Epic Video games Is Dropping An Absurd Quantity Of Cash On Unique Video games

Epic Games seems to understand that given its leadership position and massive current user base, Steam is only suitable for gaming if you have games that you cannot play on Steam – at least for a period of time. Exclusivity deals with third party companies cost money, and it looks like Epic Games is losing a ton of money to make that exclusivity possible. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney doesn’t seem to be concerned about this, however. In fact, he seems pretty proud of it.

As discovered by PC playerDespite paying approximately $ 444 million for “minimum warranties” on third-party games for the Epic Games Store in 2020, sales of all third-party games for the year were approximately $ 265 million. Apple said that Epic Games lost around $ 181 million on the Epic Games Store in 2019, bringing the total losses to over $ 300 million so far if those numbers are correct. Big games like Metro Exodus and Control were first released on EGS before later making their way to Steam. At that time, the respective game companies were criticized for this decision, especially at Metro. It has since become a fairly common practice.

Metro Exodus – Official Launch Trailer

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Apple used these numbers in a statement as part of its lawsuit against Epic Games, stating that the service is unprofitable and lacks security features that are included in Apple’s App Store. It has been suggested that most of Epic Games’ Fourteen days Revenue is also generated on platforms other than iOS, which would apparently mitigate the effect that the game is no longer available there.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about the loss of revenue. He confirmed Apple’s estimates on Twitter, noting that it was an investment in the business and “a fantastic achievement in reaching gamers with great games.”

These loss numbers are still relatively small overall compared to Epic Games. The company was valued at more than $ 17 billion last August after securing additional funds. And although Fortnite has not been available on iOS for months, it can continue to be successful on other platforms.

The trial of Epic Games against Apple begins on May 3rd. The result could determine not only whether Fortnite can return to Apple devices, but also whether Apple can retain the monopoly on digital purchases on its platform.

What Epic, Zynga Acquisitions Say About Future Of Video games, And Leisure

Epic announces the acquisition of Tonic Games Group

Image courtesy Epic Games

The hot M&A area in video games, Record 2020, continued its momentum this week with two notable deals: Fortnite and Unreal Engine maker Epic Games bought the game studio behind the pandemic hit Fall Guys, while the mobile powerhouse Zynga

bought a company known for its cross-platform and cross-console acumen.

In either case, executives outlined the deals as bigger than just talent acquisition and a game franchise or two. In either case, the deal suggests where the acquirer is going and where the industry and entertainment overall is going.

For Epic, buying London-based Tonic Games Group was a chance to acquire Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a cute, vicious battle royale game where lumpy avatars waddle over obstacles and get other competitors out of the way.

Fall Guys kicked off in the middle of the pandemic with an audience not typically found in traditional battle royale titles. It’s a smart and generally accessible iteration of the Battle Royales game mechanics that Fortnite has so successfully developed over the past three years.

And like Fortnite, Fall Guys is a free title that lets you make money selling branded character skins from other popular franchises like Cuphead and Sonic the Hedgehog. More importantly, Tonic executives share Epic’s vision of a virtual future where entertainment, gaming, commerce and more will merge into a unified, universally accessible digital space.

“It’s no secret that Epic is invested in building the Metaverse and Tonic Games shares that goal,” said Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Epic said in a press release. “As Epic works to build this virtual future, we need great creative talent who know how to create high-performing games, content and experiences.”

Sweeney was a major proponent of building the Metaverse, a concept borrowed from science fiction classics by Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, and Ernest Cline. Now he’s added a few more arrows to his metaquiver as Epic shoots to create a great digital future.

Zynga’s cross-platform game

The sensitivity behind Zynga’s deal for Echtra Games is considerably less, although this can be seen as an intermediate step towards this metaverse vision.

Regardless, it is no less telling for the future direction of the mobile giant. Zynga was one of the first major mobile publishers to benefit from Facebook as a publicly traded company in the early days with addicting titles like Farmville and more recently with titles like Words with Friends, Game of Thrones Casino Slots, and Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells.

