Jim Cramer, who as soon as noticed oil shares as uninvestable, explains new view

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday offered a defense of his newfound optimism about investing in oil stocks, claiming he changed his mind after concluding that circumstances had changed.

“From an asset manager’s perspective, there’s no shame in wearing flip-flops. Call me crazy, but when the facts change, I change my mind. I want to make money,” he said “Bad Money” Host who stated in January 2020 that he was “Done with fossil fuels” and suggested oil stocks were the new tobacco.

At the time, Cramer offered a gloomy outlook on shareholders’ ability to make money from fossil fuel stocks because he believed concerns about climate change were keeping young investors away from these stocks.

Cramer said Wednesday he believes his thinking is justified.

“Was I wrong to call them uninvestable? I do not think so. Before hitting rock bottom in 2020, this group spent years in the kennel. Of course that’s no longer the case,” Cramer said, alluding to the fact that Energy ended in 2021 as the best performing sector in the S&P 500. Energy, too, has already increased by about 16% in 2022.

Cramer said there have been two major shifts at oil and gas companies that have helped stocks in the cohort surpass their previously lackluster returns. The first is that there is an “entirely new attitude” to efforts to reduce carbon emissions, Cramer claimed, pointing out chevrons $10 billion investment by 2028 and Exxon MobileI was recently announced Net zero promise by 2050.

From an investment perspective, however, Cramer said the more important change was that “both the majors and the independents have moved away from that ‘drill-baby-drill’ mentality.”

“Instead of spending a fortune to flood the market with new supply every time oil prices go up, they have become much more cautious. … Your reticence has helped the entire industry catch its breath, and that’s a key reason. ..why crude oil is now $86 a barrel,” he added, explaining that higher oil prices allow the company to be significantly more profitable.

“I spent years telling you all the issues with the oil industry — from an investing perspective — then these companies addressed each and every one of the issues that are important to me,” Cramer said.

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Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Explains His Uncommon Type

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is known for its eye-catching style. Long scarves and colorful outfits are not uncommon for him. the Aerosmith Front man explained what inspired his look.

Tyler was ridiculed for his style choice

Steven Tyler | Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for the Celebrity Fight Night

Tyler isn’t afraid to wear clothes that make him happy. When WWD asked him to describe his style, he got a funny answer. “Over the top, old school, a mix of now and then, with rock and chic,” says Tyler. “Funky but chic, with a side order from sexy.”

When Tyler was in high school, his fashion choices didn’t always go down well with his classmates. He says WWD the kids in his high school made fun of him sometimes.

“I am in love [fashion]”Says Tyler. “Somewhere in 1967 when I was in high school, I remember making fun of it for wearing cowboy boots.”

Tyler says the way he styled his cowboy boots made the kids annoy him. “I sewed buttons on each side of the cowboy boot that I attached to my pants so they wouldn’t slide up,” explains Tyler in his WWD interview. “The hairstyles and clothing style that I loved were Mod English, Carnaby Street, Anita Pallenberg. I loved it so much and was mocked by kids in my school and kids in my band. “

What inspired Steven Tyler’s style?

Steven Tyler sings while wearing a leopard print top and pants. Steven Tyler | Mark Davis / Getty Images

When it comes to his personal style, Tyler takes on his look entirely. He doesn’t apologize for his brave decisions and doesn’t seem to care what others think. GQ once described him as a “style terrorist”.

How did Tyler develop his style? In his book, do you mind the noise in my head? He says his mother once told him about a man named Gypsy Boots she saw on the Steve Allen Show. He describes him as “the original hippie”.

According to Tyler, Gypsy Boots had waist-length hair, lived up a tree, and talked about the benefits of a healthy life. He marveled at how Gypsy Boots lived in trees and caves and fed on food from their surroundings. “This lifestyle totally seduced me,” says Tyler. He was so fond of gypsy boots that he wanted to dress like him.

Tyler was also influenced by Eden Ahbez, whom he describes as a “Bohemian composer”, who wrote the song “Nature Boy”. Tyler’s mother first heard the song on a Nat King Cole album. He says Ahbez has a lot of similarities to Gypsy Boots. According to Tyler, Ahbez camped outside, studied mysticism, and ate a vegetarian diet. He says his mother sang “Nature Boy” to him before bed. Tyler says this made him feel like his mother’s “nature boy”.

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Marvel’s What If…? Artist Explains the Present’s 100-12 months-Outdated Artwork Fashion

Marvel animator Brad Winderbaum says the animation in Marvels What If …? was inspired by the American illustrator of the 20th century, JC Leyendecker.

Brad Winderbaum, an artist for Marvel’s new animated series What if…?He explained why the show’s creative team chose an illustrative style that first hit the market more than 100 years ago.

“What happened if…? has a distinctive illustrative style, ”revealed Winderbaum in an interview with D23. “The aesthetic was developed by storyboard artist Bryan Andrews in collaboration with Ryan Meinerding, Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios.”

