Southwest affords workers additional pay, frequent flyer miles to keep away from vacation journey disruptions

A bag handler pushes a bag near a Southwest Airlines plane at Hollywood Burbank Airport in Burbank, Calif., October 10, 2021.

Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

Southwest Airlines On Saturday, its flight attendants offered new incentives to avoid further flight cancellations, especially during the main holiday season, amid staffing concerns, an internal memo said.

Southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights around Columbus Day weekend, disruptions the airline said cost it $ 75 million. American Airlines, which also offers flight attendants and other crews additional payment for vacation shifts, had to contend with mass cancellations of flights at the end of last month and also at the beginning of November.

Flight attendants, pilots and other operations staff could earn up to 120,000 Rapid Rewards points valued at more than $ 1,400. Flight attendants are entitled to work 36 days between November 15 and January 14, while cabin crews who work 28 days during that period could earn 60,000 points, the note said. Southwest said the number of qualifying shifts or days varies by work group.

The number of no-shows or unreachable flight attendants has risen recently, Southwest’s vice president of Sonya Lacore, vice president of in-flight operations, said in her message to cabin crew that was reviewed by CNBC. Sick calls have also increased when the company lifted emergency policies that required flight attendants to produce a medical certificate when they called sick. Lacore said, for example, when the airline last lifted these procedures on Nov. 9, two consecutive hours of sickness went from 20 to 90 an hour.

“We have a great opportunity here to maintain that commitment to you and her amid a difficult time for all of us,” wrote Lacore. “Our first step in addressing this and actively working to keep operations safe was to cut the schedule and we believe this incentive program will take us one more step in the right direction.”

The airline also offers ground operations workers triple pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas work, and double pay for overtime between November 17th and November 30th and December 17th through January 3rd. half salary.

The airlines had offered their employees early retirement packages and leave of absence to cut their labor costs during the pandemic, but were under staff shortages when demand picked up again this year. More flight attendants are returning from vacation to America and the Southwest, while these and other airlines are also aggressively hiring.

‘More money’ scheme: What’s it, the way to keep away from falling for it when promoting objects on-line

The former 8-On-Your-Side reporter was a potential victim but untangled the plot and reached out to Better Call Behnken to get the word out


Posted: 8/24/2021 / 6:10 PM EDT
Updated: 8/24/2021 / 6:10 PM EDT

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Retired 8 On Your Side Reporter Peter Bernard was trying to sell a piano so he reached out to eBay. One buyer was interested, but there was a catch.

Bernard asked for $ 250 for the piano. But the buyer sent a check for $ 2,750 and asked him to transfer $ 2,400 to the Venmo account of an alleged moving company that would then pick up the piano.

“If I had gone through with this, I would have lost the $ 2,400 and it would have been extremely embarrassing,” said Bernard, who untangled the plan.

Old septic tank safely removed from the St. Pete yard after the tow truck driver crushed it and tried to fill the hole with debris

He has called Better to call Behnken to warn others not to fall for it. If someone wants to buy something that you sell online and offers to send you extra money so you can pay someone else, it is illegitimate.

The gist of the scheme is this: it can take a few days for the bank to determine that a check is bad. By then, the victim would have sent the crook real money. If the check pops up, the victim is hooked for the entire amount.

In this case, the check appeared to be from a hospital, which confirmed that the check was forged.

4 months after buying an SUV from Carvana, the Riverview man still has no permanent tag, no registration

The name on the envelope was a woman in Spokane, Washington. This woman, Lauren Camp, says she is a victim of identity theft and this is not the first time she has heard her name have been used in a possible system.

“Someone tried to buy something worth $ 6,000 in New Zealand,” she said.

Someone else, she said, tried to buy a $ 12,000 truck in her name.

OKC nonprofits’ fundraising might imply additional grant cash

Six Oklahoma City organizations need your help as Gannett is once again partnering with nonprofits across the country to bring about hisA community thrives‘Fundraising program.

Oklahoma 2021 Class of Nonprofits has the chance to earn over $ 2 million in grant funding. Their services range from resources for relieving hunger or improving education and civic engagement to protecting the environment and developing opportunities for underserved communities.

The non-profit organizations each have a fundraising campaign that will last until August 13th. The qualified winners will receive cash and the chance to advance for larger regional and national grants. Smaller incentive grants are also available for unique donors and the most raised each week.

