Shaq expands Massive Hen, has location in Islanders $1.5 billion area

Shaquille O’Neal

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Shaquille O’Neal once signed the richest contract in sports history and then won four NBA titles. These days Shaq has a new business he’s trying to break into: Chicken Sandwiches.

O’Neal, who was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2016, is a co-owner of a restaurant business called Big chicken, which opened its first location in Las Vegas three years ago. Last year a second opened in Glendale, California.

Now O’Neal is focused on sports arenas, the kind of venue he knows best.

Big Chicken recently opened a location in Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena, home to the National Hockey League’s newest team, the Kraken. And on Thursday, O’Neal made a quick stop through New York to catch a glimpse of UBS arena, the new $ 1.5 billion home for the NHL’s New York Islanders.

Big Chicken will sell its fried chicken sandwiches during NHL games and other events in the complex in the UBS Arena. Located behind the track for the Belmont Stakes, the arena is set to host its first regular season game on November 20, when the Islanders play against the Calgary Flames.

“Section 206,” said O’Neal, smiling into one of the many local television cameras that were in attendance to capture the promotional event. He was referring to the section where Big Chicken is in the arena.

“This is my ritual,” he told CNBC shortly after the television cameras disappeared. “Fried chicken with cheese, cucumber and hot sauce.”

O’Neal founded Big Chicken with friend Matt Silverman and Agent Perry Rogers. It’s not his first foray into the food industry. O’Neal owns various Papa John locations and even appears in a commercial for the pizza chain. In 2019 he joined the company’s board of directors.

But this is a very different job for O’Neal, because he’s starting the brand from scratch.

The UBS Arena will be the home of the New York Islanders.

Source: New York Islanders / UBS Arena

In the UBS Arena on Thursday O’Neal was accompanied by Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky. In honor of Veterans Day, they took photos with members of the military and then stood in an unfurnished suite to watch a chef prepare dishes that will appear on Big Chicken’s menu. O’Neal joked about not knowing all of the hockey rules but said he watched NHL games.

One of the sandwiches on the big chicken menu is called Uncle Jerome, named after O’Neal’s uncle. Another is Charles Barkley, a reference to the former NBA star and O’Neal’s “Inside the NBA” broadcast partner. Barkley’s eponymous sandwich comes with mac and cheese on top of the chicken, along with crispy onions and “Shaq sauce”.

Big Chicken also includes the MDE, which stands for the most dominant of all time and is designed to center around O’Neal’s career, mostly for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was eight times the first team in the entire NBA and three times the most valuable player in the final.

In 1996, shortly after arriving in LA from Orlando, the Lakers recognized O’Neal’s dominance. The team signed him to a seven year old, $ 120 million hand out. It was the richest in sports at the time and set the stage for the Lakers’ resurgence.

O’Neal led the Lakers to three straight championships from 2000 to 2002 and won his fourth title at the Miami Heat in 2004. He ended his career with 15 all-star game appearances and an MVP trophy. Last month, O’Neal became one of the 75 best players of all timeas the NBA celebrates its 75th season.

Shaquille O’Neal # 34 and Kobe Bryant # 8 of the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2004 NBA Playoffs

David Sherman | National Basketball Federation | Getty Images

Extensive business portfolio

O’Neal outdated $ 280 million during his playing career and Forbes It is estimated that he made over $ 700 million in total, including his extrajudicial efforts.

O’Neal bet early Google and Apple, and has branded sneakers at Walmart, a clothing line JCPenney and a men’s jewelry line. He also participated in one alkaline water Company this year.

He was a “strategic advisor” for Wynn Resorts” Sports Gambling Unit WynnBET. Due to NBA rules, he had to give up his minority stake in the Sacramento Kings for this deal.

Restaurants were one of the greatest O’Neal plays of his post-NBA life. He told CNBC that opening quick service restaurants (QSRs) has been a passion since his time at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. O’Neal said of the book that got him up and running, “The Dummies’ Guide to Starting Your Own Business.”

In May, O’Neal and his Big Chicken team hired Josh Halpern, a former executive at Anheuser-Busch InBev, as managing director.

“We do some things differently,” said Halpern in an interview. “We used a high quality chicken that is antibiotic, cage and hormone free. We want to get better value for money.”

Shaquille O’Neal, NBA star and chief fun officer of Carnival Cruise Line, gives guests a taste of his highly anticipated dishes at sea as part of Big Chicken in the Mardi Gras summer landing zone during Carnival’s NYC cruise Cruise Line will be offered a summer event to celebrate the 2020 arrival of Mardi Gras at Pier 59 on June 18, 2019 in New York City.

Mike Coppola | Getty Images

For expanded distribution, Halpern said, Big Chicken would use what are known as ghost kitchens, which allow it to put items on a menu alongside items from other restaurants so consumers can mix and match in a single order.

Big Chicken in collaboration with Ghost Kitchen brands and will present items on digital menus in front of large retail chains. There’s already one in there a Walmart in Rochester, New York.

The strategy “takes us to some neighborhoods and cities in the US that may not have been early adopter cities,” Halpern said for Big Chicken. He said a location in Rockport, New York will be opening soon.

