Leisure district within the works for downtown Enterprise


Downtown Enterprise could see big changes soon after the Enterprise City Council passed an ordinance making the area an entertainment district.

The aim of the Main Street program is to breathe new life into the inner cities.

Although the council is voting on the entertainment district ordinance, Main Street director Cassidi Kendrick says if they vote yes it would be a huge step forward to achieve that goal.

“It would allow you to buy a drink in a specific cup, and you could take it out and stroll downtown whether you were just shopping or enjoying one of our festivals or special events,” said Cassidi Kenrick, Main Street Enterprise Director .

The city is currently using an external provider to serve alcoholic beverages at events in the city center.

“We can actually take advantage of our businesses that have invested in downtown and take the extra step of getting the liquor and beverage license now instead of bringing in an outside source,” added Kendrick.

Kendrick expects the regulation, if passed, to be an incentive.

“It takes you a step forward in providing a different service to your customers that you may not be able to do elsewhere,” Kendrick continued. “So I definitely think this will bring some new business development to our region.”

The ordinance states that the district has no fewer than four retailers licensed to retail liquor, and with the structure of the district, that number will soon change.

“We also included the area on South Conner Street where the plant is located,” Kendrick concluded. “Where the old cotton mill used to be, the amusement district is currently being converted into an expansion with a catering and retail section to include a brewery.”

Current retailers who hold liquor licenses within the designated district include Corks and Cattle, the Rawls, Sixtels, and Café Roma.

According to the ordinance, the entertainment district is in operation on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and on other days of the week except Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The Council could vote on the new regulation at the next Council meeting on July 20th.

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LAS VEGAS, March 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Optimize media group (Streamline) today announces the expansion of game development and services to its US headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. Founded in 2001, the company has decided to officially expand its presence in America and is hiring developers to join its growing global team.

This expansion plan supports the growth of the various businesses of the Streamline Media Group, including Streamframe, its proprietary game development platform and various digital offerings related to metaverse and enterprise gaming in America.

The Streamline Media Group is headquartered in Malaysia and employs more than 150 people from 43 countries. The company is officially expanding its presence in America with its US office in Las Vegas.

Streamline is known for its work on Balenciaga’s Afterworld: Age of Tomorrow, Streetfighter V and its own multiplatform original IP Bake ‘n Switch.

“We are excited to expand across America and add diverse representation to the video game industry,” he says Alexander Fernandez, CEO of the Streamline Media Group. “We have done a lot of groundwork to find talent from around the world who have strong skills and reflect the world as we continue to expand our vision of creating unique employment opportunities for a wider range of socio-economic backgrounds while keeping up with the latest developments . ” Technologies, games and solutions. “

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in video game development, Streamline has partnered with global brands like Coca-Cola to create the commercial link James Camerons Avatar for 20th Century Fox and most recently with Balenciaga’s the world’s first interactive and impressive fashion experience Posterity: the age of tomorrow. The company has also worked on prestigious projects such as Oddworld: Storm of Souls and Street Fighter V.. In 2020, Streamline released its first cross-platform original IP, Bake ‘n Switch.

Streamline is currently planning to significantly expand its team with over 150 employees from 43 nationalities this year. Streamline actively recruits and encourages applicants from all socioeconomic backgrounds to apply. underlines its commitment to diversity and inclusion. To start the application process, visit: https://www.streamline-mediagroup.com/careers

Information about the Streamline Media Group

Streamline Media Group is a global entertainment and corporate video game company with a presence in Asia, Europe, and The United States. In the Streamline Studios, Streamframe, Streamline Games, All Pixels and Day Zero divisions, they develop original games, technologies and solutions that gamers love and that the industry relies on. For more information, please visit https://www.streamline-mediagroup.com.

Media contact:
Megan Alba
The silver telegram
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SOURCE Streamline Media Group