More: 4 local nonprofits receive grants from the Gannett Foundation Foundation

In 2020, Oklahoma City’s Positive Tomorrows received $ 17,500 and Allied Arts of Oklahoma received $ 10,000. While none of these organizations are participating in 2021, the RIVERSPORT Foundation, which will receive $ 5,000 in 2020, is participating along with five other nonprofits.

The organizations and their projects

Alpha Community Foundation of Oklahoma

The Alpha Community Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, which has served the Oklahoma City community since 1938, providing support and mentoring to young people, said Chairman George Williams. While the organization works through community engagement, wellness, service, and education, Williams says educational work through mentoring programs like the Alpha Boys Institute are the flagship initiatives.

The foundation recently bought a former elementary school and plans to convert it into a community center.

More: New project flourishes in Garden Oaks: Fraternity groups buy former school in NE OKC

“This will allow us to build on the programs we currently have, it will allow us to work with other community organizations that are doing great work in the community and currently have no place,” he said.

All the funds raised will go directly to the renovation and maintenance of the school. The center will become a hub within the city to meet the needs of a historically underserved community, Williams said.

“The aim is to turn this vacant lot into a shining light on the east side,” he said.

Generation Citizen Inc

Generation Citizen is working to transform civic education for youth so that they are ready to promote and participate in a more equitable, inclusive, and responsive democracy.

Funds raised will be used to help teachers and students improve and revise the civics curriculum, as well as working with community schools and teachers to enable professional development that fosters student engagement and participation in the community.

Infant Crisis Services

“We help families meet the most basic needs of their most vulnerable members,” said Trisha Bunce, development director for Infant Crisis Services.

The organization exists to make sure no baby goes hungry in Oklahoma, she said. To prevent this from happening, they operate a pantry for groceries, baby food and diapers to support families of babies and young children in times of crisis. She said a lot of people didn’t know that those who receive government aids like food stamps or SNAP benefits can’t use that money on diapers. Bunce said parents can redirect resources if they’re not concerned about diapers and baby food or formula.

“Whether the gas is for the car, whether the food is for older children, meeting these basic needs frees up resources for the higher needs of the family,” she said.

Infant Crisis Services hopes to expand the operation of its BabyMobile, which currently supplies infant formula, food and diapers in 19 counties in Oklahoma. The money raised through A Community Thrives will be used to further expand the group’s partnerships with affected local tiribes, city and county leaders who have invited child crisis services to their communities, Bunce said.

“Children under the age of 5 are the most likely group of people living in poverty in the state of Oklahoma,” she said. “We’re only there to make sure they have the opportunity to move forward and be part of the future.”

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Inc

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful’s mission is to encourage and empower Oklahoma residents “to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the state and to ensure a healthy, sustainable environment”.

A subsidiary of Keep America Beautiful, the group is responsible for Oklahoma’s annual Great American Cleanup event and several programs to educate people about environmental stewardship.

Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation Inc

The Oklahoma City Public School Foundation works directly with Oklahoma City Public Schools and exists to help the state’s largest county meet the needs of its students, teachers and staff, said Abbie Vaughan, community minister director.

“We’re really working to empower our next generation here in Oklahoma City and in the community,” she said. “These are our children who grow up here in Oklahoma City and become citizens and community leaders.”

The foundation plans to use the funds raised for ReadOKC On the Go! mobile book bus that gives all students in the Oklahoma City Public Schools community access to free reading material.


“We use something that is really unique and a unique selling point in our community,” said Michael Knopp, Managing Director of the RIVERSPORT Foundation. “Oklahoma City kids have a chance that America really doesn’t have.”

The foundation aims to use new experiences and different sports that children can’t get elsewhere to change their view of sports, fitness and life, Knopp said. By participating in the foundation, children can learn how one experience can lead them to something much bigger, he said.

“We’re bringing all of these things together, from the children’s entry point to top athletes pursuing their Olympic dreams with athletes who have just trained in Oklahoma City, Tokyo,” said Knopp.

The RIVERSPORT Foundation plans to use funds to support their OKC Thrive Outside program. The program brings together schools, nonprofits, and youth development agencies to provide underserved students with access to outdoor activities at RIVERSPORT and across Oklahoma at no cost to their families.

“This flow has now created an opportunity that has resulted in more than $ 13 million in college scholarships for children exposed to these new opportunities,” he said. “We want to take that and go to the next level.”

How to donate

Donations must be made through the respective organizations Mighty Cause platform, similar to a GoFundMe page. You can find links to the individual pages by clicking on the non-profit name listed above. The deadline for all donations is August 13th.

