Is Parisian stylish nonetheless in fashion? An knowledgeable weighs in on the development

Even if you’ve never been to the City of Lights, you probably know it stylish reputation that the French city has. From the runways to the streets, Parisian chic style has been around for quite some time, but there seems to be a newfound interest in the look.

From striped tops to pointelle cardigans, staples of the Parisian look are en vogue trendy. Searches for oversized button-downs are up more than 70 percent over the last year, and croissant pocket designs have increased searches by over 240 percent. While Wall Street Journal says an au revoir to the look, which may feel a bit dated in today’s world, it could grow to meet the demands of today’s fashion, according to one stylist.

What is “Parisian Chic”?

“While some people may think the Parisian look is cliché, it’s been in fashion for decades, and with good reason.” Carrie Cramer, a Los Angeles celebrity, wardrobe and personal stylist, opposite Shop TODAY. “It embodies effortless, chic style that is timeless and looks good on any older woman. What’s more French than that?”

Essentially, Parisian style is always about the basics – it’s becoming ever more inclusive for all sizes, backgrounds and shapes. From deductions and pullover with black jeans, Cramer says Parisians know how to effortlessly elevate any look. “Parisians don’t complicate fashion. Invest in timeless basics and keep it simple,” she said. “It’s never over the top, but always beautiful.”

If you’re looking to jump on the trend, Cramer has rounded up three different looks that embody Parisian style. From simple t-shirts to fancy sneakers, here’s how to pull off the look.

Timeless basics

Everlane The box-cut t-shirt made from organic cotton

Sometimes the look can be as simple as a striped t-shirt and jeans. This boxy top from Everlane is slightly cropped, but the relaxed fit and scoop neckline make it look timeless. Plus, the soft, breathable fabric lets you reach for it every day of the week.

Skinny jeans with a high waist and universal thread

If you keep a pair of skinny jeans in your closet, let it be a black pair. They’re easy to dress up or dress down and will most likely go with whatever top you already have in your closet.

Aerosol Crystal ballet flats

Cramer recommends opting for black leather flats to get through the day in style. This chic pair of Aerosoles has a rounded toe and quilted footbed, but is also available in several other colors and designs.

Melifluos Designed in Spain Geometric scarf

A printed scarf can complete your look and add a touch of color to your outfit. Not only can this affordable pick be worn around the neck, but also as a headscarf, shawl, wrap skirt and more.

Effortless shoulder bag made from Banana Republic leather

A leather shoulder bag isn’t just a fashion statement — it’s an investment that you’ll get plenty of use out of (and can wear with just about anything).

Everlane The authentic skinny with a high waist and stretch

skinny jeans, but make them breathable. These Everlane panties are made from a fabric with high elasticity, allowing you to move comfortably while still rocking the denim look.

A simple striped sweater and jeans are one way to complete the look.TODAY / Daniella Musacchio

Parisian layers and accessories

Wantdo Waterproof double breasted trench coat

“A light beige coat is a must-have Parisian staple that should be in your closet now and until the end of time,” Cramer said. “Every Parisian has a classic beige trench coat because it works well in any weather and is a perfect layer at any time of the year.”

Banana Republic Merino Long Cardigan

A simple yet chic cardigan is the versatile staple that every woman should have in her closet. Not only can it elevate an outfit, but it’s also a stylish way to add extra layers for warmth.

Zara Blazer Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection

Cramer called this coat “Perfection”. Oversized is all the rage right now, but this blazer still has a dressy look. Plus, the shoulder pads and carefully placed buttons are details that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Long sleeve striped t-shirt from Asos Design

Do you prefer long sleeves? This classic tee is perfect for the colder months. Wear it under a trench coat or leather jacket to instantly upgrade your look.

Vans Spicoli 4 sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is one way to complement the look — and one not to forget, according to Cramer. These sunglasses feature a trendy tortoiseshell design that will have many viewers asking you where you picked them up.

Oversized cotton shirt from H&M

“You can’t go wrong with an oversized button-down style,” Cramer said of this wardrobe must-have. “Wear it to work with skinny black pants [or] team it with a pencil skirt and tie the ends in a bun at the waist for a classy look.”

“No fuss, all elegance”

Old Navy Striped Shaker Stitch Mock Neck Jumper

Striped sweaters probably also come to mind when you think of Parisian style. Cramer recommends pairing this wardrobe must-have with cropped black jeans or a midi skirt.