Big Chicken started accepting franchise applications earlier this year, Halpern said. The cost ranges from $ 450,000 to $ 1.4 million. There’s a $ 40,000 franchise fee and the company pays 5% of sales and 2% combined for national and local marketing.

O’Neal understands the franchise model from his experience with Papa John’s.

“He told me, ‘You better never hurt a franchisee because I’m a franchisee and you would hurt me,'” Halpern said. “He means that 100 percent.”

Another place that consumers can try big chicken sandwiches is on a carnival Cruise. Carnival chairman Micky Arison owns the Miami Heat, which won its first NBA title in 2006 with O’Neal at its center.

Shaquille O’Neal

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Restaurant franchising has been an attractive investment for many ex-NBA players. Magic Johnson previously owned over 100 Starbucks Locations and has several TGI Fridays restaurants and more than 20 burger kings in his portfolio.

Former NBA player Junior Bridgeman bought numerous Chili and Wendy franchises before selling them for $ 400 million in 2016 want to invest $ 100,000 in QSRs.

“It’s like investing in stocks,” Ratliff told CNBC. “Let it grow, and if you decide to sell it, you sell it or keep it going and take the rest of the growth. But I think it’s a great opportunity. “

Halpern said that QSRs “give you an opportunity to create wealth for a broad mass of people”.

While Big Chicken is O’Neal’s biggest leap into the restaurant business, he’s had others. He owned Shaquille’s, a restaurant in LA Live, an entertainment district around the Staples Center where the Lakers play. After Covid-19 hit and the traffic dried up, O’Neal closed the shutters Shaquilles. He said paying the $ 90,000 monthly rent wasn’t worth it.

“And I didn’t get a PPP loan,” added O’Neal, referring to the Small Business Administration’s paycheck protection program. “So I closed it and we’ll try to reopen one day.”

In February, officials in Atlanta did Suspected arson caused the fire to become a historic Krispy Kreme Franchise that O’Neal bought in 2016. O’Neal told CNBC that he recently approved a new design for the donut shop and plans to reopen in 2022.

“As an athlete, you have to learn to adapt on the fly,” said O’Neal. “You ever see a guy practice a move and then when he takes that move away, [players] don’t know what to do. You have to be able to adapt. “

But O’Neal’s work with Papa Johns could be his best-known role in the industry. He was appointed to the board of directors of Papa John in 2019 to repair the company’s image after former CEO John Schnatter surrendered the previous year racially disparaging comments which he made public.

“Another difficult decision”

One of O’Neal’s former teams, the Phoenix Suns, is now facing a similar controversy.

Earlier this month, a ESPN article Alleged Suns owner Robert Sarver abused employees and made racist and misogynistic comments during his 17-year tenure with the franchise company. Sarver has dismissed the charges and the NBA has opened an investigation into the matter.

“I’m not a draft horse – I’ve had interactions with the man 10 times and I haven’t seen any of them,” said O’Neal. “But if there are allegations of this magnitude from employees, there has to be an investigation.”

The issue rocked the NBA seven years after former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling sold his team when audio recordings of Sterling surfaced with racist comments.

“If the allegations are true, Adam Silver will have to make another tough decision,” said O’Neal of the Sarver situation. Silver has been an NBA commissioner since 2014.

Shaquille O’Neal will DJ Diesel at the SHAQ Bowl for Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Gerardo Mora | Getty Images

As a businessman, one of O’Neal’s most important qualities is making people laugh. During his interviews in the UBS arena, he made a cameraman laugh and caused laughter in the surrounding audience by making fun of the chef who prepared the sample rolls.

O’Neal credits his mother, Lucille, with the motivation behind his approach.

“I just keep making people happy,” he said. “That’s my mission. I’m just trying to grant her wishes and do whatever she says. I have to make people feel good.”

The chicken restaurant market is overcrowded, with Chick-fil-A and Popeyes fighting for the best fried chicken sandwich and MC Donalds and other fast food chains that advertise their own offerings.

When asked if he intended to compete with brands like Popeyes, O’Neal said “absolutely”. Then he added, “And we never run out of chicken – never,” a blow to Popeyes that expired in 2019 amid a social media crush.

Before O’Neal left the event to catch a flight, he was asked to pick the best restaurant in his portfolio.

“I never think about it,” he said. “What I’m proud of is getting my mother what she wanted.”

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Correction: This article has been updated to reflect victory in the Miami Heat Finals.

CASHét Leisure Expands Digital Cost Service Throughout COVID

CASHét Entertainment has seen impressive growth during the COVID pandemic. The company that handles accounts payable for film and television productions has reaped the fruits of its move to a fully digital offering. This was crucial at a time when the portability of COVID-19 productions led to the search for ways to limit the use of paper.

“There was a very strong need,” says the company’s President and COO Paul Rogers. ”“ Everyone was looking for a way to go paperless and we had a debt offer in the market that met that need. Pretty much everyone wanted to change trains soon. You put something on the water and think you are prepared, and then the boat fills up with fish and you have to deal with it very quickly. “

In order to meet the demand, the company has restructured its newly introduced CASHétPay division, which offers a completely digital way for productions to process their payments.
More than 100 feature films and television shows, from reality shows to big budget productions, have signed up for the service. These include “Westworld,” “Euphoria,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” from HBO, as well as “Home Economics” from ABC and “Dear White People” from Netflix promoted business leaders Bill Phillips Vice President, Liabilities. He oversaw the expansion of the company’s list of clients and projects, as well as managing the execution of the CASHétPay services.

