Actors duke it out tournament-style in ‘Monologue Insanity’ at Woolly Mammoth

“Monologue Madness” hits the Woolly Mammoth Theater next Monday at 7pm

WTOP’s Jason Fraley Previews Monologue Madness (Part 1)

Get ready for actors compete against each other in a March Madness-style tournament.

“Monologues madness” arrives next Monday at 7pm at the Woolly Mammoth Theater

“This is the ninth year,” producer Edward Daniels told WTOP. “We are very happy to be back, especially after COVID, to give our actors the opportunity to come back to the audition room and on stage … we show the open audition process so the audience can see what is happening” before they see their favorite actor in the film or on stage. “

The tournament will include 32 actors selected from 200 auditions over the past weekend.

“We put them in a single elimination bracket and they have a minute to do their best monologue,” said Daniels. “The rounds are different genres: comedy, drama, classical.”

What types of monologues do participants typically perform?

“The offer is very large,” said Daniels. “We have actors presenting theatrical monologues from plays, we have actors who have turned musical numbers into monologues, we have a lot of scripts so many viewers are familiar with some of the monologues … everything is by heart, everything is” off-book, everything should be in her head. “

The Final Four compete against each other in a “cold read” match.

“You get a monologue that you’ve never seen before, you walk off the stage for five minutes, and then you come right out and perform for the audience,” Daniels said.

The last two standing actors compete in the championship round.

“The jury, made up of six casting directors, gives you the final decision on what to watch,” said Daniels. “The last standing actor, the winner of the evening, takes home $ 1,000.”

He hopes the winner will eventually compete against winners from other cities.

“This is the first year I’ve been taking Monologue Madness out of DC,” said Daniels. “We’re bringing the show to Atlanta in November, then Los Angeles in January … at some point, when I can get more sponsors on board and raise funds, I’d like to have a national tournament with the winners of each of them.” but the goal now is to get the event up and running. “

This annual acting competition was launched in 2011 and has awarded over $ 15,000 to deserving actors. If you like this month’s contest, feel free to apply for next year’s contest.

“We usually do our Monologue Madness in March, usually around March Madness basketball time, but we had to postpone things because of COVID,” Daniels said. “We’ll be back in DC in March. This will be the next round for local actors … (until then), we’re looking forward to the show this Monday evening at Woolly Mammoth. Tickets are $ 20. It’s a great show. “

WTOP’s Jason Fraley Previews Monologue Madness (Part 2)

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Duke of Sussex Takes Parental Go away 5 Months After Childbirth | Leisure Information

The Duke of Sussex will be unable to work for five months after the birth of his daughter.

Prince Harry, who welcomed his daughter Liribet Diana and wife Duchess Sussex last week, will be unable to work for 20 weeks after the baby is born, in line with what he is offering to staff at the Archwel Charity Foundation.

“We’re used to royal men returning to work the next day, sometimes the same day,” said the couple’s biographer and friend, Omid Scobie. It sets a good example and offers mothers and fathers up to 20 weeks of parental leave.

“You’re doing exactly the same thing, so your job will be out for a few months.”

And Omid believes that Harry and Megan’s happiness lies in keeping the baby’s arrival a secret for a few days and enjoying the time with the newborn.

Regarding Good Morning America, he added, “As you can see from Harry and Megan’s team, they are very happy to be home. Yourself.

“They had some private time in the hospital, went home and partied, and then shared it with all of us.”

The couple previously thanked fans for their support and good luck after the baby’s arrival.

In a statement posted on Archewell’s website, they said: “She is more than we could imagine and the love and prayers we felt from all over the world. This is a special time for our family. “

Duke of Sussex takes parental leave 5 months after birth | Entertainment news

Source link Duke of Sussex takes parental leave 5 months after birth | Entertainment news

The Duke of Sussex and the Duchess have a troublesome time | Leisure Information

The Duchess of Sussex’s young daughter celebrates the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday.

The royal baby reportedly arrives this Thursday (06/10/21), the exact same day that Prince Phillip, who died in April at the age of 99, celebrated his milestone birthday. Will arrive.

The Royal Insider suggests that Prince Harry, 36) and Princess Megan, 39, name their child Pip in honor of their grandfather, a nickname for the Queen’s loving family. We are also considering the name Lily after Liribet.

“The baby’s expected date of birth is Philip’s birthday, and it would be very special if she came on that day,” a source said.

“And calling her Pip would be a nice way to pay homage to Philip.

“Harry has spoken to close friends about due dates and possible names, but they’re pretty straightforward.

