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Fake job offers have increased during the pandemic, according to the pandemic Better business office. In 2020 the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center data showed that 16,012 people were victims of employment fraud. They said they lost more than $ 59 million.

We told you about cyber criminals who fake legitimate companies and post on popular job boards to deceive job seekers.

Now a man from North Texas says a job fraud cost him potential unemployment benefits. Read on to learn more about how to spot the signs of fraud.

“To be too good to be true”

After being laid off last year, Moises Duke was in training for a new job. It was not in his area and it did not provide the full benefit. So when another company looked for a graphic design position with full health and dentures, Duke said he grabbed the chance.

“When I got the offer letter, I thought, okay, I’ll file my resignation with the other company,” Duke said.

Duke said all negotiations with the new company were handled via email. The company informed him that it would be discontinued this way because of the pandemic.

“I tried to sell myself through the emails and everything went well,” said Duke. “At some point they said that due to COVID we are going to send you a check so you can buy the computers and everything. Everything was a little too good to be true. “

He later learned that the second offer was a scam. Since he had quit his job, he could not apply for unemployment benefits.

“The problem is, I quit this company, the other one was fake, so I have no unemployment or a job,” said Duke.

Cyber ​​criminals use sophisticated tricks

Cyber ​​criminals go to extra lengths to make the scam more believable. They can fake legitimate companies – even pull up public information to impersonate actual employees.

According to the latest BBB to learn In job fraud, victims are usually contacted via email or text message, and most believe that the contact was the result of their online job search.

“A lot of people post their résumés when they apply for jobs without knowing that this information is readily available to everyone, including scammers,” said Erica Mendoza, investigations manager for BBB Serving North Central Texas.

Mendoza said that cyber criminals are after your personal information and money. A common trick is to send a job seeker a check with deposit instructions and then purchase equipment for work from home from a provider of their choice. The “seller” is also a fraud.

Once the victim sends money for equipment, the money is gone from their account. Later, the original check fails and the victim’s money is gone.

The Federal Trade Commission explained Just because you can see the balance in your account after you deposit a check, it does not mean that the check has been “cashed”. While banks are required to provide funds from deposited checks within a few days, it can take weeks before they discover that the check is a fake.

“In the end, you transfer your own money to these scammers and then you’re on the hook for the money,” Mendoza said.

Recognize red flags

Moises Duke didn’t lose any money in the end. The scam ended when his alleged new boss sent Duke a check to pay for equipment to work from home. Duke, a graphic designer, said he could see that the bank logo on the till check was not quite right.

“Usually the banks are the ones who make their logo look perfect,” Duke said.

He broke off contact with the fraudster, reported the system to the BBB and posted fraud warnings on his accounts. Although Duke did not return any cash, he had provided the scammer with personal information after they insisted on a background check.

“It’s a bit daunting because you’re trying to work hard to get a job,” said Duke.

He wants to share his story so that another job seeker doesn’t get thrown back by a scam.

“If it all sounds too good to be true, it’s not true,” said Duke. “Take care.”

Other red flags include grammatical and spelling mistakes, vague job descriptions, and the promise of immediate hiring without an interview.

The FBI warns job seekers to be careful about interviews that are not conducted in person or through a secure video call.

If asked to buy start-up equipment or pay for your own background check or check, it is likely a scam – according to the FBI.

The BBB said working from home, where packages are received and re-sent, is a fraud.

Be careful about providing personal information – including your full address, date of birth, and financial information – on your resume or to unverified recruiters and online applications.

The FBI advises that after hiring employees, legitimate companies will ask for direct deposit information for payroll purposes. It is safer to do this in person. Even reputable companies shouldn’t ask for your credit card number.

How to protect yourself

Check the job posting directly through the company. Don’t use a stranger’s contact information. Instead, call or go directly to the company’s website for contact information to validate the job posting.

If you can find multiple websites for the same company, or if the web address is just a few letters away from the URL of an actual company website, it may have been spoofed.

If a job posting appears on job boards but not on the company website, it could be a scam.

Check the Settings Manager email address. Does it match the web addresses used by the actual company? Scammers can use a similar looking address.

You can also do an internet search with the name of the employer and the word “scam” to look for reports of similar job fraud cases.

If a new employer sends you a check asking you to send money to a third party – either via wire transfer, cash app, or gift cards, don’t do it.

What to do if you are a victim of job fraud

Contact your bank or credit card company immediately. If you’ve used a cash app to send money to a stranger, contact the bank associated with the account and notify them of the fraudulent charge. It may be too late to stop the transaction, but law enforcement agencies recommend that you notify your financial institutions immediately.

The Federal Trade Commission highlights additional steps you can take here if you have been the victim of fraud.

Report the scam to Cybercrime Complaints Office.

Notify the FTC on-line or call 877-FTC Help

You can also use the BBB and report the scam of the website that featured the job posting and the company that the cybercriminals impersonated.

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Why the subsequent fast-food rooster sandwich warfare could also be a pretend one

Vegan chicken quick-serve restaurants like San Antonio, Texas-based Project Pollo are aiming directly at Chick-fil-A and its fried chicken sandwich as the plant-based meat industry rises against one of fast-food’s recent best-selling menu items.

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

In an iconic scene from 1970’s film “Five Easy Pieces,” a young Jack Nicholson orders a chicken sandwich without the chicken.

The waitress is incredulous. “You want me to hold the chicken?” she retorts.

Half a century later, this nix-the-chicken request would hardly register an eye-roll. While the chicken sandwich war that kicked off back in summer 2018 between Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A has not reached an official cease-fire, and has spread to additional fast food giants, a new contender is poised to slay its competitors on the battlefield: a chicken sandwich that, well, holds the chicken.

