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Even if you don’t jump on social media and tell all your friends and family that you’re determined to lose pounds or build muscle, the new year is a chance to make a fresh start in health. Diet is at the heart of this type of effort. Anyone who hasn’t gotten their diet on track knows how impossible it is to top a bad diet.

Fortunately, there are many options for nutrient-dense, well-sourced food in our area, whether you plan to eat out or stay home and cook for yourself. Here are ideas for five restaurant items and two grocers in our area that can support your efforts.

flower child. Photo: Deborah Cameron

Buddha Bowl by Morning Glory Cafe: One of the healthiest items you can find in the area is the Buddha Bowl at Lafayette’s Morning Glory Cafe. This vegan dish is made with eight colorful ingredients including black beans, greens, black rice, cheese, tofu, and cashew sauce. While not low in calories, it’s a hearty meal packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Blumenkind butternut squash and organic pear salad: With a mission to promote safe, healthy eating and the slogan “Happy Food for a Happy World,” Flower Child cares about what it serves. Located in Boulder at Safeway Plaza at Arapahoe Avenue and 29th St., we love the wintery, hearty butternut squash and pear salad with arugula, kale, ricotta, pecans, and puffed rice in a sherry dressing.

Urban Thai Wonton Soup: Properly prepared broth is one of the most nutrient dense foods there is and forms the core of all versions of wonton soup. Urban Thai’s version is more than just a tasty starter. It’s a richer, more interesting version of what we’ve found elsewhere. It makes us feel better when we’ve caught a winter cold and we’re sure it can improve your diet anytime.

Zeal’s Inca Acai Bowl: Zeal is known for how much they care about what they serve and how they serve it, making them a natural place on a list of restaurants that support healthy eating. While everything they offer supports nutrition, diners can’t go wrong by customizing their Inca Bowl with maca, cacao, kale, and hemp hearts, plus anything you want from their menu of smoothie fruits, seeds, and other additions choose.

Huckleberry’s Garden Wrap: With its own farm just off Highway 287 in Lafayette, Huckleberry’s commitment to quality is clear. Though many items at Louisville’s Huckleberry are decadently delicious, this Garden Wrap is a great choice for light dining. It includes hummus, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and a freshly made buttermilk dill.

Flower Child Interior. Photo: Deborah Cameron

Naked Foods: Newly opened on Walnut Street last year, this grocery store focuses on reducing food waste as much as possible. Fruit and vegetables that other grocers throw away because they don’t look “perfect” are sold here, where shoppers reap the nutritional benefits. Staples like coffee and peanut butter, milk and bread are carefully selected to meet high standards. While they pay close attention to what’s on their shelves, they also care about packaging and look for ways to reduce waste and other environmental impacts.

Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers: Founded in 1955 by the Isley family, this grocer is very careful about what goes on their shelves. They have plenty of fresh fruit and veg, options for carefully selected meats, and a range of non-meat items to help vegetarians keep meals interesting, as well as packaged items for nights when you don’t have time to cook but still want to keep cooking things sane. And each store carries its vitamins, minerals and supplements and retains the services of its own nutritionist, with whom shoppers can make an appointment for a free consultation.

Annual scorching canine consuming contest raises cash for psychological well being

MARIETTE, Ohio. (WTAP) – The Locker Room Sports Bar hosted their 14th annual hot dog eating championship on Sunday.

WTAP got an exclusive interview with the competitors.

The rules were simple. Treat yourself to as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes. No spices. And – you have to keep it down – at least for a minute after you’re done.

Seated at the table were Reed Byers, also known as The People’s Choice, Charlie Rose AKA Chuck Diesel and, last but not least, the now five-time reigning champion Jimbo Slice, who broke his personal record on Sunday.

“I think my record was 13 and I hit 16 today,” said Slice.

Byers said the secret was … “Probably a lot of prayer.”

And Slice gave us a glimpse into his strategy.

“I mean, if you just dip your hot dog in water, get the bun soaking wet, it goes down a lot easier, keep bouncing, it brings the food down,” he said.

While these competitors may sound like hot dog enthusiasts, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Byers said, “I didn’t like hot dogs in the first place. Hopefully I’ll find a better way to raise money next year. “

Byers came to the table on a mission – to raise funds for Givemore Connections – a local mental health nonprofit. With the help of sponsors, he was able to raise $ 1,000.

