United would require new staff to indicate proof of Covid vaccine, following Delta

A United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER is towed while an American Airlines Boeing 737 departs from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.

Kamil Krzaczynski | Reuters

United Airlines Starting this month, after a similar step, new employees will have to provide evidence that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19 Delta Airlines.

The new rule requires outside applicants with job vacancies submitted after June 15 to confirm that they are fully vaccinated by their start date, the Chicago-based airline said.

The move comes as companies grapple with the question of whether to vaccinate their employees or find a way to incentivize vaccination. United, Delta and American have offered additional time out or pay to employees who are vaccinated. Great employers like Walmart have taken similar measures.

“As we welcome new employees to the company, it is important that we convey United’s strong commitment to safety,” the airline said in a statement to employees previously by Brian Sumers, editor-in-chief of the travel industry site , Skift was tweeted.

The new employees “have to upload their COVID vaccination card to My Info no later than 7 days after the hiring date,” said the airline. The company added that it will evaluate any religious or medical circumstances of candidates who cannot be vaccinated.

United CEO Scott Kirby said in January that he wanted to make Covid vaccines mandatory for employees, but the airline didn’t take that step.

Airlines have spent much of the last year downsizing, but airlines like United have announced that they will resume hiring pilots and other positions when travel demand picks up again.

A Look At The Model Of 1980s Qantas Staff

Much has changed in aviation since the 1980s. There were many new planes, new routes and new cabins to discuss. But what about airline styles and uniforms? Qantas shared some memories with a look back at occupation uniforms and policies of the 1980s.

The 1980s Qanats uniform (shown here being used for a 2020 security video). Photo: Qantas

Strong colors for the 1980s

We like to take a look back at earlier days of aviation and nothing shows the change better than pictures of the crew and on-board service. Qantas took us back to the 1980s with a fascinating post on their website Roo Tales blogwho described their uniforms and approach to style in the mid-1980s.

This focuses on a new uniform that they launched in 1986. It was designed by Yves Saint Laurent and, according to Qantas, was “inspired by the bold colors and patterns that characterized the 1980s”. The same uniform remained in use until 1994.

It offers dresses with bold color patterns (mostly kangaroo images in red, blue and yellow), along with stylish blue jackets with terracotta and yellow cuffs, scarves and other accessories.

Qantas in the style of the cabin crew in the 80sQantas uniform from the 1980s. Photo: Qantas

With accompanying style guide

Perhaps more interesting in Qantas’ memories is the style guide that was given out to the crew with the new uniform. This tells staff how to do their hair and makeup, and what exactly to wear, with what appear to be pretty strict guidelines.

Qantas style guide 1980sHairstyling is explained in the Qantas guide. Photo: Qantas Newsroom Roo Tales

Women should follow the rules to keep their perm in order, and men shouldn’t have sideburns. Nail polish should either be neutral or match the terracotta trim on the uniform. And shades of makeup that clash with the uniform should be avoided (in eye makeup, these are purple, fuchsia, purple, and green).

And of course the entire crew should avoid “garlic or other spicy foods”. But as a great reminder of how things have changed Smoking on board was fine as long as it was in the crew rest areas and out of sight of the passengers.

Qantas style guideAn excerpt from the Qantas style guide from the 1980s. Photo: Qantas Newsroom Roo Tales

Back even earlier

Why stop with the 1980s? Uniforms and image have been an important part of aviation since its inception. A look back at the styles of Qantas shows how things have changed.

In the 1930s, the earliest image of Qantas uniforms we can find shows a pilot in an elegant fawn suit (and shorts). In the 1950s, the time of the first transpacific flights from Qantas with the Boeing 707Her crew wears chic dark suits and simple dresses. For more information on the history of Qantas, see our previous story.

Qantas historical uniformsQantas 1935 pilot uniform. Photo: Qantas
Qantas 1959 uniformQantas 1959 uniform for the 707 Trans-Pacific Service. Photo: Qantas

A bit of spice from the 1960s. In 1964 we see the crew wearing more colorful outfits. And by the 1970s, there were a number of uniforms with floral patterns and flashy red, green, and yellow jackets. These would have been great back then, but maybe it would be best if they were replaced with the new 1986 Yves Saint Laurent style!

Qantas historical occupation uniformQantas uniform from 1964. Photo: Qantas
Qantas uniform 1970sQantas uniform styles in the 1970s. Photo: Qantas

If this review of Qantas uniforms got you interested, take a look at this article for some more historical uniforms from other airlines.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these period uniforms in the comments. Do you know any other great airline styles from the 1970s or 1980s?