Exams outcomes will likely be celebrated in model this week

Last year students wore masks picking up their high school results from Sir John Talbot, Whitchurch

Twelve months ago, Covid restrictions thwarted the usual GCSE teenage parties. And even collecting exams was a muted affair.

The school has been told that it is up to them to decide how to conduct the GCSE and A-Level Results Day, with most choosing to have students come and collect their results. Some will put schedules in place to make sure students aren’t overcrowded.

The A-Level results will be announced tomorrow with the GCSE results on Thursday. In both cases, the results come from the teachers’ assessment after the exams have been abolished.

It’s back to normal at Charlton School, Wellington, and all students are invited to collect their results together.

The Headmaster, Mr Andy McNaughton, said, “With the Covid measures lifted and students already missing out on so much, we felt it appropriate to allow students to come at the same time so that friends can celebrate together.”

Students collect their results from separate tables based on their last name and then have some time to open their envelopes in a well-ventilated environment with career counselors who are on hand to assist students, subject managers and faculty.

“We are so proud of our students and everything they have accomplished that they worked incredibly hard in education during a very disruptive time.”

“We hope this year’s results reflect the tremendous commitment of the entire school community.”

Student grades take into account a combination of mock exams, coursework, and essays as per the government’s decision earlier this year. Examination boards have provided teachers with optional assessment questions that students can answer to help schools decide which grades to award.

No algorithm was used to calculate the results, as it did last year after the chaos last August when some students were downgraded, sparking backlash against Education Secretary and South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson.