San Diego Man Sentenced for Killing Spouse in Execution-Fashion Taking pictures – NBC 7 San Diego

A man accused of killing the mother of his two children on the day she was about to deliver divorce papers to him learned of his fate in court on Monday.

Julia Maria Serrano Avila, 29, was murdered in a shooting in December 2019. Her husband, 28-year-old Fernando Avila, was arrested as the sole suspect.

Avila later pleaded guilty to first degree murder charges and firearm charges on the case.

On Monday, Avila was sentenced to 35 years in prison by a district judge in San Diego.

During the verdict on Monday, Avila apologized to Julia’s family “for having suffered so much pain” and her children “for taking their mother away from them.”

Julia Avila was shot dead on the street outside a pawn shop in City Heights, the prosecutor said, just blocks from the house where she lived with the couple’s two children.

The victim’s father described her alleged killer as lazy and not good. NBC 7’s Jackie Crea has the story.

San Diego police said at least three people watched the shooting. Violeta Marquez, who lives next to the family, told NBC 7 the first time she heard screams and called 911. Then she saw Avila fire two shots at his wife

“She was sitting on the sidewalk and I don’t know what he told her,” said Marquez. “And just like seconds he shot her again.”

Avila stayed and held her before running away on foot, Marquez said.

Witnesses said the couple quarreled prior to the shooting, which took place just blocks from Rosa Parks Elementary School and the neighborhood’s city center.

Sgt. Michelle Velovich said the argument started at her home and spread to the street and eventually outside the pawn shop, which is unrelated to the suspect or the victim.

The national domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia sits down with District Attorney Summer Stephan to discuss domestic violence resources available to victims.

It was not clear how many, if any, of the shots the children witnessed, but they were in the house at the time. The children, identified by neighbors as between 8 and 12 years old, were brought to live with family members, SDPD said.

NBC 7 learned that Julia filed for divorce in November 2019. She intended to serve Avila with these papers, her father Pablo Serrano told NBC 7.

Lady in Execution-Fashion Killing of NYC Mother Extradited From Florida – NBC New York

The woman arrested in Florida in Execution style shooting a Brooklyn woman was extradited to New York City that summer to face criminal charges.

Police on Thursday charged Georgia-year-old Claudia Banton, 42, with murder and criminal gun possession reportedly shot Delia Johnson in the back of the head while chatting with people on a flight of stairs in August. The motive for the killing is currently unclear.

Banton, also known by the names Claudia Williams and Kiesha Brown, was picked up by police in Jacksonville, Florida earlier this month – more than three months after the Crown Heights murder that was caught on camera.

A surveillance video of the shooting previously released by police showed a woman in black leggings stepping out of a double-parked white limousine and casually shot Johnson in the head while talking to a group of people.

The shooter walked calmly back to the car with her handbag on her shoulder and drove away, informed the police. Johnson was pronounced dead in a hospital.

Information on a lawyer for Banton was not immediately available.


You can run, but the long arm of the law will find you.

The woman responsible for the murder of a. on August 4th is responsible #Brooklyn Woman was arrested by our partners in Jacksonville, Florida.

– Commissioner Shea (@NYPDShea) November 8, 2021

The brother of the 42-year-old victim said the Daily News At the time, he thought the shooter followed Johnson from a neighborhood funeral that both of them attended.

“She was at a funeral earlier that evening to pay tribute to an old friend in the neighborhood and then this happened,” Mathis Johnson, 47, told the newspaper. “It was terrible. This lady executed my sister.”

Family members said Johnson was an entrepreneur and had a 17-year-old daughter. Her mother, Delia Barry, said after her death: “I am in so much pain, I am numb … I try my best to hold myself up, but the carnage, that was it.”

Actual Property Inheritor Robert Durst Convicted Of Execution-Fashion Homicide Of Good friend

Hudson Valley native Robert Durst, the nationally renowned New York real estate heir, was convicted of execution-style murder of a close confidante more than two decades ago.

The verdict relates to the 2000 murder of Susan Berman, who was found dead in her Beverly Hills home, Los Angeles.

She was a friend of Durst, who, prosecutors said, helped cover up the 1982 New York disappearance of his wife, Kathie, in the Northwest Chester hamlet of South Salem in the city of Lewisboro.

Prosecutors alleged Durst confided in Berman that he killed Kathie Durst and then worried that Berman would convict him, prompting him to kill her.

Durst, now 78 years old and in a wheelchair, said he never saw or heard his wife again after seeing her on the platform near their home on January 31, 1982, despite telling investigators he was she had called and spoken to her meanwhile; she was at the couple’s Manhattan apartment.

“That was a lie,” said Durst. “I wanted to convince him that Kathie had come back.”

Now convicted of first-degree murder, Durst faces life imprisonment.

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Mother pleads responsible in execution-style killings of eight members of a household

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio woman pleaded guilty Friday to planning the murder of eight family members of her granddaughter.