Customers using the service include Warner Bros. Features and Warner Bros. TV, HBO, LG-TV, LionsGate Features, AMC, Skydance, Endeavor Content, Turner, Tyler Perry Studios, and Annapurna. According to Rogers, the service meets all of the studios’ security needs and allows them to pay their bills faster, which is a necessity in the fast-paced world of production.

“There are a number of challenges in the manufacturing world that are not in the corporate world,” says Rogers. “You got a call tomorrow telling us that some people need a check, or we can’t shoot in their driveway. The challenge lies in the immediacy and complexity. Our company works like in Production 101 – you find a way to get something done. “

To work, the production company sends a digital file with their approved liabilities to CASH safely from the accounting software. CASHet identifies those vendors who can be paid for by credit card (which creates a discount on production that is important for tax credits) and those who are paid for using traditional banking methods.

In accordance with Studio’s security protocol standards, there is a two-step authenticated security approval process that can be performed remotely from any laptop or tablet. Finally, users will also be allowed to make payments using a mobile device.

optional screen reader

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Blindspotting TV Collection Trailer Expands the Film’s Narrative, Retains the Identical Model and Power – /Movie

Blind spotting was one of the celebrated premieres Coming out of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Featuring the Hamilton Star Daveed Diggs In the lead role, the film dealt with some serious issues, including systemic racism and police brutality, but with sharp satirical humor and hip-hop musical sequences. The film had a style all of its own, and now a Blindspotting TV series will continue in the same way, but now the main character will be one of the supporting cast of the original film.

Check out the Blindspotting TV series trailer below for an accurate look.

Blindspotting TV series trailer

The theatrical version of Blindspotting followed Collin Hoskins (Daveed Diggs) as he tried to get through his last three days of parole without getting into trouble. He’s hoping for a fresh start, but his troubled best friend Miles (Rafael couple) doesn’t make it easy. However, the real test for Hoskins comes when he witnesses a police shot that tests his sanity and patience as the neighborhood around him gets better every day.

The Blindspotting TV series acts as a spin-off focused on Miles’ girlfriend Ashley (Jasmine Cephas-Jones(Repetition of her role from the film). When Miles is suddenly arrested on New Year’s Eve, she and her son have to move in with Miles’ mother Rainey (Helen Hunt) and his half-sister Trish (Jaylen Barron). Combine that with a job that gets her nowhere and a society that marginalizes her, and Ashley has a lot on her plate.

As you can see in the trailer above, the show features many of the same flourishes that made the movie stand out. Characters speak to the camera, and hip-hop musical sequences add moments of electricity and liveliness, almost like a musical version of Do the Right Thing. And the serious thematic elements are still there too. As Daveed Diggs said, the series is about “how a broken prison system affects us all, and like in the film, we use comedy to talk about very real systemic effects in the country with the largest prison population in the world. ”

Although Diggs is nowhere to be seen in the trailer, he is a writer on the series, and there’s a chance he’ll show up at some point. He is also executive producer at Rafael Casal, who not only starred in the series, but also directed at least one of the episodes. Jess Wu Calder and Keith Calder will also produce the series in addition to Executive Emily Gerson Saines, Ken Lee, and Tim Palen.

The Blindspotting TV series comes from Starz June 13, 2021.

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CooTek Additional Expands Its Pan-entertainment Content material Ecology By means of Strategic Funding in Gaming Trade

SHANGHAI, May 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) (“CooTek” or the “Company”), a rapidly growing global mobile Internet company, announced its recent investment in Shanghai Lejiu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Lejiu”), a mobile game studio that makes creative boutique mobile games. With this investment, CooTek has further expanded its collaboration with external corporate partners in the mobile game industry and expanded the ecology for entertainment content.

“We have seen great success in Lejius ‘experience in the mobile game industry. Several industry veterans have demonstrated their creativity and determination in developing and producing boutique mobile games with storylines. In terms of business prospects, Lejius’ team has shown exceptional innovation in designing plots. This partnership will bring positive synergy with CooTek’s online literature platform. This strategic integration will increase user stickiness on the platform and attract a wide variety of content creators to unleash their talents in creating more diverse IP content. ” a statement from CooTek.

As a form of entertainment, mobile games, with their outstanding performance, are an integral part of CooTek’s content ecology strategy. CooTek will continue to research boutique mobile games with high quality content to update its platform and form a matrix for mobile games. In the meantime, CooTek will leverage its extensive content library to offer unique mobile game types that are attracting users in the gaming industry. CooTek will further explore the synergy between boutique mobile games and online literature.

CooTek takes this opportunity with Lejiu to demonstrate its ambitions in its future strategic development goals for mobile games. The company said, “CooTek plans to invest in more boutique mobile games and empower high-quality corporate mobile game partners to help more such teams achieve their dreams. This will allow mobile game developers to be in the spotlight and achieve great success.” In the industry, app users can access more fun mobile games through CooTek’s built-in services, which cover the issuance, distribution and co-operation of mobile games. “

About CooTek (Cayman) Inc.