Could a vegan chicken sandwich war be on the way? Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have both recently added plant-based chicken options for restaurants and grocery stores — just this week, Impossible Foods debuted its first chicken nugget product; in July, Impossible Foods launched chicken tenders for restaurants after an earlier effort to sell frozen nuggets in grocery stores ended in failure.

Impossible Foods’ chicken substitute at Fuku

Source: Katelyn Perry

If the local vegan fast-food scene around the U.S. is any indication, the idea may yet makes its way up the national food chain.

‘The future of chicken’ vs. Chick-fil-A

During the past year, Texans who pull into a familiar fast-food drive-thru craving a fried chicken sandwich might instead encounter a Project Pollo, a new quick serve chain that serves soy-based fried “Chikn” sandwiches and other plant-based comfort foods such as mac and cheese, wings and burgers. Since launching as a food cart at a San Antonio brewery in September 2020, Project Pollo has expanded its fledging empire with phenomenal speed, launching a new location roughly every month. When the company recently announced on Instagram that it would be taking over defunct Whataburgers in Houston and Corpus Christi in the coming fall, a growing cult following with handles like @vegan_dad_bod_killer and @nosh.on.plants erupted in jubilant emojis.

Every shuttered traditional fast-food outlet that relaunches as a Project Pollo, from a Church’s Fried Chicken to a Jack in the Box, represents a single victory in CEO Lucas Bradbury’s grand strategy: 100 locations by 2024. In the quest for world, or at least national, domination, Bradbury — who grew up as a Kansas farm boy raising chickens and cattle and went on to work in many fast-food industry executive positions — plans to drive Chick-fil-A out of business entirely within the next two decades.

Bradbury, who drained his bank accounts and sold his house to finance the first Project Pollo — with a new baby, and in the middle of a pandemic, no less — admitted he was operating without a Plan B, only the mission of making vegan food available to everyone. His entrepreneurial lightbulb moment occurred in the first months of the pandemic, when he challenged his extended family — his wife is already vegan — to go vegan for 30 days. They didn’t meet the target, he admits, but not for lack of desire: it was simply too expensive to dine out while eating a plant-based diet.

The rising cost of a plant-based diet is a typical stumbling block for the average American, he tells CNBC. “The only way to challenge the system is for plant-based eating to be more approachable.”

He told National Restaurant News in July, “This isn’t a fried piece of tofu. This is the future of chicken.”

A Chick-fil-A spokesperson said in an emailed statement that the company didn’t “have anything to share right now on this topic,” but added it is always exploring new options for the menu and does already include vegetarian items such as salads.

The plant-based meat consumer

As vegan upstarts appear in former fast-food franchises, analysts say there is reason to expect the fast-food chicken war will have a zero-cluck wave?

Overall, consumption of plant-based alternatives is up over the past two years, according to Darren Seifer, an industry analyst who tracks food and beverage trends for the NPD Group. Shipments of plant-based proteins from foodservice distributors to commercial restaurants increased by over 60% in April 2021 year over year, a rise accentuated by pandemic restrictions a year ago. Shipments are up over 16% compared to April 2019, according to NPD. Its data shows that plant-based chicken, specifically, grew by over 82% in April compared to a year ago, and over 25% compared to April 2019. 

It isn’t about catering to a vegan demographic — 90% of consumers who experiment with plant-based meat alternatives also eat meat and dairy. “It’s about every once and awhile making a healthier decision,” Seifer said.

In comparison to the 30% of consumers who gravitate towards meat alternatives due to concerns over animal welfare, the No. 1 motivator for those who choose plant-based foods is doing something healthier, Seifer said. And given that most consumers who might occasionally eat a plant-based meat products don’t identify as vegan or vegetarian, he added that it’s no surprise that the term “vegan” is not always used in product marketing.

In addition to health concerns, sustainably minded younger customers are driving the meatless trend. “When we’re talking about things like meat alternatives, 40% of people say they are drawn to environmental and sustainability concerns,” he said. “And the younger you go, the greater the numbers.”

Consumers stand in line at an Atlanta-based KFC throughout the day to be among the first to try Beyond Fried Chicken, a plant-based chicken made in partnership with Beyond Meat, on Tuesday Aug. 27, 2019. (

John Amis | AP

Among the national fast-food chains, chicken still rules the roost: Yum Brands‘ KFC posted recent sales growth that surpassed Taco Bell and Pizza Hut — its same-store sales increased 30% in the most recent quarter. After KFC and McDonald’s both released new chicken sandwiches in February, fast food CEOs suggested that these new sandwiches are driving strong numbers. In fact, KFC is on the rebound, opening 428 net new locations in 62 countries during the second quarter. In April, KFC said it sold more than twice the volume of its new chicken sandwich compared with past versions.

With more than 400 locations in Texas alone, Chick-fil-A remains the largest quick-serve chicken restaurant in the country, according to the QSR 50, an annual report that tracks the fast-food sector. Even with aggressive competition, the brand recently garnered 41% of all sales on chicken sandwiches through food delivery apps, according to a report by Edison Trends.

Chicken supply chain shortages

Still, as legacy fast-food brands vie for market share by rolling out increasing elaborate chicken sandwiches (brioche bun, herbed mayo, artisanal pickles) the retail chicken industry is experiencing growing pains. That means soaring demand hindered by supply shortages, according to Seifer.

Not only is chicken trickier to procure, but it is also getting more expensive. According to U.S. government data, the retail price for chicken breast rose 9% year over year between July 2020 and July 2021. Those pressures could make more plant-based chicken alternatives an attractive option.