Some households might be getting a bit of more money of their pockets this yr. – FOX13 Information Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee – Thanks to the expanded child tax credit approved by the American Rescue Plan Act.

Memphians learned this Saturday at the second of two tax events this weekend hosted by the IRS and the United Way.

“The Child Tax Credit is a credit for anyone who has children under the age of 17, and most people are eligible for this credit without doing anything,” said Letitia Williams, manager of the Taxpayer Assistance Center.

Williams said there are a few changes this year, including increasing the loan from $ 1,000 to a maximum of $ 3,000 per child.

“We’re here today to help taxpayers qualify for child tax deduction,” she said. “The child discount was changed this year to allow people to receive this advance year-round. Most people will have quality for it if they have children under the age of 17. “

The first monthly American Rescue Plan child tax credit payments were made on July 15 and will be paid monthly through December 15.

Families receive up to $ 300 per month for each child under 6 years of age and up to $ 250 per month for children 6 to 17 years of age.

Volunteers and IRS staff also helped people get other benefits such as: B. Registration for the third wave of stimulus checks valued at $ 1,400. You can also request the refund credit for any amount you may have missed on the first two exams.

Williams said events like this don’t just benefit families who benefit.

“It will kick off the economy and kick-start the economy and have people who can get this money all year round and not have to wait until the end of the year to get this loan,” she said.

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How To Use Additional 529 Plan Cash – Forbes Advisor

Editor’s note: Forbes Advisor may earn a commission on sales made through affiliate links on this page. However, this does not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

A 529 college savings plan is an investment account that families can use to save tax-free for a child’s education costs. States run these plans, and while you don’t have to use the plans your home state offers, you may get additional tax breaks for them.

If your child receives generous scholarships or chooses not to go to college, you may find that you have actually been diligently saving too much on a 529 plan by the time they reach college age. But since these plans are relatively strict regulate As for the way the money can be used, the ramifications for simply withdrawing the money can be dire to yourself.

If you spend 529 money on unqualified expenses, you’ll pay a 10% penalty and income tax on the portion of the payout that includes the investment income. However, there are many ways to withdraw the money for education costs and not impose a withdrawal penalty. Here are your options.

1. Understand what qualifies as qualified expenditure

First of all, make sure you know exactly what expenses you can pay for with 529 plan savings. This includes tuition, fees, housing, meals, a computer, equipment, and books, if necessary for the student’s coursework.

If the student lives off campus, 529 funds can only be used up to the school’s official room and board allowance, as calculated at the school Participation costs for financial aid purposes. You can find this number on the school’s financial assistance website.

If you use the money on unauthorized spending, only the amount of the withdrawal that has grown (or earned) as a result of your deposit is subject to taxes and penalties. You will not be penalized for withdrawing your own original contributions to the plan.

2. Make use of the scholarship payment rules

If you have an additional 529 plan funds because your child received a college scholarship, there is an exception to the penalty rules that are tailored for you. You don’t have to pay the 10% investment income penalty when withdrawing funds up to your child’s scholarship. However, you will have to pay income tax on the income.

This means that families are probably still worth saving on a 529 plan, despite the risk that their child could eventually get a scholarship. The plan provides a way for your money to grow even if it eventually becomes taxed on withdrawal, like money in a taxpayer Brokerage account.

3. Use the money for graduate school

There is no time frame in which you need to use the money you saved on a 529 plan. It can stay in the account for as long as you want, but it may need to be used for the beneficiary’s educational costs to avoid taxes and penalties.

If there is a good chance your child might participate Commercial college– For example, you would like to study medicine or pursue a subject that requires a master’s degree. – You can keep the 529 plan funds and plan for your child to withdraw them in the future.

4. Change the beneficiary to a family member

Alternatively, you can transfer the money to another family member. While 529 plans have very detailed payout rules, they also offer generous opportunities to let another family member take over the plan. This person can then use the remaining amount for their own education costs.

For example, if your child was the original beneficiary of the plan, you can change the beneficiary to a qualified family member. This includes all of their siblings, parents, first cousins, nieces, nephews, or even their own spouse or child. In practice, as a parent interested in graduate school, you could become the beneficiary of the plan and use the funds for your own education. Or you can leave them there for a future grandchild.

5. Pay the K-12 education costs

529 plans don’t just have to be used for college expenses. The IRS allows up to $ 10,000 529 plan funds to cover public, private or religious school fees and fees of the K-12 for the beneficiary. Make sure, however, that your state allows this type of withdrawal from its plan.

