Formulation E keep away from F1-style controversy which noticed Lewis Hamilton lose title after race is ended behind security automotive

FORMULA E avoided an F1-style controversy in the Middle East after the Round 2 race in Saudi Arabia was ended behind the safety car.

Unlike bungling F1 race director Michael Masi, who fudged the outcome of the Abu Dhabi GP, his opposite number at the all-electric series, Scot Elkins, stuck to the rules as the race ended under yellow flags.


Formula E driver Edoardo Mortara almost fell victim to same fate that befell Lewis Hamilton in the Abu Dhabi Grand PrixCredit: GREGORY LENORMAND / Every Second Media / DPPI
But Mortara won round two of the Saudi race as officials stuck to protocol


But Mortara won round two of the Saudi race as officials stuck to protocolCredit: GERMAIN HAZARD / Every Second Media / DPPI

Swiss racer Edoardo Mortara held on to win his third ePrix for the Venturi team, whose CEO, Susie Wolff is married to Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff.

Mortara said: “I am glad to bring the win to the team and I have now won three races.

“This was a strategic race. It was difficult for the nerves because I didn’t have much battery energy.

“It was the same for my colleagues around me, who tried to put me under pressure. But I tried to keep my head cool and it worked.”

The Abu Dhabi debacle – which resulted in Sir Lewis Hamilton being controversially pipped to a record-breaking eighth F1 title by Max Verstappen – is still being investigated by the FIA.

A statement on Saturday read: “At this stage, no decision has been taken on the outcome of the detailed analysis currently underground into the events of the last Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“As previously announced, the findings of this detailed analysis will be presented at the F1 Commission meeting in London on 14th February after an open discussion with all F1 drivers and then finally have to be approved at the World Motor Sport Council meeting on 18th March in Bahrain, under the authority of FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.”

Hamilton, 37, has remained tight-lipped since the race and reportedly won’t decide his future until the outcome of the inquiry is known.

But Williams team boss Jost Capito recons the seven-time F1 king should make way for a younger driver.

Capito told German outlet RTL: “I don’t care about it.

“I don’t really care whether he drives or not. [It’s] totally irrelevant, really totally irrelevant.”

Lewis Hamilton has yet to decide his future since being pipped to an eighth F1 title by Max Verstappen


Lewis Hamilton has yet to decide his future since being pipped to an eighth F1 title by Max VerstappenCredit: PA

“They always say there are not enough places for young drivers and then I think, if someone has been World Champion seven times.

“He has actually done enough and could make room for a youngster, why not?”

The new F1 season, in which Dutchman Verstappen will bid to defend his controversially-claimed world title, will get commenced on March 20.


David Schwimmer ended on TV earlier than being solid on Associates |.Leisure information

David Schwimmer worked on television before joining Friends.

The 54-year-old actor played Ross Geller in a world hit comedy that focused on six close friends who lived in New York from 1994 to 2004, but his ideas were turned down. I admitted that I was very sick of it. Greg Richardson no longer wants to do a sitcom on the short-lived “Monty” series from 1994, starring Harry Winkler.

He said on the “How I found my voice” podcast: [Winkler] It was great, but … the writers didn’t accept my idea.

“I basically felt like I was being told, ‘say the lines and do as you were told’ … and when the show was canceled after filming episode 12, I was very relieved.”

But when he was offered to join Friends he felt more “cooperative” so he agreed.

Schwimmer recently shattered hopes for future “Friends” episodes.

Fans recently hooked up with five major co-stars, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Matt LeBlanc, and their experiences on the show on Friends: The Reunion TV special. The fans were overjoyed when they talked about it.

Schwimmer appreciates the call for more episodes, while he and his teammates as well as creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman leave the show untouched as the characters are at different stages of life. Insisted that he agree it was better.

He said, “The makers of the show have the same idea as we do. That said, they loved how to end.

“The whole show was about the time in the life of these characters when your friends were in your family. At our age, many have families of their own. [recreate] It. “

However, the comedy star soon referred to the reunion special as an “emotional” experience, adding that he particularly enjoyed spending time with his co-stars on the show’s original set.

Before playing Ross on television at the age of 27, Schwimmer had a variety of jobs, including serving cookie dough at waiters and ice cream parlors. The tournament is over.

The “Iceman” star, however, is “grateful” for having had such an experience as a fighting actor.

He said, “I am grateful that I knew who I was and that I had the perspective that I was really working. It helped me to navigate in very difficult waters. “

Source link David Schwimmer ended up on TV before being cast for Friends |. Entertainment News

Zac Efron’s romance ‘did not really feel proper’ when he ended issues | Leisure

Zac Efron ended his romance because it “didn’t feel right”.

The ‘Baywatch’ star recently gave up on his relationship with Vanessa Valladares after 10 months, and a source has now said their romance ended when Zac decided things didn’t feel right anymore.

A source said: “Zac broke up with Vanessa recently. It just didn’t feel right to him anymore.”

