Copenhagen Vogue Week Avenue Type Presents a Lesson in Vibrant Dressing

After a year and a half of lockdown and pandemic fears, the consensus among the designers for Spring / Summer 2021 was almost unanimous: drive out the darkness and step into the light. To combat the negative feelings of 2020, Bottega Veneta, Jacquemus, Michael Kors, Kim Shui and many more sent color down their catwalks. Happy pink, bright lavender tones and green in all shades – this became something like a fashion phenomenon– could be seen in almost every collection. During this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, which started on August 9th, the effects of the bright color trend flooded the streets of the Danish city. Fashion show visitors could see how they put on their jewelry, their accessories or entire looks with splashes of color. But true to Denmark’s focus on functionality, her outfits were combined with structured jackets and sensible footwear (clogs and Birkenstocks included). And of course this time an important holdover from the quarantine era found its way into CFW: lots of comfortable cords. See the rest of the exciting looks to come from Copenhagen here.

Christian Vierig / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Christian Vierig / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Two-piece knit sets are one thing we can take away from the pandemic.

Shania Twain’s influence knows no bounds.

A military-influenced green skirt suit is paired with Birkenstock clogs outside of the Samsøe Samsøe show.

Guests seen outside of Samsøe Samsøe in Copenhagen, Denmark on Aug 11, 2021.

Bags were not only colorful, but also in groovy shapes.

A guest is seen in Copenhagen, Denmark, outside of Samsøe Samsøe on Aug 11, 2021.

Marisol Garcia’s Type Philosophy for Easy Dressing

For sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts, the crowning glory of any outfit is a fresh pair of kicks. To demonstrate the transformative power of personal style and how it can be used as a tool for self-expression, HYPEBAE has titled Marisol Garcia, the newly appointed Jordan brand ambassador and main character of the four-part webcomic series MariSoleto demonstrate how the AJ1 High OG “Hyper Royal” reinforces their relaxed approach to personal style.

The webcomic was created by Robyn Smith, Jamila Rowse and Jordan Dinwiddie and tells the life and times of Marisol, a 16-year-old Dominican-American teenager from Washington Heights, whose love for him sneakers knows no limits. In order to get to know the pioneering woman, HYPEBAE sat down with Marisol in an exclusive interview about fashion and personal style.

See how Marisol Garcia styled this AJ1 High OG “Hyper Royal” in the gallery below and visit the brand’s website to purchase the shoes shown here.

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marisol garcia dresses with aj1 high and hyper royal style guide


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marisol garcia dresses with aj1 high and hyper royal style guide


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marisol garcia dresses with aj1 high and hyper royal style guide


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marisol garcia dresses with aj1 high and hyper royal style guide


How would you describe your style ethos?

When it comes to getting dressed I really keep it simple and let my AJ1s do the talking for me.

How do you use personal style as a tool for self-expression?

I’m pretty calm until you get to know me. But my brother and my friend Krissy say if I open up I can be stupid and make a joke every now and then. That’s why I like to express my fun side by coloring this stroke in my hair even though my Abuela hates it.

What inspires you most about fashion?

I’m definitely inspired by how anime characters dress and how they’re not afraid to play with color. The way Billie Eillish dresses is really cool and my Tio Luis inspires me too. I like how he always kept it simple and cool and let his Js do the talking as an expression of his style.

What is your ideal outfit made of?

My ideal outfit consists of a pair of AJ1s (duh), baggy pants or shorts, paired with a tank top that lies under a nice hoodie or sweatshirt.

How has your upbringing influenced the way you dress or perceive fashion?

My uncle used to take me to wait in line at sneaker stores all over New York. He always rocked the coolest hoodies and I learned a lot about old school streetwear brands like BAPE, Supreme and all that.

What are some inspiring ways you would style the AJ1 High OG “Hyper Royal”?

The Hyper Royals remind me of summer time. The light blue is super pretty and I would wear them to the park to watch my brother’s baseball games. It’s a color that I can pull up or down.

How can you stand out with the AJ1 High OG “Hyper Royal” and use fashion and shoes as non-verbal greeters?

I think this shade of blue is really so pretty, but super chill at the same time. It’s really comforting.