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Oh, how about being a Kardashian Jenner for the holidays. I mean, I got a Christmas card, but Kris Jenner, she gave her family a fleet of cars, but not like any car.

These are so cute that you’ll want one for your next beach day – literally.

You are cute, calm, and Kardashian.

The Moke used to be a British military vehicle, but Moke America brought the quirky car back to life as an eco-friendly celebrity magnet.

Todd Rome, Moke America: “Rock Stars, Athletes, CEOs.”

Jackie O, James Bond and Reality Stars.

Kris Jenner just gave all of the kids their own as a gift.

Todd Rome: “Everyone got a different color and it was a lot of fun.”

Must be good!

Todd Rome: “Men love them. The women love them. The kids love them. You know, everyone loves her. “

And we drove to the chic Fisher Island.

Alex Miranda: “This is a very exclusive place and I can tell you, I feel very cool.”

To test drive!

Alex Miranda: “When you drive this car you are totally exposed to the elements if you don’t have the top down here. It’s better than a golf cart; it’s almost like a Wrangler. “

And it’s not all fun! The emission-free cruiser with road approval …

Todd Rome: “The top speed is 25 mph and the Moke can be driven anywhere at 35 mph or less.”

It can be plugged into any household outlet for up to 40 miles when fully charged. Plus, they’re fully customizable.

Todd Rome: “Actually, every single thing on the car can be pretty much changed. You design the vehicle. We build it and send it straight to your home. “

Its small size makes it perfect for the beach, and because everything is electric now …

Alex Miranda: “All you hear is the breeze and the sea and the animals and the birds, paradise. Look at that. Look at that, stunning. “

If you don’t want to blow your music too, the moke starts at around $ 22,000.

Just try not to upset the neighbors too much.

Moke America Miami
1 Fisher Island Drive
Fishing island 33109

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Extreme climate, omicron infections drive hundreds extra U.S. flight cancellations

Airlines canceled more than 2,600 U.S. flights on New Year’s Day as they faced severe weather conditions across the country and an increase in employee Omicron infections, affecting air travel during the year-end vacation.

The problems are not resolved that quickly. By Saturday afternoon, the airlines had already canceled more than 1,000 US flights planned for Sunday. More than 13,700 U.S. flights have been suspended and thousands more delayed since Christmas Eve, according to flight tracking site FlightAware.

The travel problems occur during the airlines which are among the busiest days since the pandemic began. Last year, the Transportation Security Administration screened nearly 580 million people, up 79% from 2020 but still a decrease of about 30% from pre-pandemic 2019.

Southwest Airlines had largely escaped some of the serious disruptions affecting the rivals over the holidays, but scrubbed 473 flights on Saturday, 13% of the schedule, according to FlightAware. More than 600 more were delayed. Because of a severe winter storm, the airline stopped flight operations at Chicago airports from 1 p.m. local time.

Southwest has more than 200 daily departures from Chicago Midway International Airport. An airline spokeswoman said flights were suspended because planners expected “the gusty winds and snowdrifts that show us decades of operations at this airport will slow down the airspace, de-icing and reloading of planes.” make it very difficult. “The spokeswoman for Southwest had no staffing problems.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also slowed traffic at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. American Airlines‘largest hub, due to staffing levels. Earlier this week, the agency warned the disruption would continue.

“Weather and heavy seasonal traffic will likely lead to some travel delays in the coming days,” the agency said on Friday. “Like the rest of the US population, an increased number of FAA employees have tested positive for COVID-19. To ensure safety, the volume of traffic in some facilities could be reduced, which can lead to delays in peak times. “

While the weather caused many of the cancellations on New Year’s Day, airlines have included United Airlines, Delta Airlines and JetBlue Airways canceled hundreds of flights over the holidays, citing omicron infections among the crews for many of the disruptions.

Airlines have increased incentives for pilots and flight attendants to take trips and remove staffing bottlenecks that some executives say could last for several weeks as Covid cases continue to rise.

The Air Line Pilots Association, United Pilots’ Union, negotiated triple pay for fliers picking up open travel for most of January, CNBC reported on Friday. United flight attendants and both cabin crew and pilots spirit and others receive bonuses even during the busy holiday season.

Airlines have tried to cancel flights early so customers don’t get stuck at the airport, overwhelm ticket counters and have to change their plans. JetBlue announced this week that it will be 1,280 flights deleted from the flight schedule by mid-January in order to avoid short-term cancellations, as the crews of Omicron Covid infections are on the sidelines.

American, which operates a major hub out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, canceled 208 flights, or 7% of its operations, on Saturday, FlightAware data showed. Chicago-based United has canceled 158.7% of its main-haul flights. Delta has canceled nearly 200 flights, 9% of its Saturday flight schedule.

Airlines executives said they expect travel demand to rise in 2022 and have prepared to expand their schedules and recruit new employees.

Southwest has surpassed its goal of hiring more than 5,700 employees, including onboarding staff and expanded offerings, Greg Muccio, Southwest’s senior director of talent acquisition, wrote in an employee release Thursday. The airline is aiming for another 8,000 more employees next year.

However, the omicron variant is a new challenge for carriers.

“While we expect a full recovery in 2022, it will be a two-half year,” said JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes in an employee New Years Day memo seen by CNBC. “Our traditional lows, especially in the next few weeks after the holidays and as COVID-19 cases rise, are going to be tough.”

