be an “Icon of Style” it definitely is Misa Hylton. The fashion architect has been at the forefront of fashion, music and culture for more than 25 years.

The mother of three is best known for reshaping the style of hip hop and R&B and bringing it to the looks we admire today. From Lil Kim’s daring purple clam pie to Mary J. Blige’s signature 90s homegirl hip-hop glam that we still love. In all fairness, as a true icon in the fashion game, Hylton has been signed, sealed and delivered.

Recognizing Hylton’s contribution to transforming fashion In something that is bold, relatable, and iconic, Macy’s has tapped black visionaries like Zerina Akers, Aminah Abdul Jillil, Allen Onyia, and Ouigi Theodore to create a fashionable capsule of must-have fall items that draw from their unique perspective and dynamism inspired are style.

“Fashion is constantly evolving,” Hylton says exclusively to ESSENCE. “I am delighted with the recognition, attention and opportunity that stylists and designers of color are now receiving. It is an honor to be named a style icon, it feels incredible to be part of fashion history. ”

Durand Guion, Vice President of Macy’s Fashion Office, highlighted the diverse creatives in the fashion industry: “We’re excited to celebrate black excellence and reinforce the voices and exceptional talent of five black creatives,” he says.

He continues: “We use this moment to tell their stories and offer our fashion-loving customers exclusive one-offs that help them express their personal style.”

Inspired by color, prints and hip-hop style, Hylton brings the volume up with upscale loungewear with bold, novel patterns and unmistakable energy. Hylton adds, “It was also important that I include my Japanese and Black cultures in order to express the aspects of my imagination.”

Take a look at some vibrant pieces that we will be adding to our collection.

Misa Hyltons Collection is available now at Macy’s at prices up to $ 150.


Babylon’s Fall visible replace improves legibility however retains “oil portray model”

Babylon’s Fall has changed its graphics and art style to make it easier for players to read.

Just below, Babylon’s fall announced the changes today, October 6th, via the game’s official Twitter account. In particular, the announcement makes it clear that the changes are based on player feedback, so it looks like some players have had a problem over the past few years Closed beta sessions for the game.

With great thanks to our Sentinels support, the # BabylonsFall team has worked to update the graphics to improve readability while keeping the unique oil painting style! 6, 2021

See more

You can have a clear look at how Babylon’s case is changing above based on this feedback. In particular, it seems like the developers at PlatinumGames are making some of the lighter colors in the environment bolder, especially when used against darker backgrounds. The gold on the red carpet on the floor, for example, now shines brighter than before and permeates the gloomy surroundings.

There’s nothing but praise to PlatinumGames for the changes here. Just below the original announcement tweet, dozens of Babylon’s Fall players are praising the developers for revamping the graphics of the action-packed game, with many commenting that these steps represent a significant improvement in overall clearer environments and readability.

The closed beta testing phases for Babylon’s case have taken place in the past few months. While the initial beta focused on giving players the ability to actually log into the action multiplayer game’s servers, subsequent testing phases ramped things up to gameplay and exploration on PC, PS4, and PS5. For now, at least, Babylon’s case doesn’t have a final release date, but it’s good to know that the developers are constantly listening to fan feedback on any areas they can improve.

You can find all the details of all other games coming to PlayStation’s New Gen console in the next few years in our upcoming PS5 games Guide for more.

Winnetka cycles from summer time to fall in fashion

Winnetka ushered in autumn with a bang on September 25th, with a full day of activities topped off with fireworks near the lake shore.

Saturday afternoon kicked off with a local classic: Bike Winnetka, a mile-long bike ride that park district officials say was the most popular version of all time.

“It was great to see everyone driving through Winnetka. We had the most attendees of all time, ”said James Janesku, the district’s recovery officer, in a press release. “Thank you, Winnetka. With this year’s success, I am excited to see how Bike Winnetka can grow in the future. “

Guests enjoy the festive bouncy castle at the autumn festival.

After the competition, bikers were encouraged to attend Fall Fest, a family event at Duke Childs Field that included music, food, and drink, and a pumpkin roll – for which participants rolled pumpkins down a hill.

The evening was punctuated with a 30-minute fireworks show originally scheduled for July 4th but postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

“This year’s Fall Festival was one for the books,” said Toby Ross, the district’s recreation officer, in the press release. “We were very excited to have such a great day for the community. It felt great to see so many people coming out to ring in fall and sticking to our late July 4th fireworks show. “

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Fall River resident elevating cash for Jimmy Fund to learn Dana-Farber

FALL RIVER – Not many people can say they had a dream that saved their life. But to Fall River residents Sandra BroomeHaving undergone dozens of operations for various types of cancer, anything seems possible.

Broome was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and was planning to have one double mastectomy Next year. But that summer she had a dream in which her late father, who himself died of cancer, urged her to get an operation as soon as possible. She woke up, pinched herself, and convinced her doctors to let her do the mastectomy three weeks later.

“They called me 14 days later and told me to sit down,” she said. The surgery revealed that she had three different types of cancer in her breasts, including one that could possibly have spread to other parts of her body.

