Dominican College Receives Cash from the Second Spherical of the CARES Act |

By Rachel Huser

Dominican received $ 4.7 million from the second round of the CARES Act. Almost a third of the money – $ 1.5 million – goes to students.

Information on how to apply for funds will be available well in advance of the spring break. The application will be an online form similar to the one used in the first round of the CARES Act, said Mark Titzer, vice president of finance and treasurer.

The federal government based the aid on the number of Dominican students who received Pell grants, Titzer said in an interview last Thursday.

This is on top of the $ 1.5 million Dominican students received in the first round of the CARES law in 2020.

The remaining $ 3.2 million can be split at the discretion of the board of trustees, Titzer said.

This second round of assistance gives Dominicans more flexibility to pay for more personal protective equipment needed to deal with the COVID pandemic or to give more money to students, Titzer said.