Zac met Vanessa at the Byron Bay General Store in New South Wales, Australia where she worked.

And despite their split, Zac will reportedly stay in Australia as he “loves” the country.

The source added to People magazine, “Zac will continue to stay in Australia. He just loves Australia so much. He works and deals with several upcoming projects. He is happy, healthy, and enjoys life. “

Meanwhile, Zac’s friend Kyle Sandilands confirmed the star’s breakup earlier this week when he insisted it was “no drama”.

He said, “I can confirm it after talking to him yesterday. It’s just new, but not like yesterday. But they went their separate ways. [There was] no drama, but it’s done. “

33-year-old Zac reportedly broke up with Vanessa this week, although no reason was given for the couple’s separation.

However, a source later suggested that Zac dropped Vanessa amid news that she was going to appear on a reality series called “Byron Baes”.

A source said: “He’s a very good person who wanted a real, normal, down-to-earth partner. Zac sent her home from the set [of ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’] last week. There might still be a chance.

“I’m sure the last nail in the coffin was that he saw the story that she might be on Byron Baes and the claims that he helped her figure it out.”

Meanwhile, Zac is said to have recently gone on a property hunt in Australia after putting his Los Angeles home up for sale in December as he reportedly “has no plans” to return to the US.

A source said, “As of now, he has no plans to return to LA permanently. He loves Australia and considers it his home.”

While another added, “He keeps looking at real estate.”

Jennifer Lopez ended Alex Rodriguez engagement over ‘belief’ points, sources declare | Leisure

Jennifer Lopez reportedly ended their engagement because she couldn’t fully trust Alex Rodriguez.

The former couple recently announced their decision to split, and it has now been claimed that it was Jennifer who ultimately decided to set the time for the romance because “too many problems remained unsolved”.

A source told People magazine, “She insisted. There are too many problems that remain unsolved. She was pretty miserable and didn’t think it was in her best interest to stay with Alex. “

The insider also claimed the “Hustlers” actress could no longer “fully trust” the former baseball player, and a second source said the couple had lost their “special spark.”

They added, “They both enjoyed spending more time together as families, but it was difficult to keep that special sparkle when they saw each other every day.”

Naomi Campbell: Air conditioning gives me wrinkles

Eva Mendes sparked a debate with parents about a quote about beating

It was first reported that Jennifer and Alex broke up in March, and while they said they had only worked through a few issues at the time, they ultimately confirmed that their romance was over last week.

In a joint statement, they said: “We have recognized that we are better as friends and look forward to continuing to do so. We will continue to work together and support each other in our mutual businesses and projects. We wish each other and everyone that Best.” the children of others. “

Last month, it was revealed that Jennifer and Alex were focusing on their children – Jennifer’s 13-year-old twins Emme and Max and Alex’s daughters Natasha, 16, and Ella, 12 – as they’ve all grown close together.

And it has also been alleged that while they just “hit one rough spot” in their romance, they never completely broke up.

Adding to the couple’s relationship, the insider added, “They never officially broke up and talked about it, but are still together. They have reached a tough point. But they haven’t broken up … She works in the Dominican Republic and he is in Miami, so it is. ” It’s hard to see each other, especially with quarantine and COVID, but they want to try to stay together. “

My job ended our 401(okay). How do I make investments the cash?

Q. My job stopped my 401 (k) and sent me the money by check. How do I invest it for my retirement? I am 54 years old.

– Unsure

A. It sounds like you want to protect the money for your future, and that’s great.

The more you save now, the more you need to support your lifestyle in your older years.

For your situation, the first thing to do is open one IRA rollover account Nicholas Scheibner, certified financial planner at the Baron Financial Group in Fair Lawn.

“You will want it Deposit these funds Fund this account as soon as possible to avoid taxing the funds, ”he said.

You have 60 days to do this before this is considered a withdrawal and you are also facing a withdrawal Early withdrawal penalty.

Next, you need to consider the time frame in which you will need the money.

“If you need this money in the next few months, you may not want to invest it. Keep the money in cash so you can be sure that the full account balance is available when you need it, ”said Scheibner.

However, if you want to invest for the long term, you must have yours Risk tolerance.

“There is no certainty when it comes to investing,” he said. “You can choose assets that are typically more stable and have a lower return on your investment, or you can choose to invest in riskier investments that can generate a greater return. Nothing is guaranteed. “

Because of your personal financial plan, you may need to take greater risk to meet your retirement goals. Or you’ve saved enough that you don’t need a lot of risk in the plan, he said.

Here is a Financial advisor can help you when you don’t have the time or inclination to make investment decisions.

You should consider the emotional scale of how you will react if the account goes down or up in value.

“We are all happy when the account increases in value. But how will you feel when the account loses 10%? How about 20%? The shares fell by almost 30% in March 2020, ”said Scheibner. “An investment advisor can help you during these times, but ultimately you need to be able to do it Stomach the amount of volatility in your portfolio. “

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