5 Flawless Headband Wigs That Will Elevate Your Protecting Fashion Sport

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Wigs have come a long way in the hair styling game. What was once considered a hair faux pas due to its easily recognizable looks and reputation for being a grandmother-worn style has quickly become this new “it” protective style for beauty professionals. With so many options from 360 wigs to Top front units, the sky is the limit to choosing a fabulous piece that can be installed to your liking.

Headband wigs have become the crème de la crème of their kind lately. They offer the flexibility and lightness of a wig without the tedious installation process. In other words, it’s perfect for those who haven’t mastered the wig application process. Headband wigs, also known as half wigs, consist of a headband at the base with hair sewn onto a wig cap. Clips and an adjustable strap are sewn into the back of a headband wig to hold the wig in place.

It’s easy to see why wig lovers can’t get enough of the trend. Headband wigs not only give your mane a more natural look than other wig units, but they also don’t require glue or other glues. Not to mention, it makes your hair easier to breathe since headband wigs don’t cover your entire mane. You can also turn this device off and off for laundry days and more if you need to.

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It’s no surprise that Mayvenn entered the world of headband wigs with his first collection made from 100% virgin hair. It’s the perfect low-maintenance option that makes the hair styling process a breeze. Mayvenn offers four main styles (Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Natural Straight) in the brand’s natural black color. In addition, each wig is constructed with 150% density, which ensures a fuller and more voluminous look.

Mayvenn isn’t the only major player in the headband wig game. So if you’re ready to add some headband wigs to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up five of the best headband wig brands on the market that will keep your look in tip-top shape. Grab your credit card and get ready to diversify your wig game.

1. Beauty Forever Water Wave Headband Wig

Source: Beauty Forever Hair

For a beach wave look, be sure to try it out Beauty Forever’s headband wig water wave. This listing features soft waves with a pretty pink headband that works as a chic accessory.

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2. Mayvenn Hair Deep Wave Headband Wig

Deep waves tickle your imagination? the Mayvenn Deep Wave Headband Wig will satisfy your solution. This gorgeous unit features tight and defined waves with a voluminous look. It also comes with five additional headbands so you can change up your look. Plus, it’s a perfect choice if you’re working with kinky hair.

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4. Alimice Hair Body Wave Headband Wig

Source: Alimice Haar

Soft, big curls have always been a mood. So, Alimice Hair’s Body Wave Headband Wig always makes the choice easy for me. I also love the fact that I don’t have to worry about using a styling tool every day to achieve the look.

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5. Luvme Hair 4C headband wig

Luvme Hair has made it easy for lovers of wavy hair to get into the trend of headband wigs! the Short 4C headband wig is perfect for girls who love to keep their hair off their face while rocking a defined texture.

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