However, Hayes said that JetBlue expects an “exceptionally busy summer and plans to take advantage of this opportunity as we continue to expand our fleet and offer low fares on additional routes.”

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 first drive assessment: Sci-fi type meets sensible efficiency

Der Ioniq 5 hat Proportionen wie kein anderer Hyundai und sieht aus wie nichts anderes auf der Straße.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Der 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 ist ein Elektro-SUV, aber die geduckten Proportionen sind eher ein großes Fließheck als ein kleiner Crossover. Wie auch immer Sie es nennen, das markante geometrische Design sieht aus fast jedem Blickwinkel fantastisch aus. Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, auf die Straße zu gehen und herauszufinden, ob dieser Stil durch Substanz unterstützt wird.

Der Ioniq 5 basiert auf der neuen E-GMP-dedizierten Elektrofahrzeugplattform der Hyundai Motor Group, die es dem Unternehmen ermöglicht, einige hübsche Tricks mit dem Design und den Proportionen des Fahrzeugs auszuführen. Hyundai hat die Räder bis in die Ecken der 182,5 Zoll langen Standfläche des Ioniq 5 geschoben – ungefähr so ​​lang wie ein Tucson — was zu einem 118,1 Zoll langen Radstand führt, der länger ist als die dreireihige Palisade. Dies, kombiniert mit dem flachen Boden und dem breiten Chassis, gibt den Passagieren mehr Innenraumvolumen (106,5 Kubikfuß) frei als die Konkurrenz Ford Mustang Mach-E oder Volkswagen ID 4. Die stark geneigte Hintergrundbeleuchtung kostet den Hyundai jedoch ein wenig Ladevolumen und lässt ihn mit 27,2 Kubikfuß ein paar Würfel hinter der Konkurrenz zurück.

Zwei Antriebsstrangkonfigurationen

Zur Markteinführung wird das Ioniq 5 in Konfigurationen mit einem oder zwei Motoren erhältlich sein, die beide von einem 77,4-Kilowattstunden-Akku betrieben werden. Mit einem einzigen Motor, der 258 Pfund-Fuß Drehmoment an die Hinterräder sendet, beschleunigt der 225-PS-Ioniq 5 in 7,3 Sekunden von 0 auf 100 km/h und bietet bis zu 303 Meilen EPA-geschätzte Reichweite.

Das Hinzufügen eines zweiten Motors an der Vorderachse steigert das System insgesamt auf 320 PS und 446 lb-ft Drehmoment. Diese Allradversion ist die bisher schnellste Konfiguration und sprintet in 5,1 Sekunden von 0 auf 100 km/h. Der Antrieb dieses zweiten Motors fordert jedoch einen Tribut von der Reichweite und sinkt auf eine Schätzung von 256 Meilen – immer noch ansehnlich, aber auch kurz hinter dem 270-Meilen-Anspruch des Mach-E Extended AWD und dem 316 Meilen des Tesla Model Y.

Der Frontmotor des Ioniq 5 verfügt über eine Kupplung, die ihn mechanisch von den Rädern trennen kann, um die Effizienz je nach Fahrerverhalten und gewähltem Fahrmodus zu maximieren. Der Sport- und der Snow-Modus verwenden zu jeder Zeit beide Motoren, Normal schaltet sich aus, wenn er nicht benötigt wird, und Eco sperrt den Antriebsstrang größtenteils in den Hinterradantrieb. Hyundai sagt, dass, da die EPA-Reichweitentests im normalen Modus durchgeführt werden, der durchschnittliche Fahrer mit dem Eco-Modus und einer leichten Berührung leicht besser als die 256-Meilen-Schätzung abschneiden könnte. An einem kalten, regnerischen Tag, an dem ich hauptsächlich im Sportmodus gefahren bin, habe ich es etwas schlechter geschafft.

Läuft gerade:
Schau dir das an:

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: Dieses lustige und funky Elektroauto ist ein Muss!



Ich begann meinen Test mit einer Ladung von 80 % und einer angegebenen Reichweite von etwa 200 Meilen. Ich fuhr insgesamt 135 Meilen, bevor ich mit 20 % Akku und 52 verbleibenden Meilen auf dem Computer zur Basis zurückkehrte – etwa 5 % unter der Schätzung. Um ehrlich zu sein, mein Tag kam mit den Komplikationen des Filmens, des temperamentvollen, bewertenden Fahrens und des Heizens, um meinen Produzenten bei Laune zu halten.

Das Fahrverhalten und das Handling des Ioniq 5 sind auf Komfort abgestimmt und fühlen sich einen Hauch geschmeidiger an als der fahrtüchtige Kia EV6 Ich bin Anfang des Jahres gefahren, aber ohne die Kontrolle oder die Gelassenheit über Unebenheiten und in Kurven zu verlieren. Die Lenkung ist leicht, aber nicht ungenau. Das großzügige elektrische Drehmoment fühlt sich abseits der Linie großartig an – nicht überwältigend kraftvoll, aber mehr als schnell genug für die Bedürfnisse der meisten Fahrer – und behält seine Reaktionsfähigkeit in der Stadt und auf der Autobahn bei. Insgesamt bin ich mit der Leistung des Ioniq 5 zufrieden.

