Baylor’s honorary tools supervisor rides in fashion to first sport in additional than a 12 months

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Clint Lewis, 46, who has been a volunteer equipment manager and member of the Baylor soccer family for 26 years, drove to the Baylor-West Virginia soccer game in style on Saturday morning after being picked up by the team’s big rig.

Lewis, who has Down syndrome, finally got the chance to attend a game in person after being unable to do so for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lewis had been in the passenger seat of the Baylor football kit big rig to every home game for several years, but the threat of COVID-19 disrupted the tradition in the 2020 season.

The fun continued Saturday morning when Lewis, wearing a custom-made Baylor jersey with his name and favorite number on the back, stood next to Tom and Kristin Hill at the curb of his house on Austin Avenue, waiting for his arrival.

Clint is the son of former McLennan County Judge Jim Lewis and his wife, Cynthia, but he has lived with the Hills since 1995, which also has three grown children to give him a little more independence.

Clint Lewis in his bespoke Baylor football jersey(Courtesy photo)

“Who are you going to cheer for?” Kristin asked Clint.

“Baylor,” said Clint with a smile.

“And who will win?” She asked.

“Baylor,” said Clint. “Because I’ve been with them for 26 years.”

FILE: For the past several years, Clint has run onto the field with the Baylor football team.(Courtesy photo)

Clint has been part of the soccer team since 1995 when he took over as manager under head coach Chuck Reedy.

In the sophomore year, Clint became an employee and started running with the team to start the game.

Clint is known for cheering on the sidelines of games and handing out gear to players.

Once even his name was on the wall outside an office.

When Defensive Coordinator Phil Bennet was added under the then head coach Art Briles, Clint’s responsibilities expanded even more.

FILE: Clint Lewis with the Baylor Football TeamFILE: Clint Lewis with the Baylor Football Team(Courtesy photo)

Bennett began asking Clint about moves to play for the game, and it’s a tradition that has continued ever since.

On Saturday, Clint not only distributed gear to players for pre-game warm-up exercises, but also gave Associate Head Coach Joey McGuire a plan to beat West Virginia.

When Kristin asked Clint if he’d finished his piece while he waited for his ride, he said it was still in the works.

“When I get to the stadium, I’ll do it,” said Clint.

The Baylor Football Equipment Team says they will continue to pick up Clint for every home game this season.

Clint is also a popular sack at HEB, where he has been working for 25 years.

File Photo: Clint Lewis at McLane StadiumFile Photo: Clint Lewis at McLane Stadium(Courtesy photo)

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Lives, cash and tools misplaced

After nearly 20 years of war, America’s last troops panicked Final departure from Afghanistan on Monday, limit the deadly and botched US withdrawal from the conflict-torn country.

The past two weeks have been filled with scenes of bloodshed and mayhem as tens of thousands of US citizens and Afghans fled the US Taliban-controlled nation before President Biden’s August 31 deadline.

The mass evacuations ended the 19 years and 47 weeks that US forces were stationed in Afghanistan following the September 11, 2001 attacks. A total of 800,000 US soldiers served there.

Biden said in a speech on Tuesday that the war has cost $ 300 million a day for the past 20 years.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of the war in Afghanistan by the numbers – including lives lost and dollars spent.

Dead and injured:

The number of U.S. soldiers who died during the war is around 2,400.

More than 20,000 Americans were also wounded during that time, according to the Ministry of Defense.

About 1,144 other Allied troops were killed in action.

US soldiers carry the coffin of a soldier who was killed in the terrorist attack on Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 27, 2021.U.S. Marines / ZUMA Press Wire Ser

At least 66,000 Afghan soldiers and more than 48,000 Afghan civilians were also killed, the U.S. Special Inspector for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan said (CIGAR), a US government watchdog.

And since 2001 around 75,000 Afghans have been injured in the war.

