‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ offers leisure punch

(KGET) – Marvel’s recent effort to create the same dominance in the television world that the company has had with movies is a top entertainment spot this week.

“The falcon and the winter soldier” class 3 ½ stars: Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan return to their roles as Falcon and Winter Soldier for this new Disney + series. That means Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes must team up on a global adventure that will test their skills and ability to interact with each other after Captain America’s death.

When one thing became clear with Marvel’s first big foray into the Disney + streaming service world with “WandaVision”, you have to be patient. This great series slowly developed through the first three episodes before exploding into a wonderful masterpiece.

The first episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” starts slowly as most of the production is used to define the characters. Newbies to the Marvel Universe can use such an update, but it’s a waste of time for loyal fans.

At least the story needs to be turned faster as the series only contains six episodes. And there is enough in the first episode – including the type of opening battle scene normally reserved for feature films – to show that this series has the potential to be as good as WandaVision.

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“Promising young woman” class 3/12 stars: The film shows all known elements of a story of revenge. The fact that director / writer Emerald Fennell (“Killing Eve”) approaches every part of the story with a very fresh twist makes the extremely familiar subject matter fresh and original.

Throw in a near-flawless performance from Carey Mulligan (“An Education”) – that should earn her a second Oscar nomination – and “Promising Young Woman” not only promises, but delivers.

It’s a killer of a thriller.

“Abandoned: Angelique’s Island”: Two newlyweds fight over a brutal winter in the wilderness.

“Songbird”: Some brave souls fight for freedom in a world ravaged by a pandemic.

“The cat returns”: Animated story of a cat who gives a young girl a royal life.

“With – A Journey into Slow Life”: Musical story about the trend that includes the concept of stepping back from today’s chaotic world.

“American Experience: The code breaker “: Elizebeth Smith Friedman is the pioneering cryptanalyst whose work, deciphering thousands of messages for the U.S. government, would send infamous gangsters to jail and overthrow a massive Nazi spy ring during World War II.

“Whisper of the Heart”: The chance encounter with a mysterious cat sends a quiet schoolgirl on a search for her true talent.

“Don’t tell any soul”: Crook and a security guard must form an alliance. Rainn Wilson plays the lead role.

“Damn Yankees”: The 1958 film about a man who sells his soul to become his favorite winner on the baseball team is re-released.

“Little England”: In this love story from 1930s Greece, two sisters fall in love with the same captain.

“Thundarr the Barbarian: The Complete Series”: A hero appears on earth after a cosmic accident changed the planet.

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“SAS: Red Notice”: Only a man can stop a terrorist threat in the Channel Tunnel.

Anthony Mackie’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier concern | Leisure

Anthony Mackie was “scared from the beginning” about doing “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”.

The 42-year-old actor who plays Sam Wilson / Falcon on the Marvel Cinematic Universe television series, which is coming to Disney + next month, admits he was initially afraid to take on the project.

Admitting he wasn’t sure if he should be on the Marvel series, he shared, “To be honest, I was scared from the start. I was really scared of the idea. I got on like this worked many Marvel projects and seen the end as a result, and the impact they have on people, I feared that it would affect the quality of production for television, I feared that on television you can’t do the things you can in theaters can do ‘war’ and ‘endgame’ in the theaters and hearing the connection that the audience has with these characters … that’s the dream of every actor to influence an audience and get a different view of culture and the Exposing the world around us I was really scared that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to step on that ledge like the actors before me had. “

And Anthony praised the series director, Kari Skogland, and creator Malcolm Spellman.

In the March issue of SFX magazine, he added, “But when we talked and spoke to Malcolm and Kari, I knew it was going to be different. Kari is a phenomenal leader, and Malcolm is a great writer. And Kevin Feige promised me it wouldn’t be any different. He’s not going to tarnish the Marvel brand by trying to blow out as much content as possible. And I trusted him. They haven’t disappointed me yet. So I just went for that Believe in their previous work. And I was really pleasantly surprised at how great it all turned out. “