Mississippi well being officers plead with aged to keep away from mass indoor gatherings as delta Covid variant rips via state

Medical staff from the Delta Health Center will be waiting on Jan.

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Mississippi state health officials issued new guidelines Friday urging state residents over 65 and immunocompromised residents, vaccinated or unvaccinated, to avoid indoor mass gatherings for the next two weeks “significant transfer” of the Delta variant in the coming weeks.

The new policy is valid until July 26th and is not mandatory. Instead, the guidelines should be viewed as a recommendation.

“We do not recommend mandates. What we do is provide personal recommendations to people who are at high risk of serious consequences, ”said Dr. Mississippi State Health Commissioner Thomas Dobbs during a news conference Friday. “We don’t want anyone to die unnecessarily.”

Dobbs said he currently “doesn’t expect” the guidelines to be extended to other age groups in the future.

Officials said they are starting to see significant transmission of the Delta variant, very reminiscent of what was seen in the early days of the pandemic. Mississippi state health epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers, highlighted church groups, school and summer programs, funeral meetings and workplaces, and long-term care facilities as areas where officials are already seeing spikes in infection.

“We saw right away that they were the result of the Delta variant, and the broadcast … was pretty significant,” Byers said at the news conference on Friday.

The state is second to last of all states after Alabama when it comes to the percentage of the population who are fully vaccinated with two doses. About 25% of Mississippi population aged 65 and over are still unvaccinated and make up the majority of Covid deaths in the state. State health officials also said they are also seeing deaths in vaccinated residents “because we keep exposing them,” Dobbs said, although the percentage is tiny.

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The graph shows cases, hospital admissions, and deaths of vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Mississippi from June 3 to July 1, 2021.

Mississippi State Department of Health

Mississippi ranks last in the country for the percentage of adults with at least one Covid vaccination, and the state also ranks last in the country for the percentage of residents 12 years and older with at least one vaccination.

“I don’t think we’re going to have a miraculous spike in our vaccination rate in the next few weeks, so people are going to die unnecessarily,” warned Dobbs.

State health officials asked vaccinated residents to speak to others about their experiences with the vaccine in order to raise awareness of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccinations.

“Let people know, let your family know, let your neighbors know, let your friends know,” Dobbs said. “There is no stronger message than trust and trust to let people know how widespread the vaccine is and understand that people are safe and happy to be protected.”

Cape Coral legal professional’s assistant who spent aged consumer’s cash sentenced to 16 months


A Cape Coral woman is spending 16 months in jail for misusing the credit card of someone who trusted her to pay her expenses.

Kristin Nicole Jordan, 40, was convicted Tuesday of exploiting an elderly person. The family of the victim, who died in May, was compensated.

The case dates back to 2019 when investigators from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office learned that the victim’s credit card was used in fraudulent charges for $ 42,276.

The eight-month investigation led to Jordan using the card to make purchases through 2017. She was employed as an assistant to a fiduciary attorney at the Musial law firm, which, according to its website, handles health care and long-term planning. for the elderly.

Records show Jordan bought numerous different things, including paying Comcast bills, buying groceries, shopping at Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, and several other retail stores.

Investigators said the victim found out that Jordan used her money to pay for all of that, including dinner, car payments, travel, cell phone bills, and school payments. The victim reported that she believed numerous transactions from her bank account were fraudulent.

Investigators said the victim eventually became suspicious of Jordan himself. WINK News spoke to Jordan shortly after her arrest, and she denied the charges, saying it was not true.

The law firm told investigators that they fired Jordan in May 2019.

Man tried to swindle aged neighbor out of cash, house – WSOC TV

IREDELL COUNTY, NC – A man was charged after MPs said he tried to defraud his elderly neighbor of money and his Iredell County home.

Sheriff Darren Campbell said last August someone reported that 50-year-old William Christopher Giles had kidnapped his elderly neighbor. When MPs investigated, they found that the elderly victim had not been abducted but taken to a financial institution to have her bank accounts changed.

During the lengthy investigation, Campbell said they found out that Giles was using his trust as a neighbor to withdraw money from the victim’s financial account.

Investigators said he would then create new accounts and at some point attempt to buy the victim’s home while “knowing the victim’s impaired mental capacity and senior status”.

Giles has been charged with exploiting an elderly or disabled adult. He was taken into custody at the Iredell County Detention Center, where he was processed and placed on a secured bond of $ 50,000.

