Metallic Detecting fans increase cash for Augusta Well being Breast Imaging Heart

RAPHINE, Va. (WHSV) – From Saturday through Sunday afternoon, the New Jersey-based Deep Search Metal Detecting Club held an artifact hunt and fundraiser on the farm of Mare Scott, the daughter of the late Willard Scott, in Raphine.

Over 60 metal hunters from all over the east coast came to Rat Barn Farm in Raphine for the Mary Dwyer Scott Memorial Fundraiser.

Anyone looking for artifacts on the property paid an entrance fee, and all money raised goes to the Augusta Health Breast Imaging Center.

“We’re excited to raise money for such a worthy foundation while having fun and exploring history,” said Bob Funk, member of the club and one of the organizers of the event.

Many of the attendees travel everywhere for metal search events to find pieces from history.

“We’re always looking for ancient artifacts and relics and obviously trying to find old coins and jewelry, things like that,” said Joe Zitelli, one of the attendees. “A lot of cool things came up. We have some old buttons, other kinds of old artifacts. “

Items found on the 250-acre property included old coins, farm implements, and musket balls, some of which date from the 1700s and 1800s.

“It’s pretty cool to find something. The first time you find it you really have no idea what it is and then you do your research and learn and determine what it is. Metal detection is really about learning and history, ”said Zitelli.

Participants said they are passionate about finding items that tell the stories of people who lived many years before.

“It’s about telling a story. It’s just about getting it off the ground and you know a lot of the military things are special because the people who served our country shouldn’t be forgotten, the things they sacrificed, “Michael said Hollowell, a subscriber who has his own metal detection YouTube channel called Great Finds.

“We found colonial coins and you dig something up and wonder when this farmer dropped it, could he support his family that day because he lost a few coins?” Said Bob Funk.

The event raised a total of $ 8,000 for the Augusta Health Breast Imaging Center.

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Jeep fans hit the highway to lift cash for St. Jude

PEKIN (Heart of Illinois ABC) – More than 100 Jeep owners made their way to a “Jeep Creep” Saturday to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The group started in Uftring Pekin and drove slowly through the back roads in the area, making several stops before ending at Lake Sankoty.

At each station there were games and raffles to raise money, as well as a live auction and a concert in the evening to close.

Organizer Mitzi Pollitt said they expected to raise more than $ 50,000 on Saturday and shared what she hoped the drivers would leave after their experience.

“I just hope that they leave with a big heart for what they do and with appreciation for everyone. It’s just a great thing and I hope you leave feeling like you’ve really achieved something today,” said Pollitt.

The fundraising campaign started in 2019 with around 60 jeeps. Pollitt said it has gotten bigger and better every year and she hopes it will keep growing.

Biking fans can now experience in Spurs Fiesta fashion

the San Antonio Spurs has teamed up with Rapha to create the legendary Spurs colors turquoise, fuchsia and orange with Fiesta motifs from the team’s City Edition in the form of a cycling kit for cycling enthusiasts.

Spurs x Rapha 9-piece kit –

• Lightweight pro team jersey for men

• Light women’s pro team jersey

• Pro team bib shorts for men

• Women’s club bib shorts

• Technical t-shirt for men

• Technical t-shirt for women

• Pro team socks

• 22 ounce water bottle

• caps

Adrian Garcia / San Antonio Spurs

“Rapha was excited to have the opportunity to work with the Spurs to bring a cycling kit to their fans,” said Brandon Camarda, Rapha’s head of marketing, North America. “This project allows us to build a bridge between two sports that have a positive impact on the communities and individuals they touch and advocate the value that cycling can bring to everyone’s life. The Spurs are advocates and active participants in improving cycling accessibility in their hometown and we are excited to play a role in supporting this journey. ”

The clothing line launched yesterday in the Spurs Fan Shops in La Cantera and online at Get yours while supplies last.

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