Just last week, 13 US soldiers and more than 170 Afghans were deployed Killed by an ISIS suicide bomber outside Kabul airport on one of the deadliest days of the war.

A photo of U.S. Marine Staff Sgt.Taylor Hoover, who was killed in the attack on Kabul Airport, on August 29, 2021 at a memorial to him at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City.Photo by George Frey / Getty Image

According to Brown University, 77 journalists and 444 humanitarian workers were also killed in Afghanistan between 2001 and April this year Watson Institute for international and public affairs.

The financial outlay:

According to the Watson Institute’s war costs, the US has spent an estimated $ 2.313 trillion on the war since invading Afghanistan – or $ 300 million a day, Biden said Tuesday.

An estimated $ 837 billion was spent on the fighting alone, according to a SIGAR report from August 2021, citing figures from the Department of Defense.

According to the SIGAR report, about 145 billion US dollars have been allocated to the reconstruction of Afghan security forces, government institutions and the economy.

Since 2008, the US has spent $ 7.8 billion on buildings and vehicles in Afghanistan, a SIGAR review found.

But $ 2 billion of that was essentially wasted, according to the review, as those buildings and vehicles later fell into disrepair or were no longer used as intended.

Abandoned equipment

The exact value of the Weapons and equipment left behind by the US was not immediately known, but should be in the tens of millions.

General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the US Central Command, on Monday flipped down a list of equipment that the US had left behind at Kabul airport when the last troops departed.

A C-RAM defense system, officially known as Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar, was among the items of equipment left behind. The C-RAM, which detects incoming fire, was activated the day before the withdrawal to destroy five missiles fired by militants near the airport.

About 70 MRAPs, which are Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles designed to protect against explosions, have also been abandoned by US forces.

A mine-resistant ambush vehicle (MRAP) at Kabul Airport after it was withdrawn on August 31, 2021.A mine-resistant Ambush Protection Vehicle (MRAP) at Kabul Airport after the escape on August 31, 2021.Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP via Ge

At least 27 light tactical vehicles known as Humvees and 73 aircraft, including helicopters, were also left behind.

Since then, footage of the Taliban has surfaced inspecting weapons and piles of military equipment and uniforms deposited in a hangar at Kabul airport.

The Taliban had already seized Blackhawk helicopters, valued at $ 6 million, during their swift attack to take control of the country.

Of the equipment left at Kabul airport, McKenzie said the troops completely disabled it before escaping.

“It’s a complex process, a complex and time-consuming process, to destroy these systems … so we demilitarized these systems so they would never be used again,” McKenzie said.

“We just felt it was more important to protect our armed forces than bring those systems back.”

Afghans board a military plane to evacuate the country on August 23, 2021.Afghans board a military plane to evacuate the country on August 23, 2021.EPA / US Marine Corps photo by S.

Persons who can evacuate:

More than 122,000 people have been evacuated by the United States and its allies in the past two months, the White House said on Monday.

The US said that since August 14, more than 79,000 civilians have been flown out of Kabul on US military planes, including 6,000 Americans and 73,500 Afghans and citizens of other countries.

How Many Americans Are Stranded:

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken estimated that fewer than 200 and possibly almost 100 US citizens wanted to leave Afghanistan but were unable to reach the last few flights.

Save time, cash with preharvest gear examine

Imagine the following: The harvest is going well. Then the combine breaks down. The harvest comes to an abrupt halt while you spend the day communicating with a dealer and fixing the problem.

“I can’t think of anything more costly for a producer than a situation in which he is in the middle of the harvest and something should go wrong,” says Jim Franceschetti, Marketing Manager for Harvested Products at CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions. “If they are not proactive before harvest, they expose themselves to various scenarios.”

While plant failures are not necessarily inevitable and never predictable, planning maintenance before harvest can save time and money.

Without pre-harvest maintenance, farmers could expect additional costs – more than just paying for a service visit and parts, says Franceschetti. Equipment failures and service can also affect the efficiency of grain storage.