Black extra high waist wide leg jeans in Old Navy

Skinny jeans are out and the Parisians know it. A cropped style with a wide leg like this one can add a more modern feel to your look.

More Parisian chic favorites

Gap Softest Sweater Midi Skirt

“I’m in love with the separate sweaters that create a complete head-to-toe look,” Cramer said. Creating a monochromatic outfit with a matching sweater and skirt works for both workwear and casualwear—and looks effortless, too.

Belldini Plus Size Pointelle Stitch Duster Cardigan

According to Cramer, Parisians can wear a cardigan from day to night with a simple outfit change. It can be worn with a simple t-shirt during the day or with a slip at night. “Pointelle cardigans add a little extra interest with a subtle design that’s perfect for Paris,” she added.

The Drop Janelle Croissant shoulder bag

Don’t be put off by the name – croissant bags are a huge trend right now. According to trendy, searches for the bag shape are up 243 percent since last year. “I especially love a croissant bag because it has a youthful feel and adds some personality to a chic basic[s]’ Cramer said.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers

Parisians walk a lot, and Cramer says they’ve started embracing sneakers in a big way. These Stan Smith shoes don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort, and Cramer says the on-trend “old-school style” gives them some Parisian flair.

Zara fitted straight-leg jeans Charlotte Gainsbourg collection

Charlotte Gainsbourg has collaborated with Zara to launch an exclusive collection that includes everything from jeans to jackets. Cramer says she loves these jeans for the “fuller straight leg that’s an updated take on Parisian black skinny pants.”

Zara double-sided jacket

Paired with a striped t-shirt, this jacket gives an updated Parisian “rock ‘n’ roll” look, according to Cramer.

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Aviation trade faces problem that inflow of federal grant cash will not have the ability to clear up, professional says

The grants aim to keep airport workers busy, get construction projects off the ground and help airports recover from a pandemic that is severely dampening air traffic. Airports can also use the money to grant rent relief for retail and concession companies in terminals.

Dan Akins, an aviation economist at consultancy Flightpath Economics, said MSP’s cut in grant money was more or less proportional to its share of air travel. He also said total funding might seem like much right now, but it’s based on March estimates.

“It seems big now because I think back then the light at the end of the tunnel was so small that it was hard to know when this was going to end,” Akins said. “And when it arrives it seems like we need less and less of it, but that is the price of a lengthy process to distribute money to airports and other commercial interests that have suffered during the pandemic.”

But Akins said the aviation industry’s biggest problem right now isn’t money – it is Shortage of staff.

“There aren’t enough people. There aren’t enough planes moving,” Akins said. “Demand has dropped so much that in the past few weeks you’ve seen Delta struggling, Americans struggling, Southwest struggling to keep their schedules because there isn’t enough manpower to provide the talent that they need Things to get an airplane from A to B. “

He said some airlines may have been too aggressive in firing highly specialized personnel like pilots and it will take a long time to regain that talent.

“Maybe they let too many pilots go with early retirement packages, as I think, as is the case with Delta, which seemed in a crisis when all airlines went over the waterfall,” Akins said. “‘Let’s get rid of the most expensive senior pilots and this will save us.” That was real short-term thinking. “

In other cases, Akins said, airlines are pulling managers off their officers and allowing them to get into day-to-day operations.

Right now, as airlines have been caught unprepared for a sudden surge in demand for air travel, air fares are rising, Akins said. And the generous refund policies that some companies put in place during the pandemic could also be dropped.

Dementia knowledgeable says proof ‘wasn’t ample’ for approval

Dementia expert Dr. Jason Karlawish told CNBC he was skeptical of that Approved by the Food and Drug Administration of BiogenicAlzheimer’s drug Aduhelm said “the evidence to support the drug’s approval was insufficient”.

“Another study is needed to see if this drug is actually effective. Unfortunately, the FDA has approved the drug for marketing, although they also want another study,” said the co-director of the Penn Memory Center at the University of Pennsylvania on Monday after the agency’s formal OK.

The FDA approval marks that first new treatment for Alzheimer’s in almost two decades. Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. More than 6 million Americans are reportedly living with the disease Alzheimer’s Association estimates.

Carlavian told “The News with Shepard Smith” that there are many promising Alzheimer’s drugs in the pipeline.