Zusätzlich zu den vier Fahrmodi sind fünf regenerative Bremseinstellungen über Paddles am Lenkrad wählbar. Es gibt drei Regenerations- und Verzögerungsstufen sowie einen Auto-Modus, der je nach Batteriezustand, Fahrerwunsch und anderen Faktoren variiert. Es gibt auch einen I-Pedal-Modus, der es dem Fahrer ermöglicht, zu verlangsamen und anzuhalten, ohne die Reibungsbremsen oder das Pedal zu benutzen, aber der Ioniq bleibt nicht in diesem Modus und kehrt zu Beginn jeder Fahrt in die Stufen 1, 2, 3 oder Auto zurück . Das ist leicht nervig, aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass weniger sture Fahrer es einfach auf Auto lassen und die Fahrt genießen.

Zum Start wird nur der Long-Range-Akku angeboten, der je nach Konfiguration zwischen 256 und 303 Meilen zurückreicht.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Bidirektionales Laden

Der Akku des Ioniq 5 ist in der Lage, Ladegeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 235 Kilowatt zu akzeptieren, wenn er an eine Gleichstrom-Schnellladestation angeschlossen wird. Bei der schnellsten Auffüllrate sehen Sie in etwa 18 Minuten einen 10 % bis 80 % Burst. An einer gebräuchlicheren öffentlichen 240-Volt-Ladestation oder zu Hause akzeptiert der Ioniq 5 bis zu 10,9 kW und lädt in knapp sieben Stunden von 10 % auf voll.

Ich konnte die Vehicle-to-Load-Funktion (V2L) des 5 nicht testen. Mit einem optionalen Adapter können kleine Camping- und Heckklappengeräte angeschlossen und über den Ladeanschluss von der Batterie des Elektrofahrzeugs mit Strom versorgt werden. Über diese 120-Volt-Steckdose können Sie sogar ein anderes Elektrofahrzeug aufladen; Erwarten Sie einfach nicht mehr als eine Erhaltungsladung mit nur 1,9 kW maximalem Verbrauch. Benutzer können auch über ein Bildschirmmenü ein V2L-Limit festlegen, um genug Saft zu reservieren, um nach Hause zu kommen.

Innenarchitektur und Technik

Die Gestaltung des Innenraums ist minimalistisch und grenzt an Sparsamkeit. Fans eines cleanen Looks werden das flache Armaturenbrett mit seinen 12,3-Zoll-Doppelbildschirmen und der einfachen kapazitiven Klimatisierung lieben. Persönlich denke ich, dass es ein paar mehr Tasten gebrauchen könnte – zum Beispiel dedizierte Schalter für die Sitzheizung anstelle der kryptischen „Wärmer“ -Taste, die ein Touchscreen-Menü aufruft – aber zumindest gibt es einen Regler für die Lautstärke.

Das Infotainment hat ein klares, weißes Thema und neue Menüs zur Überwachung der EV-Effizienz und der Gebührenplanung. Dies wird auch die erste Over-the-Air-Update-fähige Version der Dashboard-Software von Hyundai sein, wobei die ersten großen Updates um das Frühjahr 2022 herum herauskommen. Ich hoffe, das erste Update enthält ein dunkles Thema für Nachtfahrten. Die hellweiße Benutzeroberfläche bleibt auch nach Sonnenuntergang bestehen und beeinträchtigt meine Nachtsicht, selbst bei der niedrigsten Helligkeitsstufe. Ich verstehe, warum die Bildschirme so hell sein müssen – dank ihres haubenlosen Designs müssen sie die Sonne überstrahlen –, aber eine Option für einen dunklen Hintergrund am Abend würde den Komfort und vor allem die Sicherheit verbessern.

Der Innenraum ist so minimalistisch, dass nicht einmal ein Hyundai-Emblem auf dem Rad zu sehen ist – nur vier einfache Quadrate.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Die standardmäßige digitale Schlüsselfunktion von Hyundai ermöglicht es Fahrern, den Ioniq 5 mit einem Android-Telefon anstelle des Schlüsselanhängers zu entsperren, zu starten und zu fahren. Einmal an Bord, Android Auto und Apple CarPlay sind Standard, aber keines von beiden unterstützt drahtlose Konnektivität. Ärgerlicherweise ist der einzige USB-Anschluss, der für Medienwiedergabe oder App-Spiegelung mit dem Infotainment verbunden ist, der eine Weg unten unter dem Armaturenbrett in der Nähe meiner Füße – die vier USB-Anschlüsse an der verschiebbaren Mittelkonsole dienen nur zum Aufladen – was bedeutet, dass dort auch Ihr Telefon muss gehen, um zu vermeiden, dass Kabel über die Kabine gespreizt werden.

Die Mittelkonsole ist schön und verfügt über ein kabelloses Ladepad und einen offenen Stauraum, der groß genug für eine Handtasche oder eine kleine Tasche ist. Wenn Sie einen versteckten Griff greifen, kann das gesamte Paket ein wenig über einen Fuß nach hinten geschoben werden, wodurch die Fondpassagiere Zugang zum Stauraum erhalten oder dem Fahrer Platz schaffen, um von der Beifahrerseite herüberzurutschen, wenn ihre Tür blockiert ist. Sie werden das wahrscheinlich nicht jeden Tag tun, aber es ist praktisch, wenn Sie es brauchen. Ich mag auch, dass sich die Vordersitze in eine fast horizontale Position neigen und über einziehbare Beinstützen verfügen, damit Sie sich entspannen oder ein Nickerchen machen können, während Sie auf eine Ladung warten.