In the years that followed, Broome, 45, had 53 surgeries, and the number is rising, and more are planned for this fall. Since her mastectomy, she has faced one hurdle after another. Tumors have appeared in other parts of her body, she had to undergo treatment to correct complications from radiation therapy to her hip, and her breast implants had to be replaced several times due to government recalls.

Fall River Clinics:These eight schools will offer vaccination clinics for students in September and October

“I look like a map,” she said about all of her scars, radiation burns and radiation tattoos.

But Broome has maintained an indomitable optimism throughout her countless surgeries and painful recovery. She said she developed a routine to make sure she walks into her treatments with a smile on her face and jokes with the anesthetist.

“I’m doing a dance, I’m joking around,” she said.

Now she’s helping to raise money for cancer treatment and research through various cancer walks and other fundraising drives. She currently heads a fundraising team, Sandra Stark, for next month Jimmy Fund Walk in aid of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The walk is virtual this year, so on October 3rd she will be walking around Boston’s Castle Island.

Heal and Help:Former Taunton State Hospital Patient Wants To Help Others Transcend And “Fly”

And Broome said she wanted to let other people facing similar challenges know what they think is the best way to endure the grueling treatment process.

“Laughter heals,” she said of what she attributes to her treatment providers at Dana-Farber who they taught her. “So many people are stressed and I get it. But stress doesn’t help the body. “

It’s not about never feeling sad or discouraged, but it’s important to have a positive attitude, she said.

“Strong people cry too,” she says. But: “If I have to have 100 operations, I’m here. Cancer and tumors will not defeat this lady. “

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Fall fashion: Prepping the Belgians for the county honest | Heraldrepublican

When the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair takes place this week, hundreds of people will tour the Draft Horse Barn to marvel at these “gentle giants” who once fueled the agricultural industry.

These horses, which are twice the size of a riding horse, are pretty impressive up close.

What most visitors don’t see is the work of the exhibition exhibitors to bring the animals to the fair. The days before the fair are busy for our family as we prepare our Belgian draft horses for the show ring.

Budding Belgians will have six horses in the draft horse stable: our mare: Lillie and her foal Tulip Moana; and four geldings, Dan, Chip, Dale and Wally. Tulip was born on May 31st and will stand in a box with her mother. She will be a popular place to go for petting children and adults.

Belgians have already gone to the blacksmith for their pedicures. Your hooves are trimmed, shaped, and filed smooth (think of a giant fingernail file) to make the best impression on the judge. Our horses are trimmed roughly every six to eight weeks, year round, to keep their feet safe and sound.

Every Belgian gets a bath today, the day of the fair check-in, and the mane and tail are deburred and combed. Washing a Belgian is like washing a pickup truck – the whole family lends a hand to prepare each horse for the ride into town.

The whole family will also lend a hand during the week of the fair. My husband Lowell, son Jeremy, daughter Dawn and son-in-law Kerry Yingling are all responsible for showing the horses in the show ring. I’m the chief operations officer, cleaning the harness, packing supplies for the cleaning tray and making sure my two-step ladder is at hand to comb the mane on the heads of the Belgians. We all ensure that the stands are clean for our trade fair visitors all week long.

For a number of years we had the help of 4-H members who signed up for the draft horse project through the Doubletree 4-H Club. The draft horse project is the only animal project where the 4-H member does not have to own the animal. In DeKalb County, 4-H members who do not own a draft horse are matched with a member of the DeKalb County Horsemen’s Association to “borrow” a horse for the graduation show and learn from the adult volunteers.

Here are some photos from our trade fair experience in recent years. See you at the fair!

High Glove shares fall as Covid-induced demand eases

Stocks of Malaysia Upper glove, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical gloves, are down more than 50% this year as the global roll out of Covid-19 vaccinations dampened demand for gloves.

“As in any business, there are always ups and downs. And you can’t expect super wins to last for a long, long time. So we’re glad we had a good run last year, “Lee Kim Meow, Top Glove CEO told CNBC:”Road signs Asia” on Monday.

The company on Friday announced a 48% year-over-year decline in net income to 608 million Malaysian ringgits ($ 145.11 million) for the June-August period. Sales were around 2.1 billion ringgits, 32% less than a year ago.

The results were “weaker due to the normalizing demand for the global introduction of vaccines, resulting in lower sales volumes and [average selling prices]that weren’t offset by a corresponding cut in commodity prices, “Top Glove said in his annual accounts.

As in any business, there are always ups and downs. And you can’t expect super wins to last for a long, long time.

Lee Kim Meow

Managing director, top glove

In addition, the company’s sales were increased by a US import ban on charges of forced labor. The ban has been lifted earlier this month.

Top Glove shares in Malaysia fell more than 5% on Monday, increasing their year-to-date losses to over 52%.

Other Malaysian glove inventories also declined, with Hartalega, Super max and Kossan recorded losses of between 3% and 5% on Monday.

In comparison, is the benchmark stock index FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI index down less than 1% on the same day.