“It’s incredible. You know, a year ago I could never have confidently told you that so many people would support me in what I do, and I’m just very grateful for that. The Mid-Ohio Valley is really a wonderful one Place, ”said Byers.

Whether they came for the cause or for fame, one thing is for sure … these three can throw down some hot dogs.

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Nathan’s Sizzling Canine Consuming Contest prize cash: How a lot will the winner make in 2021?

Get paid for hot dogs? Doesn’t sound too bad.

Well that is until you figure out how many it takes to get the profit. Last year, men’s champion Joey Chestnut ate 75 hot dogs and buns to win his fifth consecutive Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest title, while women’s champion Miki Sudo ate 48.5 to win her seventh in a row.

Sudo won’t be competing in the women this year, but Chestnut is back as a strong favorite to repeat another men’s mustard belt to take home. The winner of the mustard belt for women is much more of a question.

MORE: Schedule, start time for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2021

But if you take a belt home with you, it’s nice, leaving with a check is even better. The winners – and each of the top five – will take home money in the annual competition on July 4th.

Below is everything you need to know about the prize money for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2021.

Prize money for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Major League Eating has typically given winners of the men’s and women’s competitions a grand prize of $ 10,000 each, with the remaining eaters receiving incrementally smaller prizes in the top five.

The total prize pool is $ 40,000. This is how the wallet is traditionally divided:

  • First place: $ 10,000
  • Second place: $ 5,000
  • Third place: $ 2,500
  • Fourth place: $ 1,500
  • Fifth place: $ 1,000

This year 17 men and 13 women are taking part in the event. The eater Michelle Lesko, who is number 9 in the world rankings – the second tallest woman behind Sudo – will be the favorite on the women’s belt. Chestnut is of course considered very likely to be the men’s winner.

What is Joey Chestnut’s net worth?

A professional career in food has done Chestnut well.

The 13-time winner of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest – not to mention countless other major league eating contests – has a net worth of $ 2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. According to the website, he can make anywhere from $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 per year by winning competitions and subsequent sponsorship deals.

In addition to his profits and sponsorship money, Chestnutnut its own line of spices for hot dogs, sausages, wings and sandwiches.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Past winner past

Chestnut and Sudo both set MLE records at the 2020 event. Chestnut set a personal best of 75 hot dogs and buns to extend its men’s brand, while Sudo finished a women’s record of 48.5 hot dogs and buns to surpass Sonya Thomas, who consumed 45 in 2012.

Chestnut will be back in Coney Island in 2021 to win for the sixth straight year. Sudo takes the year off because she is expecting her first child.

Below are the winners of the 1997 competition.

year winner Eaten hot dogs time
2020 men Joey Chestnut 75 10 mins.
2020 women Miki Sudo 48.5
2019 gentlemen Joey Chestnut 71 10 mins.
2019 women Miki Sudo 31
Men 2018 Joey Chestnut 74 10 mins.
2018 women Miki Sudo 37
2017 men Joey Chestnut 72 10 mins.
2017 women Miki Sudo 41
2016 men Joey Chestnut 70 10 mins.
2016 women Miki Sudo 38.5
Men 2015 Matt Stoneie 62 10 mins.
2015 women Miki Sudo 38
2014 men Joey Chestnut 61 10 mins.
2014 women Miki Sudo 34
2013 men Joey Chestnut 69 10 mins.
2013 women Sonja Thomas 36.75
2012 men Joey Chestnut 68 10 mins.
2012 women Sonja Thomas 45
2011 gentlemen Joey Chestnut 62 10 mins.
2011 women Sonja Thomas 40
2010 Joey Chestnut 54 10 mins.
2009 Joey Chestnut 68 10 mins.
2008 Joey Chestnut 59 10 mins.
2007 Joey Chestnut 66 12 min.
2006 Takeru Kobayashi 53.75 12 min.
2005 Takeru Kobayashi 49 12 min.
2004 Takeru Kobayashi 53.5 12 min.
2003 Takeru Kobayashi 44.5 12 min.
2002 Takeru Kobayashi 50.5 12 min.
2001 Takeru Kobayashi 50 12 minutes
2000 Kazutoyo Arai 25th 12 min.
1999 Steve None 21.5 12 min.
1998 Hirofumi Nakajima 19th 12 min.
1997 Hirofumi Nakajima 24.5 12 min.