CooTek is a fast growing mobile internet company with a global vision providing mobile applications. Our mission is to empower everyone to seamlessly enjoy relevant content. The company’s user-centric and data-driven approach has enabled it to publish engaging products to capture the ever-evolving content needs of mobile internet users and it helps attract targeted users quickly. CooTek has developed and launched content-rich mobile applications that focus on three categories: online literature, scenario-based content apps and casual games. For details please visit:

For investor inquiries, please contact:

CooTek (Cayman) Inc.
Mr. Robert Yi Cui
E-mail: [email protected]

ICA (Institutional Capital Advisory)
Mr. Kevin Yang
Phone: + 86-21-8028-6033
E-mail: [email protected]

SOURCE CooTek (Cayman) Inc.

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Delivering Versatile Projection and Leisure to Hybrid Working Execs, Epson Expands SMB Lineup

“Having the right communication and technology tools are critical to today’s enterprise and hybrid work environments,” he said Rodrigo Catalan, Group product managers, projectors, Epson America, Inc. “Professionals crave larger displays to easily display all of their picture, video, and home-adjusted content, which ultimately improves collaboration and participation. The extended EX Series offers big, bright Displays and more versatility for work hard, play hard professionally. “

The ultra-bright Pro EX7280, EX9230 and EX5280 offer up to 4,000 lumens of color and white brightness2 and accept Full HD content to deliver crisp, detailed presentations, spreadsheets and videos in professional quality – even in well-lit rooms. Ranging from home offices to video conference rooms, these sleek, compact projectors use Epson’s proprietary 3-chip 3LCD technology and impressive resolution to display large-screen images up to 300 inches from virtually anywhere in a fascinating way. The projectors also offer an easy connection to video conferencing tools and streaming devices such as Fire TV, Apple TV®, Roku and Chromecast ™ via the HDMI® connections, so that professionals can easily collaborate and share appealing presentations and streams on large screens. Movies, TV shows and more3 during downtime. Plus, with an elegant and comfortable carrying case, it’s easier than ever to bring your new projectors from home to the office.

The new additions to the Epson EX series have been designed to be ready for use in no time with simple image adjustments and practical controls. They ensure dynamic, engaging presentations from almost anywhere. Additional features include:



Pro EX7280


color white

3,800 lumens

4,000 lumens

3,500 lumens

Output resolution



Full HD 1080p


1x port

1x port

2x ports

Optical zoom




Auto Keystone

Automatic vertical correction + slider for horizontal

Automatic vertical correction + slider for horizontal

Automatic vertical correction + slider for horizontal

Integrated speakers




Wireless Internet access





$ 629

$ 699

$ 949

The EX5280 (RRP $ 629), Pro EX7280 (RRP $ 699) and EX9230 (RRP $ 949) are now available at selected retailers and in the Epson online shop. The new projectors come with Epson’s award-winning service and support, including toll-free access to Epson’s PrivateLine® Priority Support and a standard one-year unit replacement warranty.

About Epson
Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to creating sustainability together and enriching communities by using its efficient, compact and precise technologies and digital technologies to connect people, things and information. The company focuses on solving societal problems through innovations in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visuals and lifestyle. Epson will be carbon negative and eliminate the use of exhaustible underground resources such as oil and metal by 2050.

Led by the JapanThe worldwide based Epiko Group with headquarters in Seiko Epson Corporation achieves an annual turnover of around JPY 1 trillion.

Epson America, Inc., based in Los Alamitos, Californiais Epson’s regional headquarters for the United States. Canada, and Latin America. To learn more about Epson, please visit: You can also connect to Epson America on Facebook (, Twitter (, Youtube ( and Instagram (

* The EX9230 model is only available in Canada

1 Epson is the world’s leading projector brand according to the latest quarterly data from PMA, a leading high-tech research and publishing company specializing in the display market.
2 The color brightness (color light output) and white lightness (white light output) vary depending on the conditions of use. Color light output measured according to IDMS 15.4; White light output measured according to ISO 21118.
3 Requires a wireless network connection of 5 Mbps or faster. Some apps require paid subscriptions.

EPSON is a registered trademark, EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a registered trademark, and Better Products for a Better Future is a trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. PrivateLine is a registered trademark of Epson America, Inc. Apple TV is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC. All other product and brand names are trademarks and / or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Epson disclaims all rights to these trademarks. Copyright 2021 Epson America, Inc.

SOURCE Epson America, Inc.

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London’s newest cash switch app, PassTo, expands its remittance service to over 50+ nations worldwide