Royal insiders also suggested that the Dukes and Duchess, parents of their two sons Archie, were delighted to break royal customs in naming their children.

“You’re talking about Lily and Pip. They are not the traditional royal family names, but they are not a traditional royal family couple, ”a source said.

The Duchess, known as Megan Markle prior to her marriage to Prince Harry, is said to be planning a birth at home in California. Take a break when a child comes.

The insider said on page 6, “You are both going to have a real vacation.

“They want to go on vacation so that it will soon be summer and they can have a fulfilling time together when their baby is born.”

The Duke of Sussex and the Duchess have a hard time | Entertainment news

Source link The Duke of Sussex and the Duchess have a hard time | Entertainment news

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want extra golf classes | Leisure

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joked that they “need” golf lessons.

The royal couple tried their hand at County Durham As an Adolescent on Tuesday (4/17/21) and after a few tips from a visit to the Cheesy Waffles Project, which supports children, teens and adults with additional needs ages 7 to 35 Prince William successfully hit the ball, but his wife Catherine completely missed hers and caused her to toss her head back and laugh.

The couple shared pictures of the visit on their official Instagram account and wrote: “Thank you to the Cheesy Waffles Project for the golf lesson [golfer emoji]

“Guess we might have to come back to find out more …”

The youth program was one of the projects that benefited from donations to celebrate the couple’s wedding in 2011.

The post continued, “The Cheesy Waffles Project is doing an incredible job providing children, adolescents and adults with additional needs ages 7-35 from across County Durham with the skills and independence they need to make the transition to happier and more need healthy adulthood.

“You will receive support from The Key, a youth charity that works with organizations in the North East of England to create faith in young people and empower them to reach their full potential.

“The Key was one of 26 charities selected by The Duke and Duchess in 2011 to benefit from donations to their Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund.”

Earlier in the day, William and Catherine – who have children, Prince George, seven, and Louis, three, and Princess Charlotte, five, together – met with the owners of a fifth-generation family-run farm, where they independently rode tractors and some Get hands-on baby lambs during a tour from owners Clare Wise and Stewart Chapman and their three children.

After learning about how the farm is trying to give back to the environment and improve sustainability, the royal couple sat on bales of straw to discuss with other local farmers about their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic, including the challenges of home education and the mental health implications.

William noted, “It’s one of the constant things about being home all day, it’s starting to affect people and the pandemic has taken those coping mechanisms away.”

Duke basketball season over after optimistic Covid case

A Duke Blue Devils basketball with the logo before their game against the Georgia State Panthers at Cameron Indoor Stadium on November 15, 2019 in Durham, North Carolina.

Jacob Kupferman | Getty Images

The Duke men’s basketball season is over after a positive coronavirus case in the program, the team shared Explanation Thursday.

The team is pulling out of the ACC tournament after “a member of our program tested positive after Wednesday’s ACC tournament game in Greensboro,” said Kevin White, Duke’s director of athletics. “As a result, our 2020-21 season ends.”

The end of the season marks the end of the 24 year streak of the Blue Devils NCAA tournament.

Duke was slated to face Florida State in the quarterfinals of the ACC tournament on Thursday night after beating Boston College on Tuesday and Louisville on Wednesday.

Jeff Goodman from the stadium reported The positive test of the program came from a walk-in player.

The positive test comes after The Duke Chronicle reported Between March 5 and March 9, 102 students tested positive for the coronavirus.

The majority of students who tested positive “either have a known Greek affiliation and / or are male freshmen in the class of 2024” related to personal fraternity activities, the Duke’s administrators wrote in an E on Wednesday -Mail to the students.

The Blue Devils finished the season 13-11 overall, finishing tenth in the ACC conference with a 9-9 record.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have Middleton household Zoom quizzes | Leisure

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed zoom quizzes with the Middleton family.

Prince William and his wife, Duchess Catherine, haven’t been able to spend as much time with their relatives as they would normally like due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they have still been able to socialize virtually – although their evenings can get very competitive.

Catherine’s mother, Carole Middleton, told Good Housekeeping, “Before the first lockdown, our son James and his fiancée moved in with us so we had plenty of time together.

“I obviously couldn’t see the rest of my family as often as I would like, but we were good at talking on the phone.

“We did a lot of tests like the rest of the country. We are all very competitive! “

Carole, 66, is a hands-on grandmother to the couple’s children – Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis two-year-old – as well as her other daughter’s son, Pippa, Arthur, and loves getting messy with them .

She said, “I’m very practical – I want to run down the hills, climb the trees, and go through the tunnel in the playground.

“As long as I can, we will.