Sicherheitstechnologie für maschinelles Lernen

Die SmartSense-Fahrerassistenz-Suite von Hyundai ist serienmäßig mit Überwachung des toten Winkels, Querverkehrswarnung hinten, Fußgänger- und Radfahrererkennung und der neuesten Generation der Bremstechnologie zur Kollisionsvermeidung. Der Ioniq 5 kann jetzt bremsen, um den Gegenverkehr beim Linksabbiegen auszuweichen, und neue Radarsensoren an der vorderen Ecke können beim Überqueren einer Kreuzung 90-Grad-Verkehr erkennen und bremsen, um T-Bone-Kollisionen zu vermeiden.

Unter der Haube befindet sich ein flaches Staufach, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob auch das Ladekabel dort hineinpasst.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Die adaptive Geschwindigkeitsregelung reagiert jetzt reibungsloser auf das Einfahren von Fahrzeugen bei langsamem Verkehr und verfügt über maschinelles Lernen, das Beschleunigungs-, Brems- und Abstandstendenzen basierend auf dem Verhalten des menschlichen Fahrers anpasst. Wenn Sie ein entspannter Fahrer sind, der Platz für andere lässt, wird Smart Cruise Control dies im Laufe der Zeit nachahmen. Wenn Sie aggressiver fahren, wird SCC bis zu einem gewissen Punkt auch. Im Idealfall sollte es nie wie ein kompletter Idiot fahren, unabhängig vom Wahnsinnigen hinter dem Steuer.

Der Highway Driving Assist II von Hyundai ist in der Ausstattungsvariante SEL online und fügt einen spurzentrierenden Lenkassistenten hinzu, der die Position des Fahrzeugs innerhalb der Fahrspur anpassen kann, wenn ein benachbartes Auto zu nahe kommt oder die Linie überquert – ein Hyundai-Mitarbeiter nennt die Funktion „Fahrspurscooching“. helfen.” Der Hands-on-Lenkassistent kann auch automatisch die Spur wechseln, wenn der Blinker aktiviert wird, und bietet Unterstützung zur Vermeidung von Spurwechsel-Kollisionen und Ausweichmanövern.

Die Ausstattungsvariante Limited steigt auf ein 360-Grad-Kamerasystem und die Toter-Winkel-Kamera des Autoherstellers, die mit dem Blinker aktiviert wird. In der Top-Ausstattung finden Sie auch den Remote Smart Parking Assist von Hyundai, mit dem Sie den SUV vom Bordstein geradeaus vorwärts oder rückwärts in enge Stellen bewegen können, und ein massives Head-up-Display mit Augmented-Reality-Technologie, die Ihnen nicht unähnlich ist auf der neu finden Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse und EQS.

Der Ioniq 5 sieht aus wie eine Science-Fiction-Requisite oder ein Konzeptauto, ist aber überraschend praktisch und bietet ein solides Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Preise und Wettbewerb

Bei der Markteinführung ist der Hyundai Ioniq 5 . 2022 beginnt bei $44.875 einschließlich einer Zielgebühr in Höhe von 1.225 USD für die SE-Spezifikation mit großer Reichweite und Heckantrieb. Das Limited AWD-Modell steht an der Spitze der Produktpalette mit 55.725 US-Dollar, wie es getestet wurde, und das ist, bevor Sie bis zu 7.500 US-Dollar an potenziellen Bundessteuergutschriften erhalten können. Ende 2022 wird eine dritte Konfiguration hinzukommen, die auf eine kleinere 58,2-kWh-Batterie mit 168 PS von ihrem einzelnen Heckmotor und 220 Meilen EPA-geschätzter Reichweite reduziert wird. Dieser Ioniq 5 SE der Einstiegsklasse der Standardklasse wird die günstigste Spezifikation sein, beginnend bei 40.925 US-Dollar.

Seine hervorragende Reichweite und sein günstiger Preis machen den Ioniq 5 zu einer überzeugenden eckigen Alternative zu das kurvenreiche Model Y. Die gebotene Leistung, Ausstattung und Wertigkeit versetzen den Hyundai auch in eine besonders konkurrenzfähige Position gegenüber Fords Mustang Mach-E und dem Volkswagen ID 4. Der 2022er Hyundai Ioniq 5 ist alles andere als anonym und ist – trotz einiger Nissen – bereits einer von meine Lieblingspicks in dieser schnell wachsenden Klasse.

Anmerkung des Herausgebers: Reisekosten im Zusammenhang mit dieser Geschichte wurden vom Hersteller übernommen, was in der Autoindustrie üblich ist. Die Urteile und Meinungen der Mitarbeiter von Roadshow sind unsere eigenen und wir akzeptieren keine bezahlten redaktionellen Inhalte.

Setzen Sie sich auf den Fahrersitz, um die neuesten Autonachrichten und -bewertungen zweimal wöchentlich in Ihrem Posteingang zu erhalten.

Boeing (BA) 3Q 2021 loss as Dreamliner flaws drive up prices

An employee works on the tail of a Boeing Co. Dreamliner 787 aircraft on the production line at the company’s final assembly facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Travis Dove | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Boeing said Wednesday that defects in its 787 Dreamliners would result in abnormal costs of $ 1 billion and that production would be reduced to about two of the planes per month as it struggles to address quality issues. These issues resulted in deliveries being suspended for most of the past year.

Of this, the manufacturer wrote off $ 183 million in the third quarter.