Echtra has developed crossover games based on high-performing franchises like The Sims, Diablo and Torchlight, on platforms like Nintendo’s Switch and next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Zynga had already announced its first non-mobile title, a Switch version of Star Wars: Hunters, an action title set to be released this year. But with Reala’s talent in hand, the mobile giant can be more safely immersed in games that go beyond thriving mobile space.

In that regard, Zynga’s cross-platform push is reminiscent of Epics, particularly Fortnite, which is available on virtually every gaming platform except iOS and is exposed in an ongoing legal battle with Apple

via App Store fees.

Matt Bromberg, COO of Zynga, told Barron that at some point players will expect to be able to play a game on any platform they want. Subscription game services are an expression of this trend, but individual titles also need to be played as much as possible.

“In a few years, it will seem out of date that we’ve thought about platform-based gaming experiences,” said Bromberg.

Zynga’s move to cross-platform activities can pay off investments in increasingly sophisticated mobile titles that can be used anywhere. Adding a cross-platform game is both fan-friendly and brand-expanding, which is important in a world of choice.

Epic will also add Fall Guys to the Epic Game Store and expand to other gaming platforms, greatly expanding the game’s reach beyond its PlayStaton roots.

The new power of mobile enables ambitious games

And cross-platform mobile games are now more possible than ever, especially as devices add 5G networks and powerful graphics chips so that players there can credibly compete with users on game-first devices like consoles.

Sony is still playing the platform exclusive card profitably, but that’s much less the case with Microsoft’s latest consoles and the subscription game service available on both the consoles and PC offerings. Even Nintendo, long a bastion of exclusive products, has loosened up a bit in recent years and allowed its franchise characters on mobile devices.

Apple, owner of the lucrative iOS mobile game platform, is using multiplatform in its own way, as it migrates its laptops and desktops to the same homemade processors that run the iPhone and iPad.

Running games that are optimized for mobile devices on Apple computers should become increasingly easier for developers in the coming years. This helps remove one of the Mac’s biggest limitations, which is its lack of compelling gaming experiences. Apple’s well-respected arcade subscription service generally also has titles that can be played on its phones, tablets, computers, and even the Apple TV.

Epic Video games introduces a Gangnam Type emote within the Fortnite Merchandise Store

Screengrab via Epic Games

Today Epic Games announced that Fortnite is going back in time with the introduction of the Gangnam Style emote in the item shop.

There is apparently no end to the crossovers that Epic can cook in Fortnite. From Marvel to Star Wars, some of the world’s greatest entertainment companies have partnered with the King of Battle Royale titles.

But the latest crossover network is something that no one foresaw and very few understand. Even so, the famous Gangnam Style Dance is now in Fortnite and can be bought for 500 V-Bucks.

Gangnam Style is coming to Fortnite as a surprising update

Add a little Gangnam style to your life.

Keep dancing to the Item Shop and grab the emote now! pic.twitter.com/uao10oQmgF

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) January 29, 2021

If you’re looking for “YouTube Most Popular of All Time,” Gangnam Style will be one of the first videos to appear. A song and dance published by on YouTube OfficialPSYThe video has over three billion views and was the most watched video on the platform for a while.

Immediately recognizable by most internet users, the song and dance are a bit polarizing. There’s a crowd that just never enjoyed it or got tired of hearing it over and over when it was released in 2012. For most, however, Gangnam Style is a fun tune with a great dance.

The dance became an emote in Fortnite and fans were quite shocked when it was announced. The Fortnite Korea Twitter account The trailer for the emote was originally leaked yesterday before going live and immediately excited by players commenting.

Gangnam Style is one of the most famous videos ever. Screengrab via OfficialPSY

While the dance is certainly fun, some fans are puzzled as to why Epic Games draws on such old material. The original Gangnam-style video was uploaded nearly a decade ago, and Fortnite has mostly kept up to date with its emotes and cosmetics. Although few complain about a new traversal emote in their repertoire.

The Gangnam Style Emote is available in the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks. However, Epic Games has not announced when the emote will leave the shop. So buy it while you can.

Make sure you stay tuned Daily sport for all Fortnite news.