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Winderbaum added that both Andrews and Meinerding were inspired by the art style of American illustrator JC Leyendecker, who painted more than 400 front pages between 1896 and 1950, noting, “It’s a very difficult style to achieve.”

He said, “It’s very picturesque. The light spreads in a very unique way. We worked with this style and developed our own technique at the same time because it takes a 3D technique to get that 2D look.”

While Winderbaum jokingly referred to the scenes in What If …? as “Leynerding style” he added that it was “very Ryan Meinerding”. He concluded, “With the incredible background work from our production designer, it creates a very rich, photographic feel in a 2D comic-like world.”

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Winderbaum also recently commented on what if …? The series ties in with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and explains, “All Marvel Studios projects are interconnected in some way. There is always potential. “

What if…? is an animated anthology series by AC Bradley that explores what would have happened if characters switched positions at several key moments that occurred within the MCU. The first episode of season 1, “What if … Captain Carter was the first Avenger?” illustrated what would have happened if Peggy Carter – not Steve Rogers – took the super soldier serum.

New episodes of What if …? Debut Wednesdays on Disney +.

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Source: D23

the beehive in front of the champion of the hydra of what if

What if…? Theory: The Champion of Hydra is an agent of SHIELD Villain’s Variant

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Ed Lamb explains key ‘requirements’ for BYU’s development-style recruiting

BYU’s latest addition to the offensive is a 6-foot-7 high school basketball player who hasn’t played soccer since eighth grade.

Say what?

Tyler Little fits the bill how head coach Kalani Sitake approaches recruiting by targeting measurable and developmental players in a world where four- and five-star recruits are attacked by the best football programs in the country.

Little, who previously served a two-year LDS mission in Chile and Houston, Texas, worked with a junior college football team and became the director of recruitment agencies in Boise State, Utah, BYU, and Baylor.

Not ranked in the star system, he is a formidable athlete with no football experience.

When you see that four of the five Cougar players drafted in the 2021 draft were either walk-ons or just 2-star players, and Zach Wilson, who never scored higher than 3 stars from Corner Canyon, but the Highest player who was drawn in the school history draft, maybe the approach works.

“I have a standard in certain positions that I won’t give in to. There is a length standard and a speed standard. ”- BYU assistant coach Ed Lamb

Right now, BYU has more quality of experienced depth at cornerback than it has ever had in two decades. Maybe ever.

And that’s by design, according to co-head coach Ed Lamb, who is charged with being the point man for staff reviews. He has a huge say in who gets scholarships and where exactly players should play on the field.

In a mid-May interview with Ben Criddle on ESPN 960 radio, Lamb explained how Sitake employees target material assets and potential customer benefits rather than the Star System ranking in recruiting.

“That really is the standard,” said Lamb. “I mean, that’s the term I use. I have a standard in certain positions that I will not give in to. There is a length standard and a speed standard. There is a small intersection in between. If the guy is not that long, not that tall, I would like to see him more dynamic and faster, especially when cornering for me and coach Jernaro Gilford. “

Lamb said BYU recruitment for corners since he’s been there has been modeled after the story of Chris Wilcox, who was overlooked as a soccer player but was a track and field athlete and was drafted in the seventh round from Tampa Bay, the first BYU Corner since Derwin Gray in 1993.

“We’re looking for demonstrated speed on the track. It’s very difficult for us to pull the trigger on a player when he’s around, but we have a proven and long-term track time on one player and another seems to be the same on video. We’re going to go with the guy who has that demonstrable speed, ”said Lamb.

Lamb said he credits Sitake because both he and the head coach believe standards are the most important thing in a program that emphasizes development, especially among defensive players who can affect a game.

“Football is a development sport. It’s a skillful sport. We don’t play baseball, we don’t play golf. You don’t have to start when you are 3 years old. Some of our best players don’t start playing soccer until their sophomore or sophomore year of high school. That being said, I think there are probably some schools out there that are of a high standard in terms of height, weight, and speed and the talent is there, development has already happened. I think with the schedule we’re trying to play, especially in secondary school, we have to take the boys in to an advantage. ”That means potential with metrics.

Lamb said he and Gilford worked together for a very long time, long before they got into BYU (SUU), and they usually don’t win recruitment battles outside of the state.

“Non-LDS defenders who get attention from Pac-12 schools are not easy to retain for BYU, but we won’t do it with the second-rate recruit. We have to have a standard of speed, size, competitiveness and character so we just go out there and keep beating. “

Lamb said his name gets tossed around and drafted corners because of his success at SUU and the Wilcox story is always tied to his endeavors.

“It’s a complete team effort to find them. There’s a lot of work in it, but the magic really happens when Jernaro takes over, encourages her, chases her across campus and, as you know, plays the game you need to have as a positional coach. As a position coach, he has a close relationship with the players. It’s a long answer, but I’m thrilled. We take a lot of development players with us. “

A few days before BYU Media Day, June 17th, Gilford told Deseret News he believed in the cornerback position would be the strength of BYU’s defense in 2021.

“Sometimes we have to take our bumps and bruises with us because they don’t know the location for the first few years. And that’s the hard part, you know, ”Gilford said. “We’re now recruiting natural corners just to help these guys. When you have a clean corner, a guy like Micah Harper, these guys can come in and teach the (less experienced) guys so much because they already know how to do it right. ”

Cornerback D’Angelo Mandell described the development process as a cornerback group over the years.

“At the beginning, when we were freshmen, there were many ups and downs. That’s how it is to come straight from high school. Over the years we have built trust and have obviously gotten better from year to year, ”said Mandell on the media day on June 17th.

Lamb said that size and speed trump anything measurable in a recruit who fits into the BYU license. He’ll take care of everything.

It will be fun to see if they can shape these players into stars.

Jamie Murray explains why Novak Djokovic’s NBA-style bubble thought can be troublesome to drag off in tennis

Jamie Murray says quarantine for long periods is “not good for your sanity” while also acknowledging that Novak Djokovic’s proposal to implement an NBA-style bubble would be “very difficult” to replicate in tennis.

The world’s best tennis players had to self-isolate for 14 days in Melbourne and Adelaide before the Australian Open 2021.

The players were only allowed to train for a short time each day and when the sport finally got going, several players were fighting mentally and physically.

World number 1 Djokovic, who sustained an injury en route to winning a ninth Australian Open trophy, said the majority of players do not want to continue the season if it means going through multiple quarantine periods.

He also came up with the idea of ​​an NBA style bubble for tennis where all events are held in the same location.

Novak Djokovic reveals that talks about the future of the tennis season are ongoing

Doubles specialist Murray admits that he and his partner Bruno Soares aren’t sure when they’ll be returning to the ATP Tour, but says the current situation is not healthy.

“We’re not entirely sure what we’re up to, but we want to play in Acapulco and Miami, assuming they go on as planned next month,” he wrote on his BBC Sports column.

“We should have exceptions through the ATP in order to travel and take part in competitions. There is the added stress for the players of getting flights without knowing if you will test positive on arrival and then sitting in your room in quarantine for long periods of time.

“It is not a great preparation for your sanity. It’s a strange time and I don’t know how long it will go on.

“Novak Djokovic recently launched the idea of ​​an NBA-style bubble. In an ideal world, the tour would move to one country for six or seven weeks and host a variety of tournaments.

“In reality, it is obviously very difficult because the tour does not run the tournaments.

“Hopefully the world can be vaccinated and we can once again compete in a normal world with people who are free to watch us play.

“But it still feels like we’re far from it.”

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‘We supplied him some huge cash’ – Wenger explains why Vardy turned down Arsenal

The legendary former Gunners boss has admitted making lucrative offers to the Leicester striker only to see his advances rejected

Arsene Wenger admits “offering a lot of money” to bring Jamie Vardy to Arsenal in 2016 but his advances have been rejected and the Gunners missed one of the most prolific strikers in the Premier League.

An enigmatic character in the Foxes’ books attracted admiring glances from north London after helping bring King Power Stadium to a notable Premier League title triumph.

Vardy had proven himself more than capable of mixing it up with the elite of English football, obviously making him attractive to any number of rivals, but a move to north London could never be enforced.

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What was said

Asked on being in sports How close he got to Vardy during his time at Arsenal, Wenger said: “I offered him a lot of money back then.

“Leicester had just won the championship in 2016 and [Vichai] Srivaddhanaprabha, who unfortunately did not want to lose after the helicopter accident, offered him a longer contract and about the same money, if not more. “

Wenger added when asked if Vardy would have suited his system: “We had more of the ball, yes, but still around the box, the times of his runs, he finds the place.

“When you see the big strikers, when others stop in the box, they are on the move, and he did.

“You see, they read (the game) earlier than others, they expect better, they understand what’s going on faster than other people, and (he has) that quality of anticipation, that speed of understanding.”

Why did Arsenal want Vardy?

In the 2015/016 season, which was only Vardy’s second in the Premier League, Leicester stormed to the most unexpected title wins.

Her No. 9 cited those charges, with the target found 24 times.

Olivier Giroud, Arsenal’s leading scorer this season, achieved that total return but only managed 16 attempts in the league.

Wenger wanted another front man to run after and move the opposition defenses, but saw Vardy sign new terms at King Power Stadium.

Former Arsenal transfer fixer Dick Law has made this claim in the recent past The Gunners had made an agreement, only that the player had a change of heart.

He said The athlete in April 2020: “The deal with Leicester has been closed, the deal with the player has been closed.

“He came to visit with his wife Rebekah, he sat on the couch in front of Arsene… and then he withdrew.

“On the way back to Leicester, I get a call from the player who says he wants to think about it overnight. At this point, you know it is bad news. “

The bigger picture

Vardy scored 144 goals in 333 games for Leicester.

Of those efforts, 115 made it to the Premier League – He is one of 29 centurions in the top English group.

He signed his final contract renewal with the Foxes in 2020 for a three-year contract that will keep him in the East Midlands beyond his 36th birthday.

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