Still, legacy fast-food brands have been slow to deliver meatless chicken sandwiches. That’s not for lack of R & D: in 2019, KFC began collaborating with veggie brands like Beyond Meat and Quorn, piloting the Zero Chicken sandwich in the U.K., the Netherlands and Singapore. Stateside, the brand has tested Beyond Fried Chicken in local markets in the south and California in 2019 and 2020, but a nationwide U.S. launch for plant-based chicken is yet to happen.

A KFC spokeswoman said in a statement that it is continuing to evaluate the results of those tests and discuss potential plans for a future national rollout of Beyond Fried Chicken, but it has never tested a plant-based chicken sandwich in the U.S.

Beyond Meat noted in an email to CNBC that its chicken tenders, based on the Faba bean, came out just as restaurants were experiencing shortages and price hikes on the supply side and consumer demand was skyrocketing. It added that a few restaurant companies, Dog Haus and plant-based chain Next Level Burger, already are offering the tenders within sandwich menu items.

As chicken prices rise and more Americans embrace a “flexitarian” eating style, meatless quick-serve restaurants that make their own proprietary plant-based chicken analogues may be poised to make big profits. For example, the soy-based “chickn” that Bradbury ships directly from Taiwan cuts costs, circumventing the need for suppliers like Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods, and keeps the price point reasonable.

His commitment to make vegan food available to the widest audience possible has been a core mission of Project Pollo since day one, when it launched the first menu item, the pay-what-you-can Project Pollo sandwich. The suggested price, $5.50, covers the cost of sandwiches for two other customers in a pay-it-forward gesture of community goodwill. Astoundingly, 90% of customers not only pay the suggested price, “but actually pay more,” Bradbury said. Every quarter, Project Pollo adds up the profits on these sandwiches to make a donation to one of the many animal charities it supports.

As the price of actual chicken has risen, and Project Pollo staffing and operations capacity increase to open more than twenty locations in the coming year, Bradbury remains committed to keeping his prices affordable. “If anything, our prices will come down,” he said. Average sandwich prices on Project Pollo’s menu are $7 to $8.

Local ‘lines down the block’ for fake chicken

Across the country, vegan quick-serve outlets are cutting out the middleman and keeping their carbon footprint low by making their own plant-based “chicken” in-house.

On a warm summer afternoon in Minneapolis, the smell of fried goodness wafted through the air as dozens of people lined up down a row of brick storefronts for the grand opening of Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken. Launched by Kale and Aubry Walch — a brother-sister duo who opened the Herbivorous Butcher, the nation’s first vegan butcher shop in 2016. (The Walch siblings recently won a protracted legal battle with food giant Nestle over the trademark The Vegan Butcher.)

The all-vegan fast casual cafe features the kind of comfort foods normally eschewed by strict herbivores. Think fried chicken, fries, and malts in flavors like Strawberry Shortcake. (The apparent secret to the creamy, dairy-free malts: oat-milk ice cream.) Despite embracing the term “vegan” in their offerings, Kale Walch — like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods’ executives, and Project Pollo’s Bradbury — hope “to bridge the gap between the plant-based and the omnivore communities” rather than cater to a specifically vegan demographic.

Minneapolis vegan comfort food restaurant Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken was launched by Kale and Aubry Walch, the brother-sister duo who opened the Herbivorous Butcher, the nation’s first vegan butcher shop in 2016.

Sarah Chandler

Walch’s lack of formal culinary training didn’t deter him from embarking on “a crusade for a better chicken recipe” as he experimented in his butcher shop with “a hundred different things,” finally winding up with a soy-based product that harnesses the secret ingredients of vegan buttermilk, apple cider vinegar and a blend of herbs. “There was a lot of time for R & D because of the pandemic,” he said.

The new cache of local vegan influencers should not be underestimated. At the Slutty Vegan in Atlanta, you might spot athletes like Shaquille O’Neal and Colin Kaepernick, along with musical icons such as Common and Snoop Dogg, queueing up for a taste of the Chik’n Head sandwich, a plant-based chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, slathered with vegan ranch and coleslaw on a Hawaiian bun. Rounding out their menu is plant-based burgers and sandwiches with blush-inducing names like One Night Stand and Hollywood Hooker.

“Most of our consumers are meat eaters,” said Pinky Cole, CEO of The Slutty Vegan, by email. “My core audience is meat eaters. I’m intentional about that. We’re not here to pressure anyone to commit to a full vegan diet; we want to show them that eating plant-based doesn’t have to be boring or unappealing,” Cole insisted, “We make veganism cool.”

Ultimately, the line never lies. “All of our locations have a line down a block. That tells me that obviously we’re doing something right,” Cole said.

Correction: A previous version of this article misspelled the name of Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken.

Pretend cash rip-off focusing on U-pick, farmers markets in Michigan, police say

CADILLAC, MI – The Traverse City area has been identified as a target of fraud / counterfeit money fraud circulating in Michigan.

According to the Michigan State Police, the scam consists of people ordering large quantities of fruit or products from local farmers markets, street stalls, and U-Pick farms and then paying with fake bills.

A recent incident involved a loss of $ 1,400 worth of products from a state store when the owner discovered the cash payment was fake, the MSP said.

The MSP encourage everyone involved in the sale of local products to be careful when handling large orders and cash payments, and to report suspicious activity to the local police force or a local Michigan State Police department.

Pretend cash, actual drugs present in Troutdale home search

Brandon Pickett, Daniel Ward arrested

by: KOIN 6 news agents

Posted: Jul 6, 2021 / 4:56 PM PDT
Updated: July 6, 2021 / 4:58 pm PDT

A search of a house in Troutdale on July 6, 2021 (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office) found counterfeit money on printed sheets.

PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – Counterfeit money and fentanyl were found in a house in Troutdale during a search Tuesday morning that resulted in 2 people being jailed.