Florida judge breaks Rod Stewart trial and sets hearing on plea deal

Angela Wagner, 50, pleaded guilty to murder conspiracy, burglary, evidence manipulation and other charges in Pike County, southern Ohio.

In return for the plea, the prosecution dropped the murder charges against her and recommended that she serve a 30-year prison sentence. Their consent to testify against other remaining defendants was also part of the deal, they said.

FILE – These undated file images, released by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, show George “Billy” Wagner III and Angela Wagner in the top row from left and George Wagner IV and Edward “Jake” Wagner in the bottom row from left. The four members of the Wagner family were charged in 2016 in the murder of eight members of the Rhoden family in rural Ohio. Tony Rhoden Sr., a man who lost several relatives in the mass murders, has filed an unjustified death lawsuit against the four suspects in the murders. (Ohio Attorney General via AP, file)

She did not provide any information during the hearing.

Her husband and two adult sons were also charged with the 2016 murder of seven adults and a teenager from the Rhoden family. Wagner’s plea comes nearly five months after her son Edward “Jake” Wagner pleaded guilty to murder and other charges and agreed to testify against the other three in order to avoid all four possible death sentences.

George “Billy” Wagner III and George Wagner IV have pleaded not guilty.

The fatal shots at three caravans and one camper near Piketon in April 2016 frightened residents in rural Ohio and opened one of the largest criminal investigations in the state that resulted in the arrest of the Wagners more than two years later.

The Wagners spent months planning the murders, targeting some of the victims, but “some were unfortunately killed because they happened to be there,” said Special Prosecutor Angela Canepa.

Most of the victims were repeatedly shot in the head and some were bruised. Three small children at the scene were unharmed.

The victims were 40 year old Christopher Rhoden Sr .; his ex-wife, 37-year-old Dana Rhoden; their three children, Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden, 20, Christopher Jr., 16, and Hanna, 19; Clarence Rhoden’s fiancée, 20-year-old Hannah Gilley; Christopher Rhoden Sr.’s brother, 44 year old Kenneth Rhoden; and one cousin, 38 year old Gary Rhoden.

Prosecutors say the Wagner family planned the murders for months, motivated by a dispute over custody of the daughter Jake Wagner had with Hanna Rhoden.

Florida man sprayed bleach asleep 4-year-olds and poured fuel all over the house, MPs say

The Wagners used guns with self-made silencers that enabled them to kill their victims in their sleep, according to prosecutors.

Fully aware of the plans, Angela Wagner purchased several items that were used to carry out the murders, including “phone jammers” that prevented victims from calling for help, Canepa said.

She also falsified detention documents and monitored some of the victims’ social media accounts prior to the killings, Canepa said. Wagner reached out to prosecutors about a deal and gave them new information after their son pleaded guilty, Canepa said.

Angela Wagner puts on her reading glasses as she pursues the 22 counts of her indictment in front of the Pike County Courthouse during her indictment on Thursday, November 29, 2018 in Waverly, Ohio. Wagner, her husband and their sons are charged with the 2016 shootings of the Rhoden family. (Robert McGraw / The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP, Pool)

Jake Wagner pleaded guilty to the fifth anniversary of the murders in April and said in court that he was “deeply and very sorry”. He was not convicted, but his lawyer said he understood that he would spend his life in prison.

September 11 then and now: See how Lower Manhattan has changed in 20 years

Christopher Rhoden Sr.’s brother, Tony Rhoden Sr., said the family were grateful for the first request as “a show of justice.”

He also sued the Wagners. This case is pending.


Seewer answered from Toledo.

Police Nab Suspect in Execution-Fashion Killings of Houston Household

A man was taken into custody on Friday in connection with the murder of two parents and their 6-year-old daughter the previous day and the shooting of their 10-year-old daughter. Donyavia Lagway and Gregory Carhee and their 6-year-old daughter Little Harmony Carhee were all shot in the head in the execution style on Wednesday night. Authorities have not arrested anyone or identified the suspect, nor have they named the 10-year-old daughter who survived the shooting. The young girl played dead after she was shot and then FaceTimed her grandmother after the gunman left to alert her to what happened. The family’s one-year-old son was not injured. Grandmother Manda Lagway told ABC 13 of the 10 year old daughter: “She was strong. She was hurt. But my baby came out of nowhere in whatever way to make a difference. I just want everyone to know my baby is a hero. My baby is a hero. “

Read it below ABC 13

Philadelphia capturing: Man killed ‘execution-style’ whereas strolling into East Germantown enterprise

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – The search is on for the shooter who killed a man and injured another in a Philadelphia store Tuesday night.

It happened at about 10 p.m. in a general store on the 1200 block of East Chelten Avenue.

According to Chief Inspector Scott Small, the gunman was following a 23-year-old man as he entered the store and fired a barrage of bullets.