If allowed, you can transfer the 529 plan to another child who, for example, is attending a private school, e.g. B. the sibling or cousin of the original beneficiary. Or, you can leave the money on plan for a future grandchild so they can use the money for either K-12 tuition or college expenses.

6. Pay back student loans

Another withdrawal option is to use 529 plan deposits to repay student loans. Up to $ 10,000 in 529 Plan Funds can be used to repay the plan recipient’s student loans, and an additional $ 10,000 can be used to repay loans held by siblings of a beneficiary.

That means any money left over on the original beneficiary’s plan can be used to pay back a sibling’s student loan. Or a parent could switch beneficiaries to themselves and use the additional plan benefit of 529 to repay loans they took on to cover the education of another child – or their own.

Bottom line

The complexity of 529 plans can make withdrawing your money as difficult as sticking to your savings goals. However, because of the many exceptions to these rules, there are many creative ways you can use your money wisely.

Some Cleveland County Colleges workers to get some more money

Cleveland County Schools staff and bus drivers will have a little more cash in their pockets by the end of this year.

On Monday, the county education authority unanimously approved an increase in the teachers’ allowance and granted all bus drivers a general increase of $ 1 an hour.

Teacher allowances are additional amounts of money given to teachers in addition to their annual salary. The supplement sizes vary from county to county and district to district, with larger areas often offering more money than smaller ones.

“They’re a very important part in teacher recruitment,” said Head Boy Greg Shull. “As soon as we get people in the door, they really like to be here and love Cleveland County as a place to live, work and play. The supplements help us get them in.”

Before the vote on Monday, the additions for teachers were between 3.5% and 4.75%, depending on years of service. All teachers now receive a flat rate surcharge of 5.75% regardless of the length of service. How much money that actually means for each teacher depends on the length of service and the salary level. Base salary for teachers in North Carolina starts at $ 35,000 per year and ranges from $ 52,520 per year.

Teacher supplements are issued at different times throughout the year. The next payouts are set for June and use the newly approved rate of 5.75%.

Deputy headmasters and unclassified school staff will also experience an additional increase due to the vote of the Board of Directors.

The main surcharges for primary school assistants are 2% above the surcharge for teachers. The main surcharges for middle school assistants are 2.5% above the teacher surcharge and the main surcharges for high school assistants are 3% above the teacher surcharges.

All non-certified employees will also receive an annual bonus of 3% this year.

Dustin George can be reached at 704-669-3337 or Find him on Twitter @DustinLGeorge.

$19 Billion in Federal Stimulus Cash For Texas Public Schooling — However Faculties Have But to See an Additional Dime

This article is published in collaboration with

F.or more than a year ago, the federal government pumped billions of dollars into school districts across the country to help them meet the demands of the pandemic. Most states have used this pot with stimulus packages as Congress intended: purchasing personal protective equipment for students and teachers, laptops for children studying from home, improved ventilation systems for school buildings to prevent virus transmission, and other costs .

But in Texas, local schools have not yet received an extra penny from the more than $ 19 billion in government stimulus money given to the state. After Congress passed the first stimulus package last year, officials used the state’s $ 1.3 billion stake in education to fill other gaps in the state budget, leaving public schools little extra to cover costs were available during the pandemic.

Now educators and stakeholders fear the state could do the same with the remaining $ 17.9 billion raised from the other two stimulus packages for public schools in Texas. Due to federal requirements, Texas must invest over $ 1 billion of its own state budget in higher education in order to receive the third round of stimulus funding for K-12 public schools. Experts said the state requested a waiver to avoid sending that extra money to higher education, but the process has resulted in significant delays in local districts receiving much-needed funding.

“Headmasters’ budgets are being eaten up with personal protective equipment, tutoring, and trying to re-engage children while the legislature sits on a ton of money,” said Michelle Smith, vice president of politics and advocacy for Raise your Texas hand. “And that will have an impact on our school districts not only this school year, but also in the coming school years.”

A spokesperson for Governor Greg Abbott told the Texas Tribune that heads of state are waiting for further instructions from the U.S. Department of Education before opening the spigot and pouring billions into school districts.

Given the repeal motion, Texas lawmakers will likely not decide how to distribute the money until they get feedback from Washington, DC or until lawmakers finalize their state budget plans. However, the waiver only applies to the latest stimulus package, so the state can unlock $ 5.5 billion for education from the second aid law at any time.