Something like the rasp strips on the combine rotor are a prime example of a simple solution that makes a big difference, says Franceschetti. If the part wears past the mark, yields could be negatively impacted, he says, as worn rasp bars will make it harder to separate the crop. Traders will likely have rasps on hand, and it’s an easy pre-harvest fix.

And while there are many things farmers can inspect and see, Franceschetti suggests arranging a pre-harvest inspection with a local dealer to spot problems big and small.

Franceschetti recommends waiting several weeks before harvesting before harvest, but a self-inspection the day before you go into the field can save you headaches later. A last-minute pre-harvest check is better than nothing, he adds.

After harvest

After the last field is harvested, consider an after-season inspection.

Then all the warning signals are fresh in the mind of the farmer during the harvest, says Franceschetti. Some dealers even offer a 12 month warranty on the parts installed by the dealer, ensuring the next harvest season.

In addition, dealers can only process a certain number of devices at the same time. Servicing earlier after harvest can mean shorter waiting times for an inspection appointment. And an early inspection allows enough time for repairs before storage and the next harvest.

“The sooner you put it in, the more time you have to make sure the next harvest is coming, you have had these discussions, carried out the inspection and replaced the parts,” says Franceschetti. “It’s kind of a domino effect that makes it so much easier.”

Golf tools makers look to purchase extra factories to fulfill demand

The golf industry has seen a surge in demand during the pandemic, with the PGA Tour Superstore reporting a 55% year-to-date increase in total sales.

The demand is so great that suppliers are struggling to keep up, Dick Sullivan, CEO of PGA Tour Superstore, told CNBC’s “The exchange” on Friday.

“We hear factories buying additional factories overseas to keep up with this incredible demand,” said Sullivan.

“The demand was unprecedented,” he said – and unexpected.

“There are no factories in the world that predicted such growth,” Sullivan said.

“In many cases it was assumed that once we are vaccinated and people can go back in, there will be fewer people out, and we don’t see that,” he said. “We continue to see that people want to be outside.”

The PGA Tour Superstore also faces the same supply chain challenges as others in the retail industry, with Congested ports, shortage of containers, and Covid-19 outbreaks are slowing shipping.

“We are not immune to what we see everywhere in all industries, but we work with all of our suppliers and unfortunately the lead time of just a few days turns into weeks.” said Sullivan. “But I was in California this week working with suppliers to see how we can speed up lead times to make sure we meet that demand.”

Sonos CEO expects to capitalize on the ‘golden age of audio’ to promote extra house leisure gear

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said on CNBC Thursday that the company is tracking three worldly trends that he expects to maintain growth momentum after the coronavirus pandemic.

“The first is the golden age of audio. We’re in,” he said in a “Bad money“Interview with Jim Cramer.

Streaming music has become the norm thanks to services offered by the likes of Spotify and Apple. Their platforms have made music and podcast content easily accessible with a tap of a finger.

Spence also anticipates the rise of social audio such as Clubhouse and Twitter Rooms to upgrade Sonos’ speakers and home sound systems.

Sonos also plans to take advantage of the growing amount of video content being sent direct to the consumer, such as: B. Movies and TV shows broadcast by Netflix and other streaming companies. A number of films, such as “The Trial of the Chicago 7” and “Mulan,” bypassed theatrical releases last year when Covid-19 was banned.

“We expect it to stay that way,” said Spence. “More films are released right at home, more people are enjoying it at home.”

Meanwhile, Sonos sees opportunities in a real estate market that has grown hot during the move to remote working. Spence is counting on the “big reshuffle” to get more consumers to buy home entertainment systems.

“A lot of people who now have new flexibility and freedom to work anywhere, and that’s why they’re moving, building a new home, and that’s perfect for Sonos,” he said.

The comments come a day after Sonos reported its fiscal second quarter results. The Santa Barbara, Calif. Based company saw total sales increase 90% year over year, primarily due to speakers.