Chinas 87-Milliarden-Dollar-Elektroauto-Riese hat noch kein Fahrzeug verkauft

(Bloomberg) – Der weitläufige Popup-Showroom der China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Ltd. befindet sich im Herzen des Nationalen Ausstellungs- und Kongresszentrums von Shanghai. Mit neun ausgestellten Modellen ist es kaum zu übersehen. Der Elektroauto-Emporkömmling hat einen der größten Stände auf der chinesischen Automobilausstellung 2021, die am Montag beginnt, gegenüber dem berühmten deutschen Autohersteller BMW AG. Doch seine kühne Präsenz widerlegt eine unangenehme Wahrheit: Evergrande hat kein einziges Auto unter seiner eigenen Marke verkauft. Chinas größter Immobilienentwickler verfügt über eine Reihe von Investitionen außerhalb von Immobilien, von Fußballclubs bis hin zu Altersdörfern. Aber es ist der jüngste Einstieg in Elektroautos, der die Fantasie der Anleger anregt. Die Aktionäre haben die in Hongkong notierten Aktien von Evergrande NEV in den letzten 12 Monaten um mehr als 1.000% nach oben getrieben, um Milliarden von Dollar an frischem Kapital aufzubringen. Es hat jetzt einen Marktwert von 87 Milliarden US-Dollar, mehr als Ford Motor Co. und General Motors Co. Ein solcher Überschwang über einen Autohersteller, der wiederholt Prognosen für die Massenproduktion eines Autos zurückgedrängt hat, ist ein Symbol für den Schaum, der eingebaut wurde Elektrofahrzeuge im vergangenen Jahr, bei denen Investoren Geld in eine Rallye steckten, die Elon Musk kurzzeitig zum reichsten Menschen der Welt machte und sich Sorgen um eine Blase machte. Vielleicht ist das nirgends so offensichtlich wie in China, wo sich der weltweit größte Markt für neue Energieautos befindet, auf dem 400 umwerfende EV-Hersteller um die Aufmerksamkeit der Verbraucher drängen, angeführt von einer Kabale von Start-ups, die mehr geschätzt werden als etablierte Auto-Spieler, die aber Evergrande NEV war ein relativ später Einstieg in diese Szene. Im März 2019 schwor Hui Ka Yan, Evergrandes Vorsitzender und einer der reichsten Männer Chinas, Musk zu übernehmen und der weltweit größte Hersteller von Elektrofahrzeugen in drei zu werden bis fünf Jahre. Die Modell Y-Frequenzweiche von Tesla Inc. hatte gerade ihr weltweites Debüt. In den zwei Jahren seitdem hat Tesla in China beneidenswerte Fuß gefasst, sein erstes Werk außerhalb der USA eröffnet und im März rund 35.500 Autos ausgeliefert. Der chinesische Rivale Nio Inc. erreichte Anfang dieses Monats einen bedeutenden Meilenstein, als sein 100.000stes Elektrofahrzeug vom Band lief und Musk dazu veranlasste, seine Glückwünsche zu twittern. Lesen Sie mehr: Nio, Xpeng strahlen Optimismus als Elektrofahrzeug-Boom aus: Shanghai Auto Show Trotz seiner hohen Ambitionen und Evergrande Aufgrund der hohen Bewertung von NEV hat Hui die Ziele für die Automobilproduktion wiederholt zurückgedrängt. Die Coterie reicher Freunde des Tycoons hat unter anderem Milliarden aufgebraucht, aber Autos – elektrisch oder auf andere Weise – herzustellen ist schwierig und äußerst kapitalintensiv. Die Bruttomargen von Nio bewegten sich erst Mitte 2020 nach Jahren schwerer Verluste und einer Rettungsleine einer Stadtregierung in den positiven Bereich. Nach einem Gewinnaufruf Ende März, nachdem sich der Verlust von Evergrande NEV für das Gesamtjahr 2020 um gähnende 67% vergrößert hatte, Hui sagte, das Unternehmen habe geplant, Ende dieses Jahres mit der Testproduktion zu beginnen, verzögert gegenüber dem ursprünglichen Zeitplan vom letzten September. Die Auslieferung wird voraussichtlich nicht vor 2022 beginnen. Die Erwartungen an eine jährliche Produktionskapazität von 500.000 bis 1 Million Elektrofahrzeugen bis März 2022 wurden ebenfalls bis 2025 verschoben. Dennoch gab das Unternehmen eine lebhafte neue Prognose heraus: 5 Millionen Autos pro Jahr bis 2035. Zum Vergleich: Der globale Riese Volkswagen AG hat im Jahr 2020 in China 3,85 Millionen Einheiten ausgeliefert. Nicht nur der verspätete Produktionsplan von Evergrande zieht die Augenbrauen hoch. Ein genauerer Blick unter die Haube des Unternehmens zeigt Praktiken, bei denen sich Branchenveteranen am Kopf kratzen: vom Verkauf von Wohnungen zu KPIs von Auto-Managern bis hin zum Versuch einer Modellpalette, die selbst für den etabliertesten Autohersteller ehrgeizig wäre Ein seltsames Unternehmen “, sagte Bill Russo, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Beratungsfirma Automobility Ltd. in Shanghai. „Sie haben eine Menge Geld investiert, das nicht wirklich etwas zurückgegeben hat, und sie treten in eine Branche ein, in der sie nur ein sehr begrenztes Verständnis haben. Und ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob sie den technologischen