About a month ago, neighbors reported suspicious activity and drugs in the house on the 3200 block of SE Stott Circle, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said. Between those calls and Tuesday, MPs were sent into the house twice to deal with drug overdoses. One of them was fatal on June 6th.

Brandon Pickett (left), Daniel Ward, July 6, 2021 (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

During the search on Tuesday, about $ 3,750 counterfeit money was found in the house – still on sheets of printed paper – along with oxycodone with fentanyl, meth and xanax.

Brandon Taylor Pickett, 21, and Daniel Edwin Ward, 41, were arrested for counterfeiting. Ward was also charged with visiting a house where a controlled substance was used.

The investigation continues.

Pretend Android, iOS apps promise profitable investments whereas stealing your cash

Researchers have discovered hundreds of malicious mobile apps that exploit interest in cryptocurrency and stocks to steal victims.

Sophos researcher said on Wednesday A reference to a fake mobile trading app led to the discovery of a server containing “hundreds” of malicious trading, banking, forex and cryptocurrency apps developed for the Android and iOS platforms.

Mobility has meant that stock trading and investment opportunities are now widely available and far more accessible than before. Instead of having your money managed by a specific fund or agency for a fee, users can now select their own investments with a single swipe.

Social media has become a hotbed for pump-and-dump or meme stock chat and trading tips, and cryptocurrency has also become a popular topic of discussion for avid investors.

However, simply downloading a mobile application to explore investment opportunities has also created an opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage of them.

According to Sophos, the apps found contained fake software designed to impersonate well-known, legitimate and trustworthy brands such as Barclays, Gemini, Kraken, TDBank and Binance.

The operators have created special websites that are linked to each individual app and are tailored to appear as fake organizations in order to improve the software’s obvious legitimacy – and the likelihood that a scam will succeed.

Sophos’ investigation into the apps began with a report on a single malicious app masquerading as an Asia-based trading company, the Goldenway Group.

In this case, the victim was approached through social media and a dating website and lured into downloading the fake app.

Instead of relying on mass spam emails or phishing, attackers can now take a more personal approach and try to develop a relationship with their victim by, for example, pretending to be a friend a potential love match. Once trust is established, they provide a time sensitive financial opportunity and can also promise guaranteed returns and excellent profits.

However, once a victim downloads a malicious app or visits a fake website and provides its details, they are tricked into opening an account or cryptocurrency wallet and transferring money. Scammers then go away with the money and block their victims.

According to Sophos, the apps discovered on the server were transmitted through the same infrastructure and a “super signature process” that was abused to bypass security measures and mechanisms used by official app repositories.

In the case of iOS, the process designed for small app developers to perform legitimate pre-submission test deployments requires a target device to download and install a manifest file in order to accept the package. Then the device ID is sent to a registered developer account. A .IPA package containing the app is then sent to the user for download.

“While many of these Super Signature developer services may be aimed at helping legitimate small app developers, our research found that the malware uses many such third-party commercial app distribution services,” the researchers say. “These services offered one-click uploading of the app installation, where you only had to provide the IPA file. They are promoting as an alternative to the iOS App Store and taking over the app distribution and device registration.”

In some cases, instead of transferring IPA files, distribution services have deleted web clips that added a link to a malicious webpage directly to a victim’s home screen.

When it comes to Android abuse, users are prompted to install and launch an app, create an account, and then start trading. The apps appeared to be real and in some cases included elements like cryptocurrency price tracking. However, wallets are either controlled by cyber criminals or funds required to start trading must be transferred to Hong Kong registered bank accounts.

It appears that Asia is mainly under attack from the network as one of the servers referenced in an app resulted in the discovery of uploaded records including ID cards, driver’s licenses, passport photos and more from nationals in South Korea, China, Malaysia, USA . and Japan.

“We believe the ID data could be used to legitimize financial transactions and receipts from the crooks as confirmation of the victims’ deposits,” says Sophos. “We also found several profile pictures of attractive people who were likely used to create fake dating profiles, suggesting that dating could be used as bait to attract victims.”

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Pretend DEA agent tries to steal your cash utilizing reward playing cards in newest cellphone rip-off

Authorities are working to tackle a phone scam where the caller pretends to be a DEA agent and then tries to steal the victim’s money – often by buying gift cards.

Phone fraud in general is on the rise, with the number of reported fraud cases nearly doubling between 2019 and 2020 according to the latest figures from the Federal Trade Commission. In the last year alone, half a million reports were filed, with losses totaling over $ 1 billion.

ABC News has been tracking new scam notifications sent by the FBI, IRS, and DEA in cities across the country including Boston, Houston, San Francisco, and Spokane, Washington itself as officials claim the target has been linked to a crime, and then demand that they pay for it or bring charges.

The Drug Enforcement Administration recently warned of a “widespread fraud program” in which the caller pretends to be a DEA agent in order to extort money.

According to DEA Special Agent James Pokryfke, the scam begins with the potential thief informing the target that their name and social security number were used to rent a vehicle that was later found on the southern US-Mexico border Drugs and money laundering.

“The fake DEA agent will convince people to transfer money in a number of ways. One is to avoid prosecution,” Pokryfke said. That option often involves paying a fine, he said.

The other option is to offer the target a way to secure their money using the risk of a frozen bank account.

When Terri Tuson’s phone rang last July, she was told that her Social Security number had been used to rent a car that was found with drugs in the car in Texas along the border. The scammers told her they would freeze her bank accounts unless she withdrew her money and transferred it to gift cards.

“I was scared because I didn’t know if it was actually going to happen or not,” said Tuson, who works as a housekeeper at an Illinois hospital.

At the time, she had $ 2,800 in her one account. She says she pulled everything back by following the scammer’s instructions and went to a drug store and grocery store where she bought eBay and Best Buy gift cards.