Libby Cohen, director of advocacy and public relations at Raise Your Hand Texas, said dozens of states are already sending these federal dollars to public schools, and the latest stimulus package also provides guidance on how to use that money. According to Laura Yeager, founder of Just Fund It TX, Texas and New York are the only two states that did not allocate additional funding to public schools during the pandemic.

“We find it confusing that Texas is applying the brakes as much as it is in this particular area,” said Cohen. “The dollars are there … and districts need to know if and when they are coming because they are writing their budgets and making decisions about summer programming.”

Many Texas teachers and administrators say they need money now and want lawmakers to get federal funding to school districts as soon as possible.

However, the state legislature, which has the greatest power over budgeting and education funding, wants lawmakers to decide what to do with this federal stimulus money, rather than local school districts.

“Federal funding will ultimately go to school districts, but the overriding question is how that funding should be spent and who should make that decision.” said rep. Harold Dutton, D-Houston Chairman of the House Public Education Committee. “I think the primary responsibility for raising Texan baby vests is under the Texas Constitutional Legislation.”

Legislators’ reluctance to free up funding is making the path difficult for educators across the state. Dr. Mark Henry, superintendent of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in Houston, said he was already in the process of creating two separate plans for next year’s budget: one that includes state aid funding earmarked for the school district and an emergency plan for moving onwards without it.

When Cypress-Fairbanks ISD finally receives its expected share of funding for stimulus education, Henry plans to use those dollars to support mental health support students need as they move back to face-to-face study this fall. Many districts across Texas had trouble engaging students this year, and many students simply stopped taking online classes.

“We look at high schoolers who are not engaged and drop out,” said Smith. “And instead of devoting additional resources to the school districts to find these children, these children are now lost.”

A spokesman for the Texas Education Agency said districts could still access funding from the first federal incentive bill by submitting a grant application to the department. However, experts added that such regulations often discourage smaller school districts with fewer resources from receiving the funds.

“Although school buildings were closed two-thirds of the school year due to the pandemic, the Texas school districts are fully funded for the entire 2019-20 school year,” the spokesman said. “Despite the significant downturn in economic activity caused by shutdowns related to COVID-19, it’s important to note that the school district’s funding remains in full here in Texas, which is not the case in many other states in the country. “

On Tuesday morning, Raise Your Hand Texas officials left a six-foot-high stool in the state capitol with the message “Fund TxEd Recovery.” Last week, the House Appropriations Committee passed a minor amendment to the state budget calling for no education funding to be “used to reduce state funding for local education agencies”.

The addition of this language to the budget provided a crucial win for proponents of Texas education, but the Senate declined to include almost all of the nearly $ 18 billion federal funding for Texas public schools in the new version of the budget, which was released on Tuesday afternoon was adopted. In a press release, the Texas State Teachers Association described educators as “angry” with Senate officials over the decision.

“There are many people who make education decisions who have never spent a day teaching a class, running a campus, or running a school district,” said Henry. “As long as you have people making decisions who have never been in those roles, they’re not going to make great decisions.”

Disclosure: Raise Your Hand Texas and the Texas State Teachers Association have sponsored the Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, impartial news organization funded in part by donations from members, foundations, and corporate sponsors. Financial supporters play no role in the journalism of the Tribune. Find a full one List of them here.

Duncan Agnew is rapporteur for the Texas Tribune, the only member-supported, digital-first, impartial media organization that educates Texans on public policy, politics, government, and the state.


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Stimulus cash and tax breaks: All the additional money mother and father and the aged may get

Under the current stimulus proposal, families with children and older adults can get tax breaks that could bring in thousands of dollars more.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill is now law and that means Your family could see more money than The last two relief calculations were offered in stimulus checks. While American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes a third stimulus check for up to $ 1,400 per person – here is when your stimulus check might come and how to track it – the legislation too extends child tax credit and provides funding for affordable early childhood care, aging and services for the disabled. It also increases the maximum tax credit for adults, including older workers.

If you’re a parent or carer and haven’t received your check yet, we’ll explain how the new plan will benefit parents, children, and children older adultsand how your family could see thousands of dollars in tax breaks this year.

Here’s a quick update on the status of the stimulus check: The IRS and Treasury Department have reported 90 million accounts received their third stimulus check come with more soon through the post. Some lawmakers are already pushing for one fourth stimulus check. (We’ve broken down all of your family’s paths could get more stimulus check money this time too and here is how to calculate your stimulus money.)

