Woodland Park patio drink spot 110 Reserve has Breck type and costs | Meals & Drink

The two month old 110 Reserve comes as an extension of Miss Priss Women’s Clothing Store and owner of both, Pamela Mikesell. It’s a very inviting porch / deck / breezeway mini-bar with a view of the highway and Pike’s Peak and wouldn’t be out of place in Breckenridge in terms of design.

A credit is required for this, but you don’t have to charge Breck prices for simple cocktails. Like an inexplicably high vodka from Tito’s $ 15 Bloody Maria – the cost of a killer cocktail at one of Denver’s high-end spots – that’s heavy on the celery salt and drinks like any $ 5 brunch special anywhere, though candied bacon goes with celery, cucumber, olive and salami slice garnish fits.

When you go

110 W. Midland Ave., Woodland Park, 719-640 9663, facebook.com/110ReserveBar

As fine and refreshing as their Don Julio silver Cucumber margarita is, with fresh fruit and homemade lime syrup and luckily no BS mixes, $ 12 still feels a few dollars high.

Our Chicken satay bowl, colorful and beautifully presented with carrot shavings nested on a rice mound, surrounded by edamame drizzled with dressing, broccoli, cabbage, and sliced ​​bird pieces, is at least $ 4 overpriced at $ 16 for the portion and overall finish, inclusive lumpy rice and fairly dry meat with no juice.

For our money, we are most satisfied with a $ 4 snack bowl of warm mixed nuts encased in a fabulous rosemary spice.

PepsiCo and Boston Beer to create alcoholic Mountain Dew drink

The Boston Beer Company and PepsiCo today announced plans to form a business partnership to manufacture the alcoholic beverage HARD MTN DEW.

Source: Boston Beer Company

PepsiCo and Sam Adams Brewer Boston beer work together to create an alcoholic version of Mountain Dew.

Boston Beer will develop and produce the drink called Hard Mtn Dew, while Pepsi has created a new unit for the sale, delivery and marketing of the product. The drink is slated to hit shelves in early 2022.

Hard Mtn Dew will belong to the flavored malt beverage category and contain 5% alcohol by volume. Early pictures of the products also show that they contain no sugar.

The first hint that Pepsi might move into the alcohol category came in October when Pepsi CEO Ramon Laguarta told analysts that the company would be considering the move. An announcement from the rival followed coke that Topo Chico Hard Seltzer would make it, its first alcoholic beverage for US consumers in decades, through a partnership with Molson Coors drinks. Pepsi also filed a trademark application in June to sell Rockstar branded beer and hard seltzer.

Pepsi has been trying for several years to use the weight of the Mountain Dew name to bring the lemonade into new categories like energy drinks. The enterprise launched Mtn Dew Rise Energy earlier this year. According to Euromonitor, Mountain Dew holds around 7% market share in carbonated soft drinks, which puts it in fifth place.

For Boston Beer, the partnership with Pepsi comes because the company’s own products are struggling. In the last quarter the company did rosy projections for his truly tough Seltzer were hit by a reality check, causing the stock to plummet 26% in one day and the brewer lowering its guidance for the full year.

Meanwhile, the beer category as a whole is struggling. Last year, total beer volume fell 2.8%, although total alcohol consumption rose by the highest level in nearly two decades, according to industry tracker IWSR. Boston Beer too recently announced a partnership with Beam Suntory to bring its iconic brands into new categories.

Boston Beer shares were down more than 2% on Tuesday. The stock is down more than 32% since January and has a market value of $ 8.2 billion.

Pepsi shares rose slightly in trading on Tuesday. The stock is up 4% year-to-date and is valued at $ 213.3 billion.

New York Metropolis Enacts Biometrics Regulation for Meals and Drink Institutions, Leisure Venues, and Retail Shops

New York Biometric Identification Information Act goes into effect July 9th. The law applies to food and beverage stores, entertainment venues, and retail stores in New York City that collect, store, convert, store, or share biometric identification information (e.g., retinal or iris scans, fingerprints, voice prints, and hand scans). of customers. According to the law, affected companies must post clear, noticeable notices near all customer entrances to their facilities. The law gives injured customers a private right to sue with 30 days’ notice and a grace period, with damages between $ 500 and $ 5,000 per violation and legal fees.

Effective July 9th, pursuant to Section 22-1202 (a) of the New York City Administrative Act, New York City businesses that collect, store, transform, store, or disclose biometric identification information from customers must disclose, or share, such collection, storage, conversion, storage , if applicable, by placing a clear and prominent sign near all customer entrances to their facilities. This signage must use plain, simple language.