However, sales improved thanks to higher Aircraft sales and supplies. Boeing said its revenue rose to $ 15.28 billion in the third quarter, an 8% increase from $ 14.14 billion last year. That was below the $ 16.3 billion forecast by analysts. The company reported a net loss of $ 132 million for the quarter, despite being less than the $ 466 million it lost a year earlier.

“Our commercial market is showing improved signs of recovery with the opening up of vaccine distribution and border protocols,” said CEO Dave Calhoun in an employee statement following the results. “When demand returns, supply chain capacity and world trade will be the main drivers of our industry and the recovery of the world economy.”

Boeing’s cash flow from operations improved to minus $ 232 million from $ 4.8 billion a year ago. The company’s share rose 1.4% in pre-market trading.

This is how the company has developed compared to the analyst estimates carried out by Refinitiv:

  • Adjusted results: A loss of 60 cents per share versus an expected loss of 20 cents per share.
  • Revenue: $ 15.28 billion versus $ 16.3 billion, expected.

Last year, Boeing first disclosed quality problems with seams on the hulls of some of its 787s. The problems led to inspections that caused Boeing to suspend deliveries of the aircraft to airline customers, thereby draining the company’s cash.

Deliveries resumed briefly this year, but were suspended again in May due to further inspections. Analysts estimate that Boeing has around 100 of the aircraft in its fleet. The company has repeatedly lowered the production rate for the jetliners. Over the summer, Boeing announced it was producing fewer than five 787s a month.

“The company expects to continue at this rate until deliveries resume and then return to five per month over time,” the statement said.

Boeing has been in successive crises since the first of two fatal crashes of its 737 Max three years ago. While it was a 20-month aircraft lockdown, the pandemic decimated the demand for travel and airplanes.

The company shipped 62,737 in the quarter, the most since Q1 2019, Calhoun said. It manufactures 19 Max aircraft per month, up from 16 in July. The forecast was to increase production to 31 per month in early 2022.

The company’s shares had lost 2% so far this year as of Tuesday’s close of trading, compared to a 22% gain for the S&P 500.

Boeing executives will face analyst questions on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. ET.

Drive In-Fashion with Pennywise, Beetlejuice and the Sandworm

DALLAS, September 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Car Buddy ™, an inflatable passenger passenger ride, is back for the 2021 Halloween season with new Warner Bros. characters available at Walmart.

The Airblown® Inflatable Car Buddy ™ from Gemmy Industries inflates itself in seconds and lights up with a bright, energy-efficient LED. It contains a 12 V plug adapter and fits securely on the front passenger seat.

Car Buddy ™, an inflatable passenger perfect for any ride-sharing, is back for the 2021 Halloween season with new Warner Bros. characters available at Walmart.

This year’s Chilling collection includes exclusive Walmart products:

Exclusive to the Seasons Inflatables:

Traditional Halloween characters are also available at Seasons Inflatables and Big Lots:

“With Car Buddy, decorators can celebrate on the go, anywhere,” says Gemmy’s Vice President of Licensing. Kim Richeson. “It’s not just fun for the driver, it’s also exciting to see for everyone.”

This year the Halloween Car Buddy ™ collection (RRP $ 19.97$ 39.99) is available at Walmart, Seasons Inflatables, and Big Lots. For more information, visit

About Gemmy Industries

Gemmy Industries is a leading seasonal lighting and decoration innovator who has changed the way America decorates for the holidays. As the inventor of Airblown® Inflatables and LightShow® lighting, Gemmy is a trendsetter when it comes to decorating houses for every special occasion. For more information on product lines and distributors, see

About Warner Bros. Consumer Goods

Warner Bros. Consumer Products, part of Warner Bros. Global Brands and Experiences, expands the studio’s powerful portfolio of entertainment brands and franchises into the lives of fans around the world. WBCP works with world-class licensees worldwide to develop an award-winning line of toys, fashion, home decor and publishing, ranging from franchises and properties such as DC, Wizarding World, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, HBO, Cartoon Network and. was inspired by adults swimming. The division’s successful global themed entertainment business includes groundbreaking experiences such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. With innovative global licensing and merchandising programs, retail initiatives, advertising partnerships and thematic experiences, WBCP is one of the leading licensing and retail merchandising organizations in the world.

BEETLEJUICE and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21)

IT CHAPTER TWO and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21)

SOURCE Gemmy Industries

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Pent-up client demand, federal cash drive Iowa tax income

money cash bills generic

CEDAR RAPIDS – Fueled by pent-up consumer demand and state incentive payments, Iowa’s tax revenue increased 15 percent in June compared to the previous June, and state revenue increased 15 percent over the past 12 months.

Net tax revenue for June was $ 928 million, according to the Legislative Services Agency monthly report. That’s $ 121 million more than in June 2020.

Corporate income tax, gambling tax, fuel tax, and sales / use tax all made high gains for the month, both in dollars and as a percentage of growth.

In the past 12 months, net sales rose $ 1.541 billion, or 17.4 percent, the LSA reported, noting that economic activity was low for much of that time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For the year ended June 30, net income from all taxes paid to sovereign wealth funds was $ 10.413 billion, an increase of $ 1.541 billion compared to the previous 12 months.

During that time, individual income tax receipts rose 18.2 percent, but LSA found that federal and state delayed income tax due dates “have significantly changed the normal flow of individual income tax receipts over the past 14 months.”

The annual growth rate of 18.2 percent is “unusually high” compared to net tax growth on individual income, which averaged 4.2 percent over the past two years, added LSA.