Vorsprung von Nio oder Xpeng haben “, sagte er und bezog sich auf die in New York gelisteten chinesischen EV-Hersteller, die bereits intelligente Funktionen in ihren Autos einsetzen, wie beispielsweise laserbasierte Navigation Die Aktivitäten von Evergrande NEV zeigen das Ausmaß seines unorthodoxen Ansatzes. Während das Unternehmen drei Produktionsstandorte eingerichtet hat – in Guangzhou, Tianjin im Norden Chinas und Shanghai -, verfügt das Unternehmen nicht über eine allgemeine Montagelinie für Autos. Laut Angaben von Personen, die in den Fabriken gesehen haben, aber nicht identifiziert werden möchten, um vertrauliche Angelegenheiten zu besprechen, werden Geräte und Maschinen noch angepasst. Auf Fragen von Bloomberg antwortete Evergrande NEV, dass Maschinen für die Testproduktion vorbereitet würden und dies auch tun würden in der Lage sein, “ein Auto pro Minute” zu produzieren, sobald die volle Produktion erreicht ist. Das Unternehmen strebt im nächsten Jahr die Massenproduktion und Auslieferung von vier Modellen an – den Hengchi 5 und 6; der luxuriöse Hengchi 1 (der gegen Teslas Model S antreten wird); und die Hengchi 3, laut Leuten, die mit der Sache vertraut sind. Das Unternehmen hat den Investoren mitgeteilt, dass es beabsichtigt, bis 2022 100.000 Autos auszuliefern, sagte einer der Befragten, ungefähr die Anzahl der Einheiten, die Nio, Xpeng Inc. und Li Auto Inc., der andere in den USA gelistete chinesische EV-Konkurrent, im vergangenen Jahr ausgeliefert haben, zusammen Seine Mitarbeiter werden auch gebeten, beim Verkauf von Immobilien, dem Rückgrat des Evergrande-Imperiums, mitzuwirken. Neue Mitarbeiter müssen interne Schulungen absolvieren und an Seminaren teilnehmen, die sie über die Immobiliengeschichte des Unternehmens informieren und nichts mit dem Automobilbau zu tun haben. Darüber hinaus werden Mitarbeiter aus allen Abteilungen, von Produktionsmitarbeitern bis hin zu Backoffice-Mitarbeitern, aufgefordert, den Verkauf von Wohnungen zu fördern, indem sie Anzeigen in sozialen Medien schalten oder Verwandte und Freunde zu Verkaufszentren bringen, damit sie beschäftigt erscheinen. Mitarbeiter auf Führungsebene haben sogar Leistungsprämien, die mit solchen Bestrebungen verbunden sind, so die mit der Maßnahme vertrauten Personen. In der Zwischenzeit hat Evergrande NEV bei den ehrgeizigen Zielen Outsourcing- und Überspringverfahren angewendet, die in der Branche als übliche Praxis angesehen werden, sagen Personen mit Kenntnis der Situation Während es aggressiv einstellt und kürzlich Daniel Kirchert, einen ehemaligen BMW-Manager, der das EV-Startup Byton Ltd. mitbegründet hat, erzielte, hat das Unternehmen den größten Teil des Designs und der Forschung und Entwicklung seiner Autos an Zulieferer in Übersee vergeben, sagten einige der Leute. Die Vergabe eines Großteils der Konstruktions- und Konstruktionsarbeiten ist ein ungewöhnlicher Ansatz für ein Unternehmen, das eine solche Größenordnung erreichen möchte.14 Modelle Bei OnceOne eines dieser Unternehmen ist Kanadas Magna International Inc., die die Entwicklung der Hengchi 1 und 3, eines davon, anführt sagten die Leute. Evergrande NEV hat sich auch mit den chinesischen Technologiegiganten Tencent Holdings Ltd. und Baidu Inc. zusammengetan, um gemeinsam ein Softwaresystem für die Hengchi-Reihe zu entwickeln. Laut einer Erklärung vom letzten Monat können Fahrer mithilfe einer mobilen App das Auto anweisen, mit dem Autopiloten zu einem bestimmten Ort zu fahren, und mithilfe künstlicher Intelligenz Geräte zu Hause einschalten, während sie unterwegs sind. Ein Sprecher von Evergrande sagte, dies sei der Fall Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen Partnern wie Magna, der EDAG Engineering Group AG und dem österreichischen Teilehersteller AVL List GmbH bei der Entwicklung von „14 Modellen gleichzeitig“. Vertreter von Magna lehnten eine Stellungnahme ab. Ein Baidu-Sprecher sagte, das Unternehmen habe keine weiteren Details zu teilen, während ein Vertreter von Tencent sagte, das Software-Unternehmen sei bei einer verbundenen Firma namens Beijing Tinnove Technology Co., die unabhängig operiere. Tinnove reagierte nicht auf Anfragen nach Kommentaren. Anstatt atemberaubende Modellveröffentlichungen zu veröffentlichen, scheint Evergrande NEV alle Arten von Autos auf einmal unter seiner Marke Hengchi auf den Markt zu bringen, die einen brüllenden goldenen Löwen auf dem Abzeichen trägt und sich lose in “unaufhaltsam” übersetzt Galopp.’ Die neun Modelle, die auf den Markt gebracht werden, umfassen nahezu alle wichtigen Pkw-Segmente, von Limousinen über SUVs bis hin zu Mehrzweckfahrzeugen. Die Preise werden zwischen etwa 80.000 Yuan (12.000 USD) und 600.000 Yuan liegen, obwohl sich die endgültigen Kosten ändern könnten, sagte eine bekannte Person. Dies ist eine völlig andere Produktentwicklungsstrategie als bei EV-Pionieren wie Tesla, die nur vier Modelle im Angebot haben. Nio und Xpeng haben sich auch entschieden, sich auf nur eine Handvoll Marken zu konzentrieren, und haben selbst dann Schwierigkeiten, schwarze Zahlen zu schreiben. “Der Markt hat die Wirksamkeit der Strategie” Ein Produkt in Mode auf einmal “bewiesen”, sagte Zhang Xiang , ein Forscher der Automobilindustrie an der North China University of Technology. „Evergrande bietet viele Produkte an und erwartet einen Gewinn. Es gibt ein Fragezeichen darüber, ob dies funktionieren wird. “Ohne langfristige Autoherstellung hat Evergrande kompromisslose Richtlinien erlassen, um die neuesten Produktionsziele zu erreichen, so die Bevölkerung. Zwei Modelle, darunter der Hengchi 5, ein kompakter SUV, der mit dem G3 von Xpeng konkurriert, zielen auf die Massenproduktion in etwas mehr als 20 Monaten ab. Um dieses Timing zu erreichen, können bestimmte Branchenverfahren, wie die Herstellung von Maultierautos oder Testfahrzeugen, die mit Prototypkomponenten ausgestattet sind, die einer Bewertung bedürfen, übersprungen werden, so die mit der Situation vertrauten Personen. Evergrande teilte Bloomberg mit, dass es in eine „Sprintphase in Richtung Massenproduktion“ eingetreten sei. So wie es ist, konnte Bloomberg nur einen Fall finden, in dem der Hengchi 5 öffentlich gezeigt wurde, auf Fotos und körnigem Filmmaterial, das Evergrande im Februar veröffentlichte, als die Autos herumfuhren ein schneebedecktes Feld in der Inneren Mongolei. Die Aktien des Unternehmens erreichten einen Rekordwert. Es ist ungewöhnlich, diese Schritte zu beschönigen, sagte Zhong Shi, ein ehemaliger Projektmanager für die Automobilindustrie, der zum unabhängigen Analysten wurde. „Es gibt einen Standard-Engineering-Prozess für die Produktentwicklung, -validierung und -verifizierung, der mehrere Labor- und Straßentests umfasst.“ in China und überall sonst, sagte Zhong. “Es ist schwer, das auf weniger als drei Jahre zu komprimieren.” Obwohl es keinen Hinweis darauf gibt, dass Evergrandes Ansatz gegen Vorschriften verstößt, könnte sein Börsenlauf einer Realitätsprüfung unterzogen werden. Nach ähnlich starken Marktgewinnen haben einige EV-Startups in den USA, die ihre Rentabilität als umsatzgenerierende, profitable Unternehmen noch nicht bewiesen haben, in den letzten Monaten aufgrund von Bedenken hinsichtlich der Bewertungen und der Tatsache, dass etablierte Autohersteller wie VW schneller in den EV-Kampf vordringen, ihren Glanz verloren Lesen Sie mehr: Das Ende von Teslas Dominanz könnte näher sein als es scheintDer milliardenschwere Anstieg der Branche ist auch Pekings Aufmerksamkeit nicht entgangen. Die Evergrande NEV-Aktien fielen letzten Monat, nachdem ein Leitartikel der staatlichen Nachrichtenagentur Xinhua Bedenken hinsichtlich der Entwicklung des EV-Sektors hervorhob. Besonders besorgniserregend sind Unternehmen, die sich ihrer Verantwortung für den Bau hochwertiger Autos entziehen, ein blinder Wettlauf der Kommunalverwaltungen um die Gewinnung von Elektrofahrzeugprojekten und hohe Bewertungen von Unternehmen, die laut dem genannten Schreiben noch kein einziges Serienauto ausliefern müssen Evergrande speziell in dieser Hinsicht. “Die enorme Lücke zwischen Produktionskapazität und Marktwert zeigt, dass es auf dem NEV-Markt einen Hype gibt”, hieß es. Dennoch hat die Aktie von Evergrande NEV seitdem um 18% zugelegt, getragen von den Aussichten für den chinesischen Markt für Elektroautos. Laut BloombergNEF-Daten machen Elektrofahrzeuge derzeit etwa 5% des jährlichen Autoverkaufs in China aus. Die Nachfrageprognose wird voraussichtlich steigen, wenn der Markt reift und die Preise für Elektroautos fallen. Die Verkäufe von Elektrofahrzeugen in China könnten allein in diesem Jahr um mehr als 50% steigen, sagte das Forschungsunternehmen Canalys in einem Bericht vom Februar. Angesichts des zunehmenden Wettbewerbs bleiben einige außerhalb der treuen Aktionärsbasis von Evergrande NEV skeptisch: „Der Markt wird überfüllt, aber es sei denn, Sie haben dies getan Als bevorzugte Fahrspur gibt es nicht viele Gewinnchancen “, sagte Russo von Automobility. „Vielleicht gibt es Synergien mit den Immobilienunternehmen, aber im Moment ist es eine EV-Geschichte und eine ziemlich teure.“ Weitere Artikel wie diesen finden Sie unter Melden Sie sich jetzt an, um mit der vertrauenswürdigsten Wirtschaftsnachrichtenquelle auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Shake Shack has ‘large plans for Asia’ because it expands in China, Macao