“They told me they would open another account that I could put my money into, send a sheriff to my house and give me all this information so I could get my money back. It never happened,” Tuson said.

ABC News spoke to several other victims of the same scam, whose losses ranged from $ 200 to over $ 450,000.

The DEA raised questions about a possible investigation into this specific fraud to the FBI, which refused to comment on the status of an investigation.

In an audio recording provided by the DEA to ABC News, a scammer is heard doing his best to convince a target that he is a legitimate DEA agent – and even texting a photo of a fake federal badge .

The scammer was unaware that his target had hit a real DEA agent, Pokryfke, who reported the scammer that what he was doing was criminal and the subject of an investigation.

“The DEA will never call you and threaten you with arrest unless you make a payment,” Pokryfke told ABC News. “And they will never ask you to give them money to keep it safe.”

The YouTube star “Pierogi”, a pseudonym used to protect his true identity, gained fame through “scamming the fraudsters”. Videos of his conversations with phone scammers show Pierogi – who has a background in cybersecurity and IT – plays a range of characters, from a widowed grandmother to a college student.

“I talk to scammers on the phone every day and I hear victims receiving gift cards in the background and giving these people their money,” Pierogi told ABC News. He said the helpless feeling of being unable to help the victims brought him to tears.

Pierogi, whose videos have been viewed more than 60 million times since his channel launched in 2019, said the scammers aren’t just targeting the elderly.

“It could be 18 to 85 – they don’t care. If they think they can cheat on you, they will,” he said.

Pierogi said scammers use gift cards as their preferred method of payment because of their very fast processing. “The scammers have Facebook groups where people either tie gift cards or use them as currency,” he said.

FTC deputy director Monica Vaca told ABC News that scammers have financial systems in place to monetize the cards.

“Sometimes they sell them on a secondary market or use them for themselves,” said Vaca. “Once you read these numbers on the gift card [to the scammer]You will be able to access these resources, “she said.

Gift cards were the number one payment method for those who said they had been a victim of DEA scams in the past year, with an average loss of $ 850 per victim, according to the FTC. The FTC said the most popular gift cards requested by scammers are eBay, Google Play, and iTunes cards.

FTC officials said they worked with retailers to post visible signage on gift card sections of stores as part of a public awareness campaign entitled “Hang Up on Gift Card Scams,” warning gift card buyers of possible phone scams should be.

“We hear from consumers that in many cases it is these sellers who step in and prevent them from sending money,” said Vaca when the targets of the fraud are to buy the cards.

Among those taking part in the awareness campaign is Walmart, the world’s largest retailer.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed to ABC News that warning signs had been posted in Walmart stores in the United States. The company also confirmed that the store’s staff had received training on how to best identify red flags related to potential fraud cases.

ABC News’ Dylan Goetz and Katie Conway contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2021 ABC News Internet Ventures.

Kendall Jenner pranked her household with faux engagement information | Leisure

Kendall Jenner pranked her family by telling them she was engaged.

The 25-year-old model is currently in a relationship with Devin Booker and recently decided to play a joke about her family when she called them to pretend the couple had taken the next step in their romance.

Kendall received the assignment from her older sister Kourtney Kardashian during the closing ceremony of the Poosh Your Wellness virtual festival on Saturday (05/01/21) as they partied with some Kendall branded 818 tequila beverages.

In the video, Kourtney asked Kendall to write her family group chat to let them know she was engaged alongside a picture of herself wearing a ring she had borrowed from one of the crew working at the festival.

Kendall said, “Oh my god. But it’s believable, so I’ll do it.”

However, Kendall’s trick didn’t fool her eagle-eyed sisters when Kylie Jenner immediately called her older sister to tell her she was “lying” because the ring “doesn’t fit her finger.”

Kourtney tried to tell Kylie that the ring “needs to be sized,” but the youngest sibling still didn’t buy it.

When Khloe Kardashian called, Kendall had given up on the prank and immediately told her sister what was going on.

Khloe said, “This is so stupid, why would you do this to us?”

And Kourtney replied, “Well, at least we know you’re going to be excited when the day comes.”

Elsewhere on the show, Kourtney also hired her younger sister to play a prank on her mother, Kris Jenner, by telling her she was pregnant.

Kendall – who is the only member of the Kardashian / Jenner family with no children – struggled to keep his face straight during the prank, and things quickly fell apart.

Kris said, “It’s so strange you just told me because I had a dream about it last night. I think it’s great news, but I’m your mother.”

And Kendall then admitted, “Mom, I’m just kidding. Mom, I’m with Kourtney,” before Kris quipped, “Oh brother, I’m going to put the champagne back on hold.”

Gluconite Critiques – Is It Price The Cash or Faux System?

Gluconite is an extra-strength metabolism and sleep support formula with 15 scientifically-proven ingredients that are made using high quality standards and procedures for helping optimize blood sugar levels, induce sounder sleeping cycles and enhance overnight metabolism, but is the Gluconite supplement worth it or are there risky side effect concerns that consumers need to know about before placing an order on the official website?

Chicago, IL, April 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

April 2021 Update: Gluconite is one of the fastest growing supplements in terms of demand this year and it is in large part due to its unique formulation that can help a host of health ailments out using 15 natural ingredients that of extra-strength caliber for optimizing metabolism, deeper sleep and regulated blood sugar levels. But the concern still remains, is this a high quality breakthrough supplement that is worth the money or is it just another fake formula that is filled with fluff and has way to much hype around it without merit? There have been new April 2021 updates surface that are important to know ahead of time before making a risk-free purchase from the official website where all orders are backed by a money back guarantee and lowest price possible. Here are the latest Gluconite review updates all consumers turning customers should know ahead of time before visiting today.