Other key contributors to the dollar and percentage changes year over year were corporate tax revenue, which increased $ 367 million, or 68.5 percent. Sales tax revenue increased $ 411.1 million, 68.5 percent. That included $ 85.3 million more sales tax revenue paid to the Road Use Tax Fund and a $ 332.1 million (10.4 percent) increase in sales tax revenue to the State General Fund.

However, sales tax revenue, which was transferred to other state funds, primarily the Flood Mitigation Fund, Reinvestment District Fund and two water quality funds, fell by $ 6.8 million, the LSA said.

And lower sales / use tax refunds increased net income by $ 6.2 million, and increased sales tax payments to the school infrastructure account, recorded as tax refunds, decreased net income by $ 5.7 million.

Banks’ tax revenue declined 20.3 percent, or $ 14.1 million, and fuel tax revenue declined $ 35.7 million, or 5.1 percent. According to Treasury Department’s monthly fuel sales reports, the total gallon subject to fuel tax decreased 3.3 percent over the past 12 months.

Gambling tax revenue increases by $ 90.9 million, or 37 percent, despite Iowa’s 19 state-regulated casinos closed on March 17, 2020 due to the governor’s declaration of the COVID-19 state health emergency. Most reopened in early June this year.

Tax revenues for cigarettes and tobacco fell by $ 9.5 million, or 4.5 percent, the LSA reported.

Comments: (319) 398-8375;

Varun Chibber – Proprietor of Apollo Dwell Leisure, Philanthropist and a visionary launches second meals distribution drive

Mumbai, India, May 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – After the ongoing crisis Varun Chibber has supported the families of the daily missions; He has looked after almost 2000 households and decided to distribute important food to them in the COVID crisis.

“We started this food distribution drive for the second time during this pandemic. We have found that the lockdown, followed by Mission Unlock, combined with the second feared spike in COVID-related cases and deaths, is putting a huge strain on the population . ” Life of the marginalized parts of our society. We have therefore decided to split our sales offensive into two categories:

  1. Food grain kits provide a balanced diet for the day laborers and slum dwellers struggling to survive the lockdown.
  2. Nutrition kits as a thank you to our frontline workers who took the risk of their own lives to fight this pandemic.

I firmly believe that no one should sleep hungry in this country where more food is grown than most other countries, and I and my team will work towards that belief, “says Varun.

In the current music and talent management landscape Varun Chibber is definitely one of the elite names in the business. He undoubtedly has the coveted quality of being a respected dramatic thespian. He is one of the few names who has consistently put his creative efforts into practice and managed to create an organization that has become an integral part of the entertainment business in India.

As a serial entrepreneur in the field of music and talent management, Varun founded Apollo Live Entertainment on 2nd August 2019 – focuses on bringing in many talents – each brilliant in their own creative field.

Apollo Live Entertainment is an amalgamation of entertainment with future technologies. The company harnesses the power of music to unite people by curating unforgettable musical experiences and memories, by hosting events, concerts and live performances for talented musicians who have a voice that deserves to be heard. Apollo Live Entertainment also helps young and aimless talent by offering its talent manager services.

In addition to entertainment, Varun has seriously devoted his life to serving people. He dedicated his 2020 to helping the disadvantaged who contracted COVID and will continue to do so in 2021.

Via Apollo Live Entertainment

Apollo Live Entertainment is an event management company run by Varun Chibber and was launched in 2019. With the aim of bringing people the best of live music through the most talented singers of the generation, every element is masterfully crafted and impeccably executed to create picture-perfect memories. The music industry thrives on the amalgamation of old and new talent. With that in mind, and to ensure the industry continues to thrive, we strive to provide aspiring singers, DJs and artists with a platform to show off their singing skills.

Website –

SOURCE Apollo Live Entertainment

UK authorities to focus on cash in Scotland to counter independence drive

A Scottish flag flies next to the British Union Jack flag in front of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, April 24, 2019. REUTERS / Russell Cheyne

The Scottish businesswoman Marie Macklin voted for independence seven years ago. Now she doesn’t see it as a priority.

As the Scottish National Party (SNP) pushes for a second referendum after another election victory this month, Macklin believes economic recovery is the real priority, especially for the fate of their struggling Scottish hometown, Kilmarnock.

In this regard, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration makes a difference.

“I’ve seen a strategic change,” said Macklin, who quickly secured UK government funding to train 200 apprentices for their HALO urban renewal project in Kilmarnock, a deprived SNP stronghold in Scotland.

She has fought for 12 years to raise government funding for her £ 89 million ($ 89 million) HALO Kilmarnock project, a redevelopment of the home of Scottish whiskey giant Johnnie Walker, which owns the 23-acre site in Cyber ​​and digital learning transforms facility at its hub for business and innovation.

She welcomes the funding of her plans to create a “digital army of young people” who once received social benefits as part of a change of direction to support communities.

When asked if the funding was a ploy to buy votes, she is apolitical and says she is focused on helping her community.

“When you say, do you do this to get votes? Don’t all politicians do that?”

Although the SNP triumphed in the Scottish general election, Conservatives gained ground among voters in the region.

It’s a low base, but according to two sources close to making decisions on the government’s Scotland strategy, the government is hoping to build on it, including through targeted project funding.

Controversial bill

Scotland, a nation of nearly 5.5 million people, has long been a problem for the Conservative government, especially Johnson, whose push for Brexit has only fueled hostility towards his government in Westminster, which is hundreds of miles away.