Essential elements of the law are:


  • Commercial establishments. The definition of commercial establishments is limited to entertainment venues, retail stores, or catering establishments.
  • Places of entertainment. Entertainment venues refers to any private or public entertainment facility such as theaters, stadiums, arenas, race tracks, museums, amusement parks, observatories, or any other location where attractions, performances, concerts, exhibitions, sports games, or competitions are held.
  • Biometric identifier information. The term biometric identifier information means a physiological or biological characteristic used by or on behalf of a commercial entity, individually or in combination, to identify or help identify an individual, including, but not limited to: (i ) a retinal or iris scan, (ii) a fingerprint or voice print, (iii) a scan of the hand or face geometry, or any other identifying feature.

Prohibition of the use of biometrics

  • Section 22-1202 (b) prohibits commercial establishments from selling, renting, trading, sharing, or otherwise using such biometric identifier information.

Private right of action

The law contains a private right of action that provides for the following:

  • Notice and healing period. Aggrieved parties must give written notice to the offending parties at least 30 days prior to commencement of a lawsuit alleging a commercial establishment of violating 22-1202 (a). Actions alleging violation of 22-1202 (b) do not require prior written notice stating that commercial entities may not sell, share, or benefit in any way from a customer’s biometric information.
  • Statutory Compensation. Dominant parties may reclaim: (i) US $ 500 for any unhealed disclosure breach or negligent breach of prohibition on sale / disclosure of biometric information; (ii) $ 5,000 for each willful or negligent breach of the No Sale / Transfer; (iii) reasonable attorney fees and expenses; and (iv) other remedies, including an injunction, as the court deems appropriate.


  • The law does not apply to government agencies, employees, or agents.
  • The disclosure requirement in 22-1202 (a) does not apply to financial institutions or companies that collect biometric identification information through photos or video recordings if: (i) the collected images or videos are not analyzed by software or applications that identify or assist with identification by persons based on physiological or biological characteristics, and (ii) the images or videos will not be shared, sold or rented to any third party other than law enforcement agencies.

Jack DaVia makes Detroit-style pizza at Dough-City pizza inside Mardi Gras Zone | Food and drinks | Gambit Weekly

Chef Jack DaVia moved from Detroit to New Orleans six years ago to join the local restaurant industry and has worked at MoPho, Paladar 511, Gianna, and Palm & Pine. During the pandemic, he launched the Dough Town pizza as a pop-up and recently moved it to a regular spot in the Mardi Gras zone in Marigny. It focuses on Detroit-style pizza, a variation on Sicilian pies with crispy, thick crusts – often in square pans – and he makes everything but the hot peppers in the house.

Gambit: What is Detroit Style Pizza?

Jack DaVia: Detroit style pizza is something I grew up with in the Detroit area. It came from 1946 at Buddy’s Rendezvous – a popular Detroit-style pizza place. The original owner’s wife was a Sicilian. She missed the Sicilian style pizza, which wasn’t really available back then. The pans originally used were oil pans for line work on motor vehicles. They baked the pizzas in it. They make Detroit style pizza pans, but that blue steel is still in use.

It’s everywhere (in Detroit). When I moved to college in Baltimore, I ordered a pizza and said, “You didn’t ask if I wanted to be round or square? What are they bringing me? “And I think someone said,” What do you mean square? “

Gambit: how do you do it?

DaVia: They use a higher moisture content in the dough, so it’s similar to making focaccia. Mine is on the fried side. I use a little better olive oil. I completely dip the dough balls in the olive oil and let it rise. I go for three textures: A really hard crunch on the bottom where the batter is like fried. Soft in the middle and then along the edge where the cheese is squeezed out is this lovely crust – a chewy, crispy bite on the end.

First you put the cheese down. In Detroit, they use brick cheese from Wisconsin. But here I’m using a mix of low moisture mozzarella and minster, which is a common variation on Detroit pizza. In some places, put all the toppings down and the sauce on top. I think it works better to have the toppings on top of the sauce.

Seafood Sally's is a new casual spot on Oak Street

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Gambit: How did you develop Dough-Town?

DaVia: The pop-up started from experimentation during lockdown. I cooked at a restaurant in the French Quarter, Palm & Pine. I decided to take some time off as a precaution and started to cook a lot at home. I had toyed with making (Detroit pizza) at home, but the preparation is quite unique. Can’t say the first one came out great, but through constant tweaking it ended up with something I thought, “Maybe I can serve this at a pop-up.” I worked as a server at Manolito before the pandemic. I reached out to them because they were making pop-ups.

I literally started the pop-up from an Amazon credit card. I bought these little pans and they were awful – all of my pizza crusts at Manolito were sticky. So I made these pans my signs. I sprayed the letters on the back and bought nicer pans.