The 23-year-old was shot in the head, back and chest. He was admitted to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

“The gunman walked right behind them from a few yards and started firing numerous shots in the back of his head and back. And the victim then immediately collapsed and fell on the front steps of the variety store … clearly appears to be a homicide,” said Small after watching a video of the shooting.

The second victim, a 27-year-old man, was in the store’s pick-up area when police believe he was hit by stray gunshots.

He was shot in the ankle once and escaped from the store after the shooting. He is currently in hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Small says at least eight shots were fired by the shooter, who is still at large at the time.

The Sagittarius is described as a man who all wears dark Nike clothing: a dark hooded sweatshirt, dark sweatpants, and dark slippers. The suspect was last seen walking west on the 1200 block of Chelten Avenue.

The victim has not been identified.

Anyone with information on the shooter is asked to call the police at 215-686-TIPS.

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US Deputies shot Andrew Brown ‘execution-style’ in again of head

“Let’s be clear. This was an execution,” attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter said after watching a 20-second portion of the body cam video with Andrew Brown’s family.

Attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter speaks outside the Pasquotank County’s Public Security Building in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on April 26, 2021. (AP)

A black man killed by MPs in North Carolina was shot in the back of the head with his hands on the wheel when they opened fire, his family lawyers said after relatives viewed body camera footage.

The report was the first description of the shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., who was killed by MPs serving on drug-related search and arrest warrants.

His death last Wednesday sparked nightly protests and calls for justice in the city of Elizabeth City.

Authorities released few details and the video was not made public.

Attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter watched a 20-second portion of the body camera video with Brown’s family.

Lassiter said Brown did not appear to pose a threat to officials as he pulled his vehicle out of its driveway and tried to drive away from MPs with guns drawn.

“In the 20 seconds that we saw him threaten the officers in any way, there was no time,” she told reporters at a press conference.

When asked if Brown was shot in the back, Attorney Harry Daniels said, “Yes, back of the head.”

CONTINUE READING: US police under surveillance after black man was fatally shot again

In Elizabeth City, after watching the edited body camera video of his father’s death, Andrew Brown’s son says, “My father was executed for trying to save his own life.” Family and lawyers say Brown tried to flee after officers shot him.

– Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (@wilsonhartgrove) April 26, 2021

“This was an execution”

An eyewitness report and traffic with emergency scanners had previously indicated that Brown was shot in the back while attempting to drive away.

“My father was executed for trying to save his own life,” said Brown’s adult son Khalil Ferebee, who saw the video.

Lassiter, who watched the video several times and took notes, said filming began as soon as the video started and she lost the number of shots fired by police officers armed with rifles and handguns.

She said she counted up to eight MPs in the video, some in tactical uniforms and some in plain clothes.

“They shoot and they say ‘Let me see your hands’ at the same time,” she said. She added, “Let’s be clear. This was an execution. “

The family’s lawyers were also upset by what they described as rude treatment by Pasquotank District Attorney R. Michael Cox, who they attributed with the decision to limit the amount of footage shown.

They criticized the authorities for sharing only 20 seconds of video from a single body camera.

“You’re trying to hide something,” said Attorney Benjamin Crump.

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The MPs are on leave

Attorney Bakari Sellers said Cox used swear words against him.

“I’ve never been approached the way I was in there,” said Sellers.

Cox did not immediately respond to an email asking for comment.

Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II has said several MPs fired shots.

Seven MPs are on leave pending an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

A search warrant was released the previous Monday, indicating that investigators had found that Brown had sold small amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine to an informant.

Crump argued that authorities were trying to release negative information about Brown while shielding themselves by withholding the video.

The warrant was requested from Wooten’s office and signed by a judge to enable the search of Brown’s Elizabeth City home.

An investigator in nearby Dare County was told by the informant that the person had been buying crack cocaine and other drugs from Brown for over a year.

The informant described the purchase of drugs in the house that was the target of the search.

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Calls for the publication of body cam footage

In March, narcotics officers used the informant to make controlled purchases of methamphetamine and cocaine from Brown on two separate occasions, according to the arrest warrant, according to which both drug transactions were recorded with audio and video equipment.

The warrant stated that investigators believed Brown had drugs in the apartment or in two vehicles.

Nothing was found in the document that stated the search did not complete.

Two arrest warrants released last week charged him with possession with the intention of selling and delivering 3 grams each of the drugs.

There have been increasing calls for body camera footage to be released for a North Carolina judge to approve.

The sheriff said he would ask a court to release the footage.

A coalition of media organizations has also searched for the footage, and city officials are planning to do so too.

State law allows law enforcement agencies to privately show a victim’s family a body camera video without posting it publicly.

Also on Monday, Elizabeth City officials declared a state of emergency amid concerns over how protesters would react to a possible video release.

The protests since the shooting in the city of about 18,000 people in eastern North Carolina have been generally peaceful.

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Source: AP