I am a parent. How much additional money could my family get this round – without the third stimulus check?

The American bailout plan contains several provisions aimed at this Reducing child poverty in the US, which would bring some families an extra infusion of cash this year. These include:

Stimulus checks for addicts. Under the current bill, Relatives of all ages (including children, young adults or older adult relatives) will be Eligible for up to $ 1,400 each for stimulus payments. This money will not come in the form of your “own” checkhowever, is added to the total budget instead. Calculate your estimated share Here.

Extension of the tax credit for children. Parents can typically claim a CTC of up to $ 2,000 on their taxes for each child under the age of 17 American rescue plan states that families with children under the age of 17 would receive $ 3,000 in credit, while families with children under 6 would receive $ 3,600 in credit. Plus, the loan is fully refundable, which removes both the dollar cap and income limit that currently prevent many low-income families and children from receiving the full loan Center for budget and political priorities. ((For more information on changes to the child tax credit, please click here.) Details like regular instead of monthly payoutsare still in the air.

Extended childcare tax credits. To make childcare more affordable for families, the plan includes a childcare tax credit for children under the age of 13 – a total of up to $ 4,000 for one child or $ 8,000 for two or more children. Funds are refundable and available to families earning less than $ 125,000 per year. Those making between $ 125,000 and $ 400,000 would receive a partial credit (find out What’s your Adjusted Gross Income here). The plan also calls on Congress to allocate funds to keep daycare facilities open and improve wages and benefits for childcare providers.

Look at that:

Stimulus Check 3: How Much Money You Get


I am over 65 years old. What payments or tax breaks on the invoice could I qualify for this year?

The American rescue plan provides for the funding of programs to help older adults financially. These include:

Stimulus checks on older adultsincluding relatives. According to the current bill, older adults (including recipients of SSI or SSDI Services) would be eligible for a third stimulus check from up to $ 1,400when they meet Admission requirements. This includes older adults who are listed as dependents on someone else’s taxes, although his share of the stimulus money would be added to the total amount of the household. (Find out All the rules for stimulus checks for older adults.)

Expansion of the earned income tax credit. This tax credit is designed to help people on lower incomes. It can lower your taxable income and wages. The relief plan increases this childless adult loan from approximately $ 530 to $ 1,500 and the income limit for the loan from $ 16,000 to $ 21,000. It also expands the eligible age range and removes the age limit for older workers. And if your income falls in 2021 due to the pandemic, your credit will not be reduced. (Learn more about How To Apply For Earned Income Tax Credit This Year.)

More funding for aging and disability services. The US bailout plan includes additional funding for elderly and disability programs, but does not go into detail about where exactly that money would go.

More information can be found here How a Third Check Could Bring More Money to Your Family, and if the IRS could check out the third stimulus.

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what to do with more money

LANSING, me. (WILX) – A stimulus check – a raise in salary – even a tax refund.

When you’re getting a ton of money figuring out how to best use it can be stressful.

Are you saving or paying off debts?

Experts agree that saving money and paying off debts are the best ways to get the most out of extra cash.

Cherry Dale, a finance coach at Virginia Credit Union, says the best way to think about this coincidence is in percentages – which means you need to add up all of your debts and see what to address first.

“If you already have savings, you can start with 30% savings and then pay off debt with 30%. And you could use the rest for something fun, ”said Cherry Dale.

Dale says if you have no savings at all, switch that to 50% of the money for savings and 30% for debt and 20% for something fun.

This is a great way to build an emergency savings account.

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Kemp indicators Georgia’s midyear finances with bonuses, more money for faculties, well being

Kemp announced the same rewards for Georgia’s public school teachers last month.

Both bonuses are paid – directly or indirectly – from the federal COVID-19 aid fund.

The biggest spike in spending would be in education, where the House and Senate followed Kemp’s proposal to replenish 60% of the spending cuts approved by lawmakers last year. if they cut 10% over fears that government revenues could decline due to the pandemic.

That didn’t happen. Indeed, state tax collections rose by 6.3% in the first seven months of this fiscal year.

Kemp said the increase in school spending “sends a clear message that we are continuing our dedication to Georgia students, parents, educators, and employees through the toughest times.”

The budget will also fund 520 new school buses, increase support for nursing homes hard hit by COVID-19, and add high-speed internet in rural areas.

It will spend $ 27 million on rapidly upgrading the Department of Health’s computer system that tracks vaccinations and paid for the hiring of several new employees at the agency that spent most of the past year fighting COVID-19.