He has virtually no personal relationship with the SNP’s Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, conservative sources say, and she was aware that winning this month’s election only fueled the quest for independence.

Johnson himself is unpopular with many Scots who consider him the epitome of the English upper class elite, and he was largely kept at a distance in the campaign for the Scottish Parliament, in which parties for independence took a majority of the seats.

But he defends himself. In the run-up to the elections, his government advocated investing in Scotland and made a series of announcements in March highlighting the more than £ 800 million newly designated funding.

Aside from government programs to protect jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the apprenticeship system, ministers hope to move forward with a law that emerged from another “independence” line: Britain’s division from the European Union.

The Single Market Act, which came into force in December 2020, once gave Great Britain the opportunity to suspend its divorce treaty previously agreed with the EU, which infuriated Brussels and was condemned by critics as a betrayal of international law.

After the separation is complete, provisions of the law that were overlooked in the Brexit series will be used to try to hold the UK together so that London can essentially bypass the Scottish government by allowing the government to put projects into the Infrastructure, education, finance directly. Culture and sport.

The government refers to its £ 4.8 billion leveling-up fund over four years, with at least £ 800 million earmarked for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, or its £ 220 million Community Renewal Fund for the UK, the topping up existing EU funding to pave the way for a new UK fund for shared prosperity.

This will replace the funds provided by the EU, the government says, adding that decisions about where to invest money are made at “the UK level, not Brussels”.

This has led to cries of opposition at the SNP, who see it as little more than a takeover of power. This would undermine two decades of decentralization, which gives the Scottish Government and Parliament more decision-making power in certain areas and a cut from what it has received from the EU, it said.

But it also represents a challenge for the SNP, which is pushing for a new independence referendum as soon as possible after the coronavirus pandemic. The SNP doesn’t want to be seen refusing money for parts of Scotland just because the funding comes from Westminster.

“They believe that plastering union flags will make a difference. They will obviously be able to do a lot of publicity.” Oh, aren’t we generous, we gave this to you? “Said Philippa Whitford, the SNP legislature in the Westminster Parliament for nearby Central Ayrshire.

“So it’s all about captivating people, but in the long run, people value decentralization.”

The government denies that the act is a takeover. Alister Jack, the UK Scottish Secretary, said this month: “We needed this legislation to protect Scottish businesses and Scottish jobs.”


The dispute, however, underscores the difficulty the UK government will face in building its Scotland strategy – applying too much pressure and reinforcing the desire of some Scots to push for independence. Polls show that Scots split more or less equally for or against independence.

So far, the government has been largely silent about what other tools it is likely to use. Johnson chose a team of advisors just last month when Johnson was leading the union protection team in Sue Gray, a former Downing Street ethics commander.

You and Senior Minister Michael Gove are seen as instrumental in drawing up the next steps in the strategy beyond the broader drive to tackle inequality across the UK.

“I would argue that there has to be a great social, cultural piece that shows the positive side of British identity,” said Luke Graham, a former advisor to Scotland on Downing Street.

For Macklin, it pays to get the government’s ear if it means the UK government is pouring funds directly into the private sector, helping the communities.

She would also see the creation of a joint UK strategy involving business leaders to aid recovery from COVID and meet government environmental goals.

“I don’t care who gets the recognition for this … regeneration project, which was realized after 12 years. It was a lot of sweat and tears. But in the end the community won.”

($ 1 = 0.7053 pounds)

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Drive Shack Inc. Is Bringing Puttery, Its Latest Social Leisure Mini-Golf Expertise to Penn Quarter, Washington D.C.’s Premier Leisure Zone