High blood sugar is a life-threatening condition that can lead to diabetic coma. If you thought managing your blood sugar is a tall order, well, you’re not alone. Many people out there are suffering from type-2 diabetes and other debilitating conditions resulting from high blood sugar.

It’s for this reason that people need to balance their blood sugar levels and live healthier lives. Fortunately, there is a new, natural way that claims to help users accomplish this without any side effects. This review is about Gluconite, an all-natural dietary formula that is designed to help users fight type-2 diabetes—naturally.

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Offered only at the official website of, the breakthrough sleep support supplement for optimizing nighttime metabolism and healthy blood sugar levels only uses all natural ingredients with high profile backing for assisting the body in all three of these major areas of concern. Let’s review Gluconite ingredients from the inside out and see what the proposed benefits are, along with recapping the negative side effect risks that could arise should you not take the authentic and tested Gluconite supplement.

What is Gluconite Supplement?

Gluconite is an all-natural metabolism and blood sugar support formula that claims to help users naturally balance, revitalize, and restore their body’s energy and metabolic functions. The product integrates naturally occurring ingredients obtained from high-quality superfoods and herbs.

People suffering from diabetes often find it difficult to control their blood sugar levels. Some victims of the condition resort to prescription drugs or insulin to lower their blood sugar. Others simply eat right, engage in physical exercise, or apply other strategies. Doctors often create a customized plan for each patient.

Gluconite supplement provides an alternative way for individuals affected by type 2 diabetes or other glucose issues to balance their blood sugar without engaging in a strict diet or rigorous exercise routines. This supplement is unique in that it works while one is asleep.

The ingredients in the Gluconite supplement help users support healthy blood sugar and sleep. This implies that Gluconite gives users a restful sleep, which allows them to wake up with an improved ability to support healthy blood sugar.

How Does Gluconite Supplement Work?

Gluconite formula is made from natural ingredients, which include melatonin, chamomile, willow bark extract, hibiscus, and other ingredients that support sleep. By giving users a more restful sleep, the creators of Gluconite claim the supplement can help support healthy blood sugar.

Importantly, Gluconite works for everyone regardless of his or her medical condition, gender, or medical condition. According to the creator, users can start seeing the results within 3-14 days of regular, consistent use. However, the manufacturer also admits that individual results may vary, and some users may wait from a couple of weeks to one or two months before they can see the results.

What Does Gluconite Do?

Gluconite is available in powdery form. According to the manufacturers, users should mix the powder with water, beverage, or a shake of their choice, then drink a scoop every night to help them get a restful sleep. The formula helps diabetics maintain a healthy blood sugar by focusing on three important parts of their health and wellness:


Gluconite supports healthy blood sugar, metabolism, and insulin while the user is asleep at night. Taken every night as advised by the manufacturer, this formula can help balance blood sugar while giving users more restful sleep.


Gluconite revitalizes the body as it integrates natural ingredients that are proven to promote deeper sleep. That means users can fall asleep in less time and wake up more energetic and revitalized.

Support metabolism

Gluconite improves users’ metabolism and supports it to reduce food cravings. This eventually helps users lose weight as the body processes food more efficiently.

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Gluconite Ingredients

The manufacturers of Gluconite supplement gave a full list of the ingredients used in its production. This allows users to compare it to other diabetes supplements on the market.

Scientific researches have explained that night sleep curtailment is critical to the overall human body that affects their health. Gluconite dietary supplement is an all-in-one natural method that helps normalize fluctuating blood glucose levels in people with diabetes during their night sleep cycle. It is reported that the regular intake of Gluconite resulted in an active, healthy, and fit lifestyle.

Most know the pancreas produces a natural hormone called insulin, which controls the amount of glucose (sugar) released from food in the bloodstream. Insulin helps to store glucose in the liver and muscles furthermore distribute the amount of fat, carbohydrate, and protein in the body, which functions like metabolism.

A person with diabetes suffers a dilemma that the body either has destroys insulin production or creates a blockage that makes them vulnerable; therefore, all the glucose is mixed in the bloodstreams. Persistent high blood glucose level causes diabetes, leading to other problems such as nerve damage, kidney problems, or a rise in cardiovascular disease. This is where the Gluconite supplement helps to aid in additional support for nighttime metabolism benefits.

Here are the primary ingredients in this formula:

Willow Bark

This ingredient, equally known as white willow bark, helps users lose weight. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies link it to fat-burning while others suggest it can suppress appetite. The willow tree is a popular herbal remedy for a number of ailments and is available in the forms of tea, capsules or tinctures. The main ingredient in these preparations has traditionally been the bark, but it also contains various other plant compounds.
People use willow bark for pain relief and to promote sleep. It can also be taken to control blood sugar levels during periods where sugar levels are high or low. Some people use it as an appetite suppressant too by chewing on the bark. So naturally, the powdered willow bark extract is the way to go. In short, white willow bark is commonly known for its all-natural pain-relieving and fever-reducing agent for centuries. Willow’s bark contains a salicin compound, which is similar to aspirin. It’s bark also has anti-inflammatory compounds. Willow’s bark helps in weight loss by increasing the person’s metabolic rates by boosting the body’s fat-burning process. Therefore, white willow bark and passion flowers help slow the metabolism; hence, it helps normalize the body’s blood sugar.