From there I made a quick detour to the Okay Bar. Then I went to Zony Mash (Beer Project) and it went well, so I was there for several months until I found a semi-permanent spot in the Mardi Gras zone. Got a good deal on a Blodgett pizza oven. There’s a perfect hooded spot for that in the Mardi Gras Zone.

Keeping up with everything and making sure everything is (high) quality is my main focus. I make a special cake every week. It’s a growing thing. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it. – GETS COVIELLO

For more information, visit Dough Town website.

Karen Bolds opens Garage Pizza in a new location on St. Claude Avenue

Garage Pizza has been on the same block on St. Claude Avenue for several years, but owner Karen Bolds now has a more permanent and pr …


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Want meals, drink, and leisure ideas for this spring? Be part of FOOD & WINE’s digital occasion Might 1 |

(Meredith) – Who’s ready for patio season? Start with fun ideas and advice from some of FOOD & WINE’s favorite outdoor chefs and beverage experts!

In a free virtual event about food, drink and fun trends, you can discover all the tips and tricks you need for a fantastic evening on the terrace.

The virtual event will take place on May 1 at 5 p.m. ET and will be hosted by FOOD & WINE’s culinary director at the Large Justin Chapple.

More and more wineries are banking on the “green wine” trend, which is about the production of environmentally friendly wines. Here are some to check out. FOOD & WINE is produced by this news broadcaster’s parent company, The Meredith Corporation.

It contains:

  • A cooking demo with Maneet Chauhan, owner of Chauhan Ale and Masala House and judge at Food Network’s Chopped
  • A cooking demo with Kwame Onwuachi, the James Beard Award winning Chef, Author & FOOD & WINE Executive Producer
  • A cooking demo with Claudette Zepeda, Head Chef at Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas in San Diego
  • A wine and cocktail seminar with Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor of FOOD & WINE
  • A wine and cocktail seminar with Alba Huerta, owner of JulepHOU

To register for the free event on May 1st, Click here.

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How To Make Karupatti Paal – South Indian-Model Jaggery Milk | Why You Ought to Drink Jaggery Milk Throughout Winters


  • Karupatti Paal is basically flavored milk made with jaggery and spices.
  • This south Indian style jaggery milk will help you keep warm inside.
  • We have the recipe for you.

Jaggery (or gur) is best enjoyed in winter. Jaggery is the most traditional Desi candy and has a sweet taste and rich aroma that adds extra flavor to the dish. Have it in the form of Gur Ki Kheer or Bengali Pithe – a healthy piece of Gur is simply irresistible. You can also enjoy it with your favorite hot Makki Ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag or Paratha. As you explore the local cuisine, you will find that gur is used to make various unique foods and drinks. One such heartwarming drink is a glass of Karupatti Paal. For the unsophisticated, “Karupatti” is called jaggery and “Paal” stands for milk.

Karupatti Paal is basically made up of a hot drink gur, Milk, and some healthy condiments to warm you up inside. Not only is this fragrant milk super tasty, it’s also packed with health benefits and is considered great for that winter.

Winter Special Karupatti Paal | Health Benefits of This South Indian Style Jaggery Milk:

One of the main ingredients that make the drink stand out is Jaggery. Jaggery is a storehouse for minerals, iron, vitamins, and more. All of this is known to boost immunity and prevent colds and flu. According to health experts, jaggery helps widen blood vessels and further warm us up from the inside. This makes jaggery an ideal winter food. In addition, the calories in Gur help create heat in the body and provide us with energy.

The second important part is milk. There is no need to introduce the benefits of milk. It’s a healthy food that is loaded with calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and several essential minerals. In addition to strengthening our bones and teeth, milk is touted as being excellent for weight management because of its protein content.

Jaggery milk also contains some healthy kitchen spices like ginger, cinnamon, Muleth, Nutmeg and more. These ingredients not only improve the taste of the drink, but also add to its benefits. The spices can be customized according to your choice.

How to Make South Indian Jaggery Milk | Karupatti Paal Recipe:

In this recipe we used ginger powder, cardamom powder, and nutmeg powder to make it warmer and ideal for winter. It also contains jaggery powder and cow’s milk. If you are someone who follows veganism, you can substitute Cow’s milk with every vegan alternative.

All you need to do is boil a cup of milk, add dry powdered ginger, powdered cardamom, and powdered nutmeg, and mix well. Turn off the flame and add jaggery. Drink jaggery milk hot to enjoy the best.

Click here for the full recipe.


You can drink this jaggery milk at night as an alternative to the very popular ones Haldi Doodh. This drink can also be a delicious option for the home kids who are upset about drinking milk.

You have to try this drink!

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