4 Fifteen Estates: Bringing a Fashionable Leisure Venue Again to the Texarkana Space

For years Shelby Stephens dreamed of all things wedding after falling in love with planning her own in just under six weeks. “After planning my own wedding, I was so sad when it was over. I knew I wanted to do something with weddings and events. After a friend suggested that I open my own wedding venue, all I knew was that I had to, ”said Shelby. Her mother deepened her daughter’s love for weddings when she bought the now Gracyn Elizabeth Bride in Texarkana, where Shelby worked for a year. “One day I finally looked at my husband and told him we could afford to open a wedding venue,” says Shelby, and her husband Caleb agreed. A few months later they bought 50 acres in New Boston. In July 2020, the Stephens broke ground with fourteen stands.

Four Fifteen Estates Chapel

Shelby and her husband have set out to provide COVID brides with a new place for their special day that so many venues continue to cancel or close. Many decisions were made during the construction process, including the specific design of each building. The lobby was originally supposed to be white, but Shelby had other plans. Four Fifteen Estates now has a gorgeous black lobby and chapel with blue stained glass windows on the door, following the traditions of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue that Shelby loves. Every building, from the chapel to the foyer to the bridal suite, is decorated with modern chic, exposed wood and beautiful land surrounding the venue. The focal point of the venue and the main photography location is the outdoor fireplace, which was salvaged from one of the remaining houses on the property when the Stephens was first purchased.

“We were very nervous because everything got so modern,” says Shelby, “but we wanted it to be different and it’s definitely a selling point for our customers and the community,” says Shelby. To date, Four Fifteen Estates has booked 24 weddings and hopes to book more weddings and events in the future. “What we built isn’t just for the next modern bride, we built a community event center for the whole community to come out and enjoy,” says Shelby.

Four Fifteen Estates Chapel

Four Fifteen Estates offers clients a fully equipped kitchen for catering, a bridal suite (to get dressed and ready) and a grooms loft for getting dressed for the wedding reception. They also provide tables and chairs for large parties as well as a coordinator for the wedding day. In addition to the regular one-day event package, Four Fifteen Estates offers a weekend package to offer its customers a relaxing experience. This package gives customers the opportunity to prepare for a day, celebrate a day, and clean up a day. “We wanted to give everyone who comes here a chance to get ready and create a party atmosphere,” said Shelby.

Four fifteen booths will have their grand opening this Thursday April 15th at 6 p.m. and their first wedding will be this Saturday April 17th.

Four Fifteen Estates is located at 415 Co Rd 2101, New Boston, TX 75570.