“I’m optimistic about the future here so I have hope. I just think this is not the drug we can put our hopes on,” he said. “Desperation should drive funding for Alzheimer’s research, not interpretation of scientific evidence.”

Clinical studies have found that some patients who received the approved dose of Aduhelm had painful brain swelling.

“What you are asking someone to do is risk an uncertain benefit but a known risk,” said Karlawish of prescribing the drug to patients.

The FDA said it would continue to monitor the drug when it hits the US market. The agency granted approval on the condition that Biogen conduct another clinical study.

Karlawish told host Shepard Smith that Biogen will face a challenge “how to conduct this study when the drug is also available for clinical prescription.”

Representatives from Biogen and the FDA did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Karlawish’s statements.

Do You Want “Cash Rehab”? Finance Skilled Nicole Lapin Says Sure

Financial expert Nicole Lapin’s new daily podcast, Money Rehab, examines people’s dangerous money habits

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April 5, 2021 5 min read

When thinking about reasons to go to rehab, you usually think of drugs, alcohol, or other forms of encore. But … there should be rehab for ?

Most sold expert Nicole Rabbit says yes – and it’s the theme of her new daily podcast, Money rehab with Nicole Lapinthat just debuted on iHeartMedia. The way she sees it, financial problems need to be taken just as seriously as anyone else, but people often lack the tools and expertise to solve them on their own. She wants her new podcast to act like a daily dose of financial therapy as she answers the toughest questions of listeners and speaks to experts who can shed light on the darkest corners of financial despair.

Lapin is the author of the best-selling books Rich bitch, Boss bitch, and Become a super womanand was previously an anchor and CNBC. (Full disclosure: She’s also a close friend, and we hosted the podcast together Hush money Here, Lapin explains why many people could use a trip through money rehabilitation – and why she is willing to share her personal money problems first.

“Rehab” is a loaded word that people don’t usually associate with finance. Why do you think people need money for rehab?

Well, we can have dangerous habits with money as well. We all have money problems and the only ones that can’t be fixed are the ones you don’t admit you have. So this is the first step to recovery regardless of the money.

The first step in a 12-step program is to admit that you have a problem. How hard is it for people to admit they have a money problem?

We’ll talk about anything and everything before we talk about money. People consider it taboo to talk about sex or politics. No way! The stuff is easy. Money is one of the few taboos we still have. The way to fix that speaks of it, of course. But it is not that simple. Nobody wants to go first. That’s why I follow the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” approach when talking about money. If anyone has to go first to resolve this taboo that ultimately fixes people’s money problems, then let it be me.

You are known as a financial expert. I think people might be surprised that your finances were once a disaster.

I’ve all had money problems. I went broke , live paycheck to paycheck. I’ve messed up everything you can think of with my finances and in business. I’m an immigrant daughter, so the only education I had regarding growing up money was green . And forget it … none of us learn this stuff in school. I didn’t know what mortgage was until after college. I am the least likely person capable of creating wealth on my own, much less teaching people about it. I went through my own “money rehab,” though it wasn’t called that at the time, and took myself to the other side, made more money than I had ever thought possible, and became the least likely person to be one Became an expert in it for other people.

Her Money Rehab podcast is the first ever daily money show on iHeartMedia and comes at a time when many people are still picking up the bits and pieces of their pandemic-related financial disasters. Where did the concept for this show come from?

I didn’t pool my personal finances to do a show. I did it to stay alive. I did it out of a need to get out of the fiery mess or debt and bad money habits. But now that I’m no longer in the fire, I just want to bring back buckets of water for those who are still caught in the flames, so to speak. I want others to have a cheat code that I wished for so that it doesn’t take them so long to get to the other side. I hope I can help others be faster than me and not make the same mistakes by being honest about my mistakes and being straightforward about how personal finances work.

How are you going to do that?

The format of the show is call-in, which answers audience questions. I will also invite listeners on the show for financial intervention. I will also interview financial insiders such as Accountants and debt collectors for their confessions and juicy secrets. This will show others who are fearful and intimidated by money that they are not alone. Second, we often suffer more in imagination than in reality. Confronting these issues that terrorize us in our own minds makes them less frightening.

“Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin” starts April 5, 2021. You can download the show via the iHeartRadio app or anywhere you get your favorite shows.