The stock rose 7% on Thursday to close at $ 33.83 per share.

Sports activities and video games tools to train in type

Tempo Ultegra road bike from Materia £ 5,525

A handcrafted racing bike with a solid walnut frame that will also stand out when hung on the wall for storage.

The Olympic collection by Ulysse Martel & Candice Joyce Blanc 9,600 francs (£ 7,516)

These shimmering steel dumbbells are part of a set from this Swiss design duo.

Rotator adjustable skipping rope from Hock Design £ 145

A 3 m long rope that brings elegance to the gym with its handles made of American walnut wood and aluminum.

Yeti yoga mat from Pendleton £ 75

This design is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon that will add color to your practice.

French Gothic Revival pool table £ 95,265

This ornate design from 1830 is handcrafted from rosewood with inlaid details and forms a striking focal point.

Table tennis paddles from Tiffany & Co. £ 660

This statement set is handcrafted from Tiffany Blue® leather and American walnut.

Sprintbok from NOHrD from £ 5,395

Available in a variety of hardwood options, this curved manual treadmill is a design statement for the home.

Cheltenham Croquet by Jaques London £ 999.99

The Cheltenham set is designed for six players with English ash sticks.

Meditation cushion from Walden $ 245

A supportive seat that comes in multiple colors and is filled with hypoallergenic buckwheat.

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Mulvane’s Woman Royals 18U Softball Workforce Fundraising After Gear, Cash Stolen From Coach’s Dwelling

Mulvanes Lady Royals 18U Softball Team Fundraising After Equipment, Money Stolen From Coach’s House | Land 101.3 KFDI

Posted by: chrismaslen

April 4, 2021 at 6:29 pm

Local news, news

Mulvane police are investigating after The Lady Royals’ 18U softball team coach reported a break-in at his home that resulted in the theft of team equipment, along with nearly $ 10,000 raised by the team for travel and tournaments.

The Lady Royals are now working to get the lost money back before the club season begins this summer.

Coach Erin Leonard said he initially kept the team’s funds in the bank but kept them at his home after a few years after falling victim to fraud.

The team has launched a GoFundMe to help make up for lost money and you can click to donate Here.


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Group rallies to lift cash to assist native gardener who was robbed of his tools in Glendale

Community members are rallying to raise funds for a Glendale neighborhood gardener who was robbed and attacked by thieves earlier this week.

According to a GoFundMe page for Enrique Gonzalez, He was working at a residence near El Miradero Avenue and Bel Aire Drive around 9:15 a.m. on February 23, when he noticed a dark blue Dodge Grand Caravan from 1996-2007 pulling up next to his truck and seeing three men who stole his garden tools.

Gonzalez says he then ran to the van, and when he saw that the driver’s seat was empty, he leaned in the window and tried to turn off the engine and grab the keys. It was then that one of the suspects realized what Gonzalez was doing and attacked him.

The gardener told KTLA that the driver of the delivery truck hit him in the face at least twice and grabbed his arm before shifting into reverse and dragged him with him when the suspects escaped from the scene.

The house surveillance video near El Miradero Avenue and Bel Aire Drive captured the incident. The suspects in a van can be seen securing the vehicle. While Gonzalez cannot be seen from the camera angle, a man can be heard in the background calling for help as the vehicle disappears from the frame.

The neighbors heard the commotion and tried to help Gonzalez. Rachel Siegel, a local resident, told KTLA that she saw the suspicious delivery truck drive down the street while Gonzalez was hanging on the driver’s door.

Gonzalez was eventually thrown to the ground before the van sped away. He described the three suspects as Hispanic men in their twenties.

Neighbors say they called the Glendale police to report the incident. Meanwhile, they are working to raise funds to help Gonzalez replace his stolen equipment, which they say was worth more than $ 3,000.

Carlos Saucedo reports for KTLA 5 News on February 27, 2021.

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