The New York burger chain Shake Shack has “big plans for Asia,” said the CEO as the company embarks on a regional expansion drive.

Southern China and Macau are top priority for new branches – with locations in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Macau’s casino resort The Londoner Randy Garutti, set to open in the coming months, told CNBC on Thursday.

According to Singapore, Singapore and Beijing are also preparing for new openings the company’s website.

Our business in Asia has been incredibly robust.

Randy Garutti

CEO, Shake Shack

The CEO said the rollout responds to strong demand over the past year and will cement Asia as “one of the most important positions” in the company.

“Our business in Asia has been incredibly robust,” Garutti told Street Signs.

“We opened in Shanghai. Even last year, due to the pandemic, we opened in Beijing in August. We now have Macau and the south in our sights, starting in Shenzhen.”

Overall, the store is to be opened 35 to 40 new locations worldwide in fiscal year 2021. In 2022 another 45 to 50 openings will be added. Garutti didn’t say how many of them would be in Asia.

An order of fast food meal (hamburgers, fries and soft drink) in a Shake Shack restaurant in Sanitun on August 13, 2020 in Beijing, China.

VCG | Visual China Group | Getty Images

Shake Shack already has at least 48 locations in Asia, including Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

Garutti said the brand will continue to work with Maxim’s Caterers in Hong Kong to facilitate its rollout in Greater China.

He insisted that customers would continue to enjoy the classic taste of Shake Shack, but added that specialty shakes, such as Shenzhen and Macau, as well as localized artwork would be offered in some new locations.

“People want us to be Shake Shack from New York,” Garutti said. “They don’t want us to change the menu. But we’re finding ways to have these little cameos.”

NY expands Covid vaccine eligibility to all adults beginning April 6, Cuomo says

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will receive a Covid-19 vaccine at a church in Harlem, New York on March 17, 2021.

Seth Little | AFP | Getty Images

New York will expand its Covid vaccine eligibility to all over 30s starting Tuesday, followed by all residents 16 and over on April 6, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday.

President Joe Biden is moving almost a month before May 1, which is when states can largely open their supplies to all residents.

“Today we are taking a monumental step forward in the fight against COVID,” Cuomo said in a statement. “As we continue to upgrade eligibility, New York will make the vaccine available to every community to ensure justice, especially for color communities too often left behind.”

Nearly 30% of all New Yorkers have been reported to have received at least one vaccine. The state has fired 9,056,970 shots so far.

StoryFit Expands With Key Leisure Excuetive hires Following 2X Income Development | Information

Austin, Texas, March 29, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – StoryFit, a leading technology company providing breakthrough AI predictive analytics for the entertainment and publishing industries, is pleased to announce two key appointments to its executive team.

Kymn Goldstein joins the company as Head of Revenue & Growth. Goldstein most recently served as COO of Allied Global Marketing where she transformed the business by expanding agency capabilities and working with studios, broadcast networks and streamers such as NBC Universal, Warner Bros., Disney and Netflix to develop and run marketing campaigns for a target audience. Before joining Allied, she started a technology start-up and led sales for a division of News Corporation. “I’m thrilled to be part of the StoryFit team. StoryFit’s AI-powered technology gives entertainment content developers, marketers, and distributors a suite of data tools that were previously unavailable, and provides unprecedented intelligence on stories and the.” Audience that consumes them, “said Goldstein.

Marc D. Evans is named as the company’s new COO. Evans is the founder and managing partner of Rock Ridge Principals and runs one of the most successful Alamo Drafthouse franchises. Previously, he was the co-founder and co-CEO of Intrepid Pictures, where he developed, produced and funded films distributed by Universal Pictures, Rogue Pictures, Relativity and Lionsgate, and the CFO of Revolution Studios. Evans’ early career included stints at TNT, Disney, and game developer Bethesda Softworks. Evans said, “StoryFit’s data insights are having a remarkable impact on the storytelling and story business. I look forward to joining the team at a time when the growing suite of solutions in the entertainment and publishing industries is gaining avid acceptance. I wish , this technology would have done this. ” was available 10 years ago when I was producing. “

“StoryFit has had a phenomenal year. We have doubled our sales and tripled our customer base despite the economic challenges and changes in the entertainment industry,” he said Monica Landers, Founder and CEO. When our customers and the industry as a whole are writing great stories again, they need more effective tools to connect stories with audiences. Marc and Kymn’s experience will be invaluable in delivering the product growth planned for the next few years. They are great to work with too, so I couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the team. “

About StoryFit:

StoryFit provides AI-powered story science for the entertainment and publishing industries throughout the entire life cycle of a story, from acquisition and creative development to production green light to marketing and sales. StoryFit uses artificial intelligence to measure over 100,000 key functions and compare them to thousands of other scripts or books to generate actionable insights.

StoryFit combines extensive NLP and machine learning know-how with a deep understanding of narrative content and revolutionizes the data set made available to storytellers. You will help them get the best content, identify the most effective story elements for audience engagement, track key development changes, and determine the appropriate audience. For more information visit:

Media contact

Amy Prenner, The Prenner Group, +1 (310) 709-1101,



Redbox Expands Promoting Capabilities Throughout Its Whole Leisure Ecosystem with Screenvision Media

Redbox is expanding its advertising capacity across its entertainment ecosystem with Screenvision Media

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