This ingredient has been used for centuries as an adaptogen. It works to help a user’s body respond to physical and mental stress. Some reports also claim that Passionflower can help balance cholesterol and blood sugar levels in diabetics. Passionflower is well known for its sedative properties and has been used traditionally to support calmness. It’s often taken in cases of insomnia, pre-menstrual syndrome, and as a supporting herb in the treatment of addictions. In recent times, it’s also been found to be used for help with things like lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as an aid to the digestive system. While passionflower extract is more used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages, it also has a calming effect that relieves muscle spasms and induces sleep. Scientific research shows that passionflower extracts improve sleep quality in people with a sleep disorder (insomnia) and ease anxiety. Passionflower has high fiber content and low GI (glycemic index), suitable for diabetic people. It maintains insulin levels. Passionflower also helps in arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), indigestion, asthma, and many other diseases.


Chamomile is a natural compound that aids relaxation, which is why many people drink chamomile tea every night. Like passionflower, it’s also an adaptogen, which improves the body’s ability to respond to stress. Chamomile is an extract of the Camellia Sinensis plant containing compounds that prevent the pancreas’ cellular damage, enhance insulin sensitivity, and reduce inflammation. Therefore chamomile works like a charm in controlling diabetes. It also helps prevent any other complications caused by diabetes, such as kidney damage, nerve damage, or vision loss.

Additionally, chamomile is well known for its calming effects. Furthermore helps in treating a common cold, improves sleep and anxiety.


This ingredient functions in a similar way as chamomile. It relaxes the body with herbal plant extracts. The highest content of antioxidants is found in hibiscus. A type of polyphenol is found in the hibiscus plant, which removes the blockages during insulin production. Therefore, it helps restore insulin to distribute glucose from the bloodstream, hence controlling the body’s blood sugar levels. Hibiscus also helps in boosting the health of the liver in the body. The liver helps in producing proteins as well as breaking down the fat. It extracts benefits to the liver’s health by increasing drug-detoxifying enzymes, which helps reduce fatty liver.

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This ingredient is rarely used in other supplements. Gluconite works to target GABA activity in the brain and support the users’ ability to sleep. A natural compound found in hops, the primary flavoring agent used in beer, helps improve metabolism in the human body. Therefore, it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. Hop is a cone-shaped flower of green color that grows on a female hop plant — Humulus lupulus. The cones are a rich source of bitter acids and polyphenols. Since ancient times, hop cones have been used as a remedy for many ailments.

Stevia Leaf Extract

Stevia is a plant that is a part of a sunflower family called stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, and it has abundant antioxidants plus anti-diabetic properties. It contains a steviol glycosides compound that is sweet and graded 300 times higher than sugar. Only 20% of stevia is providing the same level of sweetness as sugar. Artificial sugar can raise the body’s glucose level, while stevia can suppress the plasma glucose level; hence, reducing the body’s blood glucose. As well, stevia has zero calories, which is helpful for diabetic people. It also helps to normal appetite; thus, it resulted in lessening the calorie consumption.


The body uses this amino acid to synthesize proteins. Since it is not naturally available in the body, users must obtain it from their diet. This compound is available in turkey meat, and people mostly feel sleepy after eating it. In Gluconite, this ingredient works to improve the users’ ability to fall asleep. Serotonin is a chemical compound found in the human body that acts as a mood booster and helps maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. However, for many reasons such as mood disorders — anxiety and depression-the body’s serotonin levels decrease. Thus, it is advised to take tryptophan supplements to help to stabilize the mood.


This ingredient is used in most sleep supplements. The body needs melatonin to fall asleep. It improves the users’ ability to fall asleep and to feel more rested. Melatonin is a hormone found in the human body which regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Darkness causes the body to generate more melatonin, which indicates the body to sleep. But due to many reasons, the melatonin level in the body lowers, which causes trouble in sleeping. Thus, the doctors prescribe melatonin supplement, which is used to improve sound sleep.

Gluconite contains vitamins A, C, D, and K in minimal doses in addition to the mentioned ingredients. These vitamins are essential for the body to maintain overall health and wellness. The formula also contains two essential minerals—zinc and chromium in small doses. These minerals are essential for diabetics.

Gluconite is packed with natural ingredients that have no side effects. Once you start taking the Gluconite supplement, you will notice the sleep pattern is gradually improving. You will feel fresh in the morning. Day by day, you will see that your energy, focus, and concentration are getting better. Your appetite will also improve, and you will be able to control your cravings. Gluconite supplement helps to take care of your health.

Scientific evidence for Gluconite

According to the creators of the Gluconite supplement, the product is supported by scientific evidence. They also believe the formula can promote better sleep and healthy blood sugar levels within a few days of consistent, regular use. The supplement gives diabetics an alternative to insulin and other forms of prescription medication.

It’s important to understand that the supplement is not meant to replace insulin, nor is there any research regarding its safety or efficacy. However, users can expect improved sleep based on its ingredients because most of the ingredients are linked to sleep.

Pros and Cons of Gluconite

The Pros

  • All-natural ingredients with no side effects

  • Manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered facility

  • Works for everyone regardless of age, shape, or gender

  • Faster results within a few days to a few months

  • Highest quality ingredients tested for purity and potency

  • Easy to use and incorporate into the normal diet

  • Offers weight loss benefits

  • Supports glucose metabolism

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Amplifies energy levels

  • One-time billing

  • Moneyback guarantee makes it a risk-free investment

  • Discounted prices

The Cons

Where to Get Gluconite and How to Buy

The Gluconite supplement is available for purchase on the official website only. Users cannot get the product from anywhere else. The manufacturers urge users to buy only from the official website to ensure that they get genuine products and not counterfeits. The manufacturer accepts multiple payment methods, including major debit or credit cards.

Importantly, those who place their orders today can benefit from huge discounts. The orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 days and should reach their destinations within 5-7 days in the US or 10-12 days for those outside the US, depending on customs. Discounted prices are:

Sample Package

1 bottle of Gluconite for 30 days supply at $69 + small shipping fee.

Best Value Package

6 bottles of Gluconite for 180 days supply at $49 each + FREE shipping for a total of $294. Buyers save up to $1,488 on this package.