“I cook with them, I dance around, we go on bike rides.”

However, she does not interfere in the upbringing of her family because she knows that they do not want a “know-it-all grandma”.

She added, “I think it is my children’s job to pass on what they think is important to their children.

“That will happen, I suspect it will have a work ethic because I know I passed it on to my children.

“I’ve tried very hard to be a listening grandmother and mother-in-law.

“That’s why we’re still close, because our relationship developed like my children had children. I learned to be a wise grandmother, I hope.

“I know how hard it was for me to raise my own children, that you invest a lot in them and don’t really want a know-it-all grandma out there.”

When it comes to her online Party Pieces business, Carole values ​​getting feedback and advice from her children.

She said: “I am very family oriented, so your feedback is very important to me.

“When you order something, they tell me what they think of the buying process or how it will be delivered, and they tell me if they can’t find something they’re looking for so I can consider adding to a range.

“Lots of parents with grown children are my worst critics and most trusted advisors!”

But Carole – whose husband Michael, 71, retired from running the company – admitted that her kids made fun of her surprising taste in music.

She said, “I really like the new things. Right now I get up and dance to Jess Glynne for the family to tease me as I always dress them up.

“People are often surprised to know that I love house music – something with a good beat – and so does Mike.”

Duke Well being program gives meals, transportation, cash to assist individuals survive pandemic ::

– In the past six months, a Duke University health system program has helped support more than 30,000 people with COVID-19 who have been exposed to the coronavirus or are at high risk for the virus.

Duke Health’s COVID-19 social assistance program ensures they have food. Masks, gloves and other protective equipment; Access to medical appointments and vaccination appointments; and money to pay their bills.

“Many of the people we serve come from historically marginalized populations who are very distressed and in a desperate situation,” said Fred Johnson, vice president of Duke’s Division of Community Health.

Duke works with several community organizations – La Semilla, El Centro, Durham County’s Project Access, Gang Free, Slice 325, PEACH, and TRY – to provide services that help people take the right steps, such as: B. Isolate after exposure without worrying about how they eat or pay the bills.

“M.Each of them was an essential worker. Many of them were hourly workers with whom they had to make choices [not] To isolate or not to receive income, “Johnson said.” We believe this program has enabled them not to make this an either / or choice. “

To date, the program has provided 62,000 ready-to-eat meals, more than 10,000 boxes of PPE, and $ 2.5 million in funding.

“Entitled [individuals] had to isolate. So they could only get services that were roughly 14 days, which is the quarantine time, “Johnson said.

Jermaine Barnes drives seniors to and from medical appointments as part of the program.

“With most of these disabled and elderly people, in the pandemic, they have a hard time getting out and going around and doing things. They’re tired of sitting in their house and just doing nothing. So, getting them out to see.” their doctors, get vaccines, everything, it’s heartwarming, “said Barnes.” Without a program like this, I hate to say it, but I think there would have been a lot more deaths. “

The program was launched in September with $ 3.2 million CARES Act funding channeled through the state Department of Health and Human Services. It initially served Counties Durham, Vance and Granville and was later expanded to include Counties Wake, Franklin, Warren and Nash.

Johnson said the program was only supposed to last three months, but another $ 4.2 million government grant kept it going. However, this funding will expire at the end of March.

He hopes the health insurers will take over the funding so that it can continue.

“W.We know this [DHHS] secretary [Dr. Mandy] C.Fire and some of the major insurers have shown a clear interest and plan to introduce interventions and payments for interventions related to social health drivers, “he said.

Sheriff’s Duke fifth annual Dynamite Chili Fest raises cash for brand spanking new LEC monument

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – The Elks Lodge was today where you should be before!

There, the Citizen Alumni Association of the Wichita County’s Sheriffs Office hosted Sheriff Duke’s 5th Annual Dynamite Chili Festival.

The event was attended by 27 stoves, some of which traveled from outside Texoma: Amarillo, Fort Worth, Dallas, and even Telephone, Texas.

The alumni association is raising money to erect memorials for fallen MPs and firefighters in Wichita County outside of the new law enforcement center.

With the aim of raising $ 350,000, organizer Danny Cravens emphasized the importance and how good the chili was.

“It’s all donated money, so events like this make it happen. It was really good chilli, I’ve tried something, something is a little warm, but it’s good, ”said Cravens.

They also had a silent auction and a 50/50 raffle which the winner kindly returned to them directly.

Be on the lookout for more fundraisers the Alumni Association will be running to help achieve its goal, including a golf tournament in April.

Or go straight to the Law Enforcement Center’s new reception to donate!