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* Letter to the members of the DPI Central Committee …

February 25, 2021

Members of the committee:

In my conversations with all of you, I have emphasized transparency, inclusiveness and accountability. These are our common values, and so the first thing I would ask for is a full financial audit of the Illinois Democratic Party. Our statutes stipulate that the chairman “can request an annual audit of the Central Committee’s funds by an auditor and provide the members of the Central Committee with complete annual accounts with income and expenses”. Rules of the Central Committee of the Democratic State, Art. VI.22 (“Annual Accounts”). I’ll make sure we do that – and more.

In that regard, I just noticed that our Illinois Democratic Party (DPI) transferred $ 2,000,000 from our federal and non-federal accounts ($ 1,000,000 each) to the Democratic Majority on February 19, 2021. On February 22, 2021, the Democratic majority returned $ 2,000,000 to DPI.

Upon initial review, it appears that $ 1,000,000 from the DPI federal account – “hard” money collected under stricter, lower contribution amounts – has now been converted into “soft” non-federal dollars after being transferred back from The Majority.

If so, it raises serious questions about why DPI would have turned more difficult to obtain funds into government funds. Whatever the answer, I promise you, if I am lucky enough to be elected chairman, I will keep members of the state central committee informed of the party’s financial decisions – especially decisions of this magnitude.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on this or any other topic. I want the Illinois Democratic Party to be inclusive, transparent, and a place where we share ideas and information.

With best regards,
Rep. Robin Kelly (IL-2)
& State Central Committeewoman

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