(WATCH: Elderly Woman Cheated Nearly $ 20,000, Says Sheriff)

East St. Louis dwelling well being care employee sentenced after authorities say she stole aged sufferers’ IDs, cash | Regulation and order

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS – An East St. Louis woman was sentenced to one year and one day in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to stealing identity and money from elderly patients.

Erica Rose, 31, pleaded guilty in November of a conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud and escalated identity theft, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the southern district of Illinois.

According to authorities, Rose worked as a home nurse for a company called CareLink that looked after elderly patients.

In addition to her jail term, Rose will be sentenced to two years of judicial surveillance and pay nearly $ 10,000 in restitution when she is released.

Rose’s co-defendant Ashley McKinney has a pending arrest warrant. Prosecutors say Rose gave the McKinney patient information.

Stimulus cash and tax breaks: All the additional money mother and father and the aged may get

Under the current stimulus proposal, families with children and older adults can get tax breaks that could bring in thousands of dollars more.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill is now law and that means Your family could see more money than The last two relief calculations were offered in stimulus checks. While American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes a third stimulus check for up to $ 1,400 per person – here is when your stimulus check might come and how to track it – the legislation too extends child tax credit and provides funding for affordable early childhood care, aging and services for the disabled. It also increases the maximum tax credit for adults, including older workers.

If you’re a parent or carer and haven’t received your check yet, we’ll explain how the new plan will benefit parents, children, and children older adultsand how your family could see thousands of dollars in tax breaks this year.

Here’s a quick update on the status of the stimulus check: The IRS and Treasury Department have reported 90 million accounts received their third stimulus check come with more soon through the post. Some lawmakers are already pushing for one fourth stimulus check. (We’ve broken down all of your family’s paths could get more stimulus check money this time too and here is how to calculate your stimulus money.)

I am a parent. How much additional money could my family get this round – without the third stimulus check?

The American bailout plan contains several provisions aimed at this Reducing child poverty in the US, which would bring some families an extra infusion of cash this year. These include:

Stimulus checks for addicts. Under the current bill, Relatives of all ages (including children, young adults or older adult relatives) will be Eligible for up to $ 1,400 each for stimulus payments. This money will not come in the form of your “own” checkhowever, is added to the total budget instead. Calculate your estimated share Here.

Extension of the tax credit for children. Parents can typically claim a CTC of up to $ 2,000 on their taxes for each child under the age of 17 American rescue plan states that families with children under the age of 17 would receive $ 3,000 in credit, while families with children under 6 would receive $ 3,600 in credit. Plus, the loan is fully refundable, which removes both the dollar cap and income limit that currently prevent many low-income families and children from receiving the full loan Center for budget and political priorities. ((For more information on changes to the child tax credit, please click here.) Details like regular instead of monthly payoutsare still in the air.

Extended childcare tax credits. To make childcare more affordable for families, the plan includes a childcare tax credit for children under the age of 13 – a total of up to $ 4,000 for one child or $ 8,000 for two or more children. Funds are refundable and available to families earning less than $ 125,000 per year. Those making between $ 125,000 and $ 400,000 would receive a partial credit (find out What’s your Adjusted Gross Income here). The plan also calls on Congress to allocate funds to keep daycare facilities open and improve wages and benefits for childcare providers.

Look at that:

Stimulus Check 3: How Much Money You Get


I am over 65 years old. What payments or tax breaks on the invoice could I qualify for this year?

The American rescue plan provides for the funding of programs to help older adults financially. These include:

Stimulus checks on older adultsincluding relatives. According to the current bill, older adults (including recipients of SSI or SSDI Services) would be eligible for a third stimulus check from up to $ 1,400when they meet Admission requirements. This includes older adults who are listed as dependents on someone else’s taxes, although his share of the stimulus money would be added to the total amount of the household. (Find out All the rules for stimulus checks for older adults.)

Expansion of the earned income tax credit. This tax credit is designed to help people on lower incomes. It can lower your taxable income and wages. The relief plan increases this childless adult loan from approximately $ 530 to $ 1,500 and the income limit for the loan from $ 16,000 to $ 21,000. It also expands the eligible age range and removes the age limit for older workers. And if your income falls in 2021 due to the pandemic, your credit will not be reduced. (Learn more about How To Apply For Earned Income Tax Credit This Year.)

More funding for aging and disability services. The US bailout plan includes additional funding for elderly and disability programs, but does not go into detail about where exactly that money would go.

More information can be found here How a Third Check Could Bring More Money to Your Family, and if the IRS could check out the third stimulus.