One of the world’s greatest hidden fortunes has been wiped out for days

(Bloomberg) – From his seat high above Midtown Manhattan, directly across from Carnegie Hall, Bill Hwang quietly built one of the greatest fortunes in the world. Even on Wall Street, few noticed him – until suddenly everyone did.His private investment firm, Archegos Capital Management, is now at the center of one of the biggest margin calls of all time – a multi-billion dollar fiasco of secret market bets that were used dangerously effectively and at lightning speed made up of stocks dumped by banks in the past few days – ViacomCBS Inc., Discovery Inc. GSX Techedu Inc., Baidu Inc. – all of which had soared this year and sometimes confused traders who couldn’t understand why . Part of Hwang’s portfolio, which has been trading in blocks since Friday by Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo & Co., was worth nearly $ 40 billion last week. Bankers reckon Archegos’ net capital – essentially Hwang’s fortune – had reached north of $ 10 billion. And as divestments continue to grow, estimates of his company’s total positions continue to rise: tens of billions, $ 50 billion, even more than $ 100 billion. It was gone in just a few days. “I’ve never seen anything like it – how quiet it was, how focused, and how quickly it went away,” said Mike Novogratz, a career macro investor and former Goldman Sachs partner who has been trading since 1994. “This must be one of the greatest personal wealth losses in history. “Late Monday in New York, Archegos broke days of silence over the episode:” This is a challenging time for the Archegos Capital Management family office, our partners and employees, “said Karen Kessler, company spokeswoman, in an email Mail sent statement. “All plans are discussed while Mr. Hwang and the team determine the best way forward.” The cascade of trade losses has impacted from New York to Zurich to Tokyo and beyond, leaving myriad questions unanswered, including the big ones: How could anyone take such big risks by so many banks under the noses of regulators around the world get supported. Part of the answer is that Hwang was set up as a family office with limited oversight and then used financial derivatives to disclose large stakes in companies without ever having to collect. Another reason is that global banks embraced him as a lucrative customer, despite a record of insider trading and attempted market manipulation that pushed him out of hedge fund business a decade ago. A student of hedge fund legend Julian Robertson, Sung Kook “Bill Hwang joined Tiger Asia Management and Tiger Asia Partners after settling a 2012 SEC civil lawsuit alleging insider trading and manipulation of Chinese bank stocks. Hwang and the firms paid $ 44 million, and he agreed to be banned from the investment advisory industry. He soon opened Archegos – Greek for “one who leads the way” – and structured it as a family office. Assets are generally exempt from registration as investment advisors with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. So you don’t have to disclose their owners, executives or their administrations – rules to protect outsiders who invest in a fund. This approach makes sense for small family offices, but as they grow to the size of a hedge fund whale, they can still pose risks, this time to outsiders in the broader market. “This again raises questions about the regulation of family offices. Said Tyler Gellasch, a former SEC advisor who now heads the Healthy Markets trading group. “The question is, if it’s just friends and family, why do we care? The answer is that they can have a significant impact on the market, and the SEC’s regulatory system does not clearly reflect that, even according to Dodd-Frank. “Valuable CustomerArchegos entered into trading partnerships with companies such as Nomura Holdings Inc., Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank AG, and Credit Suisse Group AG. For a time after the SEC case, Goldman refused to do business with him on compliance grounds, but gave in as rivals who benefited from having his needs met. The full picture of its holdings is still emerging, and it’s not clear which positions derailed or what hedges are part of the reason that Hwang has never filed a 13F report on its holdings that any investment manager who is more than $ 100 million Holds US dollars in US stocks must be completed at the end of each quarter. That’s because he has apparently structured his trades using total return swaps and has essentially put the positions on banks’ balance sheets. Swaps also allow investors to add great leverage to a portfolio. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, for example, are the largest owners of GSX Techedu, an online Chinese tutoring company that short sellers repeatedly target. Banks can own stocks for a variety of reasons, including hedging swap commitments from doing business with their customers. “Unfortunate Investors” Goldman added 54% to its position in January, according to regulatory filings. Overall, according to a Bloomberg analysis of the submitted documents, banks said they hold at least 68% of the outstanding shares of GSX. The banks owned at least 40% of IQIYI Inc, a Chinese video entertainment company, and 29% of ViacomCBS – all that Archegos had bet on: “I’m sure there are a number of really unfortunate investors out there who have bought these names in in the past few weeks, ”said Doug Cifu, CEO of electronic trading company Virtu Financial Inc., in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Monday. He predicted that regulators will examine whether “a family office should ensure more transparency and disclosure”. With no need to market his fund to outside investors, Hwang’s strategies and performance were kept secret from the outside world. Even as his fortune swelled, the 50-year-old remained unremarkable. Although he had once worked for Robertson’s Tiger Management, he was not known on Wall Street or in New York social circles. Wang is a trustee of Fuller Theology Seminary and a co-founder of the Grace and Mercy Foundation, whose mission is to serve the poor and the oppressed. The foundation had assets of nearly $ 500 million at the end of 2018. “It’s not just about the money, you know,” he said in a rare 2018 interview with an executive at the Fuller Institute, in which he talked about his calling as an investor and his Christian faith. “It’s about the long term, and God certainly has a long-term perspective.” His extraordinary stroke of luck turned early last week when ViacomCBS Inc. announced a second offering of its shares. The stock price fell 9% the next day. The value of other securities believed to be in Archegos’ portfolio based on positions traded in block trading followed. By Thursday’s close of trading, the portfolio’s value fell 27% – more than enough to wipe out an investor’s equity that market participants estimate has been leveraged six to eight times. It also hurt some banks that served Hwang. Nomura and Credit Suisse warned of “significant” losses after the sell-off, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. has reported a potential loss of $ 300 million to Novogratz. “The psychology of all these levers without risk management is almost nihilism.” (Updates to the latest bank for detailed information in the penultimate paragraph.) For more articles like this, visit Subscribe us now to stay ahead of your trusted source of business news. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Name for motion: Gadgets wanted for CMA’s donation drive for stay leisure employees

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A call by the CMAs to support those in need in the local music industry.

The Country Music Association is holding a fundraising campaign for COVID Support (MICS) for the music industry at their office in Music Square East, Nashville, March 15-19.

The event will benefit Musically Fed, which has been serving more than 180,000 meals nationwide to people working in the live music and entertainment industries as of March 2020. Around 22,000 meals were distributed here in Nashville.

A CMA spokesperson said there are two ways to donate – online and in person.

If you would like to donate online, you will be asked to order items from Musically the Fed’s Amazon Wish List before March 19th. Choose “Country Music Association, c / o gift list from FOOD DRIVE” as delivery address.

You can also donate personally by dropping off the items you need in the alley behind the CMA office.

FOOD Toiletries
Dried pasta & sauce toothpaste
Oatmeal cereals laundry detergent
Canned fish / meat Washing-up liquid
Canned fruit and vegetables Hand soap
Soup, crackers shower gel
Rice, quinoa, dry beans shaving cream
peanut butter toilet paper
nuts Paper towels

The music-fed Food Drive Thrus in Nashville will take place on March 13th and 27th. Live entertainment / music industry people wishing to register should contact us or call 480-951-1882. To learn more, visit