Most Popular Package

3 bottles of Gluconite for 90 days supply at $59 each + FREE shipping for a total of $177. Buyers save up to $714 on this package.

All of the above options are one-time charges. There is no billing without seeing—what you see is what you get. According to the manufacturer, Gluconite’s ingredients have their greatest effect after 90 days or more. The creator recommends buyers get the 3 or 6-month packages for the best results.

Gluconite Refund Policy

Importantly, each order is protected by a 180-day moneyback guarantee. Users who feel Gluconite falls short in any way for them should contact the company and ask for a refund of their purchase. This shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product and really puts the onus on the breakthrough metabolism and sleep support formula for optimizing blood sugar levels or simply request the unconditional money back guarantee. In fact, consumers should feel so confident about today’s order being a risk-free option to try the Gluconite powder supplement for nighttime metabolism benefits because of the Clickbank platform that all purchases are conducted through.

Here are the steps that you should follow to get a refund for the Gluconite product purchased through ClickBank if you experience negative side effects, have legit scam complaints or simply experienced zero results within a six month timeframe from original purchase date. Note – Every Gluconite supplement purchase made through ClickBank shows up on your bank statement as “CLKBANK*COM”.

  • Step 1 – Visit the ClickBank customer service website.

  • Step 2 – Find the Look Up Your Order button and click it.

  • Step 3 – Provide two identifiers for your Gluconite order. Enter your email id and one of the identifiers which could be your zip code, last four digits of the payment method, or your order number.

  • Step 4 – Click on the Go! Button. Once you do this you will get an email with the confirmation code. The code will go to the same email id which you used to process the order.

  • Step 5 – Key in the verification code in the field provided.

  • Step 6 – Click on the GO button.

  • Step 7 – Click on the button that states Get Support.

  • Step 8 – Click the Refund Request button. Note – Most products purchased on ClickBank come with a sixty-day return and refund period by default, but the creators of Gluconite are using a six month refund policy due to how strong their belief is that this supplement will work. If the Gluconite timeframe has passed its refund period then you will not be able to see the refund request option after the 180 days. If you wish to still get a refund after the refund period then get in touch with the vendor directly as they have a dedicated customer-centric support team willing to help all users.

  • Step 9 – For Gluconite company feedback, choose a reason for the refund request from the dropdown menu. You can also write any additional comments relevant to the product in the field that states Additional Comments.

  • Step 10 – Once you have filled in the necessary fields then click on the Send button. The refund gets processed in one business day. If the product is physical and it needs to be returned to process the refund then the refund will take 19 days.

That’s literally it. It will take you longer to order the product and get it in the mail than it will to request a refund and receive the money back.

Who is Behind Gluconite?

According to its official product and presentation page, Gluconite is produced in an FDA-accredited facility. However, the company doesn’t disclose that facility’s exact location or where the creator sourced the ingredients. This is common in today’s supplement industry to protect the safety and security of the facility.

Importantly, Gluconite is marketed mainly to people suffering from diabetes and those who are experiencing sleep problems. The manufacturer doesn’t tell the public which medical doctor formulated the product if any. Consumers who may think of these gaps as red flags should contact the company directly through the e-mail:

Again, as a refresh reminder to avoid Gluconite scams, the product is only available to buy on its official online website — To make sure the product you are buying is authentic, only buy from its official website where the 180 day money back guarantee is ensured too.

This is the only cost, the best and lowest pricing – anywhere else offering cheaper Gluconite formula is to be deemed fake and a scam:

  • 30 days supply bottle is $69

  • 90 days supply bottle is $177 (you save $714 — $59 per bottle)

  • 180 days supply bottle is $294 (you save $1488 — $49 per bottle)

This is a huge saving deal if you wish to buy bulk supplies.

Gluconite Final Verdict

Gluconite is a dietary formula that works to change users’ lives by supporting optimal blood sugar and improving their sleep patterns. Users can take the supplement every night and enjoy significant support for their blood sugar and sleep. According to the creator, the formula works in a few days.

Generally, Gluconite is a premium natural sleep support that works as a diabetes supplement too. Its ingredients, such as tryptophan and chamomile, can help users fall asleep. However, there’s no substantive evidence that Gluconite can significantly reduce blood sugar, but one knows that with an optimal function metabolism that the diet can improve and the body will start to restore wellness faster, including healthy blood sugar levels.

At the end of the day, Gluconite is loaded with natural, powerful ingredients that may help control sugar fluctuation and improve metabolism, promoting healthy sleeping. It also helps to get rid of unwanted body fat, which makes life more healthy and fit. Natural ingredients are always safe for consumption without side effects (unless you have a specific allergy).

The Gluconite supplement prices are very affordable given how many products out there simply do not work, have harsh adverse reactions and risky side effects; most individuals can afford the price of one month supply to try it risk-free with the six month refund window. Bulk buying is recommended if you wish to save money. It is scientifically noted that the natural ingredients can take at least 90 days to show positive results in the body, or at least will continue to work better overtime vs in a few short days or weeks; hence, one can buy 90 days bottle supplies for a starter period. The 180 days money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet the expectations is a true game changer and what sets the Gluconite supplement apart from the rest, not to mention the fact the ingredients are formulated to optimize blood sugar levels, nighttime metabolism and add sound sleep support overnight.

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All in all, the Gluconite supplement is exhibited strong affinities towards helping enhance deep sleep cycles, metabolic function and blood sugar optimization. There are not too many supplements in the world that effectively use ingredients in one formula to combat all three of these major health age-related concerns, but Gluconite certainly stands out as one of the most complete solutions and viable options to try today.

Official Website –

Contact Details: Gluconite


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