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Lockport girl arrested for allegedly assaulting and stealing cash from aged sufferer

LOCKPORT, NY (WIVB) – Karen Edwards, 51, of Lockport was arrested on March 18 and charged with elder abuse in connection with an investigation, according to the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office.

It is alleged that Edwards fraudulently stole money from the victim and physically assaulted and injured the victim.

She is charged with second degree assault, first degree identity theft, and grand third degree theft.

Edwards was taken to Niagara County Jail without bail.

A protection order was issued for the victim.

Patrick Ryan is a digital producer who is part of the News 4 Team since 2020. See more of his work Here.

AstraZeneca provides to EU, vaccine efficacy for the aged in focus

A laboratory technician takes care of vials with the Covid-19 vaccine from Oxford University.


British-Swedish drug maker AstraZeneca battles on multiple fronts this week – defends its coronavirus vaccine against reports it may be less effective at protecting the elderly and faces mounting tensions with the EU over its late supply to the bloc.

On Monday, the drug maker defended its vaccine against reports in several German newspapers, Bild and Handelsblatt that the AstraZeneca vaccine, made in partnership with Oxford University, had a low rate of effectiveness (less than 10% and 8% of the newspapers said respectively) in the Over 65s are the primary target for the vaccine as they are at greater risk of serious illness and death.

Both quoted unnamed German government officials as saying that the vaccine has a poor rate of effectiveness in people over 65 and that this could affect whether the vaccine is approved for use in the elderly.

AstraZeneca responded in a statement Monday evening: “Reports that the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine is only 8% in adults over 65 years of age are completely false.”

“In November, we published data in The Lancet showing that older adults had a strong immune response to the vaccine, with 100% of older adults producing spike-specific antibodies after the second dose,” he added.

The United Kingdom’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, which is advising the government on its vaccination strategy, had supported the use of the vaccine in the elderly. It was also said that blood tests of older study participants showed strong immune responses to the vaccine.

Older study participants were later admitted to Phase 3 clinical trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which took place in the UK and Brazil, and earlier in South Africa. Therefore, there is less data on the effectiveness of the shot in those over 65. Initial studies in the UK focused on those under 55 to see if the vaccine was effective for the majority of healthcare workers.

When AstraZeneca published its study results in the medical journal The Lancet in December, it said: “As older age groups were recruited later than younger, there was less time to record cases and, as a result, efficacy data in these cohorts are currently limited by the low number limited of cases, but additional data will be available in future analysis. “CNBC asked AstraZeneca for comment following the reports.

On Tuesday morning, the German Ministry of Health announced that there is no data to suggest that AstraZeneca’s vaccine is only 8% effective in the elderly, Reuters reported.

Supply problems

Tension has been brewing since last week when the drug maker announced that manufacturing problems would mean it would deliver far fewer doses to the EU than previously promised. The vast majority of AstraZeneca vaccine for distribution to the EU is made in the UK

The EU should receive 80 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine by March. According to a senior nameless official who spoke to Reuters last Friday, However, the drug manufacturer had told the EU that the range of doses would be reduced to around 31 million doses, a cut of around 60%.

“This new schedule is not acceptable for the European Union,” said EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said in a statement MondayThis signals that the EU could tighten regulations on the export of Covid-19 vaccines.

“The European Union will take all necessary measures to protect its citizens and rights,” she said after previously declaring that “in future, all companies that manufacture vaccines against Covid-19 in the EU must be notified in good time whenever they want to export vaccines to third countries. “

Any restrictions on vaccine exports from the EU could affect the delivery of the Belgian-made Pfizer / BioNTech shot to the UK

Commissioner Kyriakides said on Monday that talks with AstraZeneca representatives “have led to dissatisfaction with the ambiguity and inadequate explanations”.

She added: “EU member states agree: vaccine developers have social and contractual responsibilities that they must adhere to.” The EU has asked AstraZeneca to provide a detailed plan for vaccine delivery and timing of distribution. Further discussions are scheduled for Wednesday.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine has not yet been approved by the European Medicines Agency, but Kyriakdes said it could be by the end of the week.

Concerns about AstraZeneca’s shipments add to concerns from Pfizer and BioNTech Also warned of temporarily reduced production in mid-January while they improved their production capacity.

Supply shortages are a severe blow to the EU, whose vaccination campaign began later (on December 27th) than in Great Britain and the USA

The EU has bought vaccines as a block (although some countries have also made their own unilateral agreements), with the shots being distributed based on population size, but individual country vaccination introductions. in Germany too have been very sluggish so far.