Last year, Top Glove’s shares rose 290% as they posted record sales and earnings, thanks increasing demand for gloves during the pandemic.

Listing in Hong Kong

Upper glove delayed a plan to pursue “dual primary listing” to raise $ 1 billion on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after the company was hit with the US import ban.

Lee told CNBC the company wanted to continue listing. Top Glove already has a main listing in Malaysia and a Second listing in Singapore.

“We felt that, for the sake of long-term business, in order to move forward and see the benefits of being listed in Hong Kong, we had to see this as something we had to go through,” said the executive director.

“A listing in Hong Kong will put us in a good position to be where we want to be to achieve our dream of being a Fortune Global 500 company in 2030,” he added.

How To Channel Gossip Woman Type This Fall (If You’ve Already Graduated Excessive Faculty)

Eric Daman, the costume designer for both originals Gossip Girl and the HBOMax reboot, knows how to create a vision of Art Nouveau that is desirable across generations. Whether Blair Waldorf’s headbands or Julien Calloway’s white snakeskin boots, paired with her school uniform (!), Daman puts together outfits that make people – no matter how short – travel back in time to high school. So suitable for his latest project, a Roger vivier In the campaign with Gossip Girl stars Savannah Smith, who plays the devoted troublemaker Monet de Haan on the series, and Tavi Gevinson, who plays Kate Keller, the teacher behind Gossip Girl, Daman takes inspiration from one of the most youth-oriented decades : the 1960s.

Heath Hazzan

Photographed by Heather Hazzan and released today, the images are inspired by supermodels of the era like Twiggy and Donyale Luna, with Smith and Gevinson wearing the new fall deals – yellow tartan slingbacks, white buckled patent leather boots and pink kitten heels – along with vintage, remixed Sixties clothing and Vivier headbands. They’re undeniably vintage-inspired, but still so. “People dance in the streets. People want to dress up, and the 60s are a reflection of what’s going on right now, ”Daman shared on the phone. “They go out in Tompkins Square Park on Saturday nights and people dress up in short, short skirts. It just feels very up-to-date to me. ”

Fall River is methods to spend ARPA cash

FALL RIVER – Mayor Paul Coogan’s second public hearing on how the city could spend the nearly $ 70 million federal budget of the American Recovery Plan Act on the pandemic didn’t get the turnout or different ideas than a meeting he did last month, but said the administration is still on track with development projects and more aid may be in preparation for Fall River.

So far, the federal government has released half of the funds to the city, with $ 35 million in the bank.

Coogan said Paul Ferland, director of the Department of Community Utilities, has submitted projects valued at approximately $ 13 million and intends to allocate at least $ 10 million from the first round of ARPA funds to water and sanitation works.

“It’s a start and it depends on the president’s infrastructure bill, and there is talk of putting the second half of the ARPA money in the infrastructure bill,” Coogan said.

If this is the federal government’s plan, Coogan said with targeted infrastructure funding, the parameters for the nature of the projects could expand.

More:How Should Fall River Spend $ 70 Million On COVID Recovery Fund? That’s what residents say

So far, another $ 4.5 million from the first ARPA funding round is in the 2022 budget for lost revenue from the pandemic, which federal guidelines allow.

“If we put $ 4.5 million on lost revenue, we’ll use it again next year, that’s $ 9 million and $ 10 million on water and sewage, so that’s $ 19 million. With $ 15 million left, we have small business money to do for our city workers, and we’d like to find another way to get a real building for DCM, ”Coogan said.

More:Are vaccines needed? Mayor of Fall River, businesses in the area grapple with COVID control

The mayor said he is working with arts and nonprofit groups to also develop programs that could be funded with ARPA money.

Fall River Police Department’s new program

At the request of the city council, Coogan has already released nearly $ 300,000 towards a new Fall River Police Department program called Operation Compass to help local law enforcement agencies identify and prevent gangs, including setting up more surveillance cameras around the city.

In addition, according to Mary Sahady, the city’s chief financial officer, up to $ 17 million in ARPA funds could flow into the city from the Bristol County Commission, which also received a round of funding.

Disbursement of Bristol County Commission funds

Sahady said the Bristol County Commission is developing an application process for communities like Fall River in Bristol County to apply for ARPA funding.

“With the same eligible categories,” said Sahady.

And on Tuesday, the administration is sending the city council to accept a group of independent grants that the city recently awarded.

The grant funding will total more than $ 1.42 million in health, water and wastewater infrastructure, and public safety.

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A Health Department grant called MassCALL3 is funding the city’s Department of Health with $ 250,000 to build on the city’s drug abuse programs; and another US $ 50,000 Mass in Motion grant to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Ferland’s water and sanitation department also received two grants; US Department of Commerce and Commerce for $ 1.056 million for Mothers Brook Canal Expansion Planning and Approval; and a US $ 42,950 Mass Trails grant to help the city improve and maintain trails.

Police received a $ 30,000 grant from the Sex Offender Register to help identify sex offenders who violated registration rules.

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