Danger and Reward: Sensible methods to take a position your cash from a monetary knowledgeable

Whether you are new to investing or a professional, there will always be some risk. You want to make money movements that can be successful.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The past year has been a challenge for many purses.

Some are looking for ways to make up for some of this loss of income.

WTOL 11 spoke to a local financial expert who helped figure out what it takes to invest your money smartly.

“Risk isn’t just one size fits all,” said Kirk Weldy, vice president of Investment Advisory Services, CIG Financial.

Whether you are new to investing or a professional, there will always be some risk. That’s because the stock market isn’t always predictable and some people are bigger gamers.

CONNECTED: Family of inexperienced investors who killed themselves sue Robinhood

Weldy says when you invest you must be willing to potentially lose something in order to get the reward you are looking for.

The amount of money someone risks is different for each individual due to various factors and the way we want to use our money.

“You could be extremely aggressive, you could be more conservative and that’s fine,” said Weldy. “Risk isn’t just an age-related thing. It can vary from every account you have. Every person is different, every financial situation is different.”

CONNECTED: Toledo’s PhD student offers free webinars for those interested in investing

Weldy compares investing to a card game or baseball. No matter what step you take, you are always taking a risk.

You want to take a step that will give you the opportunity to be successful.

“I think the ultimate question is what risk I am taking and why I am going to take it,” said Weldy.

It also says that you can make money as soon as you can lose it so you want to be familiar with the amount and where it is going.

Behavioral Analysis Professional: Tips for Saving Cash

Life is full of doing tough financial decisionsbut saving shouldn’t be one of them.

If you ever feel like you are making so many decisions with your money that saving often takes a back seat and nothing happens at all (also known as decision paralysis), just try to automate your savings.

That way, you only have to make an active decision once and create mental space for other things, explained Perry Wright, a senior behavioral scientist at Duke University Common Cents Lab, a behavioral science laboratory focused on the financial well-being of low-income people.

“The best trick to save is to eliminate the decision to save,” says Wright.

Below, CNBC selection It explains how automating the savings process means you never have to think twice, plus another savings trick from Wright.

How to eliminate the decision to save

If you have to make a decision to save or to spend now, choose to spend, argues Wright, because you know you can always save later later.

Automating your savings ensures that decisions are already taken into account and it takes little effort to prioritize when other things come up.

When paid by direct deposit, you can set a percentage of your paycheck to be automatically transferred to a linked savings account with every payment. If you have an inconsistent source of income, e.g. As a freelancer or contractor, you might schedule a recurring deposit from your checking account into your savings at a time during the month when you typically have excess cash flow – possibly when your largest recurring bill comes in. Or, have all payments sent to your savings, and periodically transfer exactly what you need to live on to get your checks.

The habit of saving through automation is also highly recommended by Financial expert Sallie Krawcheck. Once you set it up and forget it, your money will grow over time and you will be used to living on a budget that saves for your future.

Let your money work for you and save more with high returns than with traditional accounts

CNBC Select ranked the Marcus from Goldman Sachs High Yield Online Savings a best overall selection for offering fees and easy mobile access. It’s the simplest savings account to use if all you want to do is grow your money without any strings attached.

Wright’s other savings trick

In addition to automating your savings, Wright recommends creating separate accounts for different savings needs and goals so that you can save more over time.

“We are reluctant to spend money assigned to categories or uses,” he says.

A high yield option like that Ally online savings account is a consumer favorite as account holders can organize their savings goals by creating up to 10 different “buckets” within the same savings account. For example, they can create a specific fund for “future vacation” and another for “emergency savings”.

The savings account also has an easy-to-use mobile app and 24/7 live customer service available over the phone, online chat or the app.

Ally Bank online savings account

On the safe side of Ally Bank

  • Annual Percentage Return (APY)

  • Minimum balance

  • monthly fee

    No monthly maintenance fee

  • Maximum transactions

    Up to 6 free withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle * During the Coronavirus outbreak as per Regulation D, the withdrawal limit of 6 / statement cycle is waived

  • Excessive transaction fee

  • Overdraft fees

  • Offer a current account?

  • Offer an ATM card?

    Yes, if you have an Ally checking account

Editor’s note: The opinions, analysis, ratings, or recommendations expressed in this article come solely